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haha [01 Jul 2004|06:06pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | bowling for soup and Jimmy eat world lol ]

ok, so yesterday sal's mom is driving me home from the beach, and as we pull up to my house, theres lyk big fucking machinery like tractors and bulldozers and such ... apparantly they decided to cut down about 6 trees without me knowing of it.. which was pretty funny, in my opinion.

so i put all of my summer events on my calendar today. i have a lot of parties and marching band practices that will be filling up my summer.. woot.. and it feels good to have all my plans written down! woot! and ok, so i spoke to bonnie, and im going bowling tomorrow with the clarinet section of the marching band! and im so excited! and omg, i cant wait to see sal tomorrow i hope! i love him and i miss him so much!!!!! last night was so fun.. hehe... me nicole jenn and katie went to mini-golfing and then did a little walking around, and we named my bra and boobs! hehe! im pretty happy right now... becuz guess wut, cat just called and shes gunna come visit me tonight which is very exciting.. so ill post and tell u how my night went later... bye bye for now!

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BOO! [27 Jun 2004|09:30am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | hoobastank. ]

yeah so i saw sal last night and everytime i see him i love him more and more<33... and i also saw richie, jenn, nicole, justin, katie, kristina, bryan, ari, rachel, isabel, it was fun... and im bored... lol. i am watching VH1 top 20 countdown... woot. and um.. lets see... i wont be putting anymore of my feelings up, b/c some people don't take these journal things seriously, and i dont want shit, and i kno that the fact that i wrote that in there will just come back later to bite me in the ass.. and that pisses me off, so yeah. im going through alota stuff, well, i guess i dont gotta share it with u guys tho... i mean wow, that sux. and OH MAN, nicole brought her video camera last night.... she was videotaping the whole time, and i got to touch it, I am happy now, she trusted me, and yay! she let me! makes me happy. um.. what else is there to talk about... i miss my sal already, and i hope that i wont have to go a long time without seeing him... i hope to see him tuesday.. damn.. long time! i dont wanna wait! but yeah. i dont have a choice. and i was listenin to linkin park yesterday, who i havent listened to in 12442 years lol.. i love it cuz theyre just awesome. yes. i wanna go to the warped tour... i think im going with sal for his b-day... the other day, we pushed katie and kristina in shopping carts into the wall, and it was so fun! katie got hurt.. i am sorry katie. but oh well... OH! speaking of my stepmother... shes having a boy... yep... i said boy. im happy for her, and hopefully, things will start changing now, b/c yeah... lol... anywho. i talked to cat yesterday... i miss her, so much... i love catherine! oh, and also... LAST NIGHT, me and sal went into the haunted house.. it was fun.. we got kinda freaky... lol... if u know wut i mean... but anyway, we had fun.. lol. man, im so sick. ive got a bad cough and i keep sneezing... eh, its sucks. man, the girl from that stupid outkast video is pretty... lol, i wish i looked lyk her. man, i cant wait to go to warped tour w/Sal! we are going to have fun lol! lol.. i love u all very much but it is time for me to get ready for work now.. bye!


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ok, so I got some shit on my mind, im writin it down... [25 Jun 2004|11:49am]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | youd laugh if i told you. ]

There are way too many problems going on in our little friendship group.. thing.

It's ridiculous when we can't all work out our problems, with this agree.

You have to realize though, that it's not as easy for me as you think.

And you guys gotta put urself in my shoes b4 telling me im a horrible person.

Something like this isnt easy for any of the friends in the group.

And I'm sorry if I've hurt anyone.

Somethings just aren't meant to work out.

And you guys think it's easy for me 2 just sit here and fight it out with everyone right?

A fight like this is just something im used to right?

And this fight means nothing to me?

I feel hurt by this fight, like I do every fight.

But we should be able to tell each other our feelings without the frienship totally ending.

This is how I feel.

Is it possible that maybe u were being a bit too sensitive?

So think about this once u unblock me and see this post.

And comment on this and tell me wut u think.

Planning on no answer at all because thats how u are.

A perfect little girl lyk u would try to fix all the problems in ur life ryt?

As everyone thinks ur so fuckin perfect u have so many faults no one bothers to find.

While I sit here and i'm affected by them everyday.

My friends tell me to just leave it and let it be but i want to be friends with u, honest-i do.

When you decide to grow the fuck up and actually be able 2 take little fights , tell me.

Tears will not fall from these eyes but i will feel some pain in my heart.

As you pretend it don't bother u either, i know it does.

Don't just ignore me for the rest of your fucking life.

And don't annoy me for the rest of it either.

For once can we just be friends, dina?

comment me plz... this is my absolute feeling on all this bullshit, im not gunna fuckin sit here through all this drama...

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boreeddd [25 Jun 2004|10:56am]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | Meant to live-Switchfoot ]

quiz..i think i just figured out how to bold my writing so this MIGHT work lol ps COMMENT BITCH!!!

Bold everything that is true.

01. I have issues with the subject of commitment
02. I'm a girl
03. I hate makeup
04. I prefer music over books
05. I used to play an instrument (still do)
06. I have dark brown eyes
07. I am on AIM entirely too much.
08. I think everyone is a pyscho
09. I wanna do something in the medical business
10. I can't lick my elbow
11. Stars are awesome
12. I dont wear contacts
13. I do not know my natural hair color
14. I really have no life
15. I am cool.
16. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year
17. I have changed alot physically over the past year
18. I have a lot to learn

19. I have a dog
20. I bet I won't move very far away
21. I've broken a bone
22. I have secrets
23. I hate snow
24. I have cried during a movie

25. Subway cookies rock
26. I do not have glasses on right now
27. I eat too much
28. I just ate yogurt
29. I am far more ordinary than you might think
30. I like abc family
31. I didn't even know there was a girl in my class name Patricia
32. I don't always need what I think I need
33. I have asthma
34. Tom Delonge is one hot mother effer
35. I'm currently watching 7th heaven
36. I cried all the time when I was little (still do)
37. I am alive
38. Lollie pops are the shiz

39. I haven't used a regular pencil for a long time
40. I like comedy movies
41. Koosh balls are awesome
42. I don't have online buddies
43. My hands are always warm
44. I like Taking Back Sunday!!
45. I'm not a panda

46. I'm not very patriotic
47. I'd like to fluently speak another language
48. I spend too much time on the computer
49. I have too much crap on my desk
51. My friends are one of the most important people in my life
52. I'd like to be more original
53. I've lied
54. I don't like Xanga's that disable right-clicking
55. I'm a reasonable person
56. I wonder what happens when you die

57. I should hang up my one picture
58. I could use a good hug
59. I can not WAIT until I love the 80s on vh1
60. I am wearing shorts
61. I'm broke!
62. I'm a little selfish at times
63. I hate going to class
64. Christmas is fun
65. I'm 5'5"or so

66. I sometimes tend to be very antisocial
67. I don't have contacts
68. I watch tv or listen to music before I go to sleep
69. Blue is an awesome color
70. So is green

71. I hate pink
72. I'm not so innocent
73. I want to be somewhere else right now
74. Cherry coke rocks!
75. I don't like bugs

76. I have a pink mouse pad
77. I like guys who are funny
78. I've been talking too much
79. Mmm, Pringles
80. My brother has his music too loud
81. I am going food shopping with my mom today
82. I can't wait for summer (although its hear)
83. You make me so nervous
84. I wish I could travel more
85. I have never seen a harry potter movie
86. I need to practice not being so shy
87. My belly button itches
88. I have a lot of scars because i am very accident prone and I tripped a lot as a kid
89. Did you hear he fucked her?

90. I'm generally happy.
91. I like to find good music
92. I miss being a kid

93. I like cheese
94. I have a best friend(s)
95. I am very lazy
96. I'm trying to think of facts right now.
97. I hate thunder.
98. I laugh at things people don't think are funny
99. I need to go to more concerts

100. I'm in denial at the moment

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Staind [23 Jun 2004|08:54am]
[ music | Staind ]

I hear you talk about your family life
I wish I knew just what that means
I guess my mother never loved my dad
And now I wear it on my sleeve

My sister called me just the other day
It felt so good to hear her voice
My problem is I don't have much to say
I guess she doesn't have a choice, and I'm sorry

Look at me I'm so pathetic
I can't believe I'm just an addict
I've never needed anyone to help me
I'm begging you to please come save me from myself, save me from my...

My mothers always tried to change herself
She never learned to let things be
She doesn't know how bad she messed me up
'Cause now she seems so fake to me but I love her

Look at me I'm so pathetic
I can't believe I'm just an addict
I've never needed anyone to help me
I'm begging you to please come save me from myself, save me from myself

If you push me then I won't fall
I've been programmed to take it all
And shove it way down inside

Like my father [2x]

I'm so pathetic
I can't believe I'm just an addict
I've never needed anyone to help me (I'm failing it)
I'm begging you to please come save me from myself

I hear you talk about your family life
I wish I knew just what that means

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