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Saturday, September 20th, 2003
9:28 am - The Long Awaited Update!!
Pardon dearest Journal for having not updated in along time but I have been busy, busy, busy! I have been bombarded with Art and History work to complete and although that has been enjoyable I relaxed considerably last night. I cerimoniously dowloaded the whole five Escaflowne has been most rewarding though! Yoko Kanno, Hajime Mizoguchi and Hiroki Wada I salute you!

I have decided not to go into town this afternoon but rather to stay at home and complete chapter nine of 'Unspoken Promises' seeing as I have not updated it in over a month...Whoops....I am dedicating this chapter to my Wifey though who is leaving for Uni on Tuesday. Good Luck Babe!!! I shall perhaps see her tomorrow as we are going out for a pizza..maybe.

current mood: accomplished
current music: Escaflowne OST I - Chain

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Saturday, September 13th, 2003
2:55 pm - Cambridge!!!
Wow, today I went to Cambridge all by myself yet again! It is fun going in by yourself and having a look around, the clothes sales are so much fun to look around and I wanted to buy everything that either had buckles, zips or chains on. I found five different corsets and they were all bloody beautiful and only £120 a piece! Some were beautifully embroided with lace and ribbons and others just stayed plain, but I wanted one damnit! I did however buy the first DVD of Noir and am going to watch it a minute!

Babysitting was cool, Viv kept telling me how much she loved me and it was quite funny and I'm babysitting again for them tonight. She really does love me!

current mood: bouncy
current music: Gackt - Vanilla (Late Night Version)

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Thursday, September 11th, 2003
6:43 pm - Huzzah...
College! Oh what fun and hilarity we are embarking! History is brilliant so far and I am throughly enjoying learning about Bismarck and his moustache! Dr Craig is a great teacher and one of the best I've ever had, however, this will be four years now that I've had him! Just as well I like him. Art is going okay, despite the fact that all my artistic talent has flown out of the window, still, at least I get to do my pretty boys. I am drawing Kyo's eye using pencil just for fun...I really should start producing random work seeing as they don't give us homework as such.

I purchased my shirt for my 'Cage' cosplay and hopefully Mrs Coupland shall help me with the making of it. I know I got an A in Art but my confidence with a sewing machine still has to be built up as of yet.

current mood: awake
current music: Kagrra - Nageki no Shi

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Saturday, September 6th, 2003
6:34 pm - Happy, happy, happy!
Today was great! Becci came round and ceremoniously raped my computer...not good for poor Sirius! Took a good few of my Gackt song files and one of my Ayumi Hamasaki...lots of my pictures and quite a few of my favourite links...*sniff*

Ah well, it was fun anyway, we talked anime and J-Rock and I had a great time. Talking about fanfiction writing was always qute entertaining. About how much we had progressed over the years and how she thwacked me when I said my chapters are to short...Well they are...

Got to go blackberry picking now! That should be fun and I shall lose some more of my flab! Wahey!

current mood: cheerful
current music: Malice Mizer - Au Revior

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Friday, September 5th, 2003
2:14 pm - Oooopppppsie!
First full day back at college and what do I do? I come home during first period because I feel faint and rather sick. The nurse couldn't give me anything for it but claimed that I may have a viral infection! Yay, illness. That is all I need at this precise moment in time! So I've had a sleep and scared the living shit out of my mum because she wondered why the Hell my curtains were closed.

Teacher wise I scored lucky, I've got Art ten times a week, History five times and English Literature five times a week as well. As for teachers the only one I am going to complain about really is Mrs. Martin, I hate her with a passion. She's eccentric but not in the good way. All my other teachers' are fine and I like them from what I have experienced in the past and from what I have heard.

I had better do my History work tonight because tomorrow Becci is coming over so no time for that then, Sunday is free as a matter of fact, I could do it then...I feel like drawing a Gundam, I may just do that!

current mood: awake
current music: Ayumi Hamasaki - Immature

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Tuesday, September 2nd, 2003
8:31 pm - Ack, Stupid School!
It turns out that school actually starts tomorrow and not Thursday as originally thought! That really pissed me off seeing as I was going to go around Becci's house on Wednesday and have a sort of anime quest! Oh well, she is coming over mine on Saturday to chill and we are going to watch anime! Hellsing no less! I am very happy seeing as it is all about vampires, I am a fan of vamps if you didn't already know. My computer is going to be raided and all precious items I hold dear to my heart to be copied for her own desires...*Runs off to hide Gackt*

I hope that they have the list for teachers and rooms for next years lessons...I kind of lost mine being a prick and have no idea where I am or who is teaching me! Ah well, the upside to all of this is that we get to wear whatever we want next year! I bought a new pair of trousers today that I am very much in love with but I need to wear my spiderweb skirt tomorrow for Eddie-bear as she requested.

Armies' party was great! Everybody approved of my muffins and me and Becci had great length conversations about random crap. We utterly spooked out Ellie and Laura though as they are fairly homophobic and Becci was ranting that me and her had had sex in the bushes... o.O I fell off the swing, but I am paranoid of the blasted things seeing as I was thrown from one onto my head when I was five. I think that probably explains my madness!

I've been downloading Ayumi Hamasaki today because she is a babe and has a realllllly high pitched voice, but she sings the 'Inuyasha' opening theme and does so beautifully. I also have Lareine at long bloody last! Took it long enough and Klaha singing live...damn dastard for having that good a voice...*grumble*

Now I must depart, I have to finish a story that is taking me ages to write but must be posted on the mailing list soon...I hope that I can finish it...

current mood: bouncy
current music: Moi dix Mois-Dialogue Symphonie

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Sunday, August 31st, 2003
9:17 am - Whoopsie...
Ack, no update for a long time! Sorry journal... So the deed had been fulfilled! I made muffins last night for Armies' sixteenth! She equested them of me, I suppose one could say that my muffins are world famous now! I hope she likes the presents that I got her....I told her that one was orgasmic and all she did was smile. I was quite stunned that she did not slap me for being perverted!

Last week...long time ago...

Monday: I think I most likely sat on my ass all day at my computer with nothing better to do...Ah yes, I discovered a very cute bishie and fell in love with him! Kinny has a picture of him but we didn't know who he was at the time. Well, I took a glance at the address at the top of the page and then shortened it find the actual main page! I then discovered that the band was Lareine! I had never actually explored this band before now and am glad that I did, although I think the guitarist Mayu vaguely resembles Kami....*sniff* The guy that I now think is gorgeous is Kamijo! Ohhhh so pretty! *.*

Tuesday: Purchased Lord of the Rings II and laughed muchly at Hugo Weaving for his constantly stern expression. Cringed at Orcs and there taste for human flesh but stroked and crooned at Gollum throughout the whole film. Me and John also said that Frodo and Sam are so...outrightly gay in the film that they might as well make an X-Rated version.

Wednesday: Went into Cambridge by myself and purchased satin gloves for my Cosplay costume! I may actually have to make my costume myself which will cost me a small fortune...Crappers...Looked round all the shops and the cute bishoujo and caught one loking at me...Woo hoo! Strange homeless people looking at me and most importantly, I bought Armies' present.

Thursday: Collected my exam results! I passed everything except my I.T. Coursework, but it is only I.T. and so I could not give a fruity twist. Went to a pub to celebrate and then well, went to Cambridge again with Keri to buy cothing and had much fun!

I shall finsih update later! Got to get ready for Armies' party!

current mood: amused
current music: Gackt Camui- Speed Master

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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
4:16 pm
Today we went shopping at Bar Hill and guess who I saw? Roy. In all of his glory, well, not literally. He's supposed to be bringing back my 'Dolores Claiborne' book for me on Thursday when I go to pick up my exam results, but I shouldn't think that he will. He has a memory like a sieve, not to mention he still owes me £2.50 for that pack of condoms I bought for him once....

I have finally seen Dir en Grey's new look for 'Vulgar' which comes out soon! Yeah, new album but I still won't be able to buy the original *pout*. Still, there is always Kazaa!

Going into Cambridge tomorrow to do some shopping for Armies's birthday! ^.^ I've already bought her a card...tis crude...but she can be and will appreciate the humour in it (or so I hope)!

current mood: amused
current music: Foo Fighters-All My Life

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Monday, August 18th, 2003
10:12 am - Why Scarlet Kozi...Why????
Damn it! I knew I should have saved her stories to my computer! Damn it! That is how it goes though for me, I read a beautiful fiction and then when I go back to re-read it, she has taken it down to edit it! However, I must be calm...she will put it back up...the thing of it was though that I needed to compare a scene of her story with one of mine to make sure that I wrote it to a satisfactory degree, mainly because she is a fantastic author!

I have just been asked to babysit for someone...grrrr....not that I mind because then it means that I will have more money to be spend on my first wife Armies for her birthday present. Then there is my costume for Minani-Con, God knows how much THAT is going to cost all has to be made out of satin...I suppose I could choose another costume, it was just that Kyo's 'Cage' costume was so bloody simple!

Saturday was fun. I went to go and see my baby brother Mark, he is so cute! ^.^ He is like a mini Quatre (Gundam Wing) and he's just had his hair cut (again!) So it is even more feathered and he looks like a cherub! (Although Tate still has that pretty much covered!) Well, we were out in the garden playing with a football and then playing something like a coconut shy, except we used a bucket and a duck for our target! I won by 200 points, Matt by 150 and Mark by...none really because he found throwing his Tigger toy in the pond so much more amusing!

Later on that evening Matthew was seated on the sandpit and Mark was sitting in his swimming pool playing with soaked Tigger and throughly drenching himself. I thought it would be funny to throw the football at the back of Matt's head just to watch his head snap forward and I did...but Matt has perfect timing, he turned around just as I threw the ball and got a face full! I was in hysterics and he got slightly mad and when I fell to the floor he found that the perfect excuse to pummel me and kick me. It was worth it though!

Sunday was completely uneventful, all I did was sit upstairs and talked to Laura F, Laura B and Armies on MSN and I got blessed by Becci! ^.^ Tis was fun because I sent her an e-mail back saying that I was already blessed...with a hentai mind that is!

current mood: cheerful
current music: Metallica-Enter Sandman

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Thursday, August 14th, 2003
10:01 pm - I am going to pray...
Well, went for my fantastic job introduction today and well, it wasn't so bad once we got past all of the questioning. 'The Lady Behind the Counter' as she has been fondly dubbed by me is kinda cute looking, she reminds me of someone I knew at school. However, she does look as if she could be pretty nasty when she wants to be and so I am going to try and stay on her good side. She is going to ring me at the weekend to tell me what shifts I am on and complimented both me and Laura as she said 'You both seem like nice polite people'! Bah, wait till she hears me swearing the place down, then she won't think that I am at all nice and polite!

Me and my brother have been exploring the wonderful world of 'Superted' and finding that it is so hilariously funny to disfigure the pictures using Adobe software. Poor Superted doesn't look quite so cuddly when he's had his mouth removed to be replaced by stiches. Mwha ha ha ha!!!

I want to go to an Eve of Destiny concert! I like their music from what I have heard (and that isn't much) but I visited this site and I wanted to kill one of the girls! She got her picture taken with him! I would massacre anyone Kozi wanted just to get a picture with him...He's so pwetty, but MR. ASH scares me...he's got cool contacts though!

It is now official...I am going as Kyo to the Minami-con....dressed in the 'Cage' Costume. I can probably pull it's quite a basic costume...I am just going to have to go overboard on the lip-liner, eye-liner and hairspray. Eeven my mum said I could do the costume and look okay in it...I am shocked...she usually finds Kyo disturbing...she prefers Die personally *shrugs* Whatever tickles your fancy.

current mood: jealous
current music: Eve of Destiny-Desperado

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2003
8:54 pm - I have a job!!!!
I cannot believe it!!! The destructive blonde that I am has finally gotten a job working in a snack bar in St-Ives...Geesh...Big Bites here I come...making pizzas, burgers and shite like that so much fun. The woman behind the counter seemed really nice though..but she was pretty scary..she kept looking at me the whole time. She probably wanted to put me on the menu!

current mood: accomplished
current music: Metallica-St Anger

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Monday, August 11th, 2003
9:32 am - I have Returned!!!
I am back from holiday!!! Yippee!!! Oh well, no one has missed me and wow, would you believe it, I lost even more weight! Not that I'm complaining, you can now see my collarbone quite clearly, I am very happy! We went for walks every day, that was fun, that was what probably burnt off all those calories! I have tanned slightly, not much to be noticable, but then again it was hotter where I live than where I was on holiday! Unfortunately, my brother was there throughout the holiday, little... He was so annoying and pissed me off so much and he was constantly attempting to embarass me in front of Lee...revenge is so sweet...I threw him in the sea!

Next door are also on holiday and have left a bloody radio on so that thedogs do not bark, well, they certainly do not seem to mind that it is keeping me awake until four in the morning!

current mood: awake
current music: Malice Mizer- Illuminati (Instrumental)

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Friday, August 1st, 2003
3:15 pm - I'm All Alone...*sniff*
I have been left in the house alne again! Oh well, it's not exactly if I mind, I don't particulary want to watch Matthew have his hair cut and then recieve strange looks from the other customers because I am a girl...I am a very special boy I will have them know!

The last day before I go on holiday! Yippee! I get to prat about in the sea and it is supposed to be warm next week thank God! I just hope Matthew is not a little brat like he has been all week, cocky little shite! Speaking of him, he is back from having his haircut...ack, it is short...but suits him!

current mood: calm
current music: X Japan-Tears

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Thursday, July 31st, 2003
8:37 pm
Well, today has to say the least! I have had to babysit Matthew all day and that has been most annoying. Always annoying, always teasing...Matthew, feck off and get a life! Oh well, Spongebob was most entertaining! I would post a picture of his miserable face when he realised Santa Claus hadn't come, but damn, Blurty, for you cannot! And then Squidward dressed up as Father Christmas...that was good...However, I can't really imagine a squid being Saint Nick!

John phoned up ealier on from work! ^.^ That was amusing! We yakked about the Pope and how cruel he is! I mean, apart from being Roman Catholic, what is the problem with gay and lesbian couples getting married? That is the highest form of discrimination next to racism if you ask me! They are happy and can be just as devoted to one another as Hetrosexual couples are, if not more so! So phhtttt Popey!

It is now official! The advert on T.V. for Crusha is created by Joel Vietch on! What a genius! Managing to get himself on television and all! He is a comic genius, especially where dancing cats and Mr.Stabby are involved! Drown those puppies in the local swimming baths!

My mum has agreed to let me go to Minami Con in Southampton! I am thrilled to pieces! I get to spend a weekend, in a far away place from home, surrounded by cosplayers and a wholesome weekend with my wifey! Yay! The problem is the cost...need to get a account is quite vast though... o.O I was shocked when I looked in it! I am going in cosplay...don't know who as though yet....must invest into making a nice costume...

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current music: Malice Mizer- Chikasui Myaku no Meiro

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9:11 am - Spongebob!!!
Today is the day where I bear witness to the excitement that is Spongebob Squarepants! Having waited five hours for the rarest episode to download, I can now watch it with pleasured abandon.

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Monday, July 28th, 2003
4:37 pm - Peace and Quiet...
Well, today has been quiet to say the least...Matthew is at my Gran and Grandad's for the night and therefore I have the computer all to myself! I have joined yet another mailing list...perhaps I should stop...that's five now that I am recieving e-mail from. Taken a test and happy with the result! *Little devil face*

Congratulations! Your ideal Alpha Male is...

oh yeah~
Two words normally come to mind when dealing with the Wild Card Alpha Male--good luck. Generally seen as the 'self absorbed', 'eccentric', and 'highly sexual', this Alpha Male usually isn't associated with monogamy. However, once he does settle on someone they should consider themselves either blessed or cursed. His behavior can often be unpredictable, irrational, and quite bizarre in nature, and as the object of his affection, you will soon find it impossible to escape. And yet, underneath the egoism and the absentmindedness, it is very apparent that it won't do to have you taken away from him, or leave for that matter. Provided you have the patience and endurance to put up with his attitude and appetite, you'll eventually come to find you wouldn't want to anyways.
Which Alpha Male is right for you?
Brought to you by Alexandra and Matrim

Read some of Alexandra's fanfiction...that requires a cold shower afterwards... *Grins* Oh well...I cleaned grass out of the pond and my mummy tried to push me in...*Sulks* Not that I would mind...I would just pull her in with me! ^.^

I have also been drinking excessive amounts of beverages today...woo! Talked to Armies today that was etertaining. I love Armies, she is so kawaii and fun to talk to and she is never depressed...I just find her really easy to talk to whatever mood I'm in. I'm going to busy tomorrow..burning off all my music onto CD...oh well, it shall be worth it! I will no longer have to turn on my computer to listen to it!

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current music: Klaha-Stay in the Rain

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Sunday, July 20th, 2003
6:59 pm - Phhhhhhhhtttttttttt!
I am bored, bored, bored and need someone to torture!!! Been reading to many bondage fictions. ^ ^;;; Oh well...I find it kinky so sue me! Actually...don't on second thoughts! The only thing you will recieve is my pictures, stories and many music files!!! I have no money...

I had a conversation with Candice earlier on and Gods was it boring! I was happy before she phoned and then I have slumped into a depressed mood...It is not her fault though, I just...didn't want to communicate with anyone verbally today that was all.

Lee's been over and I have not said one word to him! ^ ^ It's not that I don't like the boy, it's just....they sort of dump him on me because we're nearly the same age and mum has confessed to me that...well, her and John think we would make a sweet couple.... I want to puke....What bit of LESBIAN do they not understand? Poof, ponce, nance etc...Yes...I lust after some men but they all look like girls...I am therefore a Kei-Sexual!

I drew Die today...pretty happy with it...not finished it yet but...I will one day! I need to draw Gackt for Becci...she's leaving soon *sniff* to go to University...I'm going to miss her one Hell of a lot...It's not like me and my friend's get to see her very often anyway, so it will be even worse now....I long for a red head to pet...I love people with red hair....and blue....but who's got blue hair? Well, unless it's dyed of course!

John's been flirting with me again....measuring my tits and so forth....So much for him being my mum's boyfriend... He doesn't say hello to me when he gets back from work. It's always 'Oh, let's just try and grab Sarah!' I don't mind, I just wish he'd pay more attention to my mum...I probably should mind, but I can't be arsed.....

current mood: bored
current music: Dir en Grey-Audrey

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Saturday, July 19th, 2003
8:57 pm - Garnet!!!
Yippee!!! My download of Garnet (Malice Mizer) has nearly finsished, that is the PV!!! I watched a preview of it so far and can safely say that I am impressed. I now love Klaha more than before!!! I wasn't so keen on him at first because Gackt had been Malice Mizer's vocalist for longer and therefore, I felt, the only option for the band. Now I can see that Gackt has branched into life his own way and it's probably better that way...

Klaha has a much more suitable voice I feel for the gothic image that Malice Mizer was portraying in their final years and Klaha's somewhat deeper tone made that more worth the while! ^ ^

Ah well, happy now...Get to watch Mana shake his ass! *Hentai smile*

current mood: impressed
current music: Malice Mizer-Garnet

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8:28 am - I'VE GOT TO FEEL THE FIRE!!!!
Damn Gackt is stuck in my head....Thanks to Candy I would not rest until I downloaded it, merely for the purpose of hearing him sing a whole song in English....Oh's not like I haven't heard him sing in English...this song just makes it plain easier to hear the words. I finally got the bloody Yuri Takano video where Gackt is prancing around nude!!! I was well chuffed....I'm still trying to convince myself that I am not a pervert.

Adam and Joe were...interesting....Adam complimenting Joe on the size of his anus was really quite funny! I thought the whole attempting to shove a melon up there in order to gain respect from Adam was going a wee bit to far...but hey...Also when they went to that host bar and came out with no women, Adam said something along the lines of 'Let's go home to bed alone...' Joe just said 'What together!?' Adam just said 'No...' I was in hysterics...

current mood: amused
current music: Gackt Camui-I've Got To Feel The Fire

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Friday, July 18th, 2003
2:59 pm - WHY?????
Why does everything on Kazaa have to be queued? Oh well, I shouldn't really complain...I have nearly the whole of Moi dix Mois album. Yippee! *Huggles plushie Mana* Still drawing Memoir chibi in cat ears and tail. He looks kawaii. On my writing...Becci-sama, the next chapter will be on tonight damn it! Stupid lemon will not be written though...I'm actuallly not in the mood to write a lemon at the minute but oh well...

current mood: artistic
current music: Moi dix Mois-Dialogue Symphonie

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