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Digimon, Pokemon, Gravitation, Sailor Moon, Saint Tail, and many many more!
Sailor Moon and Ayashi No Ceres
Why I chose a Yamato (Matt) Ishida Layout: Because he's a sexy bitch, yo >|
What does your user name mean: It means "Heavenly Flower" in Japanese :D It's also my AIM screen name!
AIM: Yuri Tengoku
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Top Five Bishounen: Yamato Ishida, Ken Hidaka, Riku, Nagi Naoe, and Shindou Shuichi

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20th November 2003

9:36pm: OMGF, I finally did teh third chapter of Mystical Legend :D READ AND REVIEW PLEASE~

Title: Mystical Legend
Chapter: 3
Warnings: profanity, slight violence, hintings of shoujo ai ;P

Tears, Cold As Ice )
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23rd October 2003

10:22pm: You know what? I'm not going to post in this journal unless you really do care for me. I know Misseh cares for me and she comments on teh entries when I'm feeling down. She actually cares.

Ya. Hard to believe. But you know what? I'm going to concentrate on a rant journal. It's not going to be [insert journal name]. Oh no. It's going to be here. The only that's going in this journal is when I'm happy. So mostly, I'll be updating my GJ. No, I'm not closing this journal down or any of them. They are only here for entertainment purposes since only one person or two actually cares. If you are one of those people who wants to read my rants or whatever, sign up for Greatest Journal and read teh rules and add me, and I'll add you back.

The end! End of story :D
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20th October 2003

10:19pm: For Lily-chan has no life 8D )

After much and much begging/groveling/angst/whatever you call it, I got...-dramatic pause-



Neeways, you know how I said, "OMGF, I'M GONNA BE TIMMY TURNER 8B"? Change of plans. I asked my dad to get a Wanda pillow that's now available and a pink silly hat. He said "I'm not wasting any money on junk! Besides, you're going to be Ed for Halloween." Ed -- As in Cowboy Bebop Ed. My costume is practially complete! My dad went to Hobby Lobby (oh, those memories XD) and got material for teh spandex @_@;; And I gots teh goggles and EIN! :3 I'm told I look like a 13 year old (and Ed IS 13, ne!?) and I have dark skin with dark eyes. The only thing we need is to cut and fashion teh red wig.

Random Person: ARE YOU GONNA TAKE PICS!?!?!?

Do you really have to ask that!? That's like...asking Lily-chan if she wants to hump the living daylights of Yamato's leg for our last attempt to keep in teh North Pole, during teh coldest of time, to keep each other warm?? Hell, I would've been humping his leg since the moment I laid eyes on him XD;;

Yes I had chocolate. Fear me. -cackles then coughs up a hairball-

Oh yeah! I have a new nickname for Kaizer/Ken! :3 Note: It's LONG XD

KaizerKenKenSnugglePooPooSugerySunshineSweetBunnyBumpkins-Sama (The power of copy and paste XD)

Oh yeah, my real dad said that he might move here ^.^ Cause there's an old tennis club that his boss is looking at. This may be an oppritunity for me! I can work and get a workout! :3


Homecoming dance is this weekend. No date. -whines- :|

~`*Lily Star*`~
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19th October 2003

12:45am: Oh look. A rant I forgot to put up :3

Warning: Lots of cuss words and exclamation points.

..... )

So I hope I haven't bored you o.oV

Oh yeah! I made an Anti-Relena thing o_0; Not for Pro Relena and Pro 1xR...I feel sorry for you guys XD; READ TEH DESCRIPTION! Spanks.

Onee-chan, I made yet another icon for youse. Since I read an entry in your journal (Possibly Caledia) about Dee being teh Chesire Cat.

Dee As Teh Chesire Cat ALSO READ TEH DESCRIPTION! Spanks! :3


I hate it when this happens also. Freaks me out! )

Feel our fangirlish wraths o_0;

Quizzles! )

~`*Lily Star*`~
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16th October 2003

10:25pm: Oi. Lemme die and sleep XD;

I'm so bored I made another icon. Bishies In Eyeliner

I'm a loser. Lemme post ahelluva quizzes.

Beware -- Not For Children )

I want a bishounen. -dies again-
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15th October 2003

10:15pm: You know what? Almost every girl that has a boyfriend is all of sudden started to dry hump them in public. It's so utterly disgusting. o_o

Ah well. o_o Their problems! Not mine~!

Anyways, I talked to Chris today (OMG, he has beautiful eyes @_@) ^.^ and later, Britany was all "Lily (obviously she said meh real name), I really really like him. Don't do anything." I mean, granted, she's just watching out for her boyfriend, but she should give him and me teh benefit of teh doubt. o_o She knows that I don't touch other people's boyfriends -- unless I have a probable cause that she's treating him wrong. I'm not too fond of her, but I don't touch other people's toys.


Hush XD

MAN! I have to go @_@;; Shit. Ja ne Sorry this entry is so short ~.~;

Blah )
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14th October 2003

10:19pm: Meeps! Rofl they just showed that hilarious episode of Boy Meets World when Cory and Topanga sang that song XD!!! ROFL!!

Cory: WAR!!!!!!!!! >O
Topanga: Ugh. o.o
Cory: WHAT IS IT GOOD FOR!?!?!?!?!!!
Topanga: Absolutely Nothing. Ugh. Say it Again. o_O;

ROGL! THEY BEST SHOW THAT EPISODE WHERE ALL ZEE GUYS WERE DANCING TO "HOT STUFF" TROLF!@!!! XDDD Ahh this is making me giggle like a gay schoolboy high on crack.

... I need to draw that o_O;

Speaking of art, Sandy-chan has asked me to draw her and Korin-kun ash Neko Anthro peeps :3 Nyuu and I gots an art trade!

Oh yeah! About teh Evas and Ryo picture -- Tis a success! ^.^ Evas and Ryo -- Colored. ^.^ And I have gotten Adobe Photoshop and I made dolly! Bleeding Crying Angel I like how she turned out. I want to make her animated though. I will love you forever if you make her animated ToT I don't care what you do (of course -- nothing perverse o_o), just animate her!!! WAH XD;

And I have started another sketch Misora and Damien as Assassins ^.^ Well I have to go before Dad's veins pop o_o;

Ja ne ^.^ -hugs- And bid me good luck trying to find a date for Homecoming (If I even have a chance ~.~;)

Quizzles for teh Nizzles? I dunno what I just said XD )

OH YEAH!!!!! ^.^ ONEE-CHAN STARTED TO WRITE SUPER UKE AND I INSPIRED HER! -dies a million deaths- I feel special. Read!! ^.^

Yes in case you're wondering.

I HAVE had my dose of sugar and bishounen o_o
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9th October 2003

10:22pm: Ne ne ^^ For some reason I am energentic.

So yeah. Some guys were hitting (?) on me today?! XD; I'm even starting to be friends with the guy I sit with in English III. ^^;;; We were reviewing teh fourth act for teh Crucible (I have the movie :3) and Josh (Yush, he's in another class of mine. He still doesn't notice me. -shrugs- Can't win them all. ^.^) and a few guys suggested to do a little group thing.

A dude named Justin: -points to Lily-chan- I want you to be on my team. 8B!!!

Me: o_________o NANI!?!?!?!?!!! XD;;

Well I didn't get teh solo! ToT Either one! Oh well. I tried ._. I choked up when I sang too ~.~;; And my voice has been going out. AND THE LIGHTS ARE TOO DAMN BRIGHT!! -dies-

Something extremely hilarious happened during lunch today. Katherine and April were throwing a paper ball (Not really throwing.) then something had happened that knocked Katherine's Mountain Dew over and went all over her pants.

Then she started to yell "THERE'S SODA ON MY CROTCH!! MY PANTS ARE ALL STICKY!" and me and Suzy were cracking up. XD It was a riot. :3

Oh yeah, Bit made me feel bad. @_X;; Cause I'm making Onii-san pay for a picture -- even though he was going to send me some anime stuff. I know he's feeling lonely. That, I cannot help it. I'm sorry he's feeling down. I know he's my friend, but he said he was going to help me with my commissions....right, Neo? o_o; Anyways, here's what teh picture looks like Neo & Flora Read teh descriptions Spank you.

Oh yes! I have FINALLY finished inking and scanning meh second entry! Ryo and Evas -- Lineart

Remember! Evas stand for

E -- Evil
V -- Vengeful
A -- Annoying
S -- Shoujo
XD; So um yeah.

And lookie!! Sexy 3D Seph and Cloud

And that's all folks ^^;; Cept quizzles!

Quizzles for my homedawgs! Woof! O_o; )
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6th October 2003

10:34pm: Oooo! Guess what? ^^ I entered a yaoi contest! Well, I'm currently drawing the second entry for the second part of the contest. Wanna see it? Ryo in a Bone Costume o_o


This is what happens when you call my friends ugly and be a bitch about it and act self-asorbed. Call me overprotective, but I hate it when meh friends get flamed for the stupidest reasons. -.- But I won't get into that :3

Ne I finally saw "Gods And Generals".

All I can say that this weekend sucked!!!! Dad was too busy having his own life :] And so, I couldn't go to the mall or go to Jessica's house (Not like I wanted to, but it was the only sleepover invite since I moved here to Killeen ~.~;)

If Onee-chan didn't get it, Kiyoshi Himitsu, Pretty Angsty Boy

Bah it sucks. Like I said, I'm almost done wif teh second entry n_n It's actually looking good and Ryo's sexy. -humps- XDXD;; Well I must go to never-ever land!
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3rd October 2003

11:51pm: Oi I am so tired. -.- I was supposed to watch Gods and Generals but no~ Time Warner decided to be gay. Ah well. There's always next time.

I need to strengthen meh bishy techniques. I make my bishies look too girly. I'm scared to draw Tai again XD;; I'm scared to draw any fanart cause of the way I draw meh bishy. I just draw them too girly. Bishies don't need to be as girly as I draw them XD; I want someone to draw meh original bishies all...professional like. I can't do guys right. I can draw females just fine, but not guys. That sucks >_<;

Hmmm...I need to vent on stuff.

Love: It's what makes people stronger (or so, that's what I think). It makes them independent, stronger, and, hopefully, smarter. That's my opinion. If you don't like it, wah. IM me and be a bitch about it. I'll just say "Thank you for being pissed off about an opinion". :]

Politics At Washington D.C.: They want us out. The soldiers wants to get out. What's two weeks? Two Months? That's a LOGICAL reason WHY they have to start their friggin year over again if they take that vacation? Grow up, grow a spine, go to Iraq about as long as they have been there and more, and SHUT THE FUCK UP. Have a problem? IM me and bitch about it. I'll just say "Thank you for being pissed off about an opinion". :]

Politics At School: Grow up, shut the fuck up and deal with it. So what if you got homework. That's life. Deal with it. Have a problem? IM me and bitch about it. I'll just say "Thank you for being pissed off about an opinion". :]

That's all the rants I have to say in a synopsis. XD;

They were selling costumes in HEB and I saw this gothic witch costume. I thought it was so cute!! I gotta get that. Well I dress up as Timmy Turner for the pictures. And I might get to go trick or treating this year!! YAY!! ^O^


I know what you're thinking.


I don't give a fuck if it's "children's holiday". There are two times in the year in which older people (over...10) CAN choose to act like kids. And that is Christmas and Halloween. I do not give a fuck on what my dad or anybody says. The only reason people are old because they think their old. The only reason why old people have problems is because they think that way. If we think that we have no health problems, we won't!! Have a problem? IM me and bitch about it. I'll just say "Thank you for being pissed off about an opinion". :]

But yeah I'm really tired but really excited for Halloween!!

Oh yeah Mr Baas's b-day is this 17th ^^ We're going to have a party for him that Friday! Also, there's this solo in one of our songs in choir, in these really high Fa, Mi, Re ^^; (obviously for Soprano One) and low part, La, Do, Ti, So (Obiviously for Aoto) I'mma try to do both.

Heather, Hannah, maybe Kimmie, and I might to the Shoop Shoop song. :3 I'mma think up the dances -- unless of course, they want to do it themselves.

There's this cat next door and that cat is like...purring up against me a lot and Killer and Sherlock gets jealous really easily. For some reason, it's like little kids and animals love me to death and people my age seems to hate me, envy me, or jealous or whatever!! Of course, meh friends who luff and care n_n!!


I'm tired. Lemme alone. D-Chan! Draw me more teh yaoi/shounen ai XD; -drops dead-

when harry met sally
Everyone remembers the 'faked-orgasm-in-a-deli'
sequence from your kind of movie When Harry Met
Sally. It seems that you're falling for a buddy
or have already fallen for them. Uh-oh. You're
probably caught between the possibility of
having a great relationship and wrecking the
one you have now. You know what they say, it's
better to regret something you did than
something you didn't do.

What Romance Movie Best Represents Your Love Life?
brought to you by Quizilla


Sun Goddess
Goddess of the Sun and there's no doubt that you
have a bright and cheery exterior!

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

Wow n_n; This is completely different from what I should've gotten o_o;

You're goin' down! FOR STALKING!
Please rate if you liked!

If you're a goth please visit and join
up cause it rules!

What Would You Go to Jail For? (Many outcomes)
brought to you by Quizilla

Ooooo :3!! I'ma bad girl XD;

Season = Winter
You're Most Like The Season Winter ...

You're often depicted as the cold, distant season.
But you're incredibly intelligent, mature and
Independant. You have an air of power around
you - and that can sometimes scare people off.
You're complex, and get hurt easily - so you
rarely let people in if you can help it. You
can be somewhat of a loner, but just as easily
you could be the leader of many. You Tend to be
negative, and hard to relate to, but you give
off a relaxed image despite being insecure -
and secretly many people long to be like you,
not knowing how deep the Winter season really

Well done... You're the most inspirational of
seasons :)

?? Which Season Are You ??
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I thought I would get spring or summer. o_o;;;

Pirates of the Caribbean!

What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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-humps Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom-

<<>>???What Kind Of Angel R You???<<>>( Anime Pics )

brought to you by Quizilla

Oooo! I love this picture ^^

Hiead Gner
#2-Which Pilot Candidate Charater Are U Most Like?~?~?( Anime )

brought to you by Quizilla



brought to you by Quizilla

-humps even more-

??Which Shaman King Character Are You???( Betta Pics )

brought to you by Quizilla

-humps even MORE!- Jeebus, I'm on a humping fest XD;

Which Shaman King Guy Is Perfect for you

brought to you by Quizilla

I'm tired enough already XD;; -humps-

You are... an Elf!
You are an Elf! Youre graceful and elegant, whether
its during battle or just walking. You are very
kind and friendly, and make friends easily. You
love nature, and often use magic and your bow
and arrows.

Which Fantasy Creature are You?
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Whoots! I'm in close relation with Leglalos XD;
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26th September 2003

9:49pm: Bah. I'm sleepy. x_x School is draining me and I barely have time to chat much less draw.

Ooo this is what happens when you ask that dreaded question and add "yuri" to it :3

sukechau panda: what are you doing now?
Yuri Tengoku: Just staring at the computer screen like an idiot and drooling.
sukechau panda: you will start snoring
Yuri Tengoku: I think I already am
sukechau panda: awww.. *hands yuri a pillow*
Yuri Tengoku: -looks at yuri-

Lately I've been feeling lonely. I had dumped Lance simply cause I'm tired of waiting. I love with him with all my heart, but meh instincts say to do it. If he comes back to me, then he really loves me. He had plenty of chances. I don't want be treated like that anymore. Plus I don't want to be a burden to him. He let me go thousands of times and each time I came back. I let him go and he doesn't come back like he said he would.

Another thing that's getting me down. All my friends (IRL) have a least gone out in one date. It's not fair. They're not even pretty -- I'm sorry to say, but that's what I think. Obviously, I think I'm no Miss Universe either. Maybe it's because I expect too much? Yeah, I expect them to look decent. That's too much to ask. Another thing may be cause I'm too shy. I'm not a pretty slut those boys like. I know what you're going to say, "Don't worry. I haven't been out in a date either ^_^", but I want to go out on a date. My mother didn't go on a date until she was my age -- her Junior Prom. What if I don't get a date for the prom? You guys know that I don't want to be lonely. I really don't want to be lonely. But I'm not good enough for anybody over there in that school. I'm too shy to ask anybody out and already Homecoming is on its way. And no one has much CHECKED me out. That's how ugly I feel. It's like you have to be beautiful, slutty, and immature to go out on ONE date. You know that as well as anybody do that I will not go that low. I dunno. I don't want to end up the lonliest girl in meh friends' group. I know I don't seem shy online, but I am IRL. It's like only selected few (Namely: Valerie, Nicole, and Hannah) IRL that can see the real me. But online it's much different. I'm behind the computer screen. No one can say "Oh you're stupid for acting that way," because of what people think.

Other than that, I'm getting better. All that's left for me to heal and shitnit is meh cough. It seems that it's getting better although my voice cracks at high notes in choir.

Ne. I'm dead tired. I hope I get rested up soon.

...I want a boyfriend to like me for me. ToT

You're Nuji! A few difficulties won't stop you, and
the path of good is the only way of life.

Which FFX-2 Character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ooo. He could be bishy if he was younger ^^;

If I were a Slayers character, I'd be Sylphiel Nels Rada!  Who would you be?

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24th September 2003

10:51pm: Well.

I can type again. All thanks to Dad ^^!!

He's in Oklahoma and all right now. Well. This sucks. o_o

All I can say is now that they're making us (227 juniors and sophmores, including me) choose between Killeen High School/Ellison High School and well HHHS.

Oh yeah ^^ For those of you who wants to talk to Lily-chan (And have not yet!) can e-mail me your number. Cause I have 2700 minutes and Cingular is being a bitch about it :3 So my dad says I can pretty much call anyone I want. Just e-mail me your number and I call you when I can by then end of this month. ^^V

So I talked to D-Chan earlier. We were giggling about Taiato and Sora bashing. Sora bashing is fun. yes, I am Digimon fan o-oV

Which reminds me


According to my calculations, it should be coming in October -.-; Baka. Dad should've just clicked the 1 week button!

Oh yes. These are the ones that Lily-chan wants (And I still need to draw your picture, and give you my addy if I can, Onii-san) so far ^^ I had go dig deep in meh journals and shit.

Day's # 1, Taichi x Yamato
Tanabata Kitan, Takeru x Yamato
Imashimu Toki, Takeru x Yamato
DON'T PELORIAN!, Yamato x Taiato
DINING ALL NIGHT (Dining de Hitobanjuu), Taichi x Yamato

Well...ja ne. o_oV

~`*Lily Star*`~

Me: -coughs- @_X;
Katherine: O___O SHUT UP!!!
Me: o____o;................
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22nd September 2003

7:54pm: Argh, guess what? Meh laptop's keyboard broke AGAIN -.- Just like last year--only this time, Dad can't fix it. He thinks that someone hacked into meh comp. If they did, why does my mouse still work!? X_@; I was talking to Marugo, another awesome artist at Deviant Art, and Jeremy until BOOM!! I can't type on meh laptop. It was working just fine!! No water, no soup, no soda, no liquid, not even my saliva was on the damn thing!! So~ the next best thing I should try is the matinecence (sp?) thingy (like updating meh Windows, cleaning out meh comp and defragment thingy) and then a system restore. Ooo, not only this is pissing me off, but these two kids who sit on both sides of me won't shut the hell up and leave me alone!! >O< It's like..."Hey you, can you type for me? ;o; You need to do some contributation!" I have every nerve to say "No thanks. :] Since when does your grade, affect me?" Oh of course I don't do their work for them! O_o;

Plus I have been sick all weekend! Go figure. So Misseh, if you're wondering why I'm not coming online, it's because my keyboard's decided to die. It needs to come back to life, like Hyatt-chan.

So what is Lily-chan doing while her absence!? Drawing, writing chapter 5 of Mystical Feline, and playing her Sapphire Game. (I just need to beat my "Dad") Man I want my comp to work!! ;o; I barely got on Dad's comp. He's too bitchy and worried that I'm gonna fwak his comp up. In which...I don't DARE to. I COULD go every morning to the library to check me mail and all but my damn bus gets us late every morning, the lady who writes our passes, might as well give us an all-year pass. Phhf. Yeah right their doing something about it!! >_<; I really want to talk to Misseh!! I didn't get a chance to talk her cause not only I wasn't feeling too good, but my comp all of a sudden decides to hate on me. It's been drinking that Hatoride again. o_O;; Yes, I took that from the Proud Family XD;

Shoot. I took a test in Physics today -- I know I failed. @_X; Cause not only I didn't have my index card, I was tired.

OMG!!11one I forgot to mention!! This one girl on the bus (Who is also normal ed) called Ms Rainer stupid XDD; She was really just correcting her and she got suspended. Jeebus. When Dad said we're in the Bible Belt, he ISN'T joking!!

I miss Misseh! ;o; And all meh other friends (and if they were on!) I normally talk to!!~ I COULD, but Dad would be all

Dad: DIDN'T I TELL YOU NOT TO CHAT TO ANYONE!?! KDJFKJDFDFNKRTIUR HUDHTURHTUTHURHTUR!!! -explodes and permantly bans me from even THINKING of using his comp ever again-

Me: >_< Dad, I just said "Hey"!!


Sorry if I may have exaggerated a bit. It's almost PMS time.

And it's official. Suzy LOVES Gravitation! And guess who's her favorite? Yuki! (Onee-chan, watch out o_o;) And she liked saying "Shindou-san!!" on our way to lunch.


I'm starting to think it's that Egyptian guy who's been IMing in ICQ. He's always all

Him: 8B Do you have a picture? Want me to sleep with you? You're beautiful. I love you!
Me: o___O;; No. No. And how do you know what I look like and what I'm like!? -iggys him-

And these two women who's asking me "Do you want a woman in your bed next to you? I know where to find love!!" Hell yush I iggyed them as well XD People like that creep me out.

Also the people who talk lyke thiz r bak!111 thiz iz annoyin!11 <---This is just an example of how people talk to me sometimes. And since I have meh AIM magnifying so small, it's soo hard to see. That's why I usually take a while to answer. Plus IMs and Dad and shit. Well I'mma try again to get AOL to see if Misseh is on. I miss that bish!! >_<;

~`*Lily Star*`~

Katherin: -stuffs Suzy's textbook underneath her shirt- Look at my abs! -flexes- I dare you to punch these ha--OW!! XDDD;

Suzy and Me: XD;; Baka.

19th September 2003

4:13pm: FINALLY I have time to update these pieces of shit and shit.

This is what I got when my real dad and Grandma were here! :3

--Earthian (o_____o THEY DIDN'T SHAG AS MUCH AS I HOPED...and Yuki-Eiri-Look-A-Like Man sounded like Yuki Eiri XD;)
--FLCL Volumes 2-3 (Really...strange. I like the eyebrows XD)
--Haibane-Renmei, Volume One (BEAUTIFUL art @_@ Their all so pretty and stuff :3)
--Pokemon Sapphire and Double A Batteries (WH00TS! I love this game!! -makes "Lily" hump all the cute guys- >_>;)
--Pokemon Guide (It's so inspiring. o_O)
--Lots and lots of accersories (It's like a punk style ^^;; But I still got some preppy scrunchies that is pretty)
--LOTS of clothes >X3 (:3)
--Di Gi Charat Volumes 2 and 3 (Ooo!! I LOVE THE 17 YEAR OLD OF THE BLACK GENMA GENMA GANG!! -humps all three of them- XDD)
--Zodiac P.I., manga (Art REALLY reminds me of KKJ. It really does, but I love the guy. He should be gay cause he's allergic to girls XD;;)
--Clamp School Detectives (o_o I love the dude with the blue hair--Suoh. -humps-)
--Excel Saga Manga Volume 2 (@O@ WH00TS More panty shots of Iwata getting beat the crap outta him XD)
--Kairi and Maleficent Figures (They still didn't have Riku/Sora ;o; Ooo~ But I'll be ready once I get them XD)
--Shamen King manga (ooo Yoh is even more sexy XD)
--A Backpack (Errr..moving on XD)
--X/1999 manga volumes 1-2 (Now we know the gorey truth about Fuuma's mother....Seriously. Sorata, Fuuma, and Kamui should have a threesome XD)

And that's all :3!! So are you all envious and shit? O_o;

Oh yeah! I drew this awesome ass picture of Misora and Damien! For those of you who didn't get to see it, Opposites Attract, Doesn't It? It features Misora and Damien :3 I love this pic. I really really do. And Neo! I may need more time since I'm sick. This is a REAL excuse so nyeh! No free pic -giggle- Well I got a question...Do you mind if you look like a hippie? XD; Just wondering!

Well I'm home from school earlier cause I wasn't feeling to good. Sore throat and I was losing focus and shit. Plus I'm worried about all meh friends who live where Hurricane Isabella is. Epsicially Misseh @_@;

As John Stewart said, "Bring it on, bitch." XD;

So yeah. OH YEAH!! you know celestialspirity of Deviant art had done a request for me (in which, btw, is absolutely SUGOI!!!) He's now in meh friends list! :3 I feel so...important now.

One question.



I must know. WHY!? Cause I want to talk my dad into taking me and Suzy to the movies XD;;;; I just need to know who are the stars ^^; That's all really. I'm too lazy to look it up. Well I must talk to Misseh and eat something ^^ ja ne! -huggles and poofs!!-

~`*Lily Star*`~

Lily & Suzy: *____________________*;;;; PUCHIKO!!!
Katherin: o.O;; -scoots away-
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14th September 2003

10:07pm: HASH(0x84c7d0c)
Shy Plushie

**X-The Anime Plushie Personality Quiz!-X**
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:3 Meep!

Yoh's Pants
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laid-back comfortable pants. Wear them with

Which Shaman King character's pants should YOU wear?
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LOVING relationship! You have the relationship
that's all about love. ^_^ You care deeply for
your partner, emotionally, physically and
mentally. You're the type who wants your soul
mate, to forever be at your side. You may or
may not be vanilla, but, hey, it's all about
making your lover happy, ne? ^^

xWhat Type of Yuri are You?x
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@___@ Yep!

I shall update tomorrow! Ja ne! ^^
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12:13am: I am sleepy.

Very very sleepy. Just had a LOOONG day of shopping.

BEFORE I forget!!

Happy B-day Onee-Chan!! -huggles-

I already sent chu your b-day gift ^^ It's shitty, but then again, so am I!

For those of you who actually misses me, my real dad and grandma (from his side) is visiting us for this weekend. Which means that I can barely get online. Even so, it'll be quite late. Sometime next week, I will brag about what I got >X3 So yeah. I hope you people DO miss me ^^; I know I'm not the best writer, artist, singer, dancer, whatever, so yeah.

Dad's all asking me "So who are you taking to the prom? 8B" @_X;; It's like..he wants me to go out and shit. Josh is in meh 3rd period class, but I'm losing interest in him anyway! -shrugs- Sides, there's this guy, his name is Kyle. He's soo adorable! And so shy! -giggles like a schoolgirl- I even complimented him on an awesome drawing of a motorcycle ^^

Me: ^___^ Ooo! That's awesome!!
Him: ^_^;(\ Errr thanks.

-giggles like a school girl again- But I dunno know though. He seems to be the type to have a girlfriend already. So I might as well go to the prom alone. :] I'm gonna get meh class ring -- it's White Gold. BUT I WANTED SILVER! -cries- Baka prices! -gnaws on them- And the faculty at school are all "OMGKSJIHJNUH FSUCUH!!! ALL JUNIORS!!! REPORT TO THE AUDITORIUM DURING YOUR LUNCH!!!111one" -- "Urgent" Emergancy: Prom. o_o It's in May. But then again, it could never hurt to add extra money :3 Then they were all "OMFDIJFIJDFKLD!!!! ALL JUNIORS REPORT AFTER SCHOOL!! WE'RE ASSUMING ALL OF YOU DRIVE HOME 8B"

Argh. I swear, I'm wanting to go to Ellison -- I hear there's more hot guys!! -giggles-

Oh yeah! Meh present for Onee-chan!! ^^

Humpy Yuki - B-Day

Title sucks. Icon sucks. I suck. Case CLOSED!

Well one more day then dad and grandma can go back to Arizona/Hawaii (Oh yeah, Onee-chan, my grandmother lives in Phoenix ^^;)

My outercourse activity is snuggling!

Which Sexual Outercourse Act Are You? (with pictures)
brought to you by Quizilla

YUSH -snuggles to her bishies- ^^

I'm tired. I'm sleepy. Good night. And if you love me that much, COMMENT! u_u;; Ja ne! -huggles then dies of lack of sleep-
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9th September 2003

5:45pm: Ugh. I was late for school again cause the bus was late like constanly -.- It's okay for the special ed kids to be late. But it's not okay for the normal kids.

Our bus driver: 8B Oh we have time!

Tomorrow morning (If I'm up to it),I am so taking the other bus -.-

Oi, to make me more pissy, in U.S. History, these guys and girls were laughing at me (No I'm serious.) the second I walked in. I gave them a "STFU you fucking assoles I don't feel like messing with you." look. Apparently they didn't get the message.

We have a project in that class and it's a group project (How I despise them. It's not that the fact it's with people. It's the fact that there are mostly assoles who I usually end up being paired up and they make me do most of the work because they assume I won't complain as they slack off). Well Mr Wheeler paired me up with this dude who also didn't want to a group project and these two fat bitches who didn't want to move away to work with us because they wanna gossip with their friends or whatever shitty excuse they could come up with. I think it's because they don't want to ruin their "image" and just don't like me or that dude. I was gonna say, since I was a bit irritable, "Oh, quit your whining and just do the damn project! If you don't like me or him, then get the hell out of this class!" Luckily the teacher was mostly around where I was...why? The girls were hitting on him, practially. I should've joined this one group in which this nice girl offered. I should've said yes -.- But~ from the look from Miss Missy, one of the prettiest girl in the class obviously didn't want me there :D So I just thought "Forget her." and just did meh work.

The rest of the day was okay ^^ I met a Gravitation fan at school o_O; And it's one of Suzy's friends. She likes Ryuichi. AND SHE TOOK A PICTURE OF ME!! -hides-

Oh yeah. Something REALLY made me po'ed but I kept meh cool 8B

I was in the cafeteria, waiting for some fries, along with some other kids. But of course, the lunch lady decides to take her sweet fricking time! Well about 10 kids were waiting and Ms Rainer was all couting five kids (including me -- I gave her a glare) and literally told us to get out. I just stood there, like "¬_¬ Make me you tacky bitch." The other people obviously did the same thing XD; And she went off mumbling something like (I dunno for sure) "Stupid kids. Fine, don't come to me when they end up stealing food!!!"

...WTF!?!?! Waiting for fries is STEALING!?! Are we TAKING them when they are BEHIND the counter with ADULTS around and running out without anyone noticing? Oh that makes perfect sense. Or let's do it her way and then lock up most of the Americans, including those in the homeless shelters in LUNCH/DINNER LINES! They're "stealing" food too! I seriously think that lady should be fired. But this is my own opinion.

So I've been feeling sick since this morning. Like I wanna throw up. My dad says ">8( It's from all the food you ate last night!!" I don't think so. I have been sneezing a lot before. And there's a bug going around in school. Hm. Put two and two together yes?

But other than that bad shit, I'm finally home where I can relax...right? ^^;

I need to draw some art trades and a present...OMFG I JUST REALIZED THAT Nekozumi-Sensei IS GOING TO DRAW DAMIEN AND MISORA!! -squeals like a fangirl- XD; I feel all honored and shit ^^;

Ugh~` I want Misseh on. I miss her! I miss Monica!! (Although she prefers her other friends -- But that's okay!! ^^; I'm just saying!!) And I need to draw more shitty things and work up on a shitty chapter and shit! IM Lily-chan at either UkePile or Yuri Tengoku or MSN or Yahoo or ICQ. I don't wanna feel all lonely! -flops down and dies-
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7th September 2003

9:30am: Another thing I realized this morning. I can't go on the trips to Europe, both of them. Nor any other trips with my choir group or with any group for that matter. Maybe I'll always be the only one who hasn't been on a date (Even for my stupid proms, cause frankly no one likes me at school as far as I'm concerned) I can't do the things you normal teenagers can do even if your brother is normal and my brother's age. I envy every one of you who gets to go out. I can't. I can't have a social life. It's all my real dad's fault. If he didn't leave my brother in the hot sun, if he didn't make my mom join the military for his own personal gain...then I wouldn't be complaining. I would be content. I'm not able to out and have fun like the rest of you. You don't know what you have. You don't know what it's like having a mother in the military and being taken away from you more than they SHOULD. JUST BECAUSE THEY DON'T LIKE HER!!! I want to live like a normal teenager. I really do. I want to be able to go out on dates, meet people, try new things. But I can't. I can't. I'm not as pretty as you guys think I am. If I'm so pretty and everything is based on looks at school, how come I haven't gotten a date? No, much less anybody talking to me without trying to be smart or anything like that. I feel like people only be friends with me at school is because they feel bad for me that I'm so alone. That's one of the main reasons I met Flora, cause she felt bad I was alone in a chatroom. You think everyone's against you? You think woe is you? Think about the millions and thousands of other people who are in a worse position, even my own.

I'm starting to believe I was supposed to mature faster than others. Obviously so, because I'm one of the youngest in my class grade. 16 is the average age in Sophmore. I came to high school when I was 14 years old, as a freshmen. I realize there are others who are the same age and grade as I am...but I'm starting to feel wise beyond my years. Espicially in the common sense department. I feel like a genius compared to the other kids at school. Those kids with normal siblings don't know what they have. They are so lucky to have brothers and sisters who doesn't have autism like so many kids do.

....So why does this entry revolve around you?
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2:25am: First Teenage Angst! )

But you're not here for the angst. You're here to say random hyperactive stuff yes? Well guess what? YOU'RE GOING TO GET IT! BWAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA!! (Mood swings rock, ne? XD;)

Well I certainly finished up meh gift card ^^;V My brother has like...$100 or less. -eyebrow twitches- WELLL! Here's mah list of shit I got!

--Angel Sanctuary (OMFG!!!! -humps SETSUNA- @O@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LUCKY ARSE SARA!! >| And Ran-sama's voice plays sesshy thinks he was checking out Setsuna like a fangirl would XDDD;)
--FLCL (Fooly Cooly, I think?) (o_o...Must get those two last volumes XDDD OMFG that is weird and hilarious XD)

--Boys Over Flowers (Good plot...but only one of the "OGFM HE'S ADORABLE" boys are actually cute to me plus the art ish weird)
--Excel Saga 01 (Not only I collected all 6 DVD volumes, I will collect all the manga!!! -humps Iwata and Il Palazzo-sama- o_o)
--Peach Girl Volume Four (I GOT IT MISSEH!! -claws at Sae the slut-)

Then we went to Waldenbooks =D At first I found a DINKY stand (With Kite, the kawaii bishy at .hack//SIGN ^^ I wanted to take it XDDD;) I was pissed, but my dad was all "¬_¬...Hurry up."...OMFG. THEY HAVE LIKE A WHOLE SECTION!! (But it JUST so happens to be in the way back ¬_¬ Ah well At least they had it at all!) o_o All Kare Kano, even Excel Two! AND AND DI GI CHARAT (Oh I am so getting them next weekend when my real dad and grandma comes XD;~) ;o;

Augh, now I'm more fearful of meh neighboorhood, they're gangs in the neighborhood, why am I not surprised? ¬_¬ Well I am kinda worried. Not just for my family, but this girl I know. Her name ish Britney. She's a pretty girl (Obvioulsy more pretty than I'll ever be ^^;) ^^ And my dad's guessing she's hanging out with the wrong people and they have been shooting at her house/cars cause their mad at her about something. Goodness, I hope she'll be okay and safe! Espicially her family. Her dad is gone in Flordia (Lucky bastard. He gets to stay home and HE'S in the military) so it's just her and her mom. And they already shot all the windows of their cars o_o I seriously hope she'll be okay. We saw her at the mall with a friend...and it's obvious she was glaring at me, my dad and brother. Like she had a problem with Britney and her being seen with us ¬_¬ I just glared at her back XD; Oh yeah! In Clair's they have Fairly Odd Parents stuff. You know what? For Halloween, I'm going to be Timmy Turner XDDDD All I need is buck teeth, a silly pink hat and an evil babysitter to boot! Ahhh I think I wasted enough time ^^; Ja ne~ -huggles- And SORRY MISSEH AGAIN @O@;;;
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5th September 2003

11:36pm: Eh gomen nasai Missey-sama ^^; I was watching Gangs Of New York with Leo DeCrapio :D (No offense to his fans)

2hrs of blood and knives and bullets and bodies flying everywhere while the sluts make out with the rich snobs and have sex in public...not like it happens irl today :D

Cameron Diaz was in it o_o For some reason, I thought her character would die XD; But hey! It's Cameron! :3 She can survive just about everything o_o From Jim Carrey's Mask to Gangs of New York!

Well I didn't go to school today. WHY!? I didn't feel like messing with assoles today (I mean..seriously), so luckily my dad had a day off and he understood how I felt. He said that we go to Suncoast tomorrow to finish up meh Gift Cards >3!! I wonder if the new FAKE, Peach Girl are out AND WHERE'S MAH GRAVITATION!?! -cracks whip- I know I gots the anime, I know I gots both OVAs on this comp (in which I seriously need to burn ;0;) and two music cds of it,'s addictive. Like caffine o-o Well anyways. I also wonder if the Sora and Riku action figures just happened to be there as well >_> Extra bonus for Kairi! Yay! Kairi Bashing! (No offense to Kairi fans also ^^;)

Argh! -blows up Deadjournal- I think they're starting a trend of new layouts. I already figured out on the one at LJ ^^; It's actually easy..if you're a fast learner that is ^^;V

And I made a new icon o_o;V Sailor Angel -- Senshi No Tenshi And I want to join this RPG thingy called Ragnarok Online. Shall I join? Is it that good of a game?

I'm starting to draw an elf. She's going to be pretty. o_o Argh I might as well hit the sack early. I'm tired as f*ck. -falls back and sleeps-

i'm rio takeuchi

who are yew?

made by emi

:3 Fear me.

Eyes Rutherford
You are Eyes Rutherford. On the surface, this
world class pianist seems cold and uncaring,
but it reality clings deeply to the hope of
salvation and has a tender side that many
people never see.

What Spiral: Suiri no Kizuna character are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

BISH!! -humps- MUST SEE THIS SPIRAL O_____________O
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4th September 2003

10:13pm: I made an early b-day for Erin-chan =^.^=V )

Oh yeah! I uploaded a new chapter of Mystical Legend after I blew up FictionPress.Com about 100 times already :D But it's finally uploaded ^^V

Dawn Comes A New Day

Hm. I need to make these things longer, yes?

Well school's pissing me off more and more. -blows it up anyway-

Quizzles 8B )

Well that's all I have to post. -.-;V Ja ne! I have to go now ^^ Ja ne~~
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31st August 2003

3:55pm: Let's explain and get into Lily's head WHY she said she doesn't like it when people forget about her birthday :D

Some of you read and possibly said "WELL WHO CARES!? IT'S NOT LIKE IT'S IN THE END OF THE WOLRD! 8O"

I care. It's my birthday. Did it say anything like "REMEMBER MY BIRTHDAY OR THE WORLD'S GOING TO EXPLODE!!!"? No it didn't. Lemme see it from your side.

Let's say it's Monica's birthday. I was busy because of school, family and chores. Now I've keeping track of when it was and I am somewhat accurate.

Now I didn't make Monica anything yet. Because it was 20 days away, last time I checked. And something came up that caught my attention. Which takes up about two days or so.


Monica may feel hurt that her friend, Lily-chan, had forgotten about her.

Now let's look at it from my side.

You know how I'm sensitive about what my friends do right?

Fogetting an important event hurts. It shows that you just want me to revolve around you and practially expect a lot from me. You see this is how I feel about this. I love all of you guys to death and all, but when you forget about something like that, it hurts. It starts making me think that you guys don't care and gets me all paranoid. And to make matters worse, you guys KNOW my mother's gone and it's very very hard. I don't get it. Every year, when my mom's gone, most of my friends forget about my birthday, but when she's here. OH MAH BEJESUS, I get a lot more gifts. I'm not asking for anything from you guys but respect and consideration.

Now those of you who accidently forgot, fine okay! It's okay. As long as you realized you missed it. I don't care about the gifts. I really don't. I care more about the thought. I'm very clingy and you guys know it. This has been brought to my attention when someone decided to be an ass about it. Saying that all I want is more stuff which is not true. That may be so for the escape, but not in reality. :D -points to curtain #1- You know what I'm talking about Bit. I'm not being dramatic, I'm just being honest in which some people have trouble being.

Onee-chan, and everyone else who gave me shit on meh b-day. I AM SO SORRY!!! My dad wouldn't let me get online barely cause we went out and I watched the Scropion King (In which BTW has cheap looking graphics -- to me that is!) And I saw those things after yesterday's post @_X; Argh. I need to finish art trades and a present @_X;

Well that's all I really wanted to say. :D I'm glad I got this out. And Bit, if you still don't care, then you must not be a friend then, yes? It's only common sense to care for a friend. And don't say "WELL PEOPLE FORGOT ABOUT ME!!", because your just bringing this onto yourself. Remember others' and if you have the good friends, they will remember your special days.
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30th August 2003

7:03pm: Oi, sorry for the lack of updates ^^; Dad's been griping at me and school and PMS and people going "YURI-CHAN!!!1111one SINCE THAT IS THE NAME OF YOUR SCREEN NAME!!!!111one I'M GOING TO ASSUME THAT'S WHAT YOUR NAME IS!!!!!111111one TALK TO ME NOWWWWW!!!!!!!!!111111one" SO! I'm gonna try to post my day on the


Not that you guys (the ones who forgot, were so busy to remember any birthday, or any other excuses you can cook up!) care or anything :D It probably just slipped your mind. Or maybe I should just "accidently" forget any important things that revolve around you. I'll just get myself so busy I'll just say "I'm sorry! I forgot!!! @_X!!!!" Besides. You did to me :D Why shouldn't I do it to you? (No, I can't take it when family/friends forget my birthday, whether it was accidental or not.)

Lily-chan's Sweet Sixteen! )

So yeah :D I had a good day. But to end it, I barely could talk to meh friends or anything. So yeah

Also. Just so you guys know. I do NOT like it when people ask me on what I am doing. It is frankly none of your business. I don't care what warped world you're in, I will start ignoring people on purpose just so they can get the hint that I do not like that question. Sorry D-Chan and Jeremy. I know knowing other people's buisness is just a convo starter...with someone else :D I'm too nice to say this to your faces and you know it. I'm gonna try not to let people walk and take advantage of me :D!!

MISSEH GET BACK ON!!! -cosplays as Ran just to get her attention- ToT

~`*Lily Star*`~
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24th August 2003

12:21pm: [vent]You know, I'm tired of being harrassed for something I put in my journal. My personal buisness. Like a certain someone can write whatever she wants and not get anyone upset over it. But you see, it's not okay with me. I can't put anything I want because why? Because she sent out spies to see who's "trash-talking" her or not when it's none of her damn buisness what I put in my journal. I'm not saying any names. I'm not saying where to find her journal or anything. You know why? Cause she knows who she is. She knows what I'm talking about.

And no. I do not post every convo I have with my friends. If I did, every entry would be a long ass one. Do you hear me? LONG ASS. Something that you wish you had. With that one convo with me and Neo, that was because I asked him first then he said "Sure!" because we assumed that you stopped reading or even coming to my account.

Now when you asked me why I did what I did, you didn't need to be hostile about it. Justin, on the other hand, was calm and cool about it. And I appreciate that. But I bet you were too busy sucking Boomer's dick, or what's left of it.

You remember when we were friends (During Hell), and you specifically told me that "I do NOT care what other people think of me!!"? What makes me any different? Who's going to stop talking about you behind your back? It's never going to end! Yes it's understandable that your father's in a coma in the hospital (So you claimed), no one likes to be called a whore (seriously), and no one likes to be talked behind their back. But no matter what we think or say, people are always going to do that! So just suck it up and deal, you big crybaby. And if you don't like it, then STOP READING MY DAMN JOURNAL. Stop it. It's like me reading your journal and flaming for every thing bad you put about me. Yes I did it in the past, but you know what? There's some people's opinions that I can honestly careless for, now that I actually matured, something you haven't done yet. And if I'm so stupid, then how did I live to become 15/16? How did I manage to get in the 11th grade? Oh now don't you say "WELL THOSE PEOPLE WHERE YOU LIVE ARE STUPID!! WAAAH!!!!" because then you must be stupid as well. You're in the same grade range as I am, so don't even go there.

To end this rant, I would like to say. You know when you IMed me just to talk, I actually thought we were gonna start all over again. I guess I was wrong. Yes, I am mature enough to admit that I was wrong.

A note to all Trina's spies: Fuck you. Thank you so much of making me feels so vulnerable to her harassments. :] Show this to Trina, I don't care. This is my journal. It's none her business what I put in here. It's none of my buisness what she put in hers. Cause you know what? Journals are here to express one's self. Not to see who's more badass. Not to see who has a life.

Thus ends this rant/vent! (Wow, notice! Very little cuss words.)[/vent]

I updated Mystical Secrets. Need to do homework @O@ Oh yeah! I gots a yaoi piccy :3 Ryo and Damien-ness! XD; x) It sucks yes I know. >_>;; Well I must go and finish/start on my homework @_X;;;
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20th August 2003

6:20pm: Sorry I haven't been updating lately. School's back in TT_TT Thus meaning Lily-chan being cranky for a max of two weeks :] I just finished uploading the fourth chapter of Mystical Felines, Not Any More Realizations!. READ AND REVIEW :]

I'm very cranky and very tired right now. So please don't ask me "What are you doing?" or act dramatic around me (my number one pet peeves). I have a low patience level until those two weeks are gone. And I am high strung. Very high strung. Granted, I already love my classes (Cept of course, the students themselves!), it's just that, I have to get used to this routine again. Man I am so taking a year off after I graduate (of course looking for a collage and working)! And my brother's a freshman now. Yep I'm a junior! That's actually good :3 I am really looking foward to that year.

Most of my teachers are coming from Oklahoma and they don't believe in homework. (I ain't complaining XD)

First Period -- U.S History -- Eh it's okay. I'm paranoid though. These girls behind me are always giggling/talking about something.
Second Period -- Algerbra II -- Poo. These preps sit near me. One of them has an attitude problem and her head reminds me of those bobbleheads XD ...Oh look. Jessie's crush is in this class with me.
Third Period -- English III -- I like this class already! XD Not only cause it has my crush (But I know he's a friggin jerk), but the teacher is cuu and classmates...o_O; I'm actually making friends in this class XD; (Like 3 other girls)
Fourth Period -- Spanish II -- Mr Adame is cool o_O; I sit next to a prep. Eh I think I'll have a problem with this Raymond dude ~.~
Lunch -- Lunch -- Well me and Jessie don't have the same lunch period o_o;; But me and Heather.
Fifth Period -- Keyboarding -- Ne, it's easy. that's all o_o
Sixth Period -- Choir -- MR BAAS XD I love this class ^^
Seventh Period -- Psychics -- The teacher's cool. It's next to Coach Blaize's class. Bah sleep -bangs head against desk-

you know, I'm not going to rant about the illegal activity going on at the Texas public schools :]

I need to CG stuff. But I'm scurred. TT_TT I don't know if they even look good with just the lineart! TT_TT

Oh yeah I remembered something. When I was listening to Ken's theme song (Only One, from 02...Digimon Ken?), and well I thought he said something.

"I won't give you the time of daaaa-aaaaay! -cackles at the end-"

XDD; Sorry something just amusing. Also, this Malice Mizer song..I think it sounds like a video game song when it's a song about hard sex/rape o_o; Anything that makes me laugh gets me all jiggly XD; (I like that phrase =D!)

I've come to a conclusion about some of the girls at school and even online!!

If you don't give dick, you don't get lip. :]

Ne also I came up with something too.

It's the little things that causes the big battles.

Well I must go. Tired and I smell ramen o_o; (I'm hungry. The burrito at school gives me gas and it's friggin expesive ~.~)

Heather: I'm checking out guys!!
Lily: You have gas!?!?!?!?!
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