DAM! i am tired   
03:14pm 05/04/2003
mood: blah
music: eight ball- impossibles
ahh! i dunno what im doing tonight. my friends wanna go to the melo bonfire which sounds pretty cool, but is also pretty far. also, my old friend wants to go to a party, which sounds even better. bonfire=doubtful possibility, party=most likely(hey, give up a chance to drown my sorrows with alcohol? i think not). oh god! i just remembered that i have alot of laundry to do, which sucks cause thats means i have to move, and movement is bad when you've been working out for an hour a day all week and yer muscles feel like they're gonna go on strike. thank god its the weekend! eww! i was eating lunch today, and i looked on the sleeve of my sweatshirt(the sweatshirt my sister borrowed from me yesterday), and there were boogers on it! i lost my appetite, it was horrible. of course, im still wearing the sweatshirt. hey, im not that weak, i can take a few boogers. k, back to things that aren't green and slimy, im about to leave with my friend to a huge BANGO STORE!! well i'll be damned! uhhh....that is all...
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08:47pm 04/04/2003
mood: crappy
music: cheek to cheek- the Starting Line
im in a really weird mood. like, im depressed, angry, lonely, but i dunno where its coming from. i mean, i have my moments, but they're usually triggered by something. well, considering i had a "run-in" with a guy i was dating, i guess this isn't just coming from nowhere. god! i hate hormones, they ruin lives! i need lovin', and i dont mean from my momma. i need sleep...PEACE!!
oh! a few words of wisdom..."when god gives you lemons, throw them at people"