ashee's Journal

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

2:48PM - 1st entry

hey sup every1 im new with this BLURTY jounal thing so yep its gunna look boring the first few days but i will fix it if u got any helping tips or pointers 4 me i would appreciate them.

today was the best day i was so happy n all like "HIIIIIIIIIIIII" haha

Jess L n me hung out thismorning and stuff it was kool, after 7th period she was going the opposite way in the hall she gave me a high five n was like "ashleyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" n i was like "jessssssssss" n she almost hit some kid in the head lol haha

well anyways its boring i know lol but this is all new 2 me if this things got a guestbook please sign it pleeeeeeease thanx muah luv ya byebye ;)

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