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[25 May 2004|05:10pm]
prom is in like 2 weeks n im goin wit shawn =] so thinkin about prom and all this shit made me think about JUNIOR prom (LAST YEAR) so ive decided to post pics of me from that. i looked realll different last year when these pics were taken. first of all, i dont look AS MUCH like the olsens back then as i do now. but i still resemble them. n also my hair is now browner.. and shorter.. and its usually perfectly straight..so yeah lol u get my point

yehh jus felt like postin that. not the greatest picture but w/e<33 n also.. i look 5 hah, i look mad different now hopefully ill get a pic from this years prom.. leave 1 guys
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[18 Apr 2004|04:35am]
heyy guys.. so whattup.. spring break is over.. it was greatttt... lost my virginity to shawn like OUR PACT SAID<33 i finally had sex o jeez haha i cant believe i actually waited til the end of senior year. i love shawn, hes my fucking abercrombie model lol he's soo gorgeous

i got high 5 nights during the break haha it was insane and i dont remember ANYTHING from those nights.. so i dont really have anything to say

<33 manda
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[14 Mar 2004|08:58am]
shit! i fuckin forgot i had this shit! oops lol well sry..im bak now tho

last night was ok.. mic, d.el n jac came over. mic called alex (her bf) n then he came over.. we all smoked n shit, got high.. it was fun, yeah. mic n alex had sex already..they like eachother sooooo much..first person mic ever fucked. im a fucking senior n i still havent had sex yet! everyone is soo suprised bc im really slutty u no hahaha but not with sex i guess? anyway..me n shawn made a pact that if i dont get layed by the middle of spring break then the 2 of us are gona fuck. i doubt i do it before then so ill prob end up doin it with shawn.. hes soo hot lol n hes liked me for a while so w/e. hes already had sex tho wit his ex-gf at his old school.. yeah so thats where im at now

i havent hu with drew in about 3 weeks. i think me n him are gona keep hu til FOREVER.. idk shit with him is just weird and we have soo many history that i dont think were gona ever stop hu and shit. its so weird to no that i havent even known drew for a year yet. i only met him the 4th of july last year. crazy rite?? i feel like ive known him forever n shit..

btw i saw jenni last weekend! love u baby
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[01 Feb 2004|06:22pm]
i got soooo drunk last nite and i hooked up with shawn. hes realy hot tho its ok lol and he likes me.. but i just like him as a friend?? i think?? ahhhh idk..hes GORGEOUS tho wow haha

d.eL was there n she was like all over ryan but then ryan hadda pee so then she went over to sit on jer's lap n when ryan was coming back she moved over. such gay shit going on bc d.eL stil isnt really talking to me for telling her she likes jeremy n not ryan.. and thats been like 20 days ago.. AND she makes it sooo obvious she likes jer (ryans BFF) and not ryan....ah soo fucked up

superbowl tonite.. im goin to drew's (hahahaha weird) with mic and jackie.. bc alex (mics bf) and derek (jackie's bf) r gona be there. jac n der r sooo cute theyve been goin out since august 1st n theyre like.. in love, its real cute. but i no im gona end up h/u with drew! bc mic n alex r gona OBV hu.. n same for jackie n derek! ahh things r just so fucked up lol w/e

jenni we neeeeeeed plans miss u baby, love you
<33 manda
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[01 Feb 2004|06:18pm]
i got soooo drunk last nite and i hooked up with shawn. hes realy hot tho its ok lol and he likes me.. but i just like him as a friend?? i think?? ahhhh idk..hes GORGEOUS tho wow haha

d.eL was there n she was like all over ryan but then ryan hadda pee so then she went over to sit on jer's lap n when ryan was coming back she moved over. such gay shit going on bc d.eL stil isnt really talking to me for telling her she likes jeremy n not ryan.. and thats been like 20 days ago.. AND she makes it sooo obvious she likes jer (ryans BFF) and not ryan....ah soo fucked up

superbowl tonite.. im goin to drew's (hahahaha weird) with mic and jackie.. bc alex (mics bf) and derek (jackie's bf) r gona be there. jac n der r sooo cute theyve been goin out since august 1st n theyre like.. in love, its real cute. but i no im gona end up h/u with drew! bc mic n alex r gona OBV hu.. n same for jackie n derek! ahh things r just so fucked up lol w/e

jenni we neeeeeeed plans miss u baby, love you
<33 manda
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[10 Jan 2004|05:05pm]
i fucked up sum shit real bad... ok so elle (aka d.eL) never writes "ryan i love u" or w/e on her aways or profile n theyve been goin out for like over 3 months.. and theyve said "i love you" for the first time on their 3rd month anniversary and tha's the ONLY time n like on his pro it says "elle 9/23/03 i <3 u" but on hers it dont even say i <3 u or ANYTHING like that. ok so i im d.el like whhhhy are u wit ryan u dont even like him and shes like wtf are u talking about and im like u dont ever say i love u to him or ilu or ANYTHING u say i love you to ry's best friend JEREMY so why dont u break up wit ryan and just hu wit jer already! and then im like hahahah and shes like manda ur fucken gay i like ryan i jus dont feel open enuff yet to REALLY say i love him its non of ur fucking business jus fuck off. and im like woooohhhh d.el calm down im jus tellin u how it looks like to me and shes like now i realize why i was never friends wit u til this year u fucken bitch dont talk to me.. OK THATS IT but like wtff... it jus REALLY sounds like she wants jer and not ryan. fucked up bullshit. d.el's still talking to mic tho its jus realllll fucked up i wish i never said ne thin. but seriously even mic said to ME yeah ur right it sounds like she doesnt even like ryan.. but w/e mic neva said ne thin to d.el so d.el is still bff wit mic.. FUCKED UP

iight w/e tonites gona be fun. chillen with mic, jackie, sarah, samantha, assandra..yeah good old times wit my crew,girls,life... maybe alex, drew, and those boys will stop by.... yeah ima give them a call

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[01 Jan 2004|11:06am]

such an amazing year..hah..arite.. last night i went to d.eL's house cuz she had a partyy.. umm it was me, d.el, mic, assandra, jackie, sarah, samantha, ryan, ashley, jeremy, mike, stacy, and alex n drew haha cuz d.el let them come jus for me n mic. yeah bitch ily. yeahhh so it was so much funnn.. me n drew kissed at midnight even tho im sooooo over him. i really am hah but i needed someone to kiss at midnite. i didnt even get that drunk last nite i jus had 2 beers cuz im good like that.. hah. idk what else to say hah i dont go into too much detail like my grl JENNI BROOKE CASTLE does but shes hotter than i am so thats aite

hope u guys had grrreat new year
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[23 Dec 2003|03:41pm]
heyyyy guys . im at d.el's aka danielle nickels housee.. with mic. i <3 these girls theyre sooo awesome. alex asked out mic last nite!! so cute since she really likes him n shit. mics sooo fucken gorgeous~ but ya no people ALWAYS tell us that me n her look like mary kate n ashley cuz we look alike n we look like them too haha crazyy me n mic look like sisterss..yeahhhh cuz we are at heart ♥

it's danielle's 3 month anniversary w/ ryan tonight. AWWW hahah happy 3 months n shit. she already had sex wit him..at 2 months.. n now mics thinkin bout doin it soon w/ alex cuz were seniors and uhh were all sluts so we shoulda had sex already..who am i gona do it with?? DREWYYYY. hahah probably. cuz hes my bitch. but were not even together anymor or anythin like that. hmm i duno. i needa man but i dont wana boyfriend rite now :-/

yeah yeah so d.els gona be w/ ryan tonite.. and mics gona be w/ al but maybe if he brings drew then ill chill wit them too..haha rhymed..ehhh iduno

jenni hope ur havin a sickkkk time with jenn + all those hot boys ur bangin in hawaii

<3 yaa
~manda (and mic n d.el)
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[18 Dec 2003|06:39pm]
last weekend was soo much fun but we really didnt do nothin. chilled with mic n danielle..aka d.el the hottttest chickk ever. and i spoke on tha phone with jenni brook castle for a whileee. JENNI I LOVE YOOU BABBYYY BEST FRIENDS! haha heres ur shoutout since i got 1 on your journal. anyway me n mic n d.el played in the like, 2 inches of snow haha n we blazed in it...madddd good times with the hottest girls ever. yeah that was it lol but we had so much fun...

this week sucks my fucken ass hole ;) yeaah.. one more day of this bullshit school tho. then vacation!! im stayin home but ill prob hang out with my girls..and guys (drew prob) during the vaca.. maybe ill hu with shawn? HOPEfULLY WITH KLIP?? yeaaaah ill fig this shit out later

i dont really got anythin to write... just felt like updatin since i havent done this shit in a while

lataaaa guys
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[28 Nov 2003|12:25am]
me n drewy arent goin out anymore..were just friends wit benefits. ill ALWAYS love drew but he was soooo not the right guy for me. well jus do shit when we see eachother i guess. n mic n alex are TOGETHER but not goin out..uhh yea w/e lol. jackie n derek are still goin strong tho!!!

i met evan last weekend!! hes so hot, n that nite in general was just AMAZING. got so drunk. i loveeee my friends. whoa!! haha uhh yeah

i love jenni brooke castleeee!! and KLIP obviously:) i wana hu with him again, its been awhileeeee...

tonight i went to mic's withhh jackie sarah assandra n samantha. drank. smoked a lil. whattuppp. the boys came over. (boys = drew, alex, derek, robbie, stu, matt) drank moreee.. did shit.. u no...haha ;) whatever it was a fun nite i guess

now im at jackies cause all that grls are sleepin there..ight peace<3

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[02 Nov 2003|03:08pm]
ahh yo i never update anymore!! im a busy girl what can i say..ahah.

n me n drew are still together

hellz for triple dates

ighhhhht life is good. like REAL GOOD. i havent had sex with drew [or anyone lol] yet.. but im thinkin about it cuz hes my babyyyy. lol not yet tho cause im not in love wit him yet n i guess i want it to be special n shti. jackie n derek havent done it yet..but i think theyre in love. i duno. mic n alex have only been goin out for 2 weeks so obv they HAVENT done that yet. i love my sluts tho. theyre soo hot!!

jenni we gotta chill soon I LOVE U BABY hope ur havin fun right now i no u are.. i cant wait to read ur entry when u get backkk.

I SOUND HIGH I THINK...but im not im just in a kickass mood.ahhah.

umm last night was fun. me n drew saw scary movie 3. hahah it was really funny. then we went over to jackies n derek was there. invited mic n alex over. mic came already fucked up and she gave alex head in front of us..ahahah drew n derek are like EW MAN I DONT WANA SEE UR DICK n they left but me n jackie took pics wit mic's digital camera.hahahah mic has them on her comp now n i no she emailed them to jenni hahahah. but im not gonna post those THEYRE REALLY DIRTYYY hahah. me n drew didnt do anything at jackie's house. we drove back to my house around midnight and we made out in his car. i love this boyyy. i went in my house and drew came with me.. did shit in my bed cuz my parents were asleep. then he left. i <3 my babyyyy :)

thats enough i have nothinnnnn to say.
love u guyss <333333 manda
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[09 Oct 2003|11:21pm]
im goin out with drew again.....
he asked me out obviously
omg i <3 him sooo much i no thats rong but i cant help it lol

ILL UPDATE ABOUT THIS LATER i dont feel like it now. lol aight peace
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[27 Sep 2003|01:08pm]
i hooked up with DREW last weekend..................................

was that wrong?! i think it was..but i liked it..i miss him :-/
shawn still likes me but i told him i just wanna be friends.. FOR NOW.

no time to update!!! bye
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[13 Sep 2003|11:39am]
on wednesday night i called drew.. cuz..i dont no. i missed him. god knows why. we went out for almost 2 months but we NEVER had a good relationship. it was always kinda.. off? idk but i miss him sooooo much. he was being so incredibly sweet..which wus weird cuz during the whole time we were going out he only said 'i love you' ONCE. after like..5 weeks. and that was once. but wednesday night on the phone he was like "manda u have no idea how much i love you" ugh i hate how he was so sweet<3 lol. this is soo fuckin hard bc i want him yet he was ALL wrong for me. yet i have this INCREDIBLY AMAZING AND SWEET AND HOT guy (shawn) that likes me soo much, yet i dont feel anything for him. well i guess i kinda do but not so much. ughhh. i hate this!! i WANT to like shawn and not drew but i cant. i wanted to get to no shawn better soo..friday shawn asked me to come over again. and i went..

it was soo much fun. all we did was hook up/make up but it was alot of fun cuz we did other stuff too. he has air hockey so we played like a million rounds of that haha. i kept laughing like crazy.. hes soo funny. yet i feel like i just wana be best friends with him. i dont know!!!! i CANT go back to drew.. he was SOOO wrong for me. ugh ugh ughh i hate myself. hhah. but back to my night with shawn.. umm. we then went into his backyard on his tennis court (DID I EVER MENTION HOW RICH HE WAS???) haha. played sum tennis but i sucked and it was too cold so we went back inside. he "warmed me up" haha by holding me :-/ he was being really cute and then that was the time the hooked up hah. then we made up sum trivia game or w/e just so we could ask eachother questions to get to no eachother really well. hes sooooo amazing. ugh i want to be attracted to him soo badly! but im not .. well.. KINDA!! uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh my fucking heart! lol.

today (saturday) during the day i went to the walt whitman mall with mic, jackie, sam, derek, and alex. for the most part, it was us all walking around but sometimes mic and alex paired off and jackie and derek paired off and then it was me and samantha. the only 2 girls without guys there.. but whatver i had fun. bought 2 shirts.. then tonight.. me mic jackie samantha and sarah went to assandras house. smoked..drank..yeah it was fun.. but its liek almost midnight now and im already home..which is fuckin sad! but shawn just called me and were talking now. he likes me..alot.. and hes soooooooooooooo hot. like seriously right out of an abercrombie magazine haha but maybe hes just TOO GOOD FOR ME?! ugh i dont know.

i hope my heart dies. haha umm..not possible?! whatever im going to talk to shawn on the phone! nite
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lol [06 Sep 2003|11:38pm]
so u know how i said shawn asked me to come over friday night(yesterday night).. well i said yes, and i went. i actually had an amazinnng time. so my mom dropped me off at his house at 7:30pm. his house was SOO huge, wow hah. he opened the door and he looked AMAZING. he had on a wifebeater and one of those shirts like, open in the middle.. abercrombie. UGH IDK WHAT THE FUCK THEYRE CALLED hahah but do u kno what im talking about?? yeh well it was blue and white. and he had on mavi jeans. and he smelt amazing i wanted to die haha. yeah ANYWAYSSS.. he let me in and no one was home besides the 2 of us. we went downstairs and he had 2 wineglasses set up and he poured me WINE. rotfl. i was like cant we jus have beer?? and hes like well i dont wanna get you drunk YET. haha. so we drank the wine. i thought it would be really awkward bc ive only met him 3 DAYS AGO i didnt think wed have much to talk about. but we did and it was fine. i kept STARING at his dick. like, THREW his pants i mean. like u no when u think someones hot, u cant help but WONDER whats under there?? Haha u KNOW whats there but u wanna no how big and whatever.haha so i was staring for like a while at that. he has 3 couhes in his basement and i was sitting on one and he was sitting on the other bc we were being GAY lol and talking like..from couch to couch. and i really really really was tempted to hook up wit him. and obviously he wanted to too or else he wouldnt have invited me over, right? so i got up and walked over to the couch he was on and i made the move to hook up. woww it was sooo worth it. hes possibly the BEST kisser EVER. omg hes so perfect. haha. we hooked up for a WHILE.. of just hooking up. and then he stops and he like, put his hand threw my hair and then we both leaned in to hook up again and then i was like really WANTING him now like fucking whoa lol. ive never been hornier in my life i sware haha. OH BY THE WAY, SHAWN HAS AN EARRING WHICH MAKES HIM HOTTER haha. so back to the hooking up-- i get on top of him, like straddling him. anddd then he felt me up and then i was like whoa i need youre dick hahah i didnt say it but i was thinking i NEED TO GET DOWN THERE HOLY SHIT haha. so i got off him and i unzippered his pants and then started to pull them off and yeah i gave him head ;) <333333 woww im SO in love wit this kid. HES SOOOOO HOT i need a pic but i have no camera :( but yeah then i got back on top of him and he fingered me. and then we spent the rest of the night talking and whatever.. ugh it was so much fun!!! then my mom picked me up at 12:30. but before i left, shawn asked me to chill next friday again too! were either go to his house again or go to dinner and a movie or something. idk yet but i loooove him hes beautiful haha <333

gg guys i LOVE YOU all so much and im so happy right now!

but i do miss drew. i cant lie about that.
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[04 Sep 2003|06:51pm]
so me and drew broke up.. if you didnt already know that. if u read jennis journal, then u know how.. im not gonna write about it. ive been really really depressed ever since then. me dumping drew..school starting/summer ending.. it all sucks ass. i dont know how im so upset over drew. I WAS THE ONE THAT DUMPED HIM. i was the one that wanted end my relationship with him, DAYS before it ended. ugh i dont know im so confused. im incredibly depressed now though.

i told matt that i dumped drew. i told him today in school. i hadnt really talked to him alot lately.. so it was weird. he was like oh im really sorry manda. and im like its ok im the one that dumped HIM- he didnt dump me, you have nothing to be sorry about matt. i Love matt more than anything. why cant he see that?! we were TOGETHER on and off for 2 years! he never asked me out though because he thought i was a bitch. i changed. i became the nicest girl ever. we were still together..kinda..but NOT going out. he never asked me out. he imed me a little why ago and i was like matt u dont even know how much u mean to me. and hes like ur right i dont. and im like matt u mean EVERYTHING to me. he didnt answer for a while. and then hes like manda i know thats not true. GOD, WHY CANT HE BELIEVE ME? EVER? its so damn annoying.

i keep saying this quote over and over again..
" a little voice inside my head said don't
look back you can never look back "
its from a song. and i need to follow it. i gotta concentrate on my future, and my present.. not my PAST with matt and with drew. fuckin damnit..

schools ok so far. ive realized that im only happy when i have a boyfriend. or a guy that likes me. speaking of guys that like me..umm this guy shawn is in like 5 of my classes. hes in my grade (senior) and he just moved here this year.. hes def gonna be friends with my friends cuz hes already talking to BRYAN n MATT n TRACEY and theyre all in my group of friends soo uh yeah.. um. shawns really nice tho and even tho its only the 2nd day of school he already asked me if i wanted to go out friday (tomorrow night..) and i was like just us or more people?? and hes like, well if just u wana come over tomorrow that would be ok... so i dont know. im thikning about it. i NEED to get over matt and drew and umm.yeah shawns actually hot. hes like 5'8, muscular, dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, kinda spikey hair. no doubt about it, hes hot.. soo ill think about it i guess. lol i g2g guys love u
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[27 Aug 2003|12:37pm]
sorry that i dont update like, ever, anymore :-/ im jus like hardly ever home..

now that mic is home, drews friend alex chills wit us now and him n mic do shit. im getting kinda bored of drew tho honestly.. blah i dont know what to do because hes really hot n shit but i dont REALLY feel anything for him yano? its weird.. i dont feel comfortable around him i think i need to dump him. ill stil hang out with my friends n get drunk with them and they can do shit with their guys, i dont care..ill let them be happy. ive seen too much penis lately im gettin bored. i need a break from ass and guys..wow never thought id say that haha. but i honestly do because im disgusting myself right now.. i gotta go im way too confused and i dont feel like updating now.
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[25 Aug 2003|12:57am]
i got so high tonite
andd uhm drunk
i couldnot w a lk
thahasha or TAlk......

i djntever EVer update anymore sarry sorry but imad busy

ive beenbusy yano

ok gonig own now

drew here......... <3 <3 <# 3,#R#o
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[09 Aug 2003|10:04am]
sorry that i havent really been updatin too much this summer but its only cuz ive been really busy.. im gonna go threw the past week since friday.. so this might be long but it shouldnt be boring cuz i had alot of fun..

FRIDAY: AUGUST 1st - woke up and went straight to jackies. drew stopped by my house cuz he ALWAYS jus comes over even when we dont have plans (but obviously i wasnt home) so then he called my cell and i answered. then he went to pick up derek n then derek n drew came over jackies. we all got changed in to our bathingsuits n then went out back to jackies pool. derek n jackie started to make out and ended up being completely under water and then then both shot up after not being able to breath. haha they were laughing tho. i went on drews shoulders and then jackie went on dereks shoulders and me and jackie fought to try and get each other to fall off. then we dried off and walked back to my house cuz i have a trampoline and jackie doesnt. we were still in our bathingsuits haha so as cars passed, they would give me n jackie dirty looks for being in bikinis and walking threw the neighborhood. haha it was funny tho.. me and drew made out on the trampoline and then jackie n derek started jumping on the trampoline so me and drew were bouncing up and down. we kept banging out teeth together and it started to get annoying so we stopped and we all ended up jumping til we got tired. then we all sat down and me n drew cuddled & jackie n derek cuddled. then derek asked jackie out! and she obviously said yes. yay im so happy for her! it was such an amazing and fun day =)

SATURDAY: AUGUST 2nd - went to splish splash with jackie, sarah, assandra, samantha, drew, derek, matt, stu and robbie. we had a fun day going on rides! haha were cool. we went on that hollywood stunt ride thing and since it was so dark, jackie jerked off derek during it. (i only know this cuz she told me afterwards) haha i was like wow i wouldnt even do that but ok.. haha its pretty funny if u think about it. but yeah it was a really fun day. then at night we all slept over samanthas house bc her parents were away for the weekend

SUNDAY: AUGUST 3rd - we all woke up around 10ish and ate breakfast. then we changed in to bathingsuits and we all squished in to sam's hot tub. she has a HUGE one but still..its pretty hard to get 10 people in to it! its made to fit 10 but like..yeah..it was still squishy so i ended up sitting on drews lap for some of it. then sam sat on stu's lap and i went back to having my own spot. it was fun cuz we decided to play truth or dare (without the truth) lol so we kept daring eachother to do things. like 'give blah a lapdance' or 'flash / moon blah' haha it was really funny.. then later on we all sqeezed into drews car. i dont know HOW we did that lol and we all went back to drews and got really messed up with alcohol. lots of fun =) then drew dropped everyone back off at home at around 3:30AM.

MONDAY: AUGUST 4th - it was supposed to thunderstorm even tho it DIDNT! so i went to the mall with jackie and sam. we bought a whole lot of clothes and such. then we went out to lunch and we got MAJORLY hit on by our waiter. he was probably like 25 years old and he was OK looking i guess. but he was being soo weird haha.

TUESDAY: AUGUST 5th - i dont remember..haha. i got drunk with drew alone which was weird. and i dont really remember what happened. i know i didnt have sex with him tho. i knowwww i didnt. so i guess thats all thats important

WEDNESDAY: AUGUST 6th - really good day. i chilled with just Matt. (not matt as in drews friend, but my best friend matt that i was KIND OF with for 2 years on and off) i was just really glad to be with him. we had contests on my trampoline and there was one time when we both fell at the same time and we fell really close to eachother and we just starred at each other and i know what we were both thinking. what we were both debating. whether or not to lean in and kiss. just kiss, nothing more. and i know he didnt becuz hes not the type of guy to do something with a girl if shes taken. but i dont know what i wouldve done if he DID lean in. i dont know. but then we both just got up and kind of TRIED to pretend like nothing happened. but it was hard to ignore that. but we had fun just being together. then before he left that nite, he kissed me on the cheek. and then walked out the front door to leave and i was like matt come back a sec.. and then i kissed him on the cheek back. i wonder what wouldve happened if i was single. i dont know..but id rather not think about that.. i guess. im just glad i didnt do anything with matt cuz i REALLY dont wana cheat on drew. and im not not not gonna cheat.

THURSDAY: AUGUST 7th - chilled with drew. got to 3rd. then went to the movies with him to see Freaky Friday. he didnt wana see it but he said ok just becuz he said i could pick the movie. so i was like yeah ur seein this with me! he tried to hu with me during it but i was like no im watching the movie sorry. hahaha..maybe he was pissed, idk. he didnt seem that pissed though, he just laughed at me cuz i was being stupid. haha but the movie was really good so shutup! lol

YESTERDAY, FRIDAY: AUGUST 8th - chilled with jackie all day and then at night me jackie drew and derek went to some really fancy restaurant for dinner. good food. then went to the movies to see American Wedding which was amazing. i cant believe i went to the movies 2 days in a row! i hardly ever go to the movies so its weird. but it was fun. at the beginning when michelle gives jim head under the table(HAHAHA) drew looks at me and i go FORGET IT! hahah im not that much of a whore sorry. but that was a fun night :)

TODAY, SATURDAY: AUGUST 9th - well its only 10:30 in the morning now so obviously i havent done ANYTHING yet..haha. so im done thats all =)

mic (and jenni[jennicastle]!) come home in like a week n a half! im sooo excited i cant wait! and evan(surfb0rder) comes home in 5 days! lol isnt everyone excited =)

sorry if this was extremely long. idk if it was long or short or whatever but yeahh.. my relationship with drew has gotten ALOT better. we went from just doing shit to actually doing things together. its much better now and i love it. im gonna go shower now..bye!
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the past few days.. [27 Jul 2003|01:44pm]
ive been seein drew EVERYDAY..still. we have soo much fun and he ALWAYS comes over. yesterday morning he came over when i was sleeping and he kept ringin the bell so i was like wow im gona kill whoevers at the door!lol and then i go down and its DREW so im like drew its 10am i was sleeping why are u here, n i was kinda yelling cuz i was pissed i was soo tired i didnt get home til 3am the night before. and he came in and started to kiss me and then backed away and gave me a weird look. im like YEAH I DIDNT BRUSH MY TEETH YET my mouth prolly tastes GROSS haha..does he think im gona wake up with minty fresh breath? no! haha so i went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and then went back downstairs to drew but he wasnt there..? so im like wtf and then i went to my room cuz i figured he'd be in there waitin for me.. so i went to my room and drew was laying down on my bed and i walked over to him and he pulled me on to the bed .. as i kinda figured he would.. (cuz u know how much i love waking up and doing shit like 5 mins later haha NOT REALLY..) but i jus went along with it cuz..i guess i love drew.. weve been going out for only 2 weeks + 1 day tho. so things are moving really fast.. but its ok..as long as im not having sex with him.

he didnt even try to have sex with me yesterday. i was glad he didnt try cuz i didnt wana turn that down again. cuz i know he really wants to do it..soo..well, i dont.. just YET..

so we got to 3rd yesterday, like most days.. but this time it was weird cuz AT 10:30 IN THE MORNING I HAD A DICK IN MY MOUTH. haha yeah i didnt really plan on that but what can ya do..

everyone keeps sayin hes not using me for ass but a day doesnt go by where we dont do alot of stuff. so i dont know.. but hes amazing and when we go to the mall he always buys me things whether its from a shirt or a candle or dinner or w/e. we havent said "i love you" to each other yet. but i guess u dont say that in the beginning of the relationship til u actually MEAN it.. i mean, we have it in our profiles i love you drew and manda i love you but .. its different by actually saying it and typing it out on to a profile. i guess? but i do love him. ♥

but anyway i havent been updatin alot lately. sorry bout that..
on the 19th i got drunk with sarah assandra jackie sam drew derek matt stu and robbie @ derek's house. his house is fuckin huge so it was cool. got to sloppy 3rd i THINK..wit drew obviously lol. i dont remember if it was sloppy 3rd or just 3rd. i think sloppy but i was too fucked up to remember. i remember having alot of fun tho

the 22nd was a girls only night (at first).. me sarah assandra jackie n samantha went to jackies house cuz her parents were away. jen sukra(mics dealer haha) dropped off some shit. so we smoked and got high..that was fun.. til the guys stopped by. we TOLD THEM NOT TO COME! but ugh they did anyway..and they were sooo drunk. but we let them in anyway. i ended up losing my shirt so i was walkin around in only a bra and i was soo high i didnt even realize it til later. but that was still alot of fun..haha.. then on the 24th i got drunk with elisa and lauren cuz i never hang out wit them anymore. and me and elisa used to be best friends and we still kinda are. soo uh yeah i chilled wit them. drew kept callin my cell but it wasnt near me so i couldnt answer it. idc tho cuz i knew he just wanted elisas address so he could come over and we could do shit. but i wasnt up for that.. so thats about it so far..

this summer is amazing! ily
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