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10:16pm 31/05/2004
mood: blank
music: in.my.life//juvenile
for any further entries look on my new journal at [ http://www.greatestjournal.com/~shadyz_bxtch ]

:) enjoy.
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08:34pm 30/05/2004
mood: bouncy
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wheee... i'm at my Elizabeth*s hizzouse :) eye heart her muchly. but newho uhh we had so much funnn today we went to the mall anddd we both got shady ltd hatssssss whee we saw one n we were like OMG n Elizabeth asked how much it was n the lady rang it up n she was like oh it's actually on sale for $9.99 and i GRABBED Elizabeths arm really hard >i left a mark :)< and we were like screamin n the girl was like "we have two.." n i was like OMGGG so we both got one :D hehe anddd yes i got 4 shirts for $30 at rave :) go mee theyre all pink too haha and i was just sayin how i need to stop buyin pink shirts... ooops 0 =) and then on the way home we were in the car n there was this car with 4 black guys in it n they were all like yumm.. andd they were lookin at us n we were all smilin at them n stuff and they passed us and then they slowed down so they could see us and then we passed them and thenn they sped up and then they passed us and they tried to slow down but the car behind them was gettin mad so yes they went on but then they turned and when they turned they all looked back at us we were like wooo :D hehe but then we went back to my house and my parents cooked out and we ate.. and then we walked down to Lisa's where Amanda was to show her our bee you tea full hats :) and then we walked ot Amanda's to meet her aunt and then BB came and picked us up and ta-da here we are :) oh yes and yesterday.. lets see me mom and daddy went rafertys with my aunt uncle gramma and grampa for my grampas birthday.. then we went back to my grammas house for cake n icecream and i felt HORRIBLEEEE my mom thinks i have strep >.< rarr. it hurts.. but she said i need to go to the doctor so i can get medicine but then i have to get the strep test >.< blah. but yeah im feelin okay now just my throat hurts a lil.. but yess uhh tomorrow.. i think we're gonna try to do somethin with Amanda or somethin.. and later Elizabeth's gonna call >him< for me hehe :) lala but yeah im gonna go now..

-SaRaH tHe WoNdErFuLnEsS-
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Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?
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08:49am 29/05/2004
mood: chipper
music: git.up//d12<3
[ .001. ] first name: Sarah
[ .002. ] middle name: Michelle
[ .003. ] age: 15
[ .004. ] birthday: march 29
[ .005. ] height: 5'10?
[ .006. ] hair color: brown
[ .007. ] eye color: hazel >color changing<
[ .011. ] race: mixed [ lmao Elizabeth... i'm black on the inside... ]
[ .012. ] do you think this is stupid already: not really...
[ .013. ] do you have braces: used to..
[ .014. ] is your hair long or short: long i serpose
[ .015. ] where were you born: that big charlotte nc
[ .016. ] current location: charlotte..
[ .017. ] zodiac sign: aries
[ .018. ] how many languages do you know: english >some< anddd jibberish and pig latin
[ .019. ] straight or curly hair: straight... but it WILL be curly.
[ .020. ] bad habits: biting my nails... and my fingers..
[ .021. ] piercings you have: fo'
[ .022. ] piercings you want: not sure... possibly third hole in my ear but idk
[ .023. ] tattoos you have: zer0
[ .024. ] tattoos you want: none at the moment
[ .025. ] today's date: may 29
[ .026. ] the time: 8:50 a.m. in the mornin >haha<
[ .027. ] ready for a bunch more questions: of courseeee

. PETS .

[ .028. ] do you have any pets: yes'm... 6
[ .029. ] what are their names: Tyler, Rusty [aka Bucky], Cassie [aka Gooey], Cody, Jasmine, and Dusty [aka Duckett]
[ .030. ] what kind of animals are they: Tyler Rusty and Cassie are dogs the rest are cats
[ .031. ] are you still in school: sadly.. yes
[ .032. ] did you drop out: sho did
[ .033. ] current gpa: i'll tell you in like 2 weeks if you ask again :)
[ .034. ] favorite grade: 7th
[ .035. ] least favorite grade: 8th >damn randolph<
[ .036. ] favorite teacher: Mr Lowery <3
[ .037. ] least favorite teacher: oo many... Mrs. Brown, Ms. Hines, Mr. Robb, Mrs. Petty, Mrs. Perry-Benton... i could go on.........
[ .038. ] favorite subject: fundamentals of technology fo sho
[ .039. ] least favorite subject: spanish cuz the teacher..
[ .040. ] do/did you buy lunch or bring it: haha i bring it.... >do you carrrry a lunch box<
[ .041. ] play any sports on the school's team: nopee
[ .042. ] do/did you do any extracurricular ativities: not really
[ .043. ] are/were you popular: erm no?
[ .044. ] favorite dance: canned food dance this year
[ .045. ] favorite memory: goshhh too many..
[ .045. ] least favorite dance: none?
[ .046. ] least favorite memory: yo mama
[ .047. ] most humiliating moment: i was just about to tell you but i decided you can't know all that :)


[ .048. ] number: 7
[ .049. ] clothing brand: erm... idk
[ .050. ] shoes: air forces
[ .051. ] saying: oh snap
[ .052. ] tv show: that's so raven
[ .053. ] sport: to play? softball... to watch? football
[ .054. ] vegetable: tomato
[ .055. ] fruit: strawberries and cherries
[ .056. ] movie: finding nemo
[ .057. ] magazine: XXL
[ .058. ] actor: Eminem
[ .059. ] actress: Reese Witherspoon
[ .060. ] candy: starburstestestestests
[ .061. ] gum: winterfresh
[ .062. ] scent: my grammas linen closet :)
[ .063. ] candy bar: milky way
[ .064. ] ice cream flavor: the chocolate with peanutbutter stuff
[ .065. ] color: pink
[ .066. ] season: spring
[ .067. ] holiday: christmas
[ .068. ] singer: Beyonce
[ .069. ] group: i must copy fatty.. --» d12.. haha they aint a band bitch they dont play instruments.
[ .070. ] rapper: Eminem DUH
[ .071. ] type of music: rap. duh.
[ .072. ] thing in your room: my bed
[ .073. ] place to be: carowinds
[ .074. ] radio station: power 98
[ .075. ] tv channel: disney
[ .076. ] junk food: icecream
[ .077. ] overall food: peanut butter & jelly sandwiches
[ .078. ] store: shoe stores :)
[ .079. ] shoe brand: nike
[ .080. ] fast food: mcdonalds
[ .081. ] restaurant: olive garden
[ .082. ] shape: nonagon >haha no... idk<
[ .083. ] time of day: whenever i get to sleep
[ .085. ] state: georgia [atlanta]
[ .086. ] boys name: kyle
[ .087. ] girls name: candace
[ .088. ] mall: concord mills
[ .089. ] video game: mario
[ .090. ] shampoo: panteen pro v
[ .091. ] board game: life
[ .092. ] computer game: minesweeper
[.093. ] car: escalade
[ .094. ] music video: d12 - my band ... yEah
[ .095. ] swear word: FUCK.
[ .096. ] word: fuck.
[ .097. ] month: march
[ .098. ] cartoon character: neeeeeeeeemo
[ .099. ] scary movie: none >.<
[ .100. ] team: PANTHERS yEah
[ .101. ] possession: my Eminem and D12 cd's


[ .102. ] eminem: my fucking favorite person in the world AND future husband..
[ .103. ] dog: Rusty
[ .104. ] hot: Eminem.
[ .105. ] britney spears: skank
[ .106. ] nsync: Justin Timberlake
[ .107. ] real world: Cameran
[ .108. ] orange: fruit
[ .109. ] choice: choose
[ .110. ] fuck: yayy
[ .111. ] bisexual: erm..
[ .112. ] black: meee :D
[ .113. ] icq: uh?
[ .114. ] insane clown posse: i must agree with fatty... --» freaks.
[ .115. ] linkin park: ugly.
[ .116. ] jack: rabbit?
[ .117. ] rainbow: colorfulll
[ .118. ] cherry: pop ;)
[ .119. ] cucumber: ew..
[ .120. ] shark: attack
[ .121. ] lifehouse: say what?
[ .122. ] bat: skurry
[ .123. ] leather: v.v poor cow
[ .124. ] whip: kinky
[ .125. ] america: sucks
[ .126. ] water: yum
[ .127. ] volcano: erupts


[ .128. ] rock or rap: rap
[ .129. ] rock or pop: RAP.
[ .130. ] rock or r&b: RAP.. haha no r&b
[ .131. ] rock or metal: go to hell.
[ .132. ] rap or pop: rappp
[ .133. ] rap or r&b: rap
[ .134. ] rap or metal: rap
[ .135. ] pop or r&b: RAP. no r&b..
[ .136. ] pop or metal: rap.. [pop]
[ .137. ] r&b or metal: rap [r&b]
[ .138. ] linkin park or limp bizkit: eminem BITCH
[ .139. ] tool or korn: eminem..
[ .140. ] selena or jennifer lopez: j lo... EMINEM
[ .141. ] hot or cold: cold
[ .142. ] winter or summer: spring?
[ .143. ] spring or fall: spring
[ .144. ] shakira or britney: shakira [eminem]
[ .145. ] icp or eminem: EMINEM what kind of fucking question is that dumbass. if you say icp you need to fucking die :) thankshaveaniceday.
[ .146. ] marilyn manson or rob zombie: err... eminem?
[ .147. ] kittie or garbage: say what?... eminem..
[ .148. ] mtv or vh1: BET.. [mtv]
[ .149. ] buffy or angel: buffy
[ .150. ] dawson's creek or gilmore girls: YES what fatty said... --» GILMORE GIRLS i love that show
[ .151. ] football or basketball: football
[ .152. ] summer olympics or winter olympics: summer
[ .153. ] skiing or snowboarding: snowboarding
[ .154. ] rollarblading or skateboarding: skateboarding
[ .155. ] black or white: black
[ .156. ] orange or red: orange-ish red?
[ .157. ] yellow or green: yellow
[ .158. ] purple or pink: pink
[ .159. ] slipknot or mudvayne: yuck >.< EMINEM.
[ .160. ] hot topic or pac sun: pac sun..
[ .161. ] inside or outside: outside if it feels good inside if not
[ .162. ] weed or alcohol: none losersss
[ .163. ] cell phone or pager: cell phone
[ .164. ] pen or pencil: pen
[ .165. ] powerpuff girls or charlie's angels: charlies angels
[ .166. ] scooby doo or din: scooby doo... whats din?
[ .167. ] dragon ball z or pokemon: lmao... pokemon
[ .168. ] star wars or star trek: noneeeeeeeee they all suck
[ .169. ] tattoo or piercing: piercing
[ .170. ] prep or punk: gangster.
[ .171. ] slut or whore: skank :)


[ .172. ] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: yes.. he just doesnt know it yet haha... [no]
[ .173. ] do you have a crush: sortakinda yes
[ .174. ] do you love anyone right now: Eminem...
[ .175. ] have you ever been in love: who knowsss
[ .176. ] how many people have you kissed: wouldn't YOU like to know
[ .177. ] who was your first kiss: who taught you to be so nosey
[ .178. ] how many hearts have you broken: none?
[ .179. ] how many people broken your heart: idk..
[ .180. ] best quote to sum up love: love is the slowest form of suicide...
[ .181. ] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: STOP BEIN NOSEY goshh
[ .182. ] do you have a picture of him/her: hahahahahaha yes.. and no..
[ .183. ] please post it if you do: how bout i dont?
[ .184. ] do you have a picture of yourself: yep
[ .185. ] please post it if you do: its on the link in my blurty...
[ .186. ] do you go by looks or personality: i must agree with fatty again... --» haha another trick question.. do YOU go after ugly people?
[ .187. ] ever kiss a friend: on the cheek..
[ .188. ] are you still friends: haha ya...
[ .189. ] so moving along..do you smoke: uh no
[ .190. ] do you smoke weed: uh no.
[ .191. ] ever trip on acid: uh no.
[ .192. ] how about a little: shut the fuck up.
[ .193. ] crack, heroin, anything else: dude...
[ .194. ] beer good or beer bad: bad. rarr.
[ .195. ] are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: no im the cool person who doesnt drink biatch
[ .196. ] do you like smirnoff ice: no..
[ .197. ] prefer beer or liquor: milk :)
[ .198. ] what kind of cigarettes do you smoke: the candy kind
[ .199. ] are you a virgin: yep
[ .200. ] if no, when was the last time you got some: last night >sorry fatty :)<


[ .201. ] bungee jump: prolly not maybe so? idk
[ .202. ] sky dive: prolly not maybe so? idk
[ .203. ] swim with dolphins: yesss
[ .204. ] scuba dive: YES i want toooo me and fatty are gonna scuba dive to our secret island with Eminem :)
[ .205. ] go rock climbing: if there was lots of safety type stuff going with me...
[ .206. ] eat shit for $1,000,000: er no.
[ .207. ] turn your back on your friends for personal gain: haha probably... no idk it depends which friend...
[ .208. ] steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: maaybe.. O.o
[ .209. ] cross-dress: for fun... not foreal-foreal
[ .210. ] lie to the police: idk..
[ .211. ] run from the police: nope cuz the po-lice wont never be chasin mee
[ .212. ] lie to your parents: i have... many times...
[ .213. ] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: lmao
[ .214. ] be an exotic dancer: of course... >no<
[ .215. ] walk out of a restaurant without paying: prolly not
[ .216. ] streak: haha no.. i doubt it


[ .217. ] best girl friends: elizabeth amanda ashley and alex
[ .218. ] known longest: amanda
[ .219. ] wish you talked to more: alex
[ .220. ] wish you saw more: alex
[ .221. ] how many friends do you think you have: iunno... enough?
[ .222. ] who drives you insane after a while: amanda... >sorryyyyyyyy but you do<
[ .223. ] who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: alex
[ .224. ] ever lose a good friend because you went to the next level: uhh.. no?
[ .225. ] craziest: ashley
[ .226. ] loudest: elizabeth
[ .227. ] shyest: haha yes me.
[ .228. ] best hair: elizabeth
[ .229. ] can always make you laugh: alex
[ .230. ] best eyes: me >=P
[ .231. ] best body: idk? elizabeth?
[ .232. ] most athletic: nobody we're a bunch of lazy bums wheeeeeeeeee
[ .233. ] sex symbol: ashley ha >=P
[ .234. ] hot tempered: me
[ .235. ] most impatient: me
[ .236. ] shortest: ashley?
[ .237. ] tallest: me v.v
[ .238. ] talented: none of my friends are talented :) haha no idk
[ .239. ] best singer: tabitha
[ .240. ] skinniest: idk?
[ .241. ] nicest: not meeeeeeeeeee... idk? alex prolly
[ .242. ] best personality: elizabeth and alex
[ .243. ] biggest drug user: ASHLEY probably haha no idk...


[ .244. ] flashed someone: nope
[ .245. ] told the person you liked how you felt: mhm
[ .246. ] been to michigan: NOOOO BUT I WANT TOOOOOOOO
[ .247. ] gotten really REALLY wasted: uh no
[ .248. ] gone to jail or juvi: haha no
[ .249. ] skateboarded: nope
[ .250. ] skinny dipped: nada..
[ .251. ] stolen anything: from my friends n stuff..
[ .252. ] wanted to kick my ass for making this so long: erm no..
[ .253. ] kicked someone's ass: nope but ive wanted to..
[ .254. ] pegged someone in the head with a snowball: haha ya
[ .255. ] broke a beer bottle: yep oo the other day i was walkin home n there was a piece of a bottle of bacardi layin on the sidewalk n i stepped on it and kicked it :)
[ .256. ]driven under-aged: yess :) its fun
[ .257. ] kissed someone of the same sex: on the cheek ya
[ .258. ] gone on a road trip: yep
[ .259. ] gone on vacation without adult supervision: nope v.v
[ .260. ] been to a concert: yea
[ .261. ] been to another country: nope
[ .262. ] talked back to an adult: haha ya all the timee
[ .263. ] got pulled over: not when i was drivin..
[ .264. ] got in a car accident: bus accident.. haha we ran over this girl i know's car... not funny but yes... lala...
[ .265. ] broke a law: duhh
[ .266. ] given money to a homeless person: my mommy does
[ .267. ] tried to kill yourself: nope
[ .268. ] cried to get out of trouble: haha idk
[ .269. ] kissed a friend's brother or sister: nope
[ .270. ] kissed a brother or sister's friend: nope
[ .271. ] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it anyways?: lmao probably


[ .272. ] what do you think...about pop music: lmao i must agree with mel --» i dont think about pop music.
[ .273. ] about boy bands: they suck.
[ .274. ] about flag burning: idk
[ .275. ] of the war on terrorists: idk... bush sucks?
[ .276. ] about suicide: sad stuff mannn
[ .277. ] about people who try to force their opinions on you: go away and dieee
[ .278. ] about abortion: boo
[ .279. ] about rock/metal music: that shit is NOT music
[ .280. ] where do you think you'll be in 10 years: Eminem's bed :)
[ .281. ] who do you think you'll still be friends with in 5 years: amanda and elizabeth

[ .282. ] last birthday: ci ci's pizza
[ .283. ] yesterday: school and err.. idk sleep?
[ .284. ] last weekend: not a fucking thing
[ .285. ] christmas: go to grammas
[ .286. ] thanksgiving: go to ohio
[ .287. ] new year's: babysat
[ .288. ] halloween: had a party
[ .289. ] easter: church anddd grammas
[ .290. ] valentine's day: went to the movies with amanda and elizabeth i think

. L A S T .

[ .291. ] thing you ate: cereal
[ .292. ] thing you drank: milk
[ .293. ] thing you wore: what im wearing now... jeans and a shirt..
[ .294. ] place you went: the computer storeeeeeee :D
[ .295. ] thing you got pierced/tattooed: second holes
[ .296. ] person you saw: my mom
[ .297. ] person you kissed on the lips: nobody >=P
[ .298. ] person you fucked: lol... do dreams count.......... ;)
[ .299. ] person you talked to: fattyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy finally :D
[ .300. ] song you heard: fight music [d12]

. N 0 W .

[ .301. ] what are you eating: nada
[ .302. ] what are you drinking: nothin bout to get some water though
[ .303. ] what are you wearing: ... just said but im bout to change to my superman pajamas :)
[ .304. ] any shoes on: nope
[ .305. ] hair: down
[ .306. ] listening to: d12 cd
[ .307. ] talking to anyone: ashley and fatty
[ .308. ] are you pissed i made this so long: not really...


[ .309. ] are you a vegetarian: yep
[ .310. ] do you like cows: mhmm
[ .311. ] are you a bitch: haha ya pretty much
[ .312. ] are you artistic: nope
[ .313. ] do you write poetry: yes but it sucks..
[ .314. ] are you a fast runner: nope
[ .315. ] can you ski: no but i wanna
[ .316. ] are you british: lol no
[ .317. ] do you want to spear Britney: YES
[ .318. ] do the voices talk to you: mhm
[ .319. ] did you ever give barbie a haircut: lmao yes and kelly :)
[ .320. ] would you eat mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: no... last time i checked vegetarians didnt eat hotdogs..
[ .321. ] do you think disney creators were on acid when they made 'alice in wonderland": haha yes but no..
[ .322. ] are you straight: of course
[ .323. ] are you stupid: yep
[ .324. ] are you gay: lol no
[ .325. ] are you talkative: to some people
[ .326. ] are you short: no v.v
[ .327. ] are you tall: yes...
[ .328. ] do you own a hot pink shirt: many... inFACT im wearing one riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight now.
[ .329. ] how about orange pants: er no
[ .330. ] can you see the flying monkeys: yep
[ .331. ] are you evil: lol...... idk am i?
[ .332. ] did you ever know someone who had a mullet: O.o not when i knew them...
[ .333. ] is britney a whore: yes...
[ .334. ] are you a teenage zombie: erm no..
[ .335. ] am i annoying you: nope...
[ .336. ] do you like marilyn manson: not particularly
[ .337. ] are you secretly from another planet: hehe plutooooooooo :D
[ .338. ] did you ever touch someone else's private parts: lmao
[ .339. ] do you shop at hot topic: haiiiiiiiiiil no

... that was long ... lol but anyways lets see... in the past 2, 3 weeks... goshh... okay uhm school's almost out... only 2 more days of class then 4 exam days where we get out early and then the last day is optional and the teachers have decided that our only option is to stay home... so yess :) score. uhhh... Elizabeth and Ashley called him sjadfk;jas; omgggg hehe :) whee. i love them for that. except for Elizabeth's big mouth... and Amanda and Ashley called another time and Amanda has a big mouth as well... rarr... but that's okay :) lala... yeah i think i'm sick.. cuz thursday at school i had a bad headache and i was all dizzy n stuff n then that lasted all night and then later my throat started hurtin n friday when i woke up my throat felt like sand paper =\ my dad prolly gave me somethin.. but thats okay =P oh yes and my gramma is pissed at me... that woman blanked on my ass the other day and yeah now she told my dad and sister that she's "waiting for me to call and apologize" n im like ME apologize.. i'm waitin for HER to apologize. re-re. but see... i'm not gonna let her ruin my happiness.. she'll get over herself some day and then we'll talk.
last night i babysat Lainie and Logan and made $42.. i think today me n mom are gonna go shopping for watches cuz we both need one.. OH and Tabitha is lettin me borrow Winter's chain that she stole today :D w0ot... but i have to give her my forces so she knows i'll give the chain back v.v lol uhhh.. Amanda can't do anything all weekend >including monday when we're out of school< cuz her aunt's here.. so me and Elizabeth are plotting to do somethin.. and possibly Ashley? idk but i must go take a shower and get ready to go shopping with my mom... later

-SaRaH tHe GrEaT
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07:24pm 27/05/2004
mood: silly
music: purple.pills//d12
GOD FUCKING DAMN. my retarded ass computer broke last thursday and i just got a new one so yes that is where i have been... but w0ot no more compuserve... yEah :D v.v i miss my Mel and she's not on and she needs to get on nowwwwww rarr. BUT newho nothing too important has happened... well actually some stuff has but i'll write bout it later... i just wanted anyone who reads this to know that Sarah is still alive. so yes... me and Ashley are supposed to go on a walk or somethin later... yep... ko i'm goin nizzow pEace

Will The Real Slim Shady Please Stand Up?
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09:52pm 29/04/2004
mood: tired
music: salt.shaker//ying.yang.twinz
gosshhhhh blurty has NOT been workin for me so i couldn't update BUT i am now so lets see if i can't catch you up :)

last week was awesome :) uh tuesday and wednesday first and second block were switched cuz of the sophmores testing... so i had a super long world history and a super long english... which we did basically nothing so that was fun... then thursday we got yearbooks yEEah but i didn't get mine cuz my stupid mother never sent in my form and payed for it sooo yah .. but newho i found out his real last name =) yay. then FRIDAY woooo spring fling :D it was awesomeee... uhmm 1st block Mr Howard was like "take your books out and open to page 27... now whats on that page?" "a picture of a rocket..." "okay now leave the book opened to that page and do whatever you want.." so we had a free period then 2nd block Ms Cole was like "were gonna have a free period so you guys can do what you want.." so thattt was awesome THEN spring fling started and it was greatt i walked around with Sharissa Dhara Ciera uhh.. o.O idk i dont remember butt yeah we went to the basketball game.. halfway.. cuz it was gettin boring everyone just went for the band :) then daddy picked me up after spring fling cuz im a school skipper n i knew we wouldn't be doin anything in band sooo yes i went home a sleptttt...

the weekend was EXTREMELY boring.. nobody could do anything or they already had plans with someone else... except friday night me n Manda babysat together.. i made 10 bucks... w0ot... uhm yeah sunday i helped out with the kids at church and then mom n daddy took me to cracker barrell :) yumm. there was a cuuute dude that worked there =) lala... uhh yes thats basically it. so boring.

monday nothing tuesday i got my yearbook :) well... OUR yearbook... me n Tabitha are sharin one OH and tuesday d12 world came out :D i NEED that cd. so if anyone wants to get it for me... be my guest :) but yah d12 they were on trl then 106 & park then direct effect jdfkjaf;afjdfj :D i got a large dose of SEXY haha... lala yes uhh then wednesday small groups... i just went to sleep cuz it was just Tim and Joanne's kids and they were just watchin tv n i felt sick soo yes i slept then we went home n i went scraight to sleep cuz i didnt feel good v.v today nothing.. but this weekend im babysittin saturday and probably friday anddd i am GOING to see mean girls if i have to go alone. i NEED to see that movie :) im a dizzork but thats okayy :) i WANT to go to carowinds this weekend >James< :) butttt idk me n Manda might go saturday after her drivers ed stuff OH YES and i signed up for drivers ed in the summer :D i cant waitttt whee... tomorrow Ms Devins isnt gonna be there w0ot... and i have a spanish test >.< i should probably study for that =\ hmmmmm... i gotta go now though cuz im tired n i gotta type up somethin for health...

<3always . . .
. . . SarahTheGreat
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09:40pm 19/04/2004
mood: good
music: cant.stop.wont.stop.remix//young.gunz.n.chingy
baccck to school... it wasn't bad at all... i got to see my friends again and that's always a plus... OH snap when i got to school i saw Chris n he had cut his hair n i looked at him then turned away then realized he had cut his hair n turned back n i was like O.O n then i was like lookin at him when i was walkin away.. and after school i went up to him n was like U CUT UR HAIR n he was like yeah.. i saw you lookin at it this mornin... n he did an impression of me lmao n he was you were turnin ur neck back when u were walkin away... i was bout to break that neck or somethin lmao.. but NEwho..

Fundamentals of Technology we finished our cars then did book work... lmao Mr Howard turned on the radio n was listenin to like classical and country n shit omg it was hilarious haha on one of the country songs Lee started sayin the words... he was like "thats my mamas song" n Mr Howard was like "Lee ur the most diverse person in here" then he turned it on radio disney n he was like no some Britney Spears or pop somethins bout to come on here we gotta turn this off... it was great :)

World History uhh... i dont even know.. we did a group thing... we talked about where we're supposed to go on wednesday... yaa...

Lunch did biology worksheets and talked to Ridhdhi, Belal, Sharissa, Dhara and i think thats it..

Biology uhh... learned stuff... yep...

Band Mr Jones wasn't there... me n Ashley read for english cuz OOPS i "forgot" :)

thenn Diana took me and Tabitha home.. i watched tv... Elizabeth called me n was like "you wanna come over?" so i did n when i got there she was like "i didnt ask BB if you could come over" so she called her n BB said no so i had to go home... lol Elizabeth "thanks for havin me over i had a GREAT time...." then i came home watched more tv, fixed the computer and got on and here i am :) now i shall go and read some more... 2 and a half hours of english tomorrow >.< how horrible..

foReveR-aNd-aLwayS . . .
. . . SaRaH-tHe-gReaT --»
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[ 92 ]   
07:46pm 18/04/2004
mood: happy
music: rap.game//d-12.and.50.cent
lets see... yesterday i went to mom's work with her and i just played with her fun office supplies and messed with her computer... thenn we went and did some major hardcore shopping :) old navy, kohls, target, bass, hamricks... i gottt capris and a shirt at old navy, a shirt and birthday presents for tabitha [hello kitty pajama pants with a matching cami and another hello kitty cami], and gumballs at kohls, uhh i dont remember what i got at target, and a purse at hamricks :)... then we came home.. then we got ready to go out to eat and to the movies for the "girls night out" with church... duude me n mom were both blow dryin our hair at the same time >different rooms< but the switches we were usin kept goin out at the same time i was like RRRRRUFF buttt yes she fixed it so it was ko.. Manda came over andd we left.. we went to Rafertys to eat >yummm.< it was funnn :) Heather, Carla, Debbie, Susie, Lorie, Laura, Gracie, mom, me, and Manda were there... thenn we all went to the movies to see 13 going on 30... it was really goood :D yes it was much fun lol i love Carlaaa shes so fun to be around :) but NEwho... then we came home and i got on the computer for a lil then went to sleep...

woke up this mornin, went to church, came home and watched tv for a few hours, went to wally world with mom where i got shoes a belt and 2 camis :) then i came home and washed the car.. haha i did really bad but thats Okay =) thennn my beloved Elizbeth came over cuz she had gotten backk and yes she brought me gummy worms and a lil notebook thing andd a cow tale thingy.. :) i love her muchly lala then she had to go... and now i'm here... on the computer...

back to school tomorrow... yippeee... idk i don't really mind going back.. i miss my friends n stuff.. 38 more days >not really cuz of exams and highschoolers don't go the last day< so really like 33... but yes it'll go by fast and it won't be bad pluss i get to see Jimmy again haha :) i haven't seen James in a weeeek and i'm not gonna for at least another week v.v HOW gay but i'm scared of what Manda's gonna tell him tomorrow =X or what he's gonna say... >.< OH well haha i guess i don't really care.. ohh snap haha i was supposed to read up to chapter 6 in lord of the flies.. oooops.. lol i guess that's what i'll be doing tonight... how fun.. lala i wanted to go to carowinds today but Manda had to clean all day and do stuff around the house then she had to go out with her parents... uhh.. yes that's about it... i shall now go "do my homework" and watch tv :) bye byeee

foReveR-aNd-aLwaYs . . .
. . . SaRaH-tHe-gReaT *
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09:03am 17/04/2004
mood: cheerful
music: fantasy//mariah.carey
yesterday me and Amanda went to Carowinds.. no James v.v lol uhh yeaah it was fun though.. we got a caricature drawing thing done... andd Amanda made me pay part of it and then after we got it done and we had payed she was like "well im keeping it i can get my mom to make a copy" im like uhh.. so yes today i shall complain and ask for my money back. err.. idk spring break's over... it's weird though cuz i really don't mind, i just want to get the school year over with... and i really dont MIND going to school anymore except to Mrs. Perry-Benton and Ms. Devins [ which are so conveniently on the same day.. ] but yeah there really aren't any classes that i HATE going to like there were last year.. yepp oh yes and i'm peeling like a mofo.. it real bad sucks v.v but oh wellll lol

today i'm goin to work with mom for about 30 minutes cuz she has to do a meeting and i'm just gonna mess around on her computer or somethin but afterwards i shall FORCE her to take me to old navy. i need to get there before i spend all my moneyyyy which i pretty much already have.. blah. i miss Elizabethhh v.v i believe she should come back early andd come see me :) haha no okay i shall now go... bye bye

fOreVer-aNd-alWaYs ; . .
. . ; SaraH-tHe-SupeR

oh yes, and i made up a rhyme :)..
stupid with a p
and maybe even a t
possibly a u
yes that too.

haha bye bye now..
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12:48am 16/04/2004
mood: happy
music: burn//uRsher
today me Tabitha, Laura, mom, and Laura's mom drove up to Boone and went on a tour of App. [ Appalachian State University ]... it was nice... BUT there was a big no-no... i saw about 8 black people the WHOLE time we were there. i was like HELL no they did not. so yes Sarah shan't be going thurr. Chapel Hill yEEah :) haha i'll never get in there but HEY i dream big =P so yeahh... it was fun... we got back around 7... i called Amanda... she came over to give my my slippers i left at her house... uhhh me and her are goin to Carowinds tomorrow >while my Fatty is at Busch Gardens... is that psychic or WHAT?< yes it shall be much fun :) lala... daddy [ who will now be referred to as Elmo ] has strep throat... he best stay the fuck away from me cuz im not about to get sick.. newho uhh yeah thats about all that happened today.. i got a new icon... OBSERVE IT NOW BITCH :) sexysexy Eminem YUM. lol okay i shall now go... bye bye

foReveR-&-aLwayS . . .
. . . saRaH-tHe-gReaT*
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[ 89 ]   
02:29am 15/04/2004
mood: blah
music: superstar//uRsher
blah... uhh yeaaah today i found out that i'm probably never gonna see Marquis again... that sucks. >.< i think i shall cry... no. but yes it is very saddening =\ blah...

todayy i woke up and helped Tabitha clean the house, Laura came over... uhh i was supposed to spend the night with Amanda tonight but i'm going with mom, Tabitha, Laura's mom, and Laura to Appalachin tomorrow to look around... we're getting a tour... i'll probably be bored cuz mom will be with Laura's mom and Tabitha will be with Laura >of course< but yeah i have reasons i wanna go... just can't say em here cuz you never know who is reading this and when they're reading it... anyways, then i got online for a while... i finished helpin Amanda >Fatty's Amanda, not mine< with her blurty, if you would like to see it click the following [ http://www.blurty.com/~iwastemyluvonu ] yeah it was better but >cough< someone >cough< messed it up. let me not comment. but yeah then mom came home, we went to Small Groups... Missy wasn't there and this is when i found out that i'm probably never going to see Marquis again... here's why: Missy [ Kimberly's mom ] brought Marquis, Alisha [sp?], Kimberly, Megan, Lisa, and Jessica... Alisha and Marquis aren't her kids but she brought them... apparently, on saturday at the "Eggstravaganza" Missy started bitchin at people and cussin n stuff... reminder: this is a church function. then she left and said for her name to be taken off of all of ReaLife's phone lists, mailing lists, etc... then sunday they weren't there [ including Marquis ] even though his mom normally brought him to church, just not Small Groups, and yeah... but i guess i can maybe just hope that he's possibly on vacation and he'll be back? yeahhhh riiiight... blah.. oh well... Heather and Carla want me to come with them and my mom to the Avalon concert saturday... Heather told me to invite Amanda but the tickets are like $21.50 and Amanda doesn't even listen to that music [neither do i] but Heather and Carla want to "treat me" to the concert and dinner... cuz im just so speckle like that :) idk if i'm gonna go yet or not though... uhmmm then we came home and i got on the computer... that's pretty much where i've been since then.. lovely life, eh? oh well... goodnight =)

foReveR-n-aLwayS . . .
. . . saRah-tHe-suPeR
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[ 88 ]   
11:05pm 13/04/2004
mood: weird
music: i.can't.quit//t.i.
fresh layout... lol i was gonna go for something totally different [and by that i mean non-Eminem] but i couldn't part with my sexy hubby... so anyways i hope you like this... haha actually no i really don't care because i like it and that is what's important =)

yesterday Elizabeth Amanda and Ashley came over and helped me clean my room... then daddy came and picked me up >blah< and we went to get Mamai and to get a balloon for Tabitha for her birthday [Hello Kitty, of course]... yeah that was fun >cough< daddy made me cry >.< and then when the family was over he made me cry again =\ everyone's mad at him now though so i guess it's okay =) muahaha. then Elizabeth and Amanda spent the night =) it was fun, we stayed up talkin till 4... lol BLUB. blubblub. bbbblub. haha... yes and Amanda texted James and he has his phone ! scooore. but he's supposed to call her whenever he gets back, which, we still don't know when that is because Amanda is thoroughly stupid. but yeah i was like "Amanda, honestly, i won't get mad... what did you say on that voice mail you left for James?" and she told me. omggg i was like RRRRRUFF she made it a situation v.v BAD AMANDA but that's okay i just won't ever ride sponge bob again haha...

this mornin we woke up because Elizabeth's Aunt [i think] called her cell... thenn yeah Amanda had to go home and me and Elizabeth walked to Elizabeth's and stayed there for a while >Katie is so cute< then we went to Amanda's and were there for a while... we wanted to go to the movies/mall but that didn't work out soo yeah. then Elizabeth had to go so me and Amanda took naps haha... then i went home... uhh oh yeah today's Tabitha's birthday... how lovely. yeeeeah... idk uhm i suppose that's it nothin too exciting but at least i wasn't home all day, eh?

-sarah the super
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11:53pm 11/04/2004
mood: content
music: when.the.music.stops//eminem
welllllll Marquis wasn't a church today... howwwww dumb with a B. but they showed a picture of him from the thing yesterday up on the screen :) hehe how speckle... after church [which Tabitha went to today, as it is Easter... ] i came home n took a nap lol then at 1:30 we went to Mamaw & Papaw's for our annual Easter gathering... THAT was fun >cough< thennn we came home and i took another nap >i enjoy napping< then i got up and got on the computer and have been talkin to people and such ever since =P

idk what to do tomorrow... prolly somethin with Amanda and/or Elizabeth... then at 7 we're having the family over for Tabitha's birthday... i have to go with my dad to pick up Mamai >from the group home lol< anddd yes iunno... lol byee

forever&always --»
«-- SaRaHtHeSuPeR
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[ 86 ]   
03:44pm 10/04/2004
mood: bouncy
music: game.over//lil.flip
hehe today was great :) me Amanda and Elizabeth went to my church's "easter eggstravaganza" and we helped out :) MARQUIS [ yum. ] was there jadsklf;jasd;klfjsaldkfj :D haha whee yes and Elizabeth thinks he's hott too... she ran up to me n was like "HE TALKED TO ME!" n i was like "what'd he say?" n she was like "can i use that wheel barrow?" i was like haha HOW romantic. lol it was funny but yes hes like woah... uhhh yah we were face painting the whole time cuz SOMEONE decided they weren't gonna help out but thats okay cuz we did a good job cuz we're just good like that... hehe and i got more sunburnnnn yes my spring break goal is gonna happen :) im gonna get a tannnnnn w0ot lol...

Tabitha's birthday is in 3 days... idk what to get her =\ she still hasn't given me the $20 she was supposed to give me for my birthday... rarr.... lol butttt yeah i guess we're gonna have the family over? idk.. Kyle's supposed to take her on a picnic but he's "being gay" ... as she says ... so i suppose they're mad at eachother...? JD's been here this past week and she's out with him right now... i think he still likes her... poor kid... lol

tomorrow we're goin to church >where i get to see Marquis again :D< andd then idk i must find something to do possibly something NOT outside so i can give my burn a break? yes that sounds like a plan.. lol but yeaa i think im gonna go now i may write more later... bye bye

forever&always --»*
*«-- SaRaH»tHe«SuPeR
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[ 85 ]   
10:50pm 09/04/2004
mood: thoughtful
music: hailies.song//eminem
i love you elizabeth

i'm uber sorry for everything and yes i just want you to know i love you :)

u kive u
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[ 84 ]   
09:10pm 09/04/2004
mood: nerdy
music: say.goodbye.to.hollywood//eminem
welllll hehe :) SPRING BREAK wheee... uhhh ya today was a makeup day for school for the snow.. buttt me and Manda [ and probably half of the rest of the world ] skipped :) go us. we went to carowinds haha :D it was funn but her brother came.. and ya he was gettin on my nerves.. but then he left so that was good.... THEN :) hehe ko Mandas friend James works there and mm :) he has preeeetty eyessss anddd yes yum. but ya he works at the SpongeBob fx theater thing... so we went there and stood in line forEVER andd yes then he was checkin seat belts but the rows under us n not ours so Manda was like JAMESS n he was like "ur skippin school" n she was like SO R U n he was like yeah but im workin... thenn when it was over Manda went n said hi to him n stuff.. thenn she was like lets go see James again so we went n stood in line forEVER >again< and that time he was in the lil room thingy controllin it... but this other guy she knows [Gus] was checkin seatbelts n he came to us n Manda was like GUS n he was like school skipper or somethin like that n she was like you tooooo but then he went down n told James she was there n over the lil intercomy thing he was like "hey amanda" it was funny we were laughin n everyone was lookin at us haha but then when we were leavin Manda went to Gus n asked when James got off n he said 4 >it was like 2 i think< so we went n were GONNA ride thunder road but the line was too long then we were gonna ride top gun but the line was too long so she was like okayyyy i'll stand in line so u can go see James again haha so we went back n stood in line forEVER >third time< and James was checkin seatbelts again n he checked ours :) ooo and he smells gooood when he walked to the next people i was like >SNIFFFFFFFF< haha =P yaa then when it was over he was like on the side where people come in not where you go out so he was like "HEY AMANDA what time are yall leavin?" n she was like "4:15 but we can stay later if i want... what time do you get off?" n he was like "three fitty" >haha yes fitty< anddd it was like 3:45 so we were standin out in the arcade thing waitin for him n he never came O.o so we were like hmmm lets go ride frenzoid but then Elizabeth called... she was all pissed off cuz we weren't at home n stuff so we couldn't do shit with her i was like O-M-G how fucking rearded. but yeah i called her n i was like "are you mad at us?" n she was like "well yeah" n i was like "well why" n she was like "yall have been to carowinds twice n you never invite me to go anywhere with you n >blahblahblah<" n i was like "you were at SCHOOL" n she was like "you could've asked me last night" n i was like "well MAYBE we didnt know we were goin last night.." n she was like "well whatever" n hung up on me >rme< HOW fucking retarded. but thats okay :) so then we saw James n i was like there he isss so yes we walked up to him and ya we were walkin around with him n then he had to go change so yeah we waited for him to do that and then we were like lets go ride somethin n we were gonna ride thunder road but the line was long n i was like heyy lets go ride frenzoid haha so we did and it was great he was all scareddd hehe how cute ;) then he had to go so we did too... :) then i came home n slept... and i just woke up like 30 minutes ago.. yepppp... but newho springggg breakkkkk :D score. uhh tomorrow me n Manda are goin to help out with my church's easter egg hunt thing.. i get to paint lil kids faces.. muahaha >=P lol i won't make it look TOO bad... haha =P yeahh ko i is gonna go now.. oooo yeah and we rode the borg >new ride< andddd i got a super sunburn :D score. ohhhhh yeah and one more thing... when we were walkin with him he was like talkin about how we rode the spongebob thing 3 times n Manda was like yeah we were doin it to get on Gus' nerves n he was like yall like Gussss n Manda was like "haha no but i gotta tell you some stuff but not now cuz it might embarass someone here..." n he thought she meant that i like Gus... but i hit her.. really hard.. :) but then she was like "no not Gus..." n i was like SHUT UP so yes he changed the subject haha =P ko.. byeee now....

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[ 83 ]   
10:09pm 05/04/2004
mood: accomplished
music: confessions.pt.2//usher.{ursher}
okayyy i spent fucking 6 hours on this thing so you better like it biatchhh :) i think i finally got it how i want it... for now...

today.. lets see...
FOT-» we worked on our CO2 cars... Lee wasn't there >thankgod.< so me n Michaela painted the car pink and purple haha scoooore :D Chris was bein stupid... lol... what's new... yah and while we were waitin for the car to dry we were watchin the JROTC people... i was like i would CRY if i was still in that class.
World History-» idk i dont really remember... we did a worksheet... uh... idk i don't pay attention... ever.
Lunch-» did biology homework... uh... then like a minute before the bell rang i was like OH SNAP we had paper card... so i studied very fastly.
Biology-» Jessica hadn't studied either lol so we studied very very fastly with the time we had and then we helped eachother on the quiz :) she got a 110% n i got a 104% nottt too shabby :) go us! >her birthday is this friday<
Band-» Mr Jones talked... and we played a lil... yeaaah
uhh ya the bell rang while we were still playin i was like WUT THE FUCK so we had to rush n get everything put up then me n Ashley were walkin n i was like dont you LOVE the way he lets us pack up before the bell rings... goddd i hate when teachers do that but newho then i saw Alex n i walked with her to the bus lot... then i saw Jasmine n stood with her till my bus came... yeaaah then i came home.. when i was walkin home i called Manda n was like "come outside" so she did andd walked with me to my house then we walked back to her house.. then we went outside n saw Ashley n i was like HIIIIII ASHLEYYYYYYYY n she was like HIIIIII SARAHHHHHH so i walked with her back to my house and we talked... yeah we never talk or see eachother anymore... how sad =\ i miss the old her v.v but yeaah thats about it... came home got on the computer and i've been workin on my blurty ever since then... and i finally got it how i want it so i'm happy :) i can sleep well. how super =P yes i'm a very happy person at this time in my life... everything's goin good.. lets see how long that lasts.........

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[ 82 ]   
11:07pm 04/04/2004
mood: sleepy
well then it has been a hot minute... my birthday was the 29th :) i got air force ones... w0ot and a bunch of finding nemo stuff :) lol but ya i just made a buncha changes to my journal and nowww you can see my pictureee of the lovely Eminem <3 :) >score.< newho uhhh yes there are now 3 guys on my hott-guys-i-could-talk-to-but-am-to-scurred-to list and they are Jimmy Marquis and Chris :) yum. haha wooo but ya its late and i need to go but i just wanted to update since i haven't in forEVER... i will tomorrow though i promise [Mel, remind me :)]

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[ 81 ]   
10:03pm 20/03/2004
mood: bitchy
music: my.band//d12<3 :)

haha :) newho... i is at Elizabeths hizzouse on her super cool laptop :) we is havin a grand old time :D but yes i shall write more about my weekend tomorrow ko? ko. byebye

*SaRaHtHeSuPeR =)
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[ 80 ]   
09:56pm 15/03/2004
mood: sleepy
music: say.what.you.say//eminem.&.dr.dre
ahhhh today was super :D but let's back-track a little, shall we? we shall...

* Thursday-» daddy took us to school since mom's car was brokeded and he was sposed to fix it... then ya school.. then mom n dad picked me up from school in the rental car andd we left for dalton straight from school... we got to atlanta around 7 and stopped in a lil town right outside of atlanta called duluth and went to red lobster... yum... then we got to the hotel in dalton around 9... but mom wanted sprite so me n daddy went to get her one and stopped at sonic and got icecream :) then went back to the hotel n went to sleep

* Friday-» woke up around 7:30, got ready, went with daddy to take mom to her interview, then dropped her off... then me n daddy went "exploring" dalton... not much to explore buttt yah... we went to 1 of the highschools... it was okay lookin... but certainly not 80% black like harding which i love so dearly :) then we went lookin at houses n stuff.. then we had to go pick mom up n take her to another plant >the one she would be working at< then we went and looked at more houses and went to hardees where daddy got me icecream and i sat there while he ate his burger then we went to subway to get me a sub :) im so spoiled when its just my daddd.. thenn we picked mom up and took her to longhorn for some lunch thing... and we went exploring some more.. and then we went to taco bell >haha my dads a pig< and then we had to pick mom up and take her back to the plant... then we went to check out of the hotel and THEN we went to this neighborhood.. n my dad went to the end of a street n stopped n was like u wanna drive? n i was like yeahhh so i did :D fun.. thennn we had to go back n pick mom up.. and then we left... i slept the whole way back.. and we got back to charlotte around 8:30 n we had to pick Tabitha up from Lauras on the way then we FINALLY got home at like 9.. n i saw Manda n Elizabeth n they stopped n talked to me then i went in and went to sleeeep

* Saturday-» i was all bored but Elizabeth n Manda called n Elizabeth asked if i wanted to go to the mall with them n i was like yeah n she was like BB's takin us andd we went to concord mills with Elizabeth's aunt, cousin, cousins friend, cousins friends sister, and cousins friends mom.. and we went out to eat which was UBERRRR fun :) [ thats whattt its all a woaaah =O ] lmao and [ peanut butter & jelly with a fork :) ] haha it was awesomeee but then me Manda and Elizabeth had take her cousins friends sister Julia with us to the nascar arcade type place andd we were playin games when Elaine came over n was like Elizabeth go tell ur gramma and aunt to hurry up so Elizabeth went back to the restraunt and BB had fallen and fractured her elbow =\ so her aunt Beverly took her to the hospital and we went to the nascar place to play... and we did for a while n we did laser tag :) funn but then her aunt Beverly came n picked us up n took us to the hospital and we hung out there till BB was done.. and then we went home... and i got on the computer then went to sleeeeep...

* Sunday-» went to church then came home.. watched tv.. err it was a boring day... computer.. sleep.. ya

* Today-» finallyyy :D now why was today super? because i saw HIMMMM like 287430982 timesssss i saw him between EVERY class ANDDD during lunch ANDDD before AND after school ahhhh it was awesome hehe :) lala yeah but it was a good day anyways =P i got to talk to Alex :) she was like YOU CANT LEAVE MEEE >.< v.v i hope we dont move... but yaa me n mom went to target and the christian book store then i came home n was watchin the green mile but when that dude stepped on Mr. Jingles i couldnt watch anymore v.v pooor Mr. Jingles >.< nowww i shall go and get some sleep and try to not worry too much about Mrs Perry tomorrow.. =\

LoVe aLwaYs`---» SaRaH tHe GrEaT*
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[ 79 ]   
06:22pm 14/03/2004
mood: accomplished
music: hotel//cassidy.&.r.kelly
What is your full name:: Sarah Michelle Hall
Spell your first name backwards:: haras
Date of birth:: March 29th, 1989
Male or female:: female
Astrological sign:: aries
Nicknames:: lots but mainly Afrikaan Feesh
Occupation:: student at HuHs :)
Height:: 5'9" i think
Hair color:: light brownish i think
Eye color:: color changingg :D (hazel)
Where were you born:: Charlotte, No'th Carolina
Where do you reside now:: Charlotte, No'th Carolina
Age:: 15 in 15 days :D
Screen names:: shadysxboo and pinkx0xfairy
E-mail addy:: princessmess@yahoo.com
What does your screen name stand for:: shadys boo :D haha self explanitory ehh?
What is your blurty name:: xpink0fairyx
What does your blurty name stand for:: uh.. pink.. fairy... iunno
Pets:: 3 dogs 3 cats
Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake:: 14.. >15 in 15 daysss... dont forget to get me a present<
Piercings:: 4 >2 in each ear<
Tattoos:: none
Shoe size:: 10 or 10 1/2 v.v
Righty or lefty:: righty
Wearing:: carolina sweatshirt and white/blue pajama pants
Hearing:: kanye west - through the wire
Feeling:: chipper?
Eating/drinking:: nothin
Guys/Girls/Love/Kissing/And Other Stuff
Have you ever been in love:: haha
How many people have you said:: finish ur sentence....
How many people have you been in REAL love with:: lol none
How many people have you kissed:: none v.v shhh
Have you ever kissed someone of the same sex:: lol elizabeth on the cheeek =P
How many people have you dated:: 1 but like.. haha nvm =X
What do you look for in a guy/girl:: haha good style personality sense of humor all that good stuff
What's the first thing you notice about the opposite sex:: SHOESSS always remember... SHOES BEFORE FACE :D
What type of guy/girl do you usually go for:: rap-ish people
Do you have a crush right now:: hehe :)
If so who is it:: lalala...
Do you believe in love at first sight:: i think so
Do you remember your first love:: ... i will when it happens
Who is the first person you kissed:: shh v.v
Do you believe in fate:: not sure..
Do you believe in soul mates:: i think so...
If so do you believe you'll ever find yours:: possibly
Family Stuff
How many siblings do you have:: one
What are your siblings names:: Tabitha
What are your parents names:: Dru n Joe
How many siblings does your mother have:: uhmmm... her like REAL siblings i forgot but her adopted siblings 2
How many siblings does your father have:: 2
Where are your parents from:: my mom thinks shes from Georgia.. and my dad West Virginia >haha hickk<
Is your family close:: erm.. u mean like... physically... or like.. do they talk about stuff n stuff?
Does your family get together for holidays:: my dads side and sometimes my moms side but never together
Do you have a drunk uncle:: well ACTUALLY i do .. my crackhead uncle is also a drunk uncle haha two for one
Any medical problems run through your family:: dont think so
Does someone in your family wear a toupee:: lol nope theyre bald and damn proud of it
Do you have any nieces or nephews:: nope
Are your parents divorced:: yup
Do you have step parents:: nope
Has your family ever disowned another member of your family:: hahaha no but im sure theyve thought about it
Did some of your family come to America from another country:: a long long time ago duhhh haha
Music Stuff
What song do you swear was written about you or your life:: err none
What's the most embarrassing cd you own:: if i told u id have to kill you
What's the best cd you own:: EMINEM of course
What song do you absolutely hate:: ALL Alicia Keys songs
Do you sing in the shower:: sometimes
What song reminds you of that special someone:: lol......
Okay, I Name An Artist And You Give A Lyric From Any One Of Their Songs!
Pink:: "just like a pill"
Aerosmith:: "walk this way"
Madonna:: "papa dont preach"
Korn:: dont know dont wanna know... EVER
Backstreet Boys:: i must steal Elizabeths... "you areeeee my fiiiiiire"
The Beatles:: erm idk
Sublime:: who dat?
J.Lo:: "ifff you had my lovve"
*Nsync:: "pop"
Limp Bizkit:: no idea......
Stacie Orrico:: doesnt she sing that one song.. uh.. ooo i know thisss... uhm... well i know in the music video she has WAY too much makeup on.... ya... haha
Creed:: ew..
Britany Spears:: "hit me baby one more time"
Good Charlotte:: "hoooold onnnn"
Christina Aguilera:: "papi hold me say that u love me"
Eminem:: ahh so many... uhmm... ko ill use what he just said "theres three things i hate girls women and bitches"
Kelly Clarkson:: "the trouble with love isss"
Kelly Osbourne:: "papa dont preach"
Mandy Moore:: "like sugar to my heart im cravin for you im missin you like candy"
Eve:: "let me blow ya mind"
Aaliyah:: "rooock the boat"
Nelly:: "iii neeeeed twoooo purrr giiiive meee twoooo purrrr so i can get ta stompin in my urr fo'ce ones"
Alicia Keys:: "youu dont know myyy nameeee and i sweaaaaaar it feels like OOOOOOOOOOOOOO"
Incubus:: dont wanna kno.....
Color:: pink or light yellow
Food:: pb&j :D
Song:: o lord.. uhmmm anything Eminem :)
Show:: Thats So Raven :D
School subject:: fundamentals of technology or band only cuz i like the teachers
Band/singer/artist:: EMINEM
Animal:: baby ducks :)
Outfit:: iunno..
Radio station:: power 98
Movie:: Finding Nemo
Pair of shoes:: air forces
Cartoon:: ahh i cant think idk =\
Actor:: Eminem
Actress:: idk
Potato chip:: cheeeeetos
Drink:: water
Soda:: pepsi
Holiday:: christmas
Perfume/cologne:: ralph lauren
Pizza topping:: extra extra cheese >yes ive ordered that before<
Jello flavor:: cherry.. although i dont really like jello
Lunch meat:: none
Card Game:: speed or james bond
Video game:: mario?
Website:: peanut butter jelly time dancin banana one haha =P
Book:: Goodnight Mister Tom and The Giver
Computer game:: SNOOOOD
Number:: 7 >elizabeth stoled my number<
Cereal:: cinnamon toast crunch
Comedian:: joey gladstone? haha >full house< uhmm chris rock i spose
Dessert:: chocolate eclair cake
Disney character:: NEMO
Clothing store:: old navy
Past time:: computer
Teacher:: MR LOWERYYYY aww i miss him v.v
Childhood toy:: my blankie :)
Carnival game/ride:: ferris wheel
Candy bar:: milkyway
Magazine:: XXL
Salad dressing:: italian >olive garden<
Thing to do on the weekend:: mall, movies, go places with Manda n Elizabeth...
Hot drink:: hot chocolate
Season:: spring
Sport to watch:: football
Person to talk to online:: Mel :)
Your Bedroom/Sleeping Habits
What color are your sheets:: erm.. purple.. i think..
What color are your bedroom walls:: purple n pink
Do you have posters on your wall:: nope
If so of what:: .....
Do you have a tv in your bedroom:: no
How many pillows are on your bed:: LOTS
What do you normally sleep in:: pajamas...?
Describe your favorite pair of pajamas:: my ones i have on right now :)
What size bed do you have:: small v.v
Do you have a waterbed/bunkbed/daybed:: nope
Do you have your own phone line in your bedroom:: no im deprived
Describe the last nightmare you had:: hahahahaha... his hair =X
Do you sleep with stuffed animals:: my thug bear :) and all my nemo stuffed animals.. mhm
How many people can comfortably sleep comfortably in your bed:: none...
Any unusual sleeping positions:: erm no?
Do you have to share your bedroom with a sibling:: nope
Do you snore:: lol no
How about drool:: nope
Do you have an alarm clock in your room:: mhm
What color is the carpet in your room:: dirrty.. with TWO r's
What's under your bed:: boxes of stuff
This or that
loser/wannabe:: loser
Doughnuts/bagels:: doughnuts
Day/night:: depends....
Wicked witch of the east/wicked witch of the west:: glenda the good witch :)
Heaven/hell:: heaven
Make love/have sex:: hahaha
Coffee/tea:: frappuccinos from starbucksss mmmm
Hamburgers/hotdogs:: tofu
Rap/rock:: RAP
Britney/Christina:: Christina
Swiss cheese/american cheese:: amurrican
Real World/Road Rules:: real world
Backstreet Boys/*Nsync:: nsync
Silver/gold:: silver or WHITE gold
Nike/Adidas:: nike
McDonalds/Taco Bell:: either
Sweet/sour:: depends....
Punk/emo:: thug :D
Hot/cold:: depends
Winter/summer:: summer
Spring/fall:: ahh i like both.. but spring's closer to the end of the school year haha so yes that one :)
Operas/plays:: plays
Read/watch tv:: tv
Cd's/tapes:: cds
Dvd's/vhs:: dvds
Old/new:: depends
Shorts/skirts:: iunno
Pink/red:: pink :)
Colored pictures/black and white photos:: black n white
Meat/vegetables:: candy?
Mexican food/chinese food:: mexicann yumm but chinese is good too
Commercials/infomercials:: infomercials
Scary movies/comedies:: comedies
Bikinis/one piece bathing suits:: idc
Sandals/tennis shoes:: flip flops
Dogs/cats:: dogs
Unicorns/fairies:: fairies
Water/land:: depends
Sugar/spice:: lol both?
Black/white:: black
ribbons/bows:: ribbons
Chicken/beef:: tofu
Colored christmas lights/regular white christmas lights:: white
Cars/trucks:: escalades :D
Austin Powers/James Bond:: Austin Powers
Popcorn/pretzels:: popcorn
Hip/hop:: hiphop :)
Passionate kiss/peck:: lol
WWE wrestling/ real wrestling:: BOOOO
Back rub/foot massage:: haha back rub
Picture frames/photo albums:: photo albums
Pens/pencils:: pens
What Is Your Opinion Of The Following
Eminem:: fucking hotttt and sexyyy and muscularrrrr and OMGGG i love himmmm andddd my future husband anddd ooommmggg.... wheee
Virgins:: score
God:: yes...
The Osbournes:: scary/odd
Reality TV:: lol funny
J.Lo:: pimpette
Religion:: erm... yes?
Emo music:: booooo
Valentine's Day:: corny?
Christina Aguilera's comeback:: go her
Homosexuals:: erm...
Abortion:: bad
Inter-racial relationships:: yayy
Murder:: tisk tisk
Death:: scary
Obesity:: lol idk
Pre-marital sex:: if u wanna do it thats ur own thing... not for me though...
Terrorism:: boo
Pornography:: lol idk
Fortune Tellers:: fake..
Threesomes:: haha...
Prostitution:: lol hey if thats how u wanna live ur life then go for it
Politics:: >dont give a fuck<
Country music:: ahh
George W. Bush:: he looks like a monkeyy
Cloning:: bad
Britney's boobs:: uhm.. dont care
Gas prices in America:: too high...
What Do You Think Of When You Hear These Common Names?...
Jack:: and Jill
Tiffany:: Lan
Ben:: Stiller
Maria:: Antionette >world history<
Jennifer:: Lopez
Nicole:: Anna Nicole Smith
Amy:: Johnson >awww i miss her<
Adam:: Sandler
Richard:: Gere
Arnold:: Schwarzenegger >i spelled it right the first time<
Tom:: Hanks
Melissa:: Explains It All
Charlotte:: Queen
Harold:: idk
John:: Seeley
Joel:: guy from good charlotte
Vanessa:: Carlton
Michelle:: my middle name
Kevin:: Spacey
Brent:: that dude that was in my 4th grade class.. or was that Brett?.. idk
Jake:: Delhomme YaY wOoOoOo
Billy:: Elizabeths cousin..
Sarah:: meeee
Natalie:: Pierannunzi
Christy:: Logan/Carlson Romano
Nick:: at Night
Linda:: Cobler
Taylor:: Baker
Jordan:: Wall
Jamie:: oo i knew one in elementary school idk his last name though
Adrian:: idk
Have You Ever....
Mooned anyone:: lol nope
Been to a foreign country:: nope
Broken a bone:: noooo but i want toooo
Swallowed a tooth/cap/filling:: nope
Swear at a teacher:: nope i told Mr Robb to shut up though :)
Talked to a blurty member via emails or instant messages:: erm not anyone i didnt know before
Got in a fight:: not physical... verbal yes of course
Dated a teacher:: haha no
Laughed so hard you peed your pants:: lmao ya
Thought about killing your enemy:: lol yes
Gone skinny dipping:: lol no
Met another blurty member in the flesh:: not one i didnt already know...
Told a little white lie:: no shit
Told a secret you swore not to tell:: yep
Stolen anything:: not from a store.. but from people yeah
Misused a swear word and it sounded absolutely stupid:: lol probably idk
Been on TV:: dont think so
Been on the radio:: dont think so
Been in a mosh pit:: hell no
Been to a concert:: haha spice girls =X
Dated one of your best friends:: nope
Loved someone so much it makes you cry:: erm no
Deceived somebody close to you:: probably...
Broken the law:: yes'm
Been to a rodeo:: ew no
Been on a talk show:: haha nope
Been on a game show:: nopee
Been on an airplane:: yesss i love planesss :)
Got to ride on a firetruck:: dont think so
Came close to dying:: haha i thought i was gonna drown one time but i didnt...
Gave someone a piggy back ride:: er yeah..
Terrorized a babysitter:: haha YESSSS ooo those were the days
Made a mud pie:: uhh.. dont know
Had a dream that you're falling off a cliff:: yep many a time
Snuck out of the house at night:: i dont have to my mom doesnt care
Been so drunk you don't remember your name:: mm nope
Had an eating disorder:: no...
Felt like you didn't belong:: lots
Felt like the 3rd wheel:: yep
Smoked:: hell no
Done drugs:: hell no...
Been arrested:: haha no
Had your tonsils removed:: nope
Gone to camp:: yesss HCBC i love youuu
Won a bet:: durr
Written a love letter:: i think?
Gone out of your way to be with the one you love:: mm no
Written a love poem:: yeah
Kissed in the rain:: nope
Slow danced with someone you love:: nope >i dont dance<
Participated in an orgy:: lol no
Faked an orgasm:: haha no....
Stolen a kiss:: no
Asked a friend for relationship advice:: erm idk
Had a friend steal your bf/gf:: nope
Watched the sunset/rise with someone you love:: noope
Gotten a speeding ticket:: nope
Done jail time:: lol no
Had to wear a uniform to work:: no
Won a trophy:: not won... but ive gotten em for like sports...
Thrown up in public:: idk .. is school public?
Bowled a perfect game:: uh no
Failed/got held back:: nope
Got perfect attendance in grade school:: yeah before my sick faking days.. haha :)
Roasted pumpkin seeds:: nope
Taken ballet/karate lessons:: nopeee
Attempted suicide:: nope
Cut yourself:: yah
Childhood Stuff
Did you play with Barbies/G.I. Joes:: yess
Did you own Treasure Trolls:: i think so
Did you watch Beverly Hills 90210:: erm no...
Did you play Simon Says:: yep
Did you watch Fraggle Rock:: fraggle wha?
Did you wet the bed:: lol yea
Did you believe there were monsters in your closet or under your bed:: didnt we all?
Did you wear the underwear with the days of the week on them:: hahaha nope
Were you shy:: still am
Were you spoiled:: noooo
Were you abused:: by my sisterrr
Did you go to the circus:: yeah v.v
Did you go to the zoo:: a few times
Were you in a car accident:: bus accident
Did you build snowmen:: yes'm
Did you cry when you scraped your knee:: lol yup
Were your older cousins mean to you:: YESSS stupid danny jr
Did you think slinkies were cool:: still do
Did you think the Ninja Turtles really lived in the sewer:: i never watched that show...
Were you afraid of the dark:: yesssss and i still ammm
Did you have slumber parties:: occasionally
Did you have New Kids on the Block sheets, pillows, pajamas, sleeping bag?: uh no?
Did you tease your hair out like Tiffany:: come again?
Did you believe in the Easter Bunny/Santa Claus/ and the Tooth Fairy:: yes'm
Do you believe in aliens:: ahh =X
Name three things that are next to your computer:: cds, digital camera, magazines
Do you have any hidden talents:: i can unwrap starbursts in my mouthhhh
Do you wish MTV would play music videos:: BET is betterrrrr
If you were to star in a movie, what kind of movie would it be:: funny romantic
What would your movie star name be:: Sarah The Great
Do you play any sports:: haha no
What's the scariest movie you've ever seen:: signs and the ring >.<
What is the best movie you've seen in the theater or rented recently:: the passion of the christ
What is the dumbest movie you've ever seen:: iunno
Do you drive:: hehe illegally yes :)
What is your dream car:: yellow mustang, white convertible top, 2 white stripes down the front AND escalade w/ spinners w/ pink lights behind em, pink neon underlights and more
Do you think your good looking:: nope
Do others think you are good looking:: prolly not
Would you ever sky dive:: helllll no
Do you believe in Bigfoot:: uh no
How many rooms do you have in your house:: 9 or 10 idk
Are you afraid of roller coasters:: not anymoreee :D
Do you believe in God:: mhm
Do you believe in Satan:: yea
Do you believe there is a heaven:: mhm
Do you believe there is a hell:: yea
Do you own a pooltable:: nope
Do you have a pool:: not my own no
Do you have a dishwasher in your kitchen:: lmao yes
Do you like chocolate:: yesss
Who/what is on your 2003 calendar:: hello kitty :) and nemo's on my 2004 one :D
How many U.S. states have you been to:: uhh georgia, alabama, tennessee, west virginia, virginia, washington DC, north carolina >of course<, south carolina, ohio i think thats it... >9<
Ever wished on a shooting star:: i think so
Best Halloween costume you ever wore:: uhmmm tinkerbell :)
Do you carry any weapons on you:: haha no
What is your weakness:: i have manyy
Name something you can't get enough of:: Eminem
Describe yourself in 3 adjectives:: stupid ugly dork :)
How many kids do you want to have:: depends on who i marry.. haha =P
Future daughters names:: ermm i like Candace and Cadence.. and Autumn.. idk
Future sons names:: uhmmm i like Kyle.. and.. err idk
What is your ideal way to die:: in my sleep
How do you release stress:: bitch at people :)
Do you consider yourself a trendy person:: nope
Are you an artisitic person:: not really no
Are you a realistic person?:: yeah
Do you un-tie your shoes every time you take them off:: i dont tie em in the first place
Are you a strong person:: physically or emotionally?
Are you a strong willed person:: not really
Who is the last person to e-mail you:: uh junk mail people?
Who is the last person to IM you:: Manda
Do you hate chain e-mails:: yess
Are you a deep sleeper:: i think? idk
Are you a good story teller:: haha story teller as in liar or story teller as in gather round kidss its story timee?
What do you believe is your best quality:: iunno
What is your greatest accomplishment:: none?
Do you like to burn candles or incense:: candles yeah incense no
Do you have your own credit card:: nope v.v
Let's say you win the lotto. What do you do with all that money?:: buy SHOES lots and LOTS of SHOES
Do you have a check book:: nope
Do you like your drivers licence:: dont hvae one
Do you tan easily:: no i burnnn
What color is your hair naturally:: brown
How many fillings do you have:: 2 i think
How many cavities did you have at your last dentist visit:: none :) go me
Worst feeling in the world?:: depression... and being hated by someone u care about a lot
Best feeling in the world:: feeling loved
Is the glass half empty or half full:: half empty
Last thing you downloaded:: songs..
Do you catch yourself using online terms in your real life?:: OMG HAHAHAHA yessss >too much computer<
What do you think people think of you:: i dont give a fuck
Are you a likeable person:: i dont think so..
Do you need therapy:: haha yah
Do you take medication for a chemical imbalance:: haha no but my mom does
Do you love your bf/gf:: dont have one
If Fed Ex and UPS were to merge would they call it FED UP:: no.. thats just gay...
When are you moving:: hopefully not soon but if my mom takes the job we will prolly during the summer if not sooner >.<
What's your favorite phrase:: oh dear >haha or oh door....<

ahh that was fucking longggg.... but newho i dont feel like typin anything else at the moment i will later.. maybe... lol bye bye

*Sarah The Great
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