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Another Form Thing*< - - [21 Feb 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Blink 182 - I`m Lost Without You ]

_______ basics_______
[x] they call me: MeL!$s
[x] also: Lissa, Liss, MeL!$sA
[x] sex: fEe*MaiL
[x]my first breath of air: 1/13/91
[x] age: 13
[x] status: On and off
[x] occupation: Student
[x] nationality: iTaLiAn BaBY!!!!
[x] best homies: aManDa, Kr!$tEn, CrY$tALL, Kr!$tiE, b0nKa, L!$a, GabBY, ToRi nD m0rEe *<3

[x] most memorable memory: Ummm...
[x] worst: Ummm....
[x] first best friend: Jaclyn Goldner in 1st grade

_______fast forward_______
[x] college planning to go to: HUNTER!!!!
[x] future resident of: Idk
[x] wedding: Yeah I`ll have one
[x] children: 3
[x] looking forward to: Easter/Spring break!!!
[x] NOT looking forward to: 2 Days, going back to SCHOOL!!! ARGGGG!!!!

[x] feeling: Blah...Calm kinda
[x] Listening: Blink 182 - I`m Lost Without You
[x] doing: This survey
[x] thinking of: Thomas <33
[x] craving: Nothing, I`M BLOATED!!!!
[x] missing: Thomas lol<3
[x] hating: GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!!!

[x] song: Many
[x] radio station: Z100, K-Rock, Kiss FM, Hot 97
[x] tv show: Room Raiders, Full House, Cribs, Spongebob
[x] channel: Mtv, MTV2, FH1, Nick
[x] site: EBAUMSWORLD.COM!!!
[x] movie: How To Deal and many more
[x] store: Hot Topic, Limited Too, Claires, Nordstrum, Delias
[x] mall: Westchester
[x] hang out spot: Wykagyl, New Roc, Amandas House, Thomases/Kristens House
[x] actor: Ashton Kutchner
[x] actress: Drew Berrymore
[x] character: Spongebob/Michelle Tanner
[x] book: Idk...Go Ask Alice problay...

[x] love is: Cool, Sweet and sometimes HURTFUL <3

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A Busy Day...LOVE!!! [21 Feb 2004|06:56pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Blink 182 - I`m Lost Without You ]

Well I went to the dentist. My tooth turned out fine!!! Thank God!!!! The bill came to $350 dollars!!! For an x-ray and a bonding. Andrew will have to pay $1,200 thought because when I`m 15 I need to get this pourcline bonding thing that costs $800. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. After I got my teeth re-done my parents brought furniture and I went out shopping and got new spring clothes. Then I got my 2nd earring whole wich didn't hurt at all. I just found out Cj likes me!!! WOOOO HOOO!!! I just realized who my true love is. Thomas. I know it was just one of those things that was a "Meant-To-Be<333." I hope he feels the same way too <333. I keep listening to the Blink 182 song "I`m Lost Without You" and thats how I feel right now. Heres the lyrics...

I swear that I can go on forever again
Please let me know that my one bad day will end
I will go down as your lover, your friend
Give me your lips and with one kiss we begin
Are you afraid of being alone
Cause I am, I`m lost without you
Are you afraid of leaving tonight
Cause I am, I`m lost without you

I`ll leave my room open till sunrise for you
I`ll keep my eyes patiently focused on you
Where are you now I can hear footsteps I`m dreaming
And if you will, keep me from waking to believe this

Are you afraid of being alone
Cause I am, I`m lost without you
Are you afraid of leaving tonight
Cause I am, I`m lost without you

Are you afraid of being alone
Cause I am, I`m lost without you
Are you afraid of leaving tonight
Cause I am, I`m lost without you
Are you afraid of being alone
Cause I am, I`m lost without you
Are you afraid of leaving tonight
Cause I am, I`m lost without you

I`m lost without you
I`m lost without you

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Kristen/Thomas/Anthony/Andrew/TEETH PAIN Dayy... [20 Feb 2004|10:49pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessional - Hands Down ]

Well I went to Kristens and Thomases house today. When Kristens mom came to pick me up EVERYONE was in the car. I had to sit next to Thomas <33*< - -. When we got to Kristens house we chilled out and stuff. Then her cousin Ally came over. Thomases mom started talking to me about Thomas. She said he always talks about me and he got me to Valentines day presents <33. I was thrilled!!!! He DOES like me I know it but hes too shyt to addmitt it. Well anyway then I went downstairs and Danny, Anthony and Andrew started kicking the sh!t out of me. I don't care though there retarted boys. After that me, Kristen and Ally stole some Budwiser beer from her dad. We drank it and got sorta was so funny. When we got home that was it. Andrew the smartass chipped my tooth with a hockey stick. My front permant tooth!!!! I looked like a hick!!!! It was SO SO SO scary!!! I told my mom a few hours after I left Kristens and her and my dad BLEW IT!!!! I'm not allowed top go back to Thomases house AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STUPID ANDREW!!! My mom spoke to Andrews mom and shes paying for the bills for my tooth!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! He`s in so much damn trouble its not funny!!!! Well I need to rest because tomorrow is going to be a LOOOOONG day!!!! ::Yanws::

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Kristen/Tomorrow [19 Feb 2004|08:34pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | Crush - Jellyhead ]

Well today Thomases sister Kristen came over. When her mom dropped her off he was to shy to get out of the car HAHA. We were bored so we went down to the bar and took some vodka. We shoved it in my pants so my mom wouldn't see and we walked to the woods and got drunk like fish. We didn't even know our names! It was so funny haha. Now tomorrow I'm going to Kristens. I'm gunna try and get with Thomas. I wanna flirt with him now. Owww this will be fun :]

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Just Some Random Facts.... [18 Feb 2004|10:29am]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Pixies - Where Is My Mind ]

[Name] MeL!$sA
[Nickname] Meliss, Lissa
[Screen name] Oo LiL PuNk FLoO
[Birthday] 01-13-91
[Age] 13
[Astrological sign?] Capacorn
[Chinese zodiac sign?] Idfk
[Location] NeWw r0o!!
[Sexual Preference] Guys
[Marital Status] Single
[Religion] Catholic.
[Eye color... W/ & W/O contacts] Gray-Green-Blue
[Height] 4"11 (SHORT AND PROUD!!)
[Shoe size] 5
[Parents still together?] Yup
[Siblings?] 1 Sister
[ Nieces/Nephews? ] nope
[ Kids of your own? ] nope
[ Grandkids? ] Uhhh n0o
[ Pets?] 2 Cats, 1 bird and 3 fish
[ In school/graduated? ] ALMS
[ Rent, lease, or own your home? ]None
[ Have any credit cards? ] NopEe
[ What do you drive? ] I don`t drive...I will drive a MUSTANG!!!


[ Color] Black,blue, red, silver, purple and white
[ Number ] 8
[ Animal ] Kitty
[ Vehicle ] Umm...
[ Flower ] Roses
[ Scent ] Roses, Lavender, Smoke, Rain...
[ Shape ] Stars
[ Drink ] Wine spritzers and coffee
[ Soda ] Dr Pepper and sprite
[Book ] When was the last time i read...
[ Band ] Can't just pick one
[ Song ] Feelin' This, The Quiet Things The No One Ever Knows, Where Is My Mind

Do you...
[ Color your hair? ] Yeah!
[ Twirl your hair? ] Yup
[ Have tattoos? ] Nope
[ Piercings? ] Yeah
[ Have a boyfriend/girlfriend/both? ] No.
[ Cheat on tests/homework? ] Sometimes
[ Drink/Smoke? ] Uhh..
[ Like roller coasters? ] HELL YEH!!
[ Wish you could live somewhere else? ] Sometimes
[ Want more piercings? ] Maybe
[ Like cleaning? ] Who does?!
[ Write in cursive or print? ] Print
[ Carry a donor card? ] No
[ Swear a lot? ] DUH!
[ Own a web cam? ] Ya but it`s not hooked up
[ Know how to drive? ] n0o I`m 13 silly!
[ Own a cell phone? ] Yup
[ Ever get off the damn computer? ] Not Really LoL
[ Hablar Espanol? ] wtf?

Have you ever...
[ Gotten a speeding ticket?] No
[ DUI? ] Nope
[ Been arrested? ] No
[ Been in a fist fight? ] Yeaaa
[ Kicked someone in the nuts? ] OF COURSE!!
[ Held a gun? ] No.
[ Drank? ] Yeah!!!!!
[ Been so drunk you couldn't remember your name? ] Naww
[ Considered a life of crime? ] Yup
[ Considered being a hooker? ] Yeh..
[ Cheated on someone? ] Nope
[ Been married? ] Nope
[ Cried over a girl? ] Uh n0o
[ Cried over a boy? ] Yes :*[
[ Lied to someone? ] Who hasen`t?!
[ Been in love? ] Yes

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The Rest Of My Pryor entry/MONEY!!!!!!!!! [17 Feb 2004|11:54am]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Dashboard Confessional - Morning Calls ]

Blurty didn't load the rest on my entry before. This is the rest of my pryor entry....

He was mad at me for telling him I loved him. He told me to stop liking him and him and Anthony called me "Hitty", a lair and all the curses and insulting words you can think of. So Thomas said to stop liking him. I'd do whatever he wants and thats what he wants so I guess I got to get over him

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This Is What He Wants...Confused! [15 Feb 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Blink 182 - Easy Target ]

Well on Valentines day I went to the Mall with my sister. It was fun and I brought a lot of new clothes and all that night I spoke to Thomas. I started to get the feeling he liked me to. Yesterday I just sat home and chilled the whole day. I spoke to Thomas and Vinny and Vinny was tying to convince Thomas to go out with me. Then Me and Vinny made up a story that I was crying and Thomas said "OHHH CRAP MELISSA'S CRYING!!", so I THOUGHT he cared. Well we were cool yesterday. Now today, today today today. Well I sent Thomas an E-mail this morning telling him I loved him. Oh oh boy, did he read it. When I was at the mall I got a call from Anthony and Thomas saying "WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH YOUR PROFILE?!?!?!?!?!?!" I was like "what whats wrong with it?" From when I last looked at it, it had a quote and stuff. Thomas and Anthony said it said "IM A BISEXUAL HOE AND I WILL GIVE U A BLOW JOB FOR A NICKLE!!!" And, yes thats what it said. Well SOMEONE hacked my s/n. And that SOMEONE was Thomas

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Why I Haven't Been Writing/Last Night [14 Feb 2004|08:20am]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Blink 182 - Feelin' This ]

Well the same old crap has been going on so thats why I haven't written in about a week...Well last night change my LIFE!!! I went to Thomas's house afterschool and I hung w/ his sister. Then we went outside ((Me, Thomas's sister Kristen, Patty/My Friend,Katrina/My Friend.)) Then Anthony started to make fun of me like CRAZY and he punched me too :[..Whatever he a MOFO!!!!!!!!!!! Well then I noticed Thomas all ALONE on this hill thing staring at me. I wanted to go up there but I was too nervous. I lost my chance. I could of kissed him. Well then we all went inside and then Thomas came in because the other boys left. He was staring at me everytime I passed by and we kept looking at eachother. Then Cj comes over and starts like raping me. I hugs me and he felt me up. Thomas saw it and was like "WOW!!!!!!!!". I think Thomas thinks I like Cj...but I DON'T..I LOVE THOMAS ALWAYS AND 4EVER!!!!! AND HE FINALY KNOWS!!!!!!!...Well, since it's Valentines Day I'm going to Re-Ask him out. Oh well I'm going out with my family again so I gotta get in the shower. I'll write later!

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Started Off Sucky...THAN GOOD!!! A Thomas/Anthony/Vinny Day... [06 Feb 2004|11:19pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | Story Of The Year - Until The Day I Die. ]

Well....It snowed!!! Only MY luck right?!?!?! Yup...I couldn't go!! Oh well I had a snow day. Anyway my day started off my Anthony IMing me and saying Thomas saved me in his phone book as "Ugly BITCH!". That got me so pissed to told Anthony Thomases password and Thomas go so mad at me it wasn't funny!! I spoke to Thomas in a nice calm way and were cool now. I think he likes Nina or one of my friends :(...If he does I will be so f**king pissed it wont be funny!!!!! Than I spend the rest of my day listening to music, napping, watching TV and drawing. I wanted to see what Thomas would do if I got a new boyfriend. So, I made Crystal pretend to be a person named "Nick Castelanno" ((who ever that is)) and I told Thomas that was my new boyfriend. THOMAS GOT SO MAD IT WASN`T FUNNY!!!!!! HE WANTED TO BEAT THE $H!T OUTA THAT KID!!!! So than Crystal stopped. Crystal is so scared to go to school on Monday and so am I!! These black 7th graders want to snuff her b/c shes white and wears Roca Wear. Thomas said he got our backs. See, thats why I love Thomas. He's always there for you no matter hes HOTT!!!! Anyway.... than VINNY has a smart idea to send to Thomas these really SLUTTY pictures of me posing is SLUTTY ways and wearing SLUTTY tanktops and SLUTTY rolled pajama plants ((SLUT)). He sent them to Thomas, Cj, and Matt. Matt thought they were horrible, Thomas said in some I looked hott and in some I looked ugly and Cj said I looked hott in all of them. Cj is cute. Maybe I will go out with him. But no maater WHAT I'll always love Thomas. He's always and forever <33. Oh well I'm tired...I'm gunna go beddy by. I need sleep because tomorrow I am going out with my family to the Nextel store, Home depot, the Bronx to visit cousins and out to eat. Ok I'm about to fall asleep on the keyboard. See ya.

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THOMAS!!!!-->I`M HIGH!!!!!!! WEE!!!!!!!! [05 Feb 2004|08:33pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

Today was a SUPER day!! School was good actully!! Amanda bitch slapped me 3 times!! HAHA!!! It was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY!!!! I found out yesterday that was Thomas's friend Greg who prank asked me out. Today I've been talking to Thomas A MAD LOT!!! I'm friends with his sister Kristen and tomorrow I'm going over their house!!!! YAY!!!!!! My mom said I can go as long as it dosen't snow tomorrow. GOD DAMMIT!! It`s supposed to snow!!! DAMN!!! I hope it dosen`t!!! I <3 Thomas. I <3 Thomas...Did I mention I <3 Thomas. IM HYPER!!!!!!!!! WEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! BLACK MAN!!!!!!!!!!! SODA POP POP WON`T STOP!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sorry I haven't been writing..Same old crap..LOVE [04 Feb 2004|07:40pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Staind - So Far Away ]

I didn't write the past few days cause nothing good has been going on. Same old crap. Whats new? I got that English test back and i got a 74!! A 74!!! A SEVEN FOUR!!! I thought my mom was going to KILL ME!! But, to my surprise she didn't care. Wow!!! My mom...NOT CARING!!! WOW!!! Oh well....Why am I complaining?! THATS GOOD!!!!. She took my phone away from me for a lil bit because I was being "Dis-respectful" and "dis-honest". I don't know...go ask her how I was being "dis-respectful" and "dis-honest"...I'm really sad now. Remeber how I told you I'm CRAZY for Thomas?...Well lately we have been really close and Vinny was trying to convince him to go back out with me and Thomas said MAYBE!!! YAY A MAYBE!! Thats not why I'm said though. Today he IMEd me and said "Hey do you wanna go back out" and I siad "Are you serious" and he said "Yes" then he was saying how he loved me nd crap and that he wanted to make out with me and stuff. Then I put my away message on and I left the computer for like 10 minutes and when I checked my away message it was from Thomas and it said "SYKE!!! HAHA I WAS JUST PLAYING GOT YOU I DON'T WANT TO GO OUT WITH YOU!!". I really didn't find it funny. I got so upset I started to cry. I still LOVE him. Also, Anthony said he called me hit ((incase you didn't know what hit means it means ugly)) all the time on the bee-line bus to school. I asked Andrew ((my and his friend)) and Kristen ((my friend and Thomas' sister)) if he called me hit and they said he dosen't talk about me. Better to say nothing than something bad..right? Anthonys a big fat liar!! Now, I hate and him have been fighting like CRAZY!! Well, I'm going to try and talk to Thomas and see what happens. I feel so lonely espicially now that it's getting closer to Valentines Day....maybe I will go out with someone in my grade like Alex Cohen or Jake or someone other than in 8th grade. I still LOVE Thomas and LOVE is a strong word. Well let me bleep him now...I hope his phone is on.

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Good Day/I DO LOVE HIM [01 Feb 2004|07:07pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Mandy Moore - Crush ]

Today was great. My family and I went to look at the house we might buy in Pelham Manor. IT*S HUGEE!!!!!!!!! I HAS 8 BEDROOMS, 5.2 BATHS, 6 FLOORS AND A POOL ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WE ACTULLY MIGHT BUY IT!!!!! After we looked at the house we went out to eat at The Modern. I didn't really eat much. I had some claims and a coffee. I haven't been eating much anyway. After that we went driving around in Scarsdale, Larchmont and Pelham Manor to look at HUGE houses!! My parents really want to move away from New Rochelle. I don't care as long as I still go to ALMS I'm fine. Well, in the car I was listening to Emo/Love music and the sun was setting and I realized that I do love Thomas!!!<333 I miss him so much as I said I want to get back with him MORE THAN EVER!!!!! I got a huge crush on him and I hope he feels the same way too. I just wish I can tell him*<3333. But Anthony and his friends will make fun of him for going out with a 6th grader. Last time we tried keeping it on the DL ((Down Low)) but stupid me!! I TOLD ANTHONY!!! UGGGG I SCREWED IT UP!!!! BUT HE BLACKMAILED MEE!!!!!! Uggg, I JUST L O V E Thomas!!! I fell so lonely with out him. I'm gunna take a nap and dream about him now *

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FINALLY!!! A GOOD DAY!!! YAYYYYY!!!!!!!! [31 Jan 2004|11:52pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Blink 182 - The Rock Show ]

My day went GRRRREAT!!!!! Well I woke up to sceaming as usual but I DON*T CARE!!! BECAUSE SCREAMING HELPS!!!! My mom was yelling at my Aunt for invading everyones privacy and SHE FINALLY STOPPED!!! Afterwords I had to go to my dentist for my yearly cleaning. It was so funny, I wound up bumping into my best guy friend Chris there! He had to get teeth pulled :(. Boy did I feel bad. But anyway I made out good at the dentist but they found out I have a cavity so they will fill it next week. Than my Mom, Lisa ((My sister)) and I went out to eat. We were actuly all HAPPY together!!. We ate like PIGS. I had a steak, 2 chicken fingers, potato's, a soda and a HOT BROWNIE sunday!!! Oh my god did I feel like I was gunna puke!! Than my sister and I went to the Nextel store to get some new antennas for our phones. Than finally I went home and just chilled around the house. I spoke to Andrew for like 2 hours yesterday. I rarely EVER tak to Andrew. Only online mostly. Andrew if Thomases, Cj's, and Anthony's friend. Well I had a fun time talking with Andrew. Hes actully pretty cool. Than I had about a 2 hour conversation with Kevin Bartnett. We just got off the phone about an hour ago. HE ASKED ME OUT!!! HE ASK ME OUT TO GO WITH HIM TO NEW ROC ON FRIDAY!!!!! YAY!!!! I don't know if I will go because..well....hes kinda an "outkast" if you know what I mean. But hes cool and hes Chrises friend. Kevin said he wanted to kiss me :). I don't know I might not go but ehhh what the hell? I'll go!! But I'm gunna have to break it to him I don't like him as a boyfriend. I like Thomas and I T H I N K he likes me. Thomas bleeped me about 7 times today and I couldn't talk. I was only able to talk twice and he just alerted me when I was about to fall asleep ((2 minutes ago about)). Oh well I'm tired. See you tomorrow. BUT I'M SOOO SOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FINALLY A GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The "Talk"/Adopted/Love-Dreams/Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining [30 Jan 2004|07:33pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Blink 182 - The Rock Show ]

I said I would get back to you when the "talk" ended. Well, it ended alright. She told me that if I don't want to live anymore I have the option to live in Jacksonville, Florida with these people who adopt foster kids. I am already adopted. I was born in Lousiana and now these people I'm living with want to put me up because I'm "Punk". These people who live in Jacksonville are poor. They adopt children to get money for the gov't. If I went I would live in a 2 bedroom house with 1 living room, a basement and 1 kitchen. I would have a older brother and a younger brother. My "parents" would be working around the clock and I would never see them. The house has only 1 24 inch color T.V. There is no computer and no cell phones. So I think I would rather stay here. My "Mom" that I'm living with now adopted me when I was 1 year old so I don't know much about my biological parents. Anyway, my adopted Mom said she won't hit me anymore because I told her I can tell the police and she can be in jail for "child abuse". But I finally convinced my mom to let me stay punk. Thank God! So I'm pretty much cool with her now. Now my only problem is my aunt. SHE KEEPS INVADING MY PRIVACY!! Everybody in my house CAN'T STAND IT ANYMORE!!. Uggg....its SO ANNOYING!!. Anyway, I'm finally single. I want to get back with Thomas SO SO SO MUCH!!! I have been having these TOTALLY weird dreams lately about Thomas and Anthony. Well I keep having these dreams where I'm making out with Anthony and this one dream I did "it" with Thomas. Oh well, I told Thomas and he started to talk about it then he had to go. Oh well, maybe he understands that I like him and maybe we will get back together...I would be SO SO SO SO SO HAPPY!!! :). Even though this whole week sucked now its starting to get better. Every cloud has a silver lining. Lets see just what tomorrow brings :)!!!

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Horrible than Ok So Far Day [30 Jan 2004|04:22pm]
[ mood | moody ]
[ music | Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria..Glory Fades ]

This morning was HOBBIBLE!!!! You remember how I told you I wanted to be punk? Yeah, well that RUINED my life so far. Lately I have been wearing black so as usual like every other day I wanted to wear black. My mom got so mad and she told me to not always wear black and not listen to punk music and I said "Mom! YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO WEAR AND WHAT MUSIC TO LISTEN TO!!" and thats when it happened. She snapped. She slapped me accross my face and gave me a nose bleed. I couldn't believe it. My own Mom!!! Well, my nose bled for about 15 minutes and I kept coughing up blood. I was crying like mad. She even said she wanted to get rid of me and send me away!! What the hell? I was scared of her. Thats sad. Being SCARED of you own mom?!?! But whatever than I went to school. I told Amanda about this. She understood. Like I said, if it wasn't for my friends I problay wouldn't be here. School went ok. We had this HUGE party for the end of the semester. I ate like mad!! I'm still full. Oh well, now I'm home and muy aunt as usual is annoying me like mad. Whats new? I spoke to my mom on the phone about 10 minutes ago. She didn't sound mad at all. But she said when she gets home we are going to have A LONG LONG talk. Oh god I'm looking so foward to it!! Oh well Ill write back when the "talk" is over.

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A "Starting Off Fine_Then Bored_Then Happy_Then Mad_Then Stressed" Day... [29 Jan 2004|07:51pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | Good Charlotte - Hold On ]

Ok. First my day started off fine before I left the house for school. I thought today was finally going to be a nice and happy day for me ((Little did I know)). Well when I left for school everything was fine. When I got to school I realized it was one of those slow "Boring-As-Hell" days. I got my History and Science tests back today. I got a 96 and a 100 :). Then I had to take my English exam. I was MAJOR HARD!!. I think I scored between 79-95. Then back "Boring-As-Hell" world. At lunch I hung with my guys ((Danny HM, Danny Hoffmann, Issac and Justin)). They made me laugh and made me happy :). I'm really close with my friends and if it wasn't for them, I think I wouldn't be here now. Sometimes I think I confide in my friends way to much. Thats a bad thing because YOU CAN NEVER TRUST ANYONE ((no matter how close they are to you!)). Anyway when I got home I told my mom that the English test was really hard and I problay scored in the 80's. SHE FLIPPED!!. I was like "Mom what the hell? 80's are GOOD" and then she said "NO!!! YOU ONLY SCORE 90'S OR HIGHER OTHERWISE YOUR STUPID!" Then she yelled at me because I was getting more into the whole "Punk" thing. She HATES punk!!. I wear mostly black now practically everyday and shes mad!! She said if I don't start wearing colors she will take away my cell phone. Thats so messed up!! It's MY body and I can wear WHATEVER I WANT wheather she likes it or not!! I'm will get so pissed off if she takes away my phone. I also feel lonely now. I'm single now and crushing on Thomas. I think he hates me though. We went out for 2 days. 48 hours!! WOW!! A NEW RECORD!! Ugg...what ever. I don't get any privacy anymore either. Every 5 seconds it's like "Melissa what are you doing? Melissa let me see? Melissa don't do anything bad!" UGGG I HATE IT!!!!! I'm so fed up!!! Whatever I'm going to go listen to music and take an advil. Bye.

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Ummm [28 Jan 2004|06:18pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | New Found Glory - Head On Collision ]

My day went ok. Last night was the bomb! My sister and I were up till 2:30 PM. We were so hyper. We re-did my sisters room and we were watching T.V. Today was...a lazy day. I slept till like 12 and I was just being lazy all day. I had to study gay english. But also today I was fighting with that stupid bitch Sana. I hate her. All she does is tourment people all day on stupid AOL. Its unbelieveably ANNOYING!!! Ugg I LOATH her so much its to the point where I CANNOT TAKE IT!!! Anyway just her name ticks me off. Nothing really exciting going on...I'm just tired. This is so odd but lately I've been tired in the morning/late afternoon and I haven't been eating. All I have for breakfast is bread, I have no lunch and for dinner I'll have a very light meal like maybe a chicken leg. Also, I CAN NEVER SLEEP AT NIGHT!!. I'm NEVER tired anymore its so weird and if I do get sleep all I dream about are guys. It's problay hormones. Joy, hormones! Oh wel...I'm going to take a nap.

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UgGg Bad day :( [27 Jan 2004|11:27pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | Brand New - The Quiet Things That No One Ever Knows ]

Today has been going so horrible. I'm so fed up I just want to fun the hell away!!. This morning I was getting dressed for school and my aunt said I looked like a "Tramp". I got mad and started cursing at her and I threw a brush and it broke the leniux vase thing. She started cursing at me and then i told her to shut the hell up and she started to cry and now she comes up with this theroy I want to kill her and that I wanted to hurt her with the brush. Then I popped a advil and she told me "OH NO DON'T POP ADVILS YOU GOING TO DIE TODAY OF TO MANY PILLS"! Come on, shes crazy...I mean WOW! I popped 1. God, she goes fu*k!ng crazy over EVERY LITTLE THING! Thats not all, but when I got to school I was only there for 5 minutes. No one was there so I called my sister and she picked me up and she told me to walk down the street to meet her but as I walked more kids came and they all staired at me and now everyone thinks I cut but I didn't. Great! Now I'll be suspended for 3 days!. When I got home my sister and I talked for 2 hours about how fed up we were. We can't talk about anything when my dad is around. He gots NUTS over every little thing. Same with my mom. Then me and my sister started to talk about $ex. Yes, a random topic but she told me it was the best thing ever. Damn, she made me feel so bad. I'm way to young for $ex though. We were also talking about curses. I know it sounds stupid but "Fuc*" is NOT a curse. Actully its just a bunch of letters in that order and people put a bad meaning on it. Sometimes "Fuc*" can be used in a good way like "You're fuc*ing beautiful!" See, thats not bad :). Anyway thats besides the point. I'm really heartbroken also. My boyfriend of 2 DAY, Thomas just recently broke up with me because were 2 school grades apart. HOW PATHETIC?!?!. Also he was afraid he was going to be made fun of by his best friend (Anthony) and yes when I told his best friend (Who is also my x) that me and him were going out, HE WAS HYSTERICAL. WOW! TO SCHOOL GRADES!! BIG WHOOP!! WHO GIVES A CRAP?!?! (Well apperently they do). Also I got into another argument with my mom about 4 hours ago. She was mad at me because I curse and I'm supposibly "dis-respectful". She said "If you keep this sh!t up I'm kicking you out of the house b**ch." What a kind thing to say to your daughter. Also, shes mad at me cause I'm kinda turning punk. I love punk music but I'm starting to wear a lot of black and lately, I've been liking the color black. I have been wearing black shirts, black eyeliner, black mascara and black eyeshadow. She can't tell me how to dress, I mean its my body and I can put on it what ever I want and she can't tell me what to put on. but it is weird going for a cheerleader to a punk. I GOT IT! I'll be a PUNK CHEERLEADER! Wow, what am I thinking?! A punk cheerleader..Wow! Maybe I am stupid.

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Blah [24 Jan 2004|04:29pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | Avril Lavine - Complicated ]

Well I feel so blah...last night was the best night ever though...I went to the school play and saw all my friends there (Anthony, Danny, Issac, Sana, Lynn, Lizzy, Kristie ect..). LoL Anthony was mad funny ;)...The play was good. Today has been going really...blah! My mom was screaming at me as usual...she get mad for no stupid reason like she always does...Vinny (my x) still loves me as usual...he wants to go back out with me but I like someone else...I'm going through bad relationship trouble now...Oh well lets see what tonight brings I'm tired I'm going to nap

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