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Tuesday, July 19th, 2005
3:30 am - blah
blah... yeah i haven't written in here in...forever... i'm bored.... it's 3:31 a.m. i can't sleep... scott's not awake... i don't have any cigarettes &.... i'm bored. i had to go to suffolk today to change my schedule... replaced my gym with wellness which requires no physical activity & counts as 2 credits which mean it counts as 2 gym credits.... therefore i don't have to take an actual gym... at all... yay for me. our 3 month anniversary is on friday... which happens to be the day my sister to decided to celebrate my birthday on... me scott, becky, krystal eddie, missy, & stevie... doing shots of bailey's irish cream & butterscotch shnops & smoking a blunt... then going to fridays, ordering drinks & food...smoking a blunt... some time around 9:30 tina & natye will join us @ fridays... or some shyt... yeah so yay for me :) then NEXT thursday scott's taking me to get my nails done (yay!) & to infinity to get my belly button pierced... (finally) so yeah... tomorrow scott's off... probably going jetskiing... but hopefully not because i miss him & he doesn't come home from jetskiing until like 4:30 - 5:00 whiuch sucks because then i'm basically home all day alone.... unless i go to becky's... but i like seeing scott as soon as i wake up :( mike's off tomorrow.... ANNOYANCE! the house will be wrecked... YES will be on not one but TWO TV's...the living room tv & my parents tv...which will both be EXTREMELY loud along with the radio blasting Mike & the maddog or whatever two asshole ginny's happen to be on the radio bitching about the most meaningless sport in the world...(next to football) & i know i'll kill myself if i have to be in the house whiles its like that...GAAAAH!!!! i can feel my need to scream now just thinking about it.... :( crap...now i'm in a bad mood... fuck... well whatever5s.... bye

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Tuesday, November 2nd, 2004
1:02 pm - is it true what they say about you? are you really a sex god?
yesterday was fucking awesome. me, shannon, dayna and dan went to the abandoned insane asylum in kings park. fucking scary shit. we couldnt find it, so we had to ask some kid how to get there, then we finally found it, we all like shit ourselves when we saw the gate... we couldnt figure out where to park the car so it wasn't obvious that we were breaking into the place. we parked it at the end of the road which was a deadend... dan lost his lighter, and it was weird because i had just had it... so we started walking, shannon had her flashlight, video camera and digital camera, lol she came prepared. the woods smelt like rotting corpses.... i was like uhm, yeah this is comforting *-* we finally got to the gate, and i almost pissed myself.... we stood outside it for about 15 minutes lol we were shining the flashlight and shannon was taking pictures, but we couldnt really see anything. so shannon grew balls and was the first one to go in... then dan, then me and then dayna. we all kind of stood around for a few minutes, then started walking towards it... we went to the left side of the building and walked a little closer and then stopped, i saw an orange light, but i didnt say anything because i thought my mind was just fucking with me... then everyone else started seeing it and i was like holy shit.... it kept moving and it was freaky... shannons like white is good, but any other color is evil... then we started feeling them all around us, and then we saw other things moving and the video camera was picking up all of these things.... then shannon said holy shit, look theres like 8 of them right in front of us, and we all looked and then we decided that the gate was looking like a pretty good idea, shannon and dayna were running and i was dragging dan, and it felt like they were chasing us out of there... a lot of them. dan had the video camera so he put it over his shoulder so the video camera would pick everything up... we ran across this hill of grass and it was squishy, someone, i dont remember who i think it was dan, said that its probably where the dead bodies were buried... we were like shut up asshole! so we finally got to the gate and there were at least 4 or 5 of them behind me pushing me, everyone else felt something like that too... dan started taping behind me, and i said you guys theres like 5 of them behind me and dan said i know i feel it too thats why i'm taping over there, shannon got stuck... i was scared shitless, dayna was speechless the whole time and shannon was like holy shit trying to get the fuck over the fence, so after shannon finally got over i went over, then dayna then dan, and his chain got caught on the fence... i was like nooo! when we got over the fence, i didnt feel them anymore. we got halfway down the road and i felt them again and i think everyone else did too. shannon was looking at what we had taped, and what dan had taped wasnt there... we were like what the fuck... so we got back to the car and dayna went to open the door and dan goes " theres something inside" and dayna jumped back... then he started laughing we were like youre a dick. so i got in the back then dan then dayna... then shannon came around to the passengers side like a bat out of hell and flew into the front seat and slammed the door... we were like what the fuck? and she said she felt something in the woods. so then dayna starts the car and went to put the heat on.... and the car just turned off.... dayna was like what the fuck? did anyone just notice that the car just turned off? so she started it again, and she sped out of there, but the car wasnt driving like it should, it wasnt going as fast. then we got lost for like an hour. then finally, dayna figured out where we were, and all were happy. :) me and dan are fat asses so we wanted mcdonalds. so we got there ordered and ate in the parking lot. these kids were there doing a scavenger hunt, they had to get one of them hitting on a straight guy on camera so dan agreed to do it, it was funny :) then we left and went to walmart to fuck with ian blanco lol me and dayna went to the parking lot where his car was and i threw my cup of soda on the hood of the car. then dan and shannon went inside... shannon had her video camera in her bag, dan went up to him and was like are you ian? and hes like yeah... and dan said is it true what they say about you? are you really a sex god? and hes like as a matter of fact, yes it is. so dan was like okay good then come on... and he's like what? and dan's like well youre a sex god, so lets go... and hes like yeah but not with guys, and dans like oh too bad youre really missing out man... i want to feel you deep inside me lol then they found him again and dans like i really like your hair, and he's like uh thanks.... it was funny. so then we went to waldbaums and bought eggs... we went to borders and me and dan sat in the witchcraft/wiccan section reading books for like 2 hours, then they closed at like 11 so we had to leave. we dropped dan off, then they dropped me off. me and dan were on the phone for like an hour, but we were so tired so we got off the phone, and i passed out right after... i had a fucked up dream... shannon couldnt sleep until 5, dan fell asleep right after we got off the phone then woke up and couldnt sleep until 6. so yeah we're all pretty freaked out, but of course, we're going back saturday because we didnt get to go inside. how smart are we? lol wells i gotta go take a shower, because im going to hang out with dan today, and probably go to shannons and watch the tape. layters ♥

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Friday, October 29th, 2004
1:21 pm - did you know willy wonka and the chocolate factory is listed as a horror movie?
last night i woke up at like 1:30 because i had to pee, but someone was in the bathroom so i was waiting. then eddie comes out and looks at me and walks away, and then when i went in there it fucking smelled.... he took a shit and it was gross...i was like okay you have no reason to not talk to me. and apparently my moms thinks they both need to fucking grow up, and realize he doesnt live here, so they need to stop acting like he does... supposidly my sisters moving in with him because shes sick of me "being on her computer 24-7" im like WHAT THE FUCK! i was on it once when you first got it to hook it up to MINE thats her reason for moving out.... im like youre stupid... me and my sister used to hate eachother and then a few years ago we were fine, and now that im 17 and shes 22 and things arent going her way shes being a bitch and hates me for no reason AGAIN because eveything that happens in her life is MY fault. yeah... its sick right? i cant wait untill she moves out, because its like im an only child already and me and my parents get along now, the only problem in this family, causing my parents trouble is her... when she moves out theyre not paying her car insurance or her cell phone bill or anything anymore, so we wont always be tight on money and thats takes a lot of stress off my parents especially my mom, because she is still having problems with her heart, which i didnt know until last night, and my sister is just making it worse because shes a big baby. for 7 years, i was the stress, and my grandma living here for 3 years, and then dying that was all the stress in the house, now we've all coped with it except krystal because she cant cope with anything. i'm no longer a burden or a stress factor because im better now, better than ive ever been, im doing good in school and im going to go to college and i study and work hard because my medicine makes me more focused, which i never was because along with being bi-polar i obviouosly have add too, so i want to learn, im interested, and i like school and learning ...as scary as that sounds, so if i fail a class in college its not like i didnt go to the classes and didnt pay attention or do homework or study... which you need to do in college... and something my sisster never did... she's bitching that shanna's going to stony brook and i'm still at suffolk... and my moms like whose fault is that? you failed not me. you don't care about school, you don't study or do homework, you dont go to extra help which is available because you wont admit that you have a learning disablitiy or that you need help, a lot of people have them, and she didn't want to hear it. i have one... and i've failed and failed, and i didnt care about school... but then i woke up... my only regret is not opning my mouth sooner... i feel bad for her because her best friend is moving to california and "getting a convertable and a whole new wardrobe" from her daddy, and shanna's leaving suffolk and going to stonybrook, and she feels left behind, but she has just been getting worse and worse over the past months and ive come to a point where i just cant put up with it, and be nice to her when shes being an asshole blaming me for everything wrong in her life...ive always tried to be as nice to her as i can but its just like fuck it... i cant be nice to a screaming lunatic who makes me feel like shit and cry because i was sick and didnt want to go to fuckin six flags. shes like i dont believe you that youre sick, youre lying youre just being a fucking bitch and ruinung everyones fun so you can what? go hang out with dan? i was like fuck you dont imply that you control where i go and who i see. then shes like youre going to need a ride to dan's sooner or later and believe me you will not get it... im like youre fucking pathetic... she still tries to control me like she did when we were little... she loves having power over me because i cant drive to dan's yet... im like youre sick, wait until i get my license, and i wont "need" anything from her then whats she going to threaten me with? christ, i just want her to leave... in the worst way, because i'll be in a good mood, and happy which i never was... and then she'll shoot me down with her negativity... she says she's leaving "when she's ready" i'm like yeah... threatening to move out for attention much? she sounds pretty ready to leave to me, especially since shes sick of me, hates me, can't stand me, and i'm always ruining everything for her, and this is one that really gets me.... eddie and her go out to eat....EVERY FUCK NIGHT... and they bring... to our house... their leftovers...eddie lives by himself in his own appartment.... why they feel the need to put their food in our refrigerator in the first place, is beyond me... and i'm not quite used to having food in my house that i'm "not allowed to eat" everything i'm not supposed to eat reads lo-carb diet on it... which belong to my parents, and tastes like crap anyway... so i assume since my sister is barely here and i'm pretty sure my brother in law doesnt live with me, that any other food was bough by my mom or dad... for me.... if i eat any of "their food" eddie get so mad.... he bough icecream cake, they took like half the cake... the cake sits in the freezer for a week... so me and lydia eat it.... because it's just sitting there, taking up space in our already full freezer, and waiting to get freezer burn. so my mom tells me that eddie was so mad and pissed off and she said to him... eddie, if you dont want your food eaten... then dont bring it here, you dont live here, katie does, you have your own apartment, leave your food at your own house... their beyond rediculous.... i want them to move out so much, i can't wait until they do.

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Thursday, October 21st, 2004
1:50 pm - oh no, i left my satanic bible in your car...
i went window painting today for art, me dayna and anna were in a group, lyd was supposed to be in our

group too but she had to go to her cousins wedding. : \ we painted jack and sally from the nightmare before

christmas, we forgot to paint the rose in jack's hand, and we couldn't paint it when we realized that we had

forgotten to because we had to leave. i was really cold this morning but then i got hot chocolate and i was

fine. :D anna wore the shittiest clothes she had so if she got paint on her it wouldn't matter, lol she was wearing

hunter green pants with bleach stains, an old faded blue hoodie that had a rip by the hood, and a beig snow hat

with blue deer and red hearts with black and white converse sneakers. me anna and dayna were in the bathroom

before we left to go window painting and dayna said 'i look like a dirtbag metalhead who doesn't shower...even

though i do..." then anna said 'i look like...a homeless person.' she really did it was funny. :D

we painted one of the windows at buckley's, i got paint on the wall by accident and it wouldn't come off *-*

whoops... anyways, the owner of the christian book store wanted to have her window painted too... which

confused me since halloween is a pagan holiday and christianity doesn't believe in it and thinks that it's evil and

satanic... but whatever... so this girl amanda and two other people painted the background black, they made a

pumpkin, a moon and a witch on a broomstick.... kathy the owner of the christian book store came out and said

the witch had to be removed...

we were like wtf lady? so the people who painted that had to scrape the witch off and didn't have time to

paint something else.... and window painting is a contest so that woman totally fucked them over. she came over

to me anna and dayna and asked if we knew anyone that was done who could re-paint her window... we were

like uh no... mrs. graf was like if that lady asks you to do her window say no. so when she walked by again

dayna asked anna if she still had the german shepard for the animal sacrifice for the 'séance' we were having

that night, then i said fuck dayna, i forgot my satanic bible in your car, we can't have the sacrafice without it...

and the lady like shook her head... it's like come on loosen up.

later on when we were done with our window dayna painted 666 and an inverted pentagram on her

sweatshirt and the three of us walked over to the bible store, the lady was talking to mrs. graf so dayna stood

next to mrs. graf and acted like she was waiting to ask her something. this kid... andrew i think his name is, he

painted an upside down cross on his forhead. the lady was all freaked out and annoyed... i was like you asked

for it, you wanted your window painted for halloween, which is a PAGAN holiday.... you asked for crosses on the

windows... christian crosses... it's a PAGAN HOLIDAY! then you made the people who painted your window,

scrape it off and fucked them over. some people are so dumb, it was funny fucking with her though. :)

the bus took forever to come, but eventually it did.

dayna took me home, we were talking about how one night we should fuck up some shiiitt... i've always

wanted to pain over the c in canal street and the c in canalview... dayna has green paint and i want to do it soooo

bad. :) we'd have to do it at like 3 in the morning because there is not a living soul in center then. i want to paint

an inverted pentagram and 666 in front of the bible store, just to fuck with that lady. :D

tomorrow i'm going with shannon to her brother's wedding. :D so when my mom gets home i'm going to

the store to get a top and shoes, i have a long black skirt with a slit up the side... i bought it in 5th grade... and it

still fits me... it's sick, i know. lol yeah, i'm tired, cold, and hungry :( i'm going to go eat, then take a nap. >.<

that's all for now i guess... layters ♥

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Tuesday, October 19th, 2004
1:47 pm - holy fuckin' moses!
i haven't written anything in soooo long. it's because my sister got a new computer, so now the old one is in my room... but we have a cable modem, so i have a computer but no internet. my dad bought the "rooter" thing that you hook up to the computer with internet access, and then with a 25ft USB cord hook the other end to the other computer. yesh... my computer didn't have the outlet to fit the cord in... and i almost threw a shitfit, but then i found a little adapter thingie that plugs into the outlet i DO have on my computer, and then i plugged the cord into that... so finally im hooked up and it's all done right. now i have to upload it into my computer... my sister computer started sending my computer "packets" at 5:30 yesterday after noon.... i woke up this morning and ther were like 11,798 sent and 688 received.... i was like its been doing thins for 13 hours.... ya think it'd be done already? another thing that sucks is that now me and my sister are hooked up to the same rooter so if i can't get on the internet, neither can she... and she threw a real hissy fit about that... so i'm hoping by the time i get home from school today which is in like 16 minutes, it'll be done.... but it probably won't be because it's a pain in my ass. :)

i'm in software applications at school, im finished and so is lydia so we can go online and do whatever. i'm trying to change my myspace background but it's "under maintenance." so yeah that sucks... but wutevva :)

things are going so good with me and dan. we've been together for almost 7 and a 1/2 months. everytime we're together it's like we love eachother more than the day before... i rhymed, it sounds really corny, cliche, and naive, mushy and stupid but it's the only way i can describe it. people say that about their boyfriends and girlfriends all the time and then the month after they're broken up and saying the same thing about someone else, so when i hear myself say it, or even when i think it i get mad because it sounds so fake but i've never felt like this and it's so real. yeah babble mushyness. bell rang i gotta go. byes

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Wednesday, September 29th, 2004
4:25 pm - some people are just down right stupid
the words of a dramatic, self-absorbed, lying, manipulative little girl who makes no sense what so ever and can't take responsibility for her own actions or admit when she's wrong:

People can be such fucking immature pricks. Especially people you trusted and loved and use to be your best friends. And i know everyone has a right to their own opinions but there's a point where you stay out of the other persons business and life, that would be the right thing to do.. But no, people who i dont like and that obviously dont like me back still like to play mind games with me, like its their favorite activity, where it will take them i will never know. But i wish them luck when life fucks them back over, Its funny how people say their done with the bullshit and all the drama, meanwhile , theyre really the ones who make up the bulllshit in the first place. /and lets think about this, when you say someones a liar. where is that coming from? Are you that stupid, that ignorant to think someone you dont even talk to anymore is a liar, what do u know ? Or where is this thought even coming from!! Why do you fucken care, Leave me the fuck alone
Move on to your next frekking victim already, maybe the game will be more exciting with them.

Well i love college and although it was an extremely busy day today, I enjoyed it, I"m learning so much , especially from my theatre teacher who i have a job with.

*clears throat* ahem. first of all, "trusted and loved"? hmmm... not ringing a bell there honey. let's see, there was no trust in our friendship if that's what you want to call it, i seem to remember a certain someone of accusing me of using you for a ride... i NEVER, EVER asked you for a ride ... you always offered.... oh but wait, "i walked out to the parking lot like i was expecting a ride..." mm hmm more like i live right behind the school's field you asshole. oh but "that one time we waited by your car..." that's because you told shannon that you'd take her to the shoe store after school and after you picked up corey... but since you were no where to be found me and lydia were waiting with shannon and were going to walk to my house after you decided to show up... "i felt violated because you guys were sitting in my car..." okay, i'll admit that may have been out of line...if you hardly knew us... but according to you we were all "best friends" ...you left it open, it was hot so we sat in your car... o0o0o... sorry. but if my "best friends" were sitting in my car, because i was stupid enough to leave my car door unlocked, especially since you felt so violated after having your radio stolen, and then your car broken into...

oh and the love part, hah that's a laugh. last time i checked people who loved each other didn't lie to them about stupid shit, make up stupid excuses as to why you have to cancel our plans instead of just telling the truth, talking shit about us instead of coming to me...IN PERSON and talking to me about it, yeah "best friends who love eachother..." don't do that.

yes, i do have a right to my own opinion... and i can say and think what i like about things... CONSIDERING we weren't speaking or were no longer friends at the time i have every right to say what i said. and i wasn't in your business i was talking to my friend about it because your "best friend" brought it up, and called you a wanna-be slut... hmm some good friends you got there. anyway, just because your two-faced friend told you what i said to MY friend doesn't mean that i'm "trying to control your life" or that i'm "all in your business." so you need to get those ideas out of your head, because i could care less about the choices you make. hmm & i remember you threatening to "kick my ass" but oh no, when i confronted you about it you: have a temper tantrum, then you accuse me of shit that has nothing to do with what was said... and then you fucking WALKED AWAY when i said: "fine you think you can kick my ass? let's go right now you little bitch, i'll beat the fuckin' shit out of you." hmm... seems to me that you can dish it out, but you can't fucking take it.

then let's see what happens next? oh yeah! you went and cried in the bathroom like a fucking baby. you're the one that started with me not the other way around, so remember that when you pin things like "starting drama and bullshit again." on me. and another thing, no i'm not stupid or ignorant and i also don't think you're a liar, i know you are... and i care? no i could give a fuck less.

here's a news flash honey if life is going to be coming back to fuck anyone over it'll be you... not me. because you see unlike you, i'm not a conniving, cheating, lying, slut... watch out little girl because what you do and what you say comes back to you times three...

and please, drop the act, stop acting like the victim and acting like everything is always happening to you and you never do anything wrong, because no one's buying it. as for moving on to the next victim... hm, i believe it's you that seems to have a new best friend every day, and it's you who isn't friends with any of the friends you started out with, but oh yeah, it was always their fault though, right? there seems to be a pattern doesn't there? but hey, what do i know? all i know is that i've had the same 2 best friends for more than a year.

but, you know just keep defending yourself, keep reassuring yourself that you did nothing wrong & i'm vile and you're a saint... go ahead just keep right on doing it but... no one's listening and you're not impressing anyone. and last i checked, you started with me by IMing me and talking shit... so don't you dare say i'm the one who starts shit with you... keep your accusations of me to yourself and my name out of your mouth.

...oh, that was so immature of me.

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Tuesday, August 17th, 2004
12:11 am - if i only had a brain doo doot doot doo doo doo doot!"
shannon said something like that the other day, she said "if i only had..." i couldnt remember what she said but i said "shannon that's like saying if i only had a brain doo doot doot doo doo doo doot!" and it was silly, guess you had to be there. :\

but anyways, friday i stayed at shannon's house we were up until like fucking 5 lol i woke up at 4 the next day... i'm lazy. :) then lydia came over and me and shannon got ready and we went to st. john's for the fair. after a while we found lynette her boyfriend, dayna and anna and hung out with them. me and shannon like ran to the zipper and screamed and sang and it was fuuun. lydia went on it, i was so proud. :) yeah at like 10 we left the fair and walked uptown a little bit, then we randomly stopped on the sidewalk and stood there in the rain talking for like 3 hours lol, we're smart.

then dayna drove everyone home, thank you dayna. :) sunday was my family picnic, i dragged dan with me i was not about to suffer through that alone. as soon as we got there we're like hey lets go for a walk. the picnic was at sears bellows, a park campsite thingie so there were paths all through woods so me and dan walked alllll through the woods and purposly got lost to kill time. we got back like an hour later ate, then dan played my cousin's friends guitar, he had an accent i was like *-* i think accents are awesome, shannon got to go on the zipper with a swedish girl, that lucky bastard. anyways so we ate and stuff. then me and dan were talking to my cousin chris, and i was holding emma my cousin trisha's baby. she's like the most beautiful baby ever, i was like i'm going to steal her! she has the prettiest eyes, theyre like hazel but theyre more greenish than brown and she has blue and yellow that shoot out around her pupils, and really long eyelashes she's so cute.

so after a while we left, dan went home :( then i was so tired and i was getting changed into my pajamas and i noticed like the tinyiest tick ever, then i discovered they were like all over me, i was like EW fucking EW! so me and my mom were like pulling them off me with tweezers, they looked like little beauty marks they were so tiny. and almost all of them were biting me, there were at least 50. it was so gross. so i took a bath and a shower and scrubbed the hell out of my self, i scrubbed my scalp so much it started to bleed a little. but i got rid of them all.

i woke up with a fever, and last night my legs were a purple color, and they were blotchy. i had a red mark surrounded with a circle of white on both of my legs. and when i actually got up i felt like shit. i went to the doctors and he said that i have to get a blood test in 6 weeks to see if i have lyme's disease. he also checked my ears because theyve been hurting so bad for like a month, he said the tube that connects my sinus and my ear, the tube is clogged and probably not draining properly so he gave me nasal spray oooh fun. there are other bacterial diseases you can get from ticks besides lyme's disease, one can show symptoms as early as a week, but i was bitten by so many and i have all the symptoms of one of the bacterial diseases. so yeah that sucks ass. i went to dan's today and i started to feel like shit. earlier today my right arm started hurting for no reason. then i got a migraine, and later on my neck and shoulders started to get sore and my ears were hurting like a bitch. then i got really tired and sore. then my fever came back, it sucked ass. so yeah i looked up other diseases you get from ticks, i was like wonderful. now i'm cold and tired and blahhhh its gay. i'm going to go now, i was going to talk about some amusing things, and how pathetic people are that theyre obsessed with shannon and i, but i'm too tired. so yeah, more tomorrow. byes ♥

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Monday, August 9th, 2004
7:24 pm - must be them damn buzzard hawks
turkey's seaguls.... birds birds everywhere. hehe people are pathetic, it's funny. let's obsess over you even though we "hate" you, and havent been friends with you for a year. guess they just can't live without drama. oh and the other one... let's IM you and ask "what happened between us?" you're a lying, coniving, fake, two-face bitch, that's what happened. some people are so STUPID but anyways, :) saturday was me and dan's 5 month aniversary :) we went go cart riding! it was fun. :) me love him sooo much. shannon's a funny fucker. hehe love you shibbie! you know....because we're dating and all *wink wink* fucking AMAZING. ah crap, wells me stole this from shannon. byes ♥

I've done the Xed:

(x) I have been drunk
(x) I have kissed a member of the opposite sex
(x ) I have kissed a member of the same sex
( ) I crashed a friend's car
( ) I have been to Japan
(x) I rode in a taxi
(x) I have been in love
(x) I've had sex
( ) I've had sex in public
(x) I've shoplifted
( ) I have been fired
(x) I have cut myself on purpose
(x) I have been in a fist fight
( ) I've had a 3-some
(x) I've snuck out of my parent's house
( ) I have been tied up
( ) I have been caught masturbating
( ) I have been arrested
( ) I've made out with a stranger
(x) I've stolen something from my job...(french fries and chicken nuggets!)
( ) I've celebrated New Year's in Time Square
(x) I've gone on a blind date (sort of a blind date, thats how i met dan <3)
( ) I've had a crush on a teacher
( ) I've celebrated Mardi-Gras in New Orleans
( ) I have been to Europe
(x ) I've skipped school
( ) I've slept with a co-worker
( ) I have thrown up in a bar
( ) I have purposely set myself on fire
(x) I have eaten sushi
( ) I have been snowboarding
(x) I have been happy with myself
(x) I have met a movie star
(x) I had sex in a pool ..well tried...didnt exactly work...
( x) I went to a prom
( ) I've bungee jumped
(x) I have been to a pop concert backstree boys!! what?!?
( ) I have dated someone for over a year
( ) I sold naked pictures of myself
(x) I have been in a car accident
( ) I have slept in the nude
(x) I've eaten cheesecake
( ) I've had jury duty
(x) I've hated someone without knowing them
( ) I have been to Maine
( ) I've shot a real gun
( ) I've ran around with my trousers around my ankles
( ) I've had sex with someone within a week of meeting them
( ) I've done ecstasy
( ) I've gotten my ass kicked
(x) I've been caught smoking
( ) I've milked a cow
(x) I've got in a verbal fight with a teacher
( ) I've cheated on someone
( ) Lied one time in this survey
( ) Lied more then once in this survey
( ) Threw a party at a friends house when they were gone
(x) Partied every weekend for the last month
(x) Sniffed markers to get high (my first intention wasnt to get high...they were the markers that smelt like fruit! hey i was 6)
(x) Slept for more than 15 hours at a time

current mood: amused
current music: some song playing i the movie my sisters watching

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Wednesday, July 28th, 2004
1:16 am - anal cunt!
hehe shannon's new favorite phrase. blahhhs... yep, i'm at shannon's, we're hanging out and yay! earlier we went uptown to get food and we were on our way to 7-11. i stopped on the sidewalk to light a cigarette, and shannon said kaitlin, it's the assholes and i looked up and saw a red car pulling out of kaylins driveway. for some reason i thought it was her brother, or one of his friends. then i hear kaylin's obnoxious laugh and i'm like ok. so then they peel out...because that's so cool and all. and ashley rolls down the window just enough to fit her hand through and gives us the finger... o0o0o0oh... you're cool. you're 18 now honey, you're not in high school anymore...grow up. you're real tough giving us the finger through a car window...if you have something to say, get out of the fucking car and say it. don't be a pussy and laugh obnoxiously then flip us off as you drive away...it just shows your weakness and immaturity. i could understand if we were talking shit and instigating... but we werent...i was lighting a fucking cigarette, and didn't know it was you until shannon said something... and even after i didnt say anything...because i could care less... it's called maturity... i'm not going to be an asshole and flip you off everytime i see you. but if this bullshit that we all thought was over...because you know you guys are so mature and all, if it continues the first chance i get i'm confronting you... because i'm not a fucking pussy that has to hide behind glass. if you would have gotten out of the car and said "fuck you." instead of sticking your hand out the window, i would have gladly kicked the shit out of you... and kaylin...i'm not putting up with your bullshit this year either... rolling your eyes, giving me dirty looks at school... that is not gonna fly... so just fucking stop, because i'm not putting up with it.

anywaaaaays! i got bored and filled out a survey thingie so here it be.

1. Your First Name: kaitlin or katie
2. Your Middle Name: marie
3. Your Last Name: lankau ...its french its pronounced lan-koh not lan-kow

1. Nicknames: katie, kate, kake, kakes, kakie, kakester, mommie, slut, kittie, katie-kat, kat, kittles, cartoon, & justin
2. Province/State: NY
3. City: C-Mo
4. Sex: female
5. Birth date: 07/11/87
6. Astro Sign: cancer
7. Siblings: krystal and kristina
8. Pets: britney luckie and allie
9. Hair Color: uhh...brown, red and dark plum tints
10. Eye Color: blue green teal ... whatever color they want to be
11. Shoe Size: 7
12: Height: 5'2"
13:Weight: 100

A) What is their name? dan
C) Are you going out with your crush? yes
D) R u sending this to your crush? no
E) Do they know you like them? yes
F) Do your friends know you like them? yes
G) Do they like you too? yes
H) Are you going to ask him out? nope, he asked me out already...like 5 months ago
I) How far do you want to go or have gone with them? lol uh all the way baby

1. Do you care much about your style? nope
2. Do you think your fashion is cool? sure, its the shiznit
3. Where is your favorite place to shop for clothes? hottopic though they're like majorly expensive, kohls, pacsun, utopia...other places
4. Where is your favorite place to shop for dress clothes? uh...utopia? maybe khols...i dont really wear dress clothes
5. Where is your favorite place to shop for underwear? khols, mandee, and walmart!

6. Do you like to shop? yea.
7. What one word describes your fashion? uhhh....kaitlin
8. Out of anyone, who is the best dressed? ummmm my ass

9. Do you have anything pierced? my ears :D
11. Do you have any tattoos? no

12. Do you want any tattoos? yes
13. What do you sleep in? tanktop and undies bitch
14. What kind of underwear do you wear? umm bikini, boyshorts and uhhh...i forgot the name of the other kind


1. Do you consider yourself deep? lol physically or mentally? ahaha that was gross

2. What are you most afraid of? car accidents
4. Who knows this secret? it's not really a secret. lol.

5. Have you ever been in love? yes

6. Who or what do you hate more than anything else? homophobes like rediculously ignorant homophobes, ignorant people, liars, people who are fake, people who do or say things just because someone else thinks its cool or whatever, people who talk shit through aim or say shit as theyre walking away from you...its like if you have something to say, say it to my fucking face.

7. What is your biggest regret so far in life? being friends with ashley
8. Have you ever thought about killing yourself? yea, that everyone does

9. Have you ever thought about being gay? lol hmm, maybe i should be gay today! everyone gets confused about their sexuality at some point. and if you say you havent...then youre a liar...and i dont like you
10. Do you think you are judgmental? we all are
11. What is your worst quality? i don't always trust my instincts
12. How would you want to die? in my sleep

13. If you could change anything about yourself what would it be? i dunno...i dont like my legs so maybe that

14. If you could have two wishes what would they be? unlimited wishes, and a million dollars ...lol

15. What is most important in life? being happy.
16. What are your future goals? graduate from high school, go to suffolk graduate, go to a four year college and get my phd in criminal psychology, get married to dan and live happily ever after...and stuff

1. Do you do drugs? yeah i've been known to smoke the cheeba from time to time
2. Do you smoke? yes
3. Do you drink? not anymore, because if i do then i DIE!!!!
4. Who are your closest friends? shannon, lydia, dan, eugene & anthony
6. What book are you reading right now? uhh a few books about psychology, different types of psychology, the psychology of women, criminal psychology, psychology and the criminal mind etc etc....
7. What are you listening to right now? jack off jill
8. Whom are you talking to right now online? no one because i'm on shannons screen name

9. Exactly what are you wearing right now? jeans and a black long sleeved shirt


1.Word/Phrase? fuck, dick, cunt, ass ...oooh lots o' body parts in my vocabulary, why dont you go outside and play hide and go fuck yourself? how bout a nice big cup of SHUT THE HELL UP? yeah its one of those shut the fuck up moments, your mom, what the eff? you're an effin artard... yeah i have a lot

2. Color? purple
3. Singers? Chester Benigton, Mike Shinoda (LP) Benjimin Perri, Francis Mark(FATA)Dustin Kenshrue (Thrice) christina aguilera, shirley manson (garbage) jessika (jack off jill/scarling)
4. Movies? girl interrupted, fight club, american history x, vanilla sky, a beautiful mind, the breakfast club, idle hands, gia, requiem for a dream, detroit rock city, gothika, the 6th sense etc
5. Soda? pepsi
6. TV shows? the family guy, daria, beavis and butthead, roseanne, will & grace, suddenly susan

7. Food? quesadillas, fajtas, strawberries, brownies, cinnamon raisin bagles, lo mein, chicken and broccoli, eggrolls, shrimp, lobster etc
8. Fast food restaurant? taco bell or white castle
9. CD? poison the well - the opposite of december, from autumn to ashes - fiction we live

10. Candy? anything that contains sugar
11. Game? pin the tail on the fat kid

12. Band? korn ptw fata thrice LP unearth as i lay dying anterrabae


1. Red: rose
2. Cow: moo
3. dating: me and dan
4. A flute: band camp
5. Pig: bacon
6. Rubber: gloves
7. Socks: feet
8. Mirror: glass
9. Coffee: bean


1. Chocolate or white milk: both
2. Root beer or Dr. Pepper: pepsi!!
3. Mud or Jell-O wrestling: mud...I'd just eat the jello. lol.

4.Sunshine or rain: sunshine. and thunder showers or sun showers
5.Vanilla or chocolate: both
6.Skiing or boarding: haven't done either.
7. Day or night: night
8. Summer or winter: summer
9. Cake or pie: both
10. Love or lust: both but more love than lust
12. Diamond or pearl: Diamond
13. Sunset or sunrise: both
14. Hugs or kisses: hugs and kisses
15. Sex or making love: making love.

1. Boxers or Briefs? naked
2. Long or short hair? as long as it's not longer then mine
3. Taller or shorter? taller.
4. Six pac or muscular arms? uhh i dont really care, both i guess
5. Good or bad guy? good to me
6. Hat or no hat? doesn't matter
7. piercings or no? piercings :D
8. Tan or fair? fair
9. Freckles or no? doesn't matter
10. Stubble or neatly shaved? Neat
11. Rugged or proper? Rugged
12. Studly or cute? Cute
13. Accent or not? doesn't matter
14. Dark or blonde? dark
15. What color eyes? green

1. Have you ran from the cops? I really wouldn't say it was running from the cops, because they weren't there yet, but...don't set off building alarms...it's not worth the running. and if you smoke running like that hurts your lungs like a bitch lol.
2. Have you ever stolen something? yes
3. Have you had a wet dream? lol not that i know of
4. Have you ever made yourself throw up? no
5. Have you gone skinny dipping? no

6. Do you drive fast? sometimes
7. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? sometimes :) but i mostly sleep wif my kitten allie so i dont need a stuffed aminal, i gots a real one :D

8. What's under your bed? boxes
9. Do you sing in the shower? sometimes

10. What do you dream about? crying, pills...i dont know why... dan, shannon lydia, blood, car accidents, hospitals, warehouses, basements, and other weird shit

11. Who do you tell your dreams to? my friends, because they're wierd
12. Would you rather be filthy rich and ugly, or sexy and poor? sexy and poor bitch! lol

13. Would you rather look weak but be strong, or look strong but be weak? look weak and be strong, like I already do..:D

current mood: tired
current music: angels fuck - jack off jill

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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
3:30 am - i got really fuckin BORED

current mood: hot
current music: zombies - the cranberries
What Makes You Sexy?
by eva71
Sexy Body Part IsYour Eyes
Special Talents AreEverything (Multi-talented)
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Get to know the REAL you by crash_and_burn
Your Name
You Are A:Jazz Cat
Your Favorite Band/SongFive Iron Frenzy - Oh Canada
You Like To Read:The backs of cereal boxes
You Firmly Believe In:Sex at first sight
Everyone Thinks You Are:OMG WAY HOTT LOLZ
You Were Conceived:In a bed, duh
You Will Marry:A respectable person
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Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
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Your kiss is...delicious
Your hugs are...to die for
Your eyes...burn into my heart
Your touch is...irresistable
Your smell is...refreshing
Your smile is...hypnotising
Your love is...one of a kind
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Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
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Your kiss is...erotic
Your hugs are...gentle
Your eyes...light up a day
Your touch is...heart warming
Your smell is...exotic
Your smile is...encouraging
Your love is...one of a kind
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Your love is... by ChibiMarronchan
Your name is...
Your kiss is...mysterious
Your hugs are...warm
Your eyes...light up a day
Your touch is...awakening my heart
Your smell is...exotic
Your smile is...entrancing
Your love is...eternal
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Your Love Situation
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Your Love Is...Gentle
During Lovemaking You Act...Like a river, very refreshing
Your Partner Is...Your everything
Your Partner Has Said That You...Are a great lover
Your Love is Summed Up In A Quote."Love is bittersweet"
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What Are You Most Likely to Utter During Sex
by UMAJohnnie
Most Likely to Say"Holy sh*t! You weren't kidding!"
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Whats does your personality rate from 1-10? by morning_prayer
Your first full name
Your personality rates aten!
your best quality isyoure unique and you rock!
your worst quality isyoure loved and dont know it
this is becauseits genetic
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Your Icon is..... by d3athofs3asons
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Your Age
Your B-day
Your Icon Is....
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What stupid celebrity are you destined to kill? by daydreamer8852
You killed
With a
OnApril 18, 2014
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Who will you be stuck with at end of time? by chi_a_baidh
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Your sex is
Your favorite color is
You are stuck there becauseyou escaped a nuclear war
For _____ years25
With Oprah Winfrey. Click for pic.
He/She will think you arestrong
You willkill him/her
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Your True Nature by llScorpiusll
The quality that most appeals to you:Empathy
In a survival situation, you:Fight, and enjoy it
Your hidden talent is:Courage
Your gift is:Genius
In groups, you:Feel uncomfortable
Your best quality is:Your compassion
Your weakness is:Being unforgiving
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Your Homicidal Rampage! by crash_and_burn
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Weapon of Choice:Handgun
Your Favorite Target:Tourists
Your Kill Count:998,044,215
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Years You Spend in Jail:27
How Much Money In Damages You Cause:$235,610,829,739,360
Your Homocidal Insanity Level:: 99%
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Superhero NameThe Nerd
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Will it be good?OH YEAH.
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Friends thinkYou're a slut
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TrademarkForeign Accent
Love InterestVocalist From Another Band
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Death Date:November 18, 2015
Number attending your funeral?187
How much will you leave to friends and family?$3,071,238
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You Metmile high club
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You Liveczech republic
Ina large house
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Your Suicide.. by Konstantine
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Favorite Number?
Favorite Color?
How will you commit suicide?Pills + Alcohol (fun!)
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Who is in your celebrity family? by cerulean_dreams
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MomCeline Dion
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SisterHillary Duff
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Who were you in a past life?
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You were most probably:An unknown German artist
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What will your last words be?
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are you sexy?
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Your Stripper Info by radioface
first name
Stripper Name:Barbie
Specialty:mastering those stilettos
Customers say:"There IS a god..."
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What is Your Destiny?
by Valcion
DestinyFall in love with dreammate
Date when you fufill your destinyMarch 14, 2013

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Monday, July 12th, 2004
3:35 pm - another online journal
yeah i never write on dj so i made a blurty journal....now i have like 6 journals lol i'm at dan's and yeah. i cant go to sixflags with shibbie tomorrow because i have ozzfest the next day with dan and barone. then me, dan, shannon, lydia, phil, eddie, krystal and tina are going to sixflag on the 17th. so yay! lol dan's on the phone with this kid mike and he's making chewbacca noises. freak. hehe gtg nows bye

♥ katie ♥

current mood: giggly
current music: sorgens kammer - dimmu borgir

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