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Tuesday, June 3rd, 2003
3:35 pm
hi everyone.....i got a new blurty bcuz it's an EA. i won't be updating on this one anymore. my new one is markings so please add me? thank you :)

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Monday, June 2nd, 2003
8:34 pm - assgoles
i had a pretty good weekend. on saturday i stopped acting anit-social and went over to sam's. well before that my mom came over, she took me with her to the store to pick out a dye that's closet to her hair color, came back here and i dyed it for her. then she left and i watched a movie. then i text'd sam and ended up going to her house. she too wanted to dye her hair, so we went up to cvs, she picked out a color and then we walked back to her house. we then called kenny's and got some chinese food and iced tea!!!! oh god...they have the greatest iced tea in the world, i'm addicted to it. so we got that, but while we were waiting for it, we made some bracelets. after a while, i finally dyed her hair. it came out pretty good. then she wanted me to cut it. so she told me how she wanted....she wanted it to be two different a couple strands in the front to be shorter then the rest. well we got to talking...and i cut too much and too there's a huge chunck of short hair on each side of her face. god it was soooooo funny. i was on the floor, almost pissing my pants for 15 minutes bcuz i was laughing so hard. so after that little episode...i kinda fixed it. i angled the shorter peices a little and then in the back i cut it shorter then she wanted, but it'll grow back.

so i was having a great night....but of course my dad had to ruin it. when i left that night, i told him i would be back in a few hours, and he never told me what time to come back home or to call him. so it was around 12:30 or so and i get a call from him, bitching me out. he accused us of 'roaming the streets' and ignoring his phone calls. which wasn't true, i never heard my phone ring. so before he hung up, he goes 'just wait till you get home, there'll be consequences to pay' and then he hung up. asshole. so i stayed for about another hour and a half, just to piss him off and when i got home, he was already asleep. ha.

sunday i spent most of it with my mom, trying to avoid my dad. we went up to waldorf and i finally got my eyebrows done. didn't hurt like a mofo this time, so that's always good. then we went to the mall bcuz she needed some stuff and i got a pair of pants out of it. but all in all, it was a good day :)

i was feeling nice and decided to type up my brother's review sheet for his science final. their allowed to have a sheet with them during their exam, but it can only be 1 page, front and back. so he had this huge ass review packet (11 pages exact) and he was trying to type it all up to fit on 2 pages. so i offered to do it, mostly bcuz i wanted to use the computer. and i got all 11 pages to fit and room to spare, oh yah...i'm good. well you can barely read any of it bcuz the font is so small and there aren't any margins or anything...but it fit. he owes me big.

today in dance, we did step aerobics....and my legs are paying for it now. and for some reason, everyone kept slapping my legs today. like when i told josh about the aerobics thing, he slapped my thigh and whenever tyson would tell a joke today in english, he would slap my leg. what the hell? oh well....soon i'm gonna be taking my sleeping pill and that'll make it feel allllll better :)

ugh...i just want this week to be over with. i have so much to do this week. my child dev. final project is due wednesday, we just got assigned to do a debate in english, which'll probably be at the end of this week, i have two big tests tomorrow in my worst subjects....geometry and spanish, and i have to stay after most of the week to get help in geometry. where the fuck is summer?????

ok...i rambled enough. bye

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Friday, May 30th, 2003
11:42 pm - boredom
i got a little bored....

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5:11 pm - dullness
today was rather dull. nothing exciting happened. in dance, i just sat there and watched everyone else and zoned out bcuz its that time of the month and i really didn't feel like strecthing and all that shit. in geometry wrote some more of my story....its actually turning out pretty good :) in child development i explained the whole story with matt and i to maria and miatta. i made sure chris wasn't there bcuz i think him and matt are somewhat good friends.... at lunch nothing to exciting happened. i can't wait for ashley to come back, it just doesnt feel right with out her. in bio we got yet another review packet, but jennifer and i finished ours already so that's out of the way :)

i haven't spoken to matt since last friday when he told me he loved me. i've barely made eye contact with him. he just really pisses me off and i wish he would leave me alone :(

i told josh the story of it the other day, and he said that matt only said that bcuz he wants to sleep with me. that made me feel OH so special, thanks josh. but then i got all confused bcuz he started to point out that he really needs a girlfriend and how i need a boyfriend. at that point i changed the subject. him too???

last night my dad took me to the mall bcuz i had to return some jeans, and get another pair. so while we were there i got 2 shirts and 2 cds. my dad even offered to buy them for me without bitching and complainig, i wonder what he's up to.

i'm not sure what my plans for tonight are....or tomorrow for that matter. tomorrow is my cousins graduation party and i'm supposed to go. but i haven't seen that side of the family since his younger brothers highschool graduation...and that was *counts on her fingers*.....4 or 5 years ago i think. and the only person who i would hang out would be my cousin amanda....but the last time we really didn't get along all that well. she kinda acts like a bitch and i would rather spend my day elsewhere. so i might go over to sam's and kristen might come and we're just gonna 'hang out' there. maybe a few drinks? not sure yet. and we might go up to see trina at her work. so i dunno.

sunday is gonna be spent with my mum again. so yay for that! we're gonna try to get our eyebrows done again and i might dye her hair for her. well thats all for now. buh byes

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current music: brand new 'seventy times 7'

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Thursday, May 29th, 2003
4:37 pm - la da di
hehe its so cute, sam just got her first cell phone yesturday and she's been text messaging me non-stop. i give it a week and then she'll get bored with it.

today was an interesting day. chris was in a weird mood...well he did have 2 choc. milks, so that explains that. i've never met someone who loves milk as much as that kid does. last semster, when he would sit with us, i would give him my carton, then he would buy another one, and then get the big bottle of it. but they stopped selling those, so he only has the cartoons now :(

we got started talking on the cat subject again. people probably think i have some weird obsession with killing cats....but i dont. hehe. i got amy to agree with me, and so chris is now out ha chris! *sticks tongue out*

today was not only interesting, but pretty easy also. in dance we didnt do anything but watch the girls who are trying out for poms do their little routine thingy. in govt did pretty much nothing. geometry the same...we had a sub so i just doddled on a bunch of papers and started writing a story. in child devolpment we had a sub, so i listened to green day and then had a throwing contest with chris and i won. we had this paper ball and we would stand at the same spot from our table and see who could make it in...then it got more advanced with the closing of our eyes and spinning all around....could ya tell we were bored?? lunch was pretty good....lots of laughing again. spanish....boring. english we had to write two in-class bcr's. oooh!! we got back our essay's that we had to do like a month ago...and i got an A on it! i'm so proud of myself. it was on the grapes of wrath and i only read up to chapter 4 and this was one of the hardest papers i've written so yay for me! and then in bio we did a stupid lab thingy.

so all in all it was a grand day. i'm so happy tomorrow's friday. and ashley is coming back i'm happy. she called me last night. i really needed to talk to her tuesday bcuz i was really down and she can usually make me feel better, but the assmunch didn't have her cell on. its not fair she gets to stay a week at the beach while i'm stuck here :(

well i'm gonna go and take a shower. all hail showerina!

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current music: the starting line 'three's a charm'

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Wednesday, May 28th, 2003
6:44 pm - i like dots, their pretty.... wasn't that bad. nothing really aweful happened. katie and i are finally talking again and today we hugged :) we went for a little over 2 weeks with out talking and i missed her. but i still won't forget about how she reacted....

i was supposed to stay after today in attempt to raise up my grade in geometry, but we had a sub today, so i didn't have to :) i was actually supposed to stay after yesturday...but i 'forgot'. heh...i promise i'll stay after tomorrow.

i dunno why, but i'm just in a great mood today. my day mostly consisted of lots of laughs....espically at lunch. chris and i got in a heated arguement about cats. it all started in child dev. when miatta stated that cats have 7 lives, but i corrected her and said they had 9....and so chris thought that i actually believed that, and so we went into this HUGE arguement about cats. he said that if you shot a cat 9 times, then it would die immediatly. so then i said that that's not neccesarliy true, it depends on where you shot the cat. say you shoot it 4 times in the tail, 4 times (once in each paw) and then once in one of the might live. lets just say that went on for quite some time.

after that discussion....then came the talk about how logs do not have spots on them, no matter what mia says. so ha, mia :P *sigh* my friends and i are such skrod.

i did all my homework already. i'm pretty proud of myself...i've been doing pretty good for the past 2 weeks. too bad its too late now, not like it can make a big difference in my grades :(

today i was talking with josh and he asked me when i was going to finally cut my hair. i'm always complaining about it and about how i'm gonna chop it all off. but now i'm considering doing it...well not cutting all of it off, but a lot shorter than i have it now. he said that i should cut it up to my chin, but then have it angled so that when it gets to the back, its all short. he said it would look cute on me....but everyone has that haircut so i dunno. maybe i'll do it and just dye it a bunch of colors so it would be somewhat different. but i dunno...thats too short for my liking. so we'll see :)

i'm in the mood to go to a show right now. i heard that the maid is having like a movie night were their showing like two movies that night on friday. i doubt i'll go....but i'll see. i havent been to the maid since it's re-opened. oooh i just remembered. i have a soul mason show coming up! yay! i've only seen them once, but their awesome :) all the guys are pretty awesome, and matt's (lead singer) girlfriend is pretty funny. so i hope i can go. but i think its on the same day as susie's graduation party, so i dunno.

okies well dinner is ready and i have nothing to ramble on about, so bye

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current music: the cure 'just like heaven'

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Tuesday, May 27th, 2003
8:57 pm - a blahful day
today i was uber tired. all my classes were pretty boring so i kept falling asleep. i felt bad bcuz today in child development, my group was teaching and i just wasn't into it at all..i just all blah....

i ignored matt all day. didn't even bother giving him eye contact. then on the bus, him and his dumbass friends just threw paper balls at us the whole ride home. but their stupid asses missed half the time bcuz they can't throw worth shit. does he really think that's gonna make me like him? by throwing paper at me and acting like he's still in 3rd grade? i want a boyfriend, not some guy that i have to act like his mother all the time.

last night at dinner, things went ok..... my uncle and carrianne set a date for the wedding. its gonna be july 13, and its gonna be right on the water near their boat...damn thats gonna be a hot day. but the only problem with their wedding is that betty and joe, my former grandparents, are gonna be there. i'm not looking foward to that.

after we talked about their dad's and mya's wedding came into topic and that got me all depressed and sad and so for the rest of dinner i just kinda sat there and didn't say anything. atleast carrianne is on my side, she still can't believe that they just went off to vegas and didn't tell anyone they got married until i found the pictures....and he still tried to deny it then! and what gets me even more mad, is that he thinks that i'm still mad about them getting married, but i'm not. i'm just mad that he lied to me about it. and he just can't get that. he doesnt think that what he did was wrong, going off to vegas, telling your kids you're in california, and then coming back home married, but still not telling your kids until they find the pictures. he thinks i'm just gonna let him off the hook for this one....boy is he wrong.

i told him that when i'm older and ready to get married and he strongly disapproves of my wedding, then he's not invited :p when i first found out, i was sooooo hurt and i would always tell him that i wouldn't invite him to my wedding regradless. but i've calmed down a bit. damn my irish temper :)

ok....well i'm really tired. so i'm off to bed. i don't get it, lately i've just been so tired, but of course when i try to sleep...sleep doesnt come to me so i have to rely on my sleeping pills. oh well....atleast they help me sleep. nighty night

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Monday, May 26th, 2003
4:55 pm - a pretty good day
today was buckets of fun. i spent most of it with my mum. she picked me up at 11ish and we went up to waldorf. but the place was closed, so we went and got lunch at roy rogers since we never get to have it anymore....ever since mcdonald's took over :( so that was fun. then we came back, and on the way home stopped at the mall and i got myself some jeans. i was gonna get myself a cd, but decided so save some money. we came back and we said our goodbyes. i like having her old self back :)

last night kelsey decided to sleep over too. so we rented resident evil and mallrats. we started resident evil, but we weren't really into it, so we put in mallrats. i haven't seen that movie in awhile.

then after that, me and kev were pretty much the only people awake. so i went online, while he was watching tv. and of course he started to watch porn. geez...that boy and porn. he's addicted to it. one of the best times i've ever had at their house was when me, kev, his friend matt and i were all watching this lesbian porn dvd that kev got from one of his friends. i never really realized just how funny gay porn is...well just porn in general. we were all just sitting there, with them asking me if the girls' boobs were fake or not and we were laughing the whole time. aww....good times *tear* haha. i just don't get how they can get off on that kind of stuff. i find it all funny.

i'm listening to dateless loser's right now and it reminds me of mine, kimi's, and amanda's dance. two weeks ago, for dance class, we had to put together a 2-4 minute dance for a bunch of different classes in order to pass the class. well with my group....let's just say that we can't dance. so we decided on the songs: 'dateless losers' by reel big fish, 'love at first sight' by kylie minogue, and then 'can't get you out of my head' by kylie minogue. we were gonna do that 1 song from the goofy movie..i think powerlife? but kimi had a dream that we did the kylie minogue we did that instead. god i was soooo nervous before we went on stage. but afterwards i wanted to do it again:) we had a pretty good time doing it....even though i screwed up like twice.

well i should go get ready. we're going over to my uncle's and soon-to-be-aunt's house for a late birthday dinner for nick. so buh byes

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Sunday, May 25th, 2003
7:37 pm - change of plans
sorry about my little rant earlier...i was a little pissed off at my dad. but i'm better now :)

there was a change of plans. i'm not going to hometown holidays tonight. instead shannon is gonna come over and i think kevin is coming to and their gonna sleep over. i think shannon and i are gonna have another movie marathon since i got her to become a big fan of dazed and confused and detriot rock city. so yay for that.

tomorrow i have to get up somewhat early...well its not THAT early, but for a weekend it is. my mom is coming by to get me around 10:30ish and taking me get my eyebrows done and then we're going out to lunch. so i have to get up around 10 and shower and all that good stuff. and then when i get home i get to do homework, oh joy....

i'm bored out of my mind right now. someone please help me :)

my dad and i got into another fight today after we picked up mya. it all started with where we were gonna go out to lunch/dinner and went on about how he always takes back his word and yada yada. it ended up with me being pissed off and just sitting there wacthing them eat bcuz i didn't feel like eating...which caused another arguement. but now we're all everything is pudding :)

haha i have now turned my brother into a hot hot heat fan. his favorite song of theirs is bandages. i'm surprised he likes them...he's usually all into korn and audioslave and slipknot and foo fighters....

i love my stepmom. she's the greatest. when we were at the resturant, my dad went to the bathroom. well while he was gone, mya slipped me $60 bcuz she knows what a cheapass my dad can be. i need money for tomorrow to get some jeans and knowing him, he probably would give me about $ mya was very generous and gave me some money. but i felt bad bcuz all i did was fight with my dad and then she gave me money and i know i certinaly didn't deserve it. i tried giving it back to her, but she wouldn't accept it. she's the greatest :)

well i better go bug my dad to go get shan and kev now. so i'm off like a dirty shirt. bye

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1:25 pm - blah
so my dad ruined my day for me. asshole. he has been saying all week that he would take me up to waldrof today so i could get my eyebrows done. as soon as mya (my stepmom) calls and says that she's coming down today, he completly forgets about me and says that he'll pick her up. so i got all pissy with him and started to go off on him. he told me that my mom said she was taking me tomorrow, but did anyone tell me this? no! and i can't tomorrow bcuz i already told jessica i would volunteer at the parade thingy tomorrow with her. so like an hour later, he comes into my room and says that he'll take me after we get mya. well mya's train ride is 3 hours, then we have to get her, go up to waldrof, get them down and then come back down. waldrof is about an hour away from me. and then i would probably be there for about 45 minutes or so bcuz they get really busy on the weekends. so i told him to just forget it bcuz today we're going to hometown holiday's ealier then last night. but ugh......he just fuckin pisses me off. he always do this shit. i know i should just go to a place around here to get them done....but this one place i go to knows me and they do a really great job. geez...i sound like a snob. o well.

but other than's been a pretty uneventful morning. ooh...another fight we got into was the 'college' talk. you know, the one where 'you really gotta start thinking about your grades and future' and 'your grades aren't going to get you in anywhere....probably not even mc' and yada yada. gotta love those talks. i keep telling him that there's not much for me to do bcuz we only have about 3 weeks left of school...and the last week is finals, so really only 2. so there's no much i can do in that time frame. and what really sucks is that now he's saying i won't be able to get my permit or anything until my grades go up, which means i'll have to wait till after summer, when i could be getting my permit next month. damn him. he always gets all pissy when mya's in town. so maybe i can just try to convince him or make a deal with him or something. bcuz the quicker i can drive, the quicker i can get the hell out of here. with mya's daughter's coming to live with us and all in july....i don't think i can stand being stuck here all the time.

ok...enough ranting for right now. i'm probably gonna go to the train station with my dad and maybe get him to get me a cd...since he ruined me day and all ;)

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2:30 am - 1st entry
so....this is my first entry. i was bored tonight, so i thought 'what the hell?' and decided to get this. i'm getting a little bored with my lj. but i don't think i'm gonna give this url out to everyone....this is just gonna be kinda like my own little journal or whatever. so we'll see. i still need to customize it and all, but i'll do that later bcuz its a little late right now. and i'm just to lazy.

tonight was fun. i went to this little carnival thing my area was having and guess who was there? jay.....jess is friends with him and was gonna introduce us and all, but we found megan and jennifer and their gang instead, and just hung out with them. we might go back tomorrow maybe i'll see him then :)

i'm still pissed off at matt. he told me that he loved me the other day and i flipped out. you see, just the other day he informed me that he liked me, ofcourse i already knew this bcuz the dumbass told a lot of my close friends, thinking they wouldn't say anything. so i knew this was coming. so he tells me, i tell him that i just want us to be friends and thats it, and then he goes and says he loves me. he can't love me, he doesn't really know me like that. sure we're friends and all, but we're not that close. if he really knew me, then he would know that i have a big issue with love and shit...i've been that way since my parents divorced. so him saying this just proves to me he can't love me. he's throwing this word around like it means nothing, and the fucking pisses me off....asshole. sorry, but i'm just very pissed at this. he used to be one of my friends, but now i don't even see him as that. i see him as an annoying little fucker. ha. after i told him that i just wanted us to be friends, he pretty much ignored me all day and then the next day confesses his love for me. i just don't get him.

ok well i'm gonna go. i'm kinda tired and i have a big day tomorrow....well kinda. so bye

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