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Saturday, December 6th, 2003
7:02 pm - sick=( today has been ok i guess. I had to go up 2 ridgeview to watch sum stupid competition. Me n Jess were makin fun of practically every1 FAT CHEERLEADERS! ahaha and watermelon man! -anyways- when i got home lyk, 15 minutes later my dad told me to go outside and give tha dogs water so I did. & lyk, 5 minutes later i saw the most disgusting thing ever. Blondie((one of my dogs)) came walkin up to me carrying a dead possum in her mouth and i wuz lyk about to puke! i wuz lyk EWW OMGOSH! lol but then i told my dad and i had to hold tha trash bag when he lyk, put it in and i had to carry it out front to tha trashcan on tha side of our house and i wuz carrying tha bag way in front of me! cuz u know how possums play dead? i wuznt sure if it wuz dead ((even tho it wuz chewed up..ik..GROSS)) and i wuz lyk freakin out cuz i thought it wuz gonna jump out of tha bag. but OMGOSH im so glad i got that over with! but at tha competition chelsey took my sweatshirt and i wuz freakin out cuz i thought i left it sumwhere and she handed it back to me and i wuz goin to hit her and i ended up hittin my elbow really hard on tha wall and it hurts lyk crap! my mom said i prolly bruised tha bone or sumthin but w/e i did it hurts. i saw rissa yesterday for tha first time in a long time =) yay lol. and i brought my history grade up from a 44 to a 61 so im proud of myself. lol. well im gonna go. luv ya~!

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