10:37am 09/10/2003
mood: dorky
music: ~::MoVe YoUr BoDy LiKe A sNaKe Ma::~
eh everyone.. its been a while.. not realli o well. i got locked up for a bit but now im out. chris and me broke up a few weeks ago and he got a new girl.. who is a pLaYa everyone told him that she was ganna play him and he didnt believe them. i kept my mouth shut and ended havin wun hell of a breakdown.. i ended up in the emergency room and lock up. but im done doing stupid shit now. if i fuck up once in the next 8 weeks im commited til im 18, 8-12 months in lock up then a 45 day program then foster care. which would really suck so imma keep it on the str8 n narrow!! u bst believe.. me and chris havent talked in a couple of weeks he had no idea where i was and when i got back he wrote me this note saying he was sorry about everything that has happened and that he still loves and cares about me. I was kinda upset last nite so i called him and he met me downt he street and we talked it felt so good to finally talk to him and he hugged me and when he kissed me i started to cry i love him so much and everything in my body just went numb. It was an amazing feeling. then we went a lil further (if u kno wut i mean) and it was like nothing had changed everything was perfect in those few hours. he told me to keep my head up and that he wants to be with me and we need to talk and that everything will work out for the better. i hope it does.

oN aNoThA nOtE
my brother got out of jail yesterday he has an apartment in springfield and will be moving there next week thank god i have missed him like crazii!!! YOU KNOW! I got more pictures of Dayanara she is so beautiful and i am so excited to see the baby.

school is still the same ol' same ol' u kno.. it was funny i walked in and i had people huggin me left and right everyone missed me i felt very loved.. but now i got a shit load of make up work.. good thing im on house arrest!!

well girlies im out i love you all and will be commenting bye bye
12:58pm 05/09/2003
  wudd up?? not lots here.. today was boring Justin tried fightin mikey cuz he was runnin his mouth about gabby.. who is his girlfriend that i hated.. but now were cool.. all the shit between kelsea, amanda, cassie, angi, and me is straightened out were cool now 2.. but i sitll hate *** and ***.. i dont kno whats happening wit that.. well i met wit paul today YAY for him.. aghhh.. my mom is bein a wicked cunt lateky she kicked me out and all this shit and hit me i was bullshit! oh well.. well im in computer.. angi mite be dropping out but i hope she doesnt.. that would bite.. shes a senior and shit. ahh well ill write lata gatta go comment mii girls
<3 Jess
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10:26am 29/08/2003
  hey everyone i started school.. yay its onlii the 3rd day so im not hating it yet..

i have a new neice.. her name is Dayaria Jessica Santiago!! yay!!!! shes s0o beautiful but my brother is back in jail its okay though he gets out in october.. anyways.. im out lataz

i love chris!
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iM aLiVe   
09:49pm 01/08/2003
mood: drunk
music: me and katelyn singing our abz and 123
hey all im so0o sorry i havent written in a long time but ive been busy.. its summer and i have had so0 much fun
i went to the cape with my mom, mikala, mariah, amanda, nate, and brandon. we had so much fun.. i met this dude named mike wicked chill..

then i went to vermont with cassandra.. we went to canada.. it was wicked fun

im drinkin rite now and i love it

yup u herd chris proposed gave me the illest ring to0..

thats bout it
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o0o0oh n0o0o0o   
11:33pm 23/06/2003
  wudd up every wun.. im down the cape on vaca.. i miss chris tho.. grrr i wish he would have come with me.. anyways.. i love you all!!  
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07:47am 17/06/2003
  wow.. im still in shock from the news i got on sunday.. my uncle jeremy hung himself on saturday nite.. i am so sad i am going to miss him so much!! i dont even know how to explain how i feel.. i just dont know anymore.. chris is being really good about my crying at random times..  
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:: GaNgStARr ::   
01:18pm 12/06/2003
  wudd ^ playaz... im in school.. yay for that!! well i talked to my brother hes gettin out in a couple of weeks so im happy.. he mite actually be here for my sweet 16!! yay babii.. well i finished three of my finals.. computer, gym, and health now all i have to take is my history one which i am totally ready to bomb!! yay! i saw kevin yesterday ridin around wit tom.. i miss him.. cola is bein a lil cunt! shes runnin her mouth about me n angi.. wuteva who cares.. well im out ill write lata!!'  
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Whats the point im in love!   
07:53am 09/06/2003
  iight not lots is going on.. im in school bored in mr richards room like always.. the otha nite our drunk neighbor came to our door at 11:30 at night and bitchin about a rope he wanted from like 9 years ago that he thought my dad had.. it was so scary.. then i slept at katelyns saturday.. omfg we had so much fun.. shes loosing so muhc weight she went from 165 about 6 months ago to 97 when i saw her yesterday.. well im ganna go ill write again soon <3 Jess  
09:59am 03/06/2003
  wudd up all.. havent updated in a while.. sorrys well me and chris are still together and everything is going great.. i have been so happy lately its great! well im in school in computer class.. it feels like i havent been on this shit in a year.. i wanna say love you to Danielle, Melz, and everyone who has been missin me!  
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08:04am 08/05/2003
  well.. havent written in this shit in a minute.. ive been busy! mike called me from jail yesterday.. i miss him so much.. i wish he was here.. i want to talk to chris rite now.. but i dont know what to say.. me and him are doing good.. but if i dont get my period in 3 days i have to go take a pregnancy test.. i was suppose to get it a week ago.. well i guess im going to go im in school.. lataz
<3 Jess
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