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la la la [28 Aug 2003|06:07pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Less than jake - the science of selling yourself short ]

oooh, hello.
well i've spent 2 weeks off school, on the computer, watching recess and eating junk food. that can't be good for me :( man i'm starting to miss social contact. i'm just waiting for stephen to come over. he's going to birmingham tomorrow 'till christmas :( i'm gonna well miss him.
i totally like what i'm wearing, my jeans and My Ruin tee. i washed it and now it fits a lot better.
my mum was talking so much shite today btw, she's starting to scare me. she goes on for hours about the stupidest things like the washing and my piercings and she's becoming a pure freak lol. wearing David/Jerrys shirt and shit. hmm...
well i'm gonna go look for money in the house so i can buy fags. later guys.

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AAAARGH!! [25 Aug 2003|03:57am]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Snake River Conspiracy - Somebody hates you ]

Susan, I thought of a legit reason why i FUCKING HATE BLURTY! it's SLOW as FUCK!
Livejournal's soooooooo much faster and therefor... it rules. BUT! i've done up my blurty layout and i like it again lol but blurty's way too slow. rahh >:\
later pancake.

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HAR HAR HAR!! [24 Jun 2003|09:13pm]
[ mood | Like my journal's better :P ]
[ music | Marilyn Manson - This is the new shit ]


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24.06.03 [24 Jun 2003|07:09pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | Amy Studt - Kick Me ]

Hey, well last night i went to see 2 fast 2 furious and it's sooooooo good :) i went with Paul and Joanna and her ex-bf and another guy they know (who said i was big and scary and he didn't like me :|...) and Joanna said she liked my hair but said to Paul behind my back she didn't like it. I dont mind but it's just the fact she lied.
But anyway, today... CATRIONA GOT THROWN IN A THORNY BUSH BY DARREN AND DARREN!!! ROFLMFARO IT WAS SO FUNNY!!! Then i slapped amy which was also funny then me and Susan were being total pyros and setting things on fire with deodorant and a lighter in the vet park and that was about it.

<- My new hair-doo! :)

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woo! [04 Jun 2003|10:35pm]

Which Rock Chick Are You?

Bow down! Shirley IS God! :P
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03.06.03 - Happy With New Layout [03 Jun 2003|09:26pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Queen Adreena - Fuck Me Doll ]

Hey there, well a lot of stuff has happened, For a start... I'm not goin out with Zoe anymore because she said she cant do relationships which I understand 'cause I've been there before. Pity that when I grow up and am able to do relationships she doesnt think shes ready eh lol. Bad luck in love - my life story. Anyhoo, was at Manson last night... wow! Queen Adreena Owned!!!!!!!! Katie Jane was drunk and she showed her boob!!! HER NAKED BOOB!! hehe then Manson took ages to come on but eventually came on and i caught his water bottle but i gave it to Jenna. She'd appreciate it more than me, she's the biggest manson fan i know. I went with Emma & Cara, Cara's really nice, she pure got "smifnof" lol :P and she tried to get Emma money for a t-shirt and stuff. She also agrees with the fact Talena's really hot and you CANT go wrong with someone that thinks Talenas hot lol. OOOOH Also i moved room today to the dining room which rocks and a spider fell on my arm on monday morning and i swear i've never shat myself so much in my life. AAARGHHH I'M HYPER :D. Anyhoo, i'm off. Much Loving and Sexualness, x[x]x

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Beautiful... I just want you to know... You're my favourite giiiiirl *sings* [01 Jun 2003|06:41pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]
[ music | Snoop Dogg + Pharell - Beautiful ]

Hey there, well the cathouse last night was much fun, stayed on the punk floor the whole night and at the end they played Garbage :D:D:D I've decided not to hate punk as much. Didn't do a fucking thing today and I'm still in my pyjamas. Manson tomorrow, Yasss :D. Emmmm... Bored... Gonna go. I'll write tomorrow.
Luch Move, x[x]x

p.s. OMG I LOVE MY NEW TOMB RAIDER POSTERS!!! The large one is soooooooo sexual and looks well orgasmic on my wall lol :P.

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IM FREE!! [28 May 2003|09:07pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | The Cure - Cut ]

That's it, no more exams :) I start being a fifth year on monday too but i'm gonna tell my mum we go back on tuesday coz i want another day off :P. Emm... Had modern studies today, wasn't that bad. Listened to garbage all day, came home and listened to the cure all the rest of the day and i think im goin up to heathers to stay tomorrow. God i cant believe she's had sex! lol I'm so jealous! Her boyfriends alright looking for a ginger guy too :O lol omg! Rightyho, i'm off to do something, i dunno what. Shower probly. Oooooooooooh! i Watched Ghost World Last night and it was soooo good so i might buy the dvd or The Cure Greatest hits album. Dunno yet. I wanna move to nevada, you can drive at 15 and a half and you can own a gun at 14! lol :D
Ciao, <333

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woo! [27 May 2003|06:33pm]
[ mood | artistic ]
[ music | The Cure - love song ]

Hey there! It's been Soooooooo Long since i posted and so much has happened. loads of parties, loads of Andy stuff, he said to me he loved me and blah blah all stuff like that :( he convinced me to go out with him but i felt pressured and decided it wouldnt work, i'm majorly happy :) as from like half an hour ago I'm goin out with Zoe which plainly rules 'coz i've liked her for ages *muah* :D lol Had all my exams apart from modern studies which is tomorrow, think i did alright but im not sure. my chin is sooooooo sore but its okay lol cuz Rogue is mmmmh! :P
anyhoo, its all over and done with and i'm writing afresh now :) i'm gonna go now, i'll write 2moro. :)
ciao, much love,
Leonie, x[x]x

<333 Rogue

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Long time no see [05 May 2003|04:55pm]
[ mood | In Love With Angelina Jolie ]
[ music | The Cure - Love Cats ]

hey, well since i last wrote, a lot of shit has gone down. well andy had a party last weekend and i was sittin with grant outside half way through it and andy and alan antiqued him lmao, he was pure passed out :P. then before that it was just everyone sitting either drinking or smoking dope and i was awake the whole party. at about 4 in the morning, me and andy and murray all went upto andys room (omg he has the most amazing room i've ever seen, lulu dolls and ash dolls (we watched evil dead 3) and huge icp posters *dies*) and watched queen of the damned and stuff then when they were sleeping and i was bored i went next door to alans room and spoke to grant for a while then we went downstairs to pee, lol. alan and lauren and ian stayed in the garage. in the morning me and lauren went to ians and grant went home. i swapped ian mortal kombat for my smackdown. nothing really happened after that till wednesday, i had my art exam then i went to the cinema with andy and alan and grant and another guy and lost the fags i bought that day :( gutted lol. andy invited me to the cinema and said i should so go to london with them but i thought he was just bein nice so i went to the cinema, we went to see x-men 2 and omg <33 rogue rules. andy also bought me a vodka and coke :) lol yay. this weekend lauren, cat, ian, andy, and alan all went to london to see h.i.m but i couldnt coz of exams and money.
also, andy apparently likes me, he told me and shit and i like him a bit too but he's engaged... thats weird, goddamn. he's havin a party this weekend so i'll see how things go, its all up to him coz he's the one thats engaged lol im sure nothing will happen but hes really fucked up over it and i feel bad :( his fiance lives in canada though lol. hmmm :(.
i bought girl, interrupted this weekend though :D i love it. im also having a MAJOR tomb raider and angelina jolie obsession right now. Tomb Raider II doesnt work :'( damnit i love that game. anyhoo, im gonna go now, i'll write 2moro and say how i done on my english exam.

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Hey Again [24 Apr 2003|04:52pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | My Ruin - Preacher ]

Haven't been on the computer in a while, not much time. hurrah! I went with susan and we seen zoe, toni, emma, nicky and grant and claire and all that at the galleries. then me and susan and nicky and grant went to waterstones then went to braehead till 10pm lol it was such a fun day and the whole time we were trying to think of all the words that begin with "L" and it was really giving me a sore head lol was fun though. i then came home and was talking to grant on the phone for 1 and a half hours!!! lol how fun :) anyway, im gonna go now. i'll write 2moro. *sigh* back to school on tuesday :( but necro then millport on the weekend :D yasss.
Much Love, xxx

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omg how good was yesterday!!! [17 Apr 2003|04:47pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Twiztid - Fall Apart ]

yesterday OWNED!!! It was so amazin', best day ever! i got up late-ish, cat foned me at 11.30 and asked me if i wanted to go to Largs with them and i was like yeah so i got changed in an hour and left to meet her and lauren at westerton station. they got there just in time as usual lol. we then met grant, nicky, and stef in town but we couldnt get the train right away coz we had to wait for Ian. we then got on the train an hour later and went to Largs. we practically got there when we decided to get the ferry to Millport lol. when we got to millport we got the little bus thing to the beach and we were all rolling our trousers up and running about the sand coz it was sooooo warm. then we sat and took our shoes and socks off and ian and nicky took everything but their underwear off and ran into the freezing sea that i could only go upto ankle height in lol. but i would have went in if it wasnt so cold. then everyone cept me and nicky and ian went off to go to a resteraunt or somethin leavin us 3 as usual lol it was us 3 together most of the day, dont even know how, just ended up that way all the timeyesterday. anyway they left us and i got really bored and hyper and they were like "come in" and i was like "... OK :D lol" so i took my clothes off and was bobbin around the sea in my underwear lmao it was pure funny coz theres soooooo many sea creatures and they kept tellin me off coz i wouldnt stop sayin "sea enemas" lmao! so when they got back we got changed and stuff, they took like 2 hours btw lol. anyhoo... changed lol, i wore nickys cradle t-shirt :P he wore my emily t-shirt lmfaro!! was well funny, he looked so queer :P. i <3 his t-shirt, so comfy lol, so then we got on the train homewards to town, then we went and got chips and balloons in mcdonalds and blue lagoon lol then me and nicky and ian went to mine so i could get changed and eat and stuff and we had some food and watched kerrang then went upto cats house coz we were staying over and the ned kids burst a fire hydrant down near where kara stays lol was well scary and high. so we got to cats after singing south park movie songs for like 20 mins lol and we went to her back garden to find a huge tent put up and a small tent put up and cat, lauren, and stef sitting in them lol. we all sat in the big tent most of the night and played strip pontoons, suck 'n' blow, and other random games lol sometimes we sat at the back of the big tent for a fag. awww we were telling ghost stories and laurens really bad with stuff like that and she was crying :( such a shame. Ian and me were sittin in the little tent talking at one point and i was trying to be civilised and talking about Zoe etc and he was sitting with his arm over my body and his head on my shoulder telling me how much he loves me and all that. mmmmeh its just weird and annoying but i know how he feels. came home at like 12 today and gave my mum her birthday present, my hairs still a mess coz i havnt had a shower yet and my hair was all sea coz i poured many buckets of water over me to get me used to the cold sea water lol. anyway im gonna go eat my pizza lunchable now :D. not much else to write anyway, gonna go in for a shower once i eat this lol :P. buh bye :) much love-ness, xxx

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Weekend [13 Apr 2003|09:25pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | [Anybody Killa - Gang Related]/[Zug Izland - Synplicity] ]

This weekend has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO long! on friday i went to town at 1 and met claire and then met toni and gillian and we hung about central for a while. then we went to leave and emma spotted us and came with us. we went down to st enoch square and this foreign fete thing was on lmao, well funny, i bought cheese and garlic chips and seen mrs Kerr :P. then we went to get gillians ear pierced and hung about town for ages and came home. then i sat about for 2 hours and got told by paul to go upto chris's so i got changed and went upto chris's and watched everyone drink lol. it was soooooooo fuckin funny, me and scott and chris were sittin talk about manga and it was funny as fuck, my ribs were sooo sore. during the end of the night... i pulled gregor, now he wants to be all havin some relationship or somethin and meh.

On saturday i went upto necro and got soooooooooo wasted \m/ passed out on gravestones and all that as usual lol yass i cant really actually remember most of it. i was talkin to grant a lot and he was heff-tai convinced i like nicky lol random. hes pure cute, i really miss him sometimes. claire stayed at mine and left early when i was sleepin in the mornin so i foned her for leavin and not wakin me up lol.

today i sat about and vegetated and watched TV, Beyblade and the amanda show and all that :D yassss, then i came on msn, told everyone about THE PARTY IM HAVING NEXT SATURDAY (which Zoe is looking forward to apparently :D) and spoke to Zoe on msn and played a well cool dating sim on newgrounds.com lol. im thinkin about makin a new msn account but i cant be bothered addin everyone again so i may aswell just use the one i have lol. la la la, well, my mum wants on now so i'll deff write 2moro coz its THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS and NO SCHOOL :D, so i'll be on aaaaaall day... apart from when wonder woman's on of course :D lol.
much love,
Leonie, xxx

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Quiz thing [10 Apr 2003|08:32pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | My Ruin - Sick With It ]

hey i found this quiz on someone elses blurty so i though i'd put it in mine (mwahaha)
* Starting Time:20.25
* Name: Leonie
* Nicknames: Lee, Lonie, Lesbi-ohnie
* Age: 15
* Birthday: 1st of August
* School: Boclair
* Colour of eyes: brown
* Colour of hair: brown/black naturally, has been dyed every other colour though
* Height: 5' 9
* Shoe Size: 10
* Brothers/Sisters: nope, im a loner child
* Who lives with you: mum
* When is your bedtime?: about 4am
* Do you smoke?: Yup
* Do you drink?: LOL! Yeah I Do... A Lot.
* Take drugs?: Only weed, I wouldnt do hard drugs coz... i dont wanna be a hobo coz they scare me lol!

* Ever been so drunk you blacked out: yup
* Missed school because it was raining: nope
* Put a body part on fire for amusement: lmao probly
* Been hurt emotionally: hell yeah
* Been in love: yeah
* Kept a secret from everyone: yeah
* Had an imaginary friend: i wanted one but never had one
* Cried during a movie: nah i cant cry
* Been Kissed: yep
* Kissed someone of the same sex: indeed i have
* Been Tanning: on holiday, yeah
* Ever thought an animated character was hot?: yup
* Been on stage: yup
* Been sarcastic: yup, im the queen of sarcasm lol

* Shampoo: herbal essance
* Soap: coal tar stuff
* Colors: black and red
* Day/Night: night
* Summer/Winter: summer
* Cartoon Characters: god, too many
* Fave food: chicken korma
* Fave Ice Cream: dont like it
* Fave Subject: art
* Fave Drink: vimto

* What are you wearing: baggies and an emily t-shirt, sweat band and a best friend braclet
* Hair is: a mess, in a pony thing coz it was annoying me in my face
* I'm feeling: Pretty good
* Thinking about: Nothing Really
* Listening to: My Ruin - Post Noise Revolution

* Cried: nope
* Worn a skirt: nope
* Met someone: nope lol
* Cleaned your room: nope
* Drove a car: nope

* Yourself: no
* Your friends: some of them
* Santa Claus: hell no, hes a fat bitch
* Tooth Fairy: nope
* Destiny/Fate: kinda... in a way
* Ghosts: kinda
* God: fuck no

* Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?: nope
* Who's the shyest: i dunno, mark?
* Who's the weirdest: heather lol
* Who do you go to for advice?: myself usually
* Who do you cry with: i dont cry
* When did you cry the most that you remember: cant remember
* Greatest strength: my big fat mouth
* Greatest weakness: thinking people hate me
* Who do you hate?: Lynn
* Ending time: 20.32

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Quizzes [03 Apr 2003|08:29pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Kelis - Young fresh and new ]

Who's Your Btvs Match?

this quiz was made by Erin

lol 'mon that test!!! im Willow :D <3

oooh and theres more to add onto the last entry, i still pure love Chris, mmmm Chris! and scrubs was just on, i love scrubs! lol, and i can feel a Kelis obsession coming on, she rawks :) im feelin rather r'n'b orientated right now.
anyhoo, im off for tonight.
night night,
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