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i cant think of anything funny [28 Mar 2004|05:18pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | get up kids ]

you know how this goes...

kind of long walk with kim. then to mickey d's, dollar store, walmart, and bus stop. i got home around 530 and did nothing all night. except put my room back together (i got a new bed).

woke up at 7. shower. SATs. werent too bad. i cant read tho. then went up academy plaza with biff. didnt go tanning. saw michelle. got a salad. then went back to biffs. chilled til about 330 when i left. walked home while on the phone. got home about 15 minutes later. sat around. talked to laur. then at like 5 something kim came and got me and i wen back to her houe. hung out. everyone came over for kristyns birthday. pizza hut. delicious. back to kims. ice cream cake, presents, the whole deal. went to bed around 330.

woke up at 11. thanks to some faggot who cant get off someones left nut. he called kims cell phone a million times. i answered and told him he needs to stop fucking calling. then of course krista ran to the phone to call him. sorry but that so ignorant. wait, im not sorry? anyway, we sat around and padge got munchkins. my dad came like 1245 and i came home and did hw. i have yet to get a shower. gross.

talked to laur today. she helped. i love her. we need to hang out more like we used to. i think shes sleeping over next next weekend bc neither of us can before then. hopefully she does. her proms friday. im going to see her before she goes. shes gonna look sooo pretty. kim might be coming too but im not sure. k thats all.

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weekend update. without jimmy fallon. or tina fey. sad. [29 Feb 2004|11:33am]
[ mood | nauseated ]
[ music | afi ]

anywho. this is gonna be long.

after school me, michelle, and kim took the bus back to michelles. we chatted. she got ready for work. greg called. we walked up to meet him at dunkin donuts. he left. we went to 7-11. then to dunkin donuts. i didnt get anything. then kristyn came. we went to the bakery. my dad called. he didnt know i wasnt coming home til 1030. he got sad. we went back to kims. peed myself at michelles attempts to use crutches. walked michelle to the bus stop. came back. ate lunch/dinner. kim got dressed. we went down the tracks. then got the bus to franklin mills to get the bus to danielles. thought we got lost. talked to the bus driver. we werent lost. got to danielles surprisingly safely. played pool. got chased by the dog. danielle beat me up. talked. other stuff i dont remember. padge came and got us around 1030. i went home. i watched tv with jen. then came upstairs and died.
set my alarm for 11. i was sooo tired. but i got up and wrote my diocesan scholar essay. it was about my grandpop. i got sad. but i think i did a good job. then i cleaned til about 330. got a shower. kim called. i went to church. kim called. yes, again. we figured out some plans for the most part. i thought the night was gonna blow. but it didnt. so i got dropped off. everyone was already there. then megans dad took us all up neshaminy. it was me, michelle, kim, bill, john, megan, and kristyn. we were sposed to see a movie but i wouldnt get home in time so i called and asked to sleep over kims. my mom got mad but she said yeah. we ended up not even going tho. we saw megans dad in the mall so he drove us home too. hes so nice. laur called to see if i wanted to hang out with her and gregory i think but we couldnt. i saw meghan with her sister. talked to her for a little but then we hadta leave. everyone came back to kims. we chilled. bill and kim and michelle and chris were in kims room for a little. i fell asleep on the couch. kim woke me up and said we were getting alcohol. i said i was too tired. of course that didnt last long. so john being the nice yound man he is went and got it. but it was michelles idea. i was shocked. michelle? who woulda thought? not me...thats for sure. so anyway. then jill and jj came over. i love her. shes so nice. she was funny. so then we drank. obviously. it was so fun. me and kim wanted to see michelle drunk so bad but that didnt happen. kim was wrecked. she can deny all she wants. but she was lol. michelle was in kims room with john most of the night. i dont remember what i was doing while kim and bill were in there. jill came back later for a little. but she left again bc jj was mad. i kept falling. my elbow hurts. kims downstairs floor is hard. you would think i got used to it. but i didnt. almost broke the couch. banged my head a few times. but i was fine. bill and john left around, i forget, i think like 1. andy picked them up. hes gay. i hate him. then kim called krista. i yelled. me and michelle had a lil talk lol. then we ate. then went to bed. kim took care of me bc i was falling asleep wherever she put me. then i couldnt sleep. michelle yelled at me. i slept.
woke up at 9 bc my dad ws picking me up at 930 for some reason. i dont know. i woke up blaming michelle. it was her idea to drink. therefore its her fault i woke up with a hangover. i was mad. that never happens. then i came home and my mom had this big breakfast cooked so i hadta eat it so she wouldnt be like whats wrong with you. so i didnt. i felt sick. now i hafta go over allisons to do a history project. shouldnt be long. then its quality time with my pillow. nice.

thats all. yet another weekend of kim and being impaired. comment please.

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[24 Feb 2004|04:38pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | ashala rock-early november ]

boredom )

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muthhhhaaaaaaaaaaa fuckkkkaaaaa [22 Feb 2004|02:23pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | early november ]

i just wrote this big long entry and my computer was a jackass and erased it so heres the short version.

went out. dilemma with the plans. ended up going with bill. felt bad for everyone else like we dicked them. sean picked us up. watched some gay movie for like 20 minutes. chris and john came over. they got me and kim 40s. kim and bill. me and chris. wasnt really attracted to him tho. felt bad. kim shut up. lol. drank. fought with andy. guys tried getting me and kim to kiss. didnt work. sean drove us home. i fell on the steps. kim kissed my ass. ordered food. went up holme circle.
came back. ate. went online. wanted to drink more. padge and maggie came home unexpected. close call. talked to them.
watched freaky friday. fell asleep. woke up. padge is a faggot. picked me up at 1230. gay. didnt get to go to church, auntie suies, or the tracks. pissed. came home. did nothing.

yeah so thats the short version. now im bored. i have kims phone. i stole it on purpose. not really tho. i just found it. i should turn it off. k. its off. rambling. done. and done.

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im not bitter anyway. i just didnt want it to turn out this way. [21 Feb 2004|01:02pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | get up kids ]

i just want to say i have the best friends in the world. theyre seriously so awesome. although i have to say i wish i was closer with some of them, when i am with them its so fun. alot of things changed over last year and this year but i know that theres those who, no matter what happens, i can always call up and be like i need to talk and theyll drop everything to be there for me. and when you think about that, its really comforting. i know some people couldnt say the same, but i know i can, and i really love that. so thanks.

so now that i got that out...

yesterday was uneventful yet fun. lets see. school wasnt that bad. we had lab which sucked but now that hease is my partner. its not that bad. and joe does all the work which makes it even better. we had a diocesan scholar meeting in homeroom. weve had them for the past three days. but hey if it gets my outta first period im all for it. i really wanna do it tho. i hope i get accepted. awesome. so then after school me, kim, and michelle took the us to dunkin donuts and 7-11. i got cheese. haha. weirdo. i know. then michelle went home bc she had work at 5. me an kim went back to her house. she called billiam and i talked to michelle online. bill decided he wasnt gonna come over bc he didnt wanna take the bus by himself for only liek 2 hours or something. kim flipped. but considering kims the definition for "a sucker for a sweet talker" she was fine after they talked lol. then me and kim went outside for a break. we ended up going down the tracks. it was fun. we walked down there til we almost got eaten by a dog. i like shit myself. haha. so then we went back and sat outside talking bout prom and shit. im so pathetic. oh well. i need to stop bitchin. anyway then we hadta babysit michael. he was soooo hyper! hes a cool kid tho. cept when he grabs and pulls your industrial. thats hurt. but its fine. hes a funny kid. the night went fast. my uncle came home at like 11 and i think he wanted michael in bed but i was told he could stay up. lol oh well. then jen took me and kim back here. it smelled horrible in the house. thanks jen. lol. but its fine. padge came around 12-1230 and kim left and i went upstairs and died.

today. cleaned. now i need to make some phone calls to figure out the plans. then shower of course.


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JESUS?! I THOUGHT IT WAS JIPPEDDO?! [17 Feb 2004|07:24pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | simpsons ]

today after school me mary kim and danielle went to the mall. we stopped at dunkin donuts. and walking into walmarts parking lot was the funniest even of my life. mary fell. i felt bad becuase she got kinda hurt and all dirty and she spilled her coffee on the ground and all over her shirt but it was funny. i couldnt help it. it was like slow motion or something. you had to be there. so then i gave her the shirt i was wearing under my color games shirt. she just got changed in the parking lot. cars were honking and such. it was funny. then we went to super fresh and the mall. me and kim left at like 430 bc i had the doctors at 5. so then i went there. they said i was fine and now im here. updating my journal. procrastinating looking at college info.


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short and sweet [16 Feb 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | matchbook ]

yesterday was danielles birthday as i said before. we went ice skating. im a pro. no question. cept i fell on my ass and couldnt get up but it was hilarious so its okay. it was me, kim, danielle, mary, biff, mundy, rachel, and maureen. we got kinda lost and danielle was freaking out but i had fun singing and such in the back. it was quite the adventure. we saw "fat bill" who i dont think is fat anymore. it was funny. me and biff had a dance too. we rocked. then we went to friendlys. that was so fun. omg it was great. lol. then me mary biff and kim went back to danielles and chilled and my mom came and got us at like 11, took biff home and kim slept over. we talked til like 2 or 3 i forget then we fell asleep.
we woke up at like 1215 bc we hadta watch emily lauren and michael. they played nintendo the whole time so that was easy. today was a lazy day. i didnt get dressed all day. kim left at like 430 and i didnt homework and went online for like the rest of the day. fun stuff. school tomorrow. im jealous. laur dont have school. but id rather go to school then where shes going lol.


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dont apologize i hope you choke and die [15 Feb 2004|02:52pm]
[ mood | listless ]
[ music | brand new ]

yesterday i went to kims at like 515. michelle was over and megan. we just chilled then bills mom picked us up and took us up franklin mills. padge drama but it was fine. we were gonna see "butterfly effect" but they wouldnt sell us tickeys. faggots. so we saw "you got suurrrrved". it wasnt that bad tho. not my type of movie. but it was alright. michelle was cracking me up. then after the movie we saw krista and joe. boy was i happy. they used megan for a ride home. but what do you expect. so they followed us around til we were ready to leave. i seriously hate that kid but oh well. he knows i dont like him so it dont matter. we saw like everyone from joshs up there too. at liek 9 different times tho. bill hid me from gary. i felt bad but i got over it. so megans dad took me michelle kim and kristyn back to their house and we just like talked about prom and all. i hate that tho bc then i get all scared that i wont have a date. any takers? lol. i dont know. i came home called danielle and then went to bed around 130.

today i had to get up at like 900 for my whole family over fora brunch for my grandparents anniversary. i like my family tho so it was fun. everyone left around like 2-230 and i think im gonna take a nap or something before i go out tonight. were going out for danielles birthday but i dont know what were doing. i dont think anyone does. we shall see. should be fun.

i want to be intoxicated.

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and im not so sure if im sure of anything anymore [14 Feb 2004|04:17pm]
[ mood | combative..says jen ]
[ music | taking back sunday ]

yesterday was fun. after school me kim and michelle went up academy plaza bc she had to get something for billiam for valentines day. then we took the bus up dunkin donuts and michelle went home. me and kim went back to kims. took a little break haha. then bill came over and we just hung out. then him and kim played camp out and i took a nap on the floor. very refreshing. then we walked billy to his gmoms house and my dad came and picked me up. i went home ate dinner then went over and got michael and brought him over my house. hes so cute. i love him. then lauren came over til like 830. then i went to acme and me and jen went to the movies at like 10. we saw "50 first dates". it was good i liked it. i thoguht i was gona be like a typical adam sandler movie which i wouldnt have minded but it was good. kinda sad tho. we got home at like midnight and i went to sleep at like 1230. good day.

then today i woke up at like 1130. opened the stuff my dad got me for valentines day. i got this candle thing. its cute. then cleaned for like 2 hours. talked to danielle. got a shower. dried my hair. and then im going over kims at like 5. then what who knows.

k im out. hasta luego.

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because its the same one thats shines above you and i [08 Feb 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | television ]

holler. i went out on a sunday. who does that? sunday is jesus day. right wenz? but anyway i arose approximately 11. did some homework and cleaning. very productive. i got a shower and stuff then went to rite aid to get girl stuff. i asked about the application. faggots aint hiring. dorks. so then my mom took to to kims. it was me, meg, kim, kristyn, and krista. then we went to meet the new boyfriend of miss kimberly reo. well for me to meet him. hes really nice. i like him. but the one real dickhead move i dont know about. that was real faggit-ish. but other than that. hes cool. his brothers hilarious. he kept making fun of krista. it was sooo funny lol. then we went back to megans. i love her family. theyre so funny. my mom picked me up at 8. good day good day. thats it. short one. unusual.


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"clay is a stalker.. ruben is saying sorry for a year that just started lol" hahahahahahaha [07 Feb 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | nada ]

gotta love her. lol. anyway yesterday it rained. and rained. and rained. me and kim went up the mills after school. it was fun but we got soaked. we came home. i got changed. walked kim to the bus stop. came back. talked to my father. did my hair. got dressed. called kevin. then marys mom came and took me to danielles for biffs party. it was fun. i miss hanging out with biff even tho i didnt really get to talk to her that much. i miss hanging out with all of them like i used to. but things change, people change. what are you gonna do. i talked to kevin kind of alot. that was cool. i barely see him this year compared to last year. eh like i said what are you gonna do. it was fun tho. i took pictures. my mom came at like 1130 and was flipping bc i didnt say the party was at danielles and she was waiting at biffs. i thought i told her tho and i felt really bad but she insisted on making me feel even worse and giving me the "self centered" talk. i guess shes right tho. got home around 12 took out the trash. and went to bed.

today i woke up at 1015 bc of the dog. sucked but oh well. i got a shower. went online and di some chores and such. then at like 130 i went out to lunch with my dad and my uncle dan for my dads birthday. we went to chickies and petes. good shit but now im realllyyy full. we just got home and now im off to fill out some SAT stuff. tonight? stay in? probly.

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URRBODY GOT SCURRRED [01 Feb 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | jens sleeping ]

k im gonna start from friday bc wednesday and thurday were basically exams, out, eat, home, sled/study. and thats boring.

so friday we had exams and i hadta stay later bc sr alice gets to make up rules for herself. so i got done at like 1115 and michelle and kim were waiting for me. we decided to go up pizza hut for lunch. michelle fell on the bus. omg i was like pissing myself. it was so funny. so we went to pizza hut. buffet yo! i saw the hease there. i was like aww hease. lol. so we ate then went to the mall where michelle spend like 900 dollars on a pair of socks. shes nuts. or maybe im just cheap haha. then at like 130 we took the bus back up around kims and went to 7-11 and dunkin donuts. i hadta go to the bathroom and then some butch chick gets in front of me. ho. so anyway then we saw greg and talked to him for a little then michelle went home bc she had work and i went over kims til like 5. then i came home ate dinner and kim got dropped off again at like 8. we went outside for a little then jill and her boyfriend came and picked us up. we got a talk from them about drugs. i was like oh? lol. then we drove around and ended up going to play laser tag. haha it was fun tho. everyone looked scary. i didnt like it haha. it was fun tho. then she dropped us back off but it was only like 1020 so we just walked in the freezing cold. saw krista. she said like hi then left i was like oh really? i didnt care tho. then we went in at like i forget. almost 11 i think. i got accused of drinking bc my eyes were red and supposedly i smelled like alcohol? lol. i dont know. then kim died at 1230 so i went to sleep too.

saturday. got woked up at 11 by the bitch ass dog of mine barking at god knows what and we bascially lair around til like 2. kim fell back asleep. i cleaned. then we got dressed and went down the hill for a little. sledded like twice then just walked around and had a little talk til we got too cold. then we came in. ate dinner. padge came and got kim bc she had work at 8. i got a shower. danielle came and picked me up and me her and biff went to target for a little. i was really hyper. danielle bought me gum so i took it off her tab lol. then we drove around some more. went to franklin mills for a little. saw amanda. (yeah i think ed and jim really dont like me lol oh well) then we went back to biffs but she didnt feel good so we went over marys and slept over. danielle made me a sandwich and iced tea (and its like BAM! SWEETNESS! hahahaha). then we watched tv omg we watched that extreme elimination challenge thing. we were seriously like peeing or like 20 minutes at some fat chink. it was soooo funny lol. then we watched something else and i fell asleep about 130.

today we woke up at like 930 bc marys british gmom was moving out. sad story. we just watched tv and stuff. danielle left early bc something i dont know she never finished telling me. and my dad came and got me at like 12. i came home showered, cleaned, ate, wtached full house, did some hw, and now im online. im very tired and this entry was long. like they usually are. alright im thirsty and i hafta call kim. peaceeeeeee

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of course i know where new jersey is i love chocolate cake. [28 Jan 2004|04:25pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | vacuum ]

that subject, i would just like to clarify, is dedicated to my lovely sister jennifer who thinks i dont pay attention to her. but i do. she just said "hook, line and sinker".

now. about the past few days.
umm monday it snowed like an inch and a half and we had off. i didnt think we would but we did so im not gonna complain. i basically spent the whole day in my room on the phone with kim. i thought it was fine. but the rest of my family bitched. oh well. everyone kept to themselves anyway. it was like 9 years ago so oh well.
tuesday we had school but i wasnt gonna go but i need books for assessments so i went. then we walked to the bus stop where kims aunt came to pick up her and kristyn. but then she took us to the mall to get krisytn boots and a jacket. fun times fun times. then we went to micky dees but i didnt get anything bc i wasnt hungry..surprising i know lol. then her aunt dropped my off. i ate dinner. sorta studied. took a shower. got my hair cut. watched tv. talked to kim on the phone. listened to music and went to bed.
then today we had gay ass assessments. phyics was a joke. it dont matter tho. she doesnt mark stuff and she makes up grades. i got a 96 last quarter by doing nothing so i aint complaining. then english was okay. typical didinato test. we got out at like 10 then me, kim, michelle, and mary walked krista home, i fell off a curb, then we took the auto (?? lol) up franklin mills and got mcdonalds breaky. very delicious. i was looking forward to it lol. then we walked back to the bus stop. mary fell lol. then mary went home and me and kim came back to my house. i felt bad michelle was the onlllyyy person on the bus. she hadta study or something. sad sad. then me and kim came back and put 9 layers on clothes on and got sleds and went down to the hill. we persuaded krista to come to. and she did. it was fun stuff. we were all like dead my the end tho. kim left at like 230 and i half cleaned my room. and now im doing nothing bc i have a headache from hitting my head on the ground lol. k well i thought this entry was gonna be short but i guess not. thats it. peace....

i cant wait for this weekend. i have a feeling its gonna be fun! *screams* hahahahahah some people man, very sad...

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some randomness for you.. [25 Jan 2004|03:24pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | fall out boy ]

laur slept over.
jeepers creepers is scary.
im tired.
no news is good news.
i need my long talk.
im tired.
it should snow right now.
i dont walk school tomorrow.
i hate math.
im tired of being the second choice, or third, or fourth.
why are things working backwards?
i hope jen likes what i got her.
shes 20 today.
but she has to work.
sometimes i wish i was little again.
people changed so much, especially this year.
i hate it.
lyrics explain my life.
"goodbye, nice to know you."

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gotta be gotta be gotta be gotta beeee well well well weeelllllll [24 Jan 2004|05:19pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | slo jamz lol ]

yesterday was a fun day..for the most part. after school me kim biff and danielle came back to my house and got changed and what not then took the bus/el downtown yo! we went to poes house for english but the guy on the el lied to us and told us to get off at the wrong stop so it was a hike and a half to get there bc we got off at the gallery where biff got harassed but not that far to get back. ass. so we got back to my house around 530 i guess it was. pretty good timing. i was so sick of buses tho lol. then biff and danielle left around 6 i guess. then me and kim ate dinner. krista called and said whatever we were doing she was coming. then me and kim went down to my aunts to see my little cousins..cutest little kids in the world i dont care what anyone else says lol. then we walked over to kristas where she was freaking out bc she thought we dicked her over bc my sister told her we went to kims lol. and we basically sat around debating what to do til like 915. meanwhile we got shotdown by gary lol sad i know (krista called him for a ride somewhere), we ditched bill (i thought we were gonna die lol), and we froze our asses off. then we decided to walk to acme and we saw my uncle in there and he gave us a ride home. thank go or i woulda been late. worked out well. so then me and kim went back to my house and i got clothes then stopped back at kristas for like 20 minutes. then we walked down to the bus stop at like 11 and got the bus back to her house. most annoying bus ride. the 2 girls in front of us were rolling a blunt and then all this little thugss are all obnoxious and shit im like alright can we shut the fuck up please. then we went to dunkin donuts. we went thru the drive thru hahah. them indians...fast service dude. i thought they were gonna pull a muscle. so i told them they better slow down bc we have alotta time to kill at like 1130 at night. so we walked home. freezing. left 19 message lol. we got back. drank hot chocolate. watched tv. went online. stuff. then we fell asleep on the couch at like 1 woke up at 3 bc ofdead arms lol. looked at snow. went in her room. died again lol.
today i woke up at like 1215 kim was twitching. then her eyes like shot open when our song came on the radio lol. i called my dad to pick me up at like 5 but that didnt work so we took pics to use the rest of the film then padge came at like 2. we went to walgreens to drop off pictures from downtown then went to micky dees for lunch (can you sat fatass? bc i can) then to the dollar store then back to walgreens but the pics werent dont so i got dropped off shower talked to laur and got dressed while my dad picked em up. and thats my day...
tonight im hanging outwith laur..woo hoo..finally andshes sleeping over. fun times. tomorrows jens birthday. pizza hut for dinner haha. k im out. late. lol

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[21 Jan 2004|08:05pm]
todays weird. and gay.
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hi jersey [19 Jan 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | starting line ]

an excerpt from kims journal

sunday..got up at 12:30 whoa.. lol.. then chilled got a shower.. came over kristens at like 4.. we chilled for a lil but called gary hahahah lmao fun shit.. ate dinner.. yum shitttt <3 lol we watched the game.. haha eagles lost lmao dont beat me up for saying that lol..me and kristen got married hahaha :) then we went downastairs and watched just married and friends 5 season holla lol.. then we listened to 900 cds.. called krista phone died. then we were up till like 3:30 then i died lol. kristen was trying to keep me up but it wasnt working haha..we didnt get to have our long talk :( noo lol we will tho ;)

monday.. woke up at like 9:50 planned on going to mickey d's for breaky but that didnt happen..we were gonna get up but we werre dead and it was frezzing but we didnt feel like walking all the way up there so we died woke up at like 1.. watched tv got mr wings <333 yummm lol now were chillin i needa shower lol. im not excited to go back to school im so pissed argo.. well i think i rote enough so ill stop now..

just change that around so it applies to me lol

i love kim

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taking her clothes off..oooh she naked [18 Jan 2004|08:46pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | game ]

gonna be short and to the point...madges tire fell off couldnt go out mary danielle and jess stopped over til 1030. i watched tv. died at 1.

survey...do it )

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your so goodat pretending everything is alright [17 Jan 2004|01:36pm]
[ mood | pensive ]
[ music | mbr, bitches! ]

yesterday school was school. after school kim came over and i cleaned, got dressed, and made padge lunch. then kristyn came over and we took the bus to acme to get kims check and saw the faggit. then we left and just caught the bus thanks to kristyn (that was so funny lol). so we went back to kims and just hung out. we ordered dinner. we had a feast (what else is new? hahah). then kim got a shower. i burned her by accident hahaha. then we were gonna hang out with bill but we both decided not to so we basically blew him off. oh well his fault. then we called michelle but she was at work so we called mary and danielle but they were sick or something. so we got dropped off at franklin mills. stayed there for like ten minutes then walked around for a little and got the bus back to kims. we went to dunkin donuts and got hot chocloate. delicious. we came back and then jill called so we went outside and talked to her in the car for a little. shes so nice. ("she just like stopes by to talk?" "so? thats nice" "why dont she drive me anywhere?" lol) she like yelled at kim for only calling her when she needs a "hook-up" im like thinking dont that mean a guy? but obviously it wasnt haha. then we went back in and jen called and came and got me at like 11. then on the way home kim called me but i couldnt hear her bc the phone sucks so i called her when i got home. we just talked about bullshit that happened earlier that night. i dont know. its gay. i cant wait til sunday. :) then i went to bed around 1 bc i thought my dad was coming down but it was only jen. i was mad. oh well
lets see...today...hmm..i did all the cleaning i hadta do and now i hafta shower and such. i dont know whats going on for tonight. its only like 1:30 tho so i have time. i got up early today. alright well thats all for now.
PEACE ("my dad thinks hes cool..." lol)

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you write the wrongggggg [13 Jan 2004|06:00pm]
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yoooo everyone! como es shaking? lol. so i decided to make another one of these dealies. there both gonna practically be the same..its just easier for me too look at peoples journals. i dont know. so anyway. here it is. have fun.


[ found hope inbroken light]

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