"So MiA...whadda do best?"..."Well..I um..I ROCK!"..;]   
01:56pm 03/08/2003
mood: bored
music: Cursive - Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Yeah, that was some funny shit there..read it.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I could kill Bunni like RIGHT now. We were sitting at our kitchen table and joking with each other, and he was saying that he could be like mid conversation with me and I'll see something shiney and just be like.."Ooo...shiney!":D ...and completely lose track of thought..and how he just throws his hands up and huffs. He said he was going to just start throwing extra shiney quarters on the bed when I start to yell at him...and I was trying to explain how dumb and blonde that makes me sound...while I was playing with a little container...all of the sudden it opened and 4380952 pennies fell out and I just bust out.."Pennies!!" :D..and he just laughed and fell out the chair.. AM I REALLY THAT BLONDE?!...he better get me something at the mall..he went to get new plugs, lunch and some other crap....I want some pins..he better bring me back some pins..;x...Damn my working...I could have went too and I only worked from like...10 to 1:30 today...but I peirced like 7 people...so..I guess it was productive...but I wanted to go with Bunni...-pout-...I'm gonna go cook something I guess...;|

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Oh yeah...   
04:27am 03/08/2003
  By the way...I swear to god I'm going to slit my wrists to Portishead and her whiney, depressing industrial form of emo..only see..Portishead was around before the "sytle" emo ever was...so...in conclusion...shut up and go download Portishead - Wondering Star...it's one of my favorite songs. :] G'night.  

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Awe...-love sigh-   
04:09am 03/08/2003
mood: loved
music: Portishead-Wondering Star
I woke up this morning first to the sound of rain, then to the soft scent of many different scented candles combining to make one delicate scent, then opened my eyes to stare right into the beautiful doe brown eyes of Bunni. God knows how long he'd been like that, a couple minutes, hours even. I had broke his stare for a second to look over at the clock but the electricity had gone out, hence the candles. Folks, you never will really NOT feel guilty for spending almost $200 bucks on black satin sheets and a EXPENSIVE hard to find black comforter, until you just sink right back into the bed, and appreciate the way everything just kinda caresses your body, and realize..that you have nothing to do until about 2 o'clock...and since time has seemed to stop...you have all day, to turn to your side, kiss the corner of his mouth and tell him how much you love him...watch him smile...then yawn and fall right back asleep in his arms....now that..is how I have ALWAYS wanted to wake up...and it finally happened...so guess what...I'm about to go to sleep so I can do it all over again in the morning. :] Goodnight world, you'll never know my happiness. :]

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