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Tuesday, June 10th, 2003
3:16 am
you are the only one that reads this, so shield your eyes becuase guess what
that's right.
that's what
bunny bunny bunny bunny buuunnnnnnnnyyyyy bunny!

god i hate deerhoof
but that song is so cute.

did someone mention cute?

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Monday, May 12th, 2003
7:21 pm

haha oh well.
im still sick and i want some gum.

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3:29 am
im so sick. i am about to go die again
nice knowing all of you

cough cough cough!!

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Sunday, May 11th, 2003
3:39 am - into the sky your bright eyes into my heart your cold water runs
you're the cutest really

this weekend was an absolute blast

everytime i die and hopesfall twice in one night. of means and ends and FIGHTS stupid kids in stupid shirts saying stupid things get dropkicked in the face by one jasonpr.
600 studios was introduced to the mosh last night. and they hated it. sucks for them since jfw is going to premiere there. and we will put that place in shambles. ban us. i dare you!
if you dont like america you can geeetttt out!

raise up the fuckin flag.

i love james. i am so glad hes back.
you're finished. im finished. this thing we had is through. i can't believe

i met the infamous fletcher, and the adorable lisa. whom didn't call me (david and sam had my number. tsk tsk.)

im going to go die.

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Friday, May 2nd, 2003
1:14 am
josh made the jfw logo and it made me cum in my pants.
i could sell these shirts for at least 20 bucks. kids would buy them
i didn't even tlak to her today and i thought about her multiplied by 2 3 even.
i mean shes so nice, sweet, etc. and hes so. blah. i shouldn't pass judgements like that
but after all i am matt robinson
dont tell me that. i know you.
you pass judgements like a mother fucker matthew.
you really do. meyow you little fishies

uh uh uh:

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2003
1:40 am
well now daniel is a nerdy bitch like me. what what

im starting a community tommorrow. more details then.

finding out disheartening information is always the worst.

next week xbox and finals.

shit is going to be awesome.

current music: les savy fav, the yeah yeah yeahs

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Tuesday, April 22nd, 2003
4:34 pm
wanna hear a story?
i made an 11 on a test
end of story.
shit's funny right?

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2:53 pm
i saw some journal on this site that was almost laughable earlier. like really, laughable. i even linked it to like 3 people with the heading "this must be a joke"

current music: tracy+the plastics

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11:19 am
this shit is so nerdy.

if you need me i will be writing 5 dozen papers all week
and i will NOT be at tracy and the plastics tonight
i will NOT be seeing one miss love of my life tonight.
and i will NOT be done with these papers EVER

current music: postal service

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2:31 am
fyi. i have a livejournal. i won't post in this often.
but today. battle of the bands. shit was nerdy, bluegrass band won. me and jessie decided we would start a band, be real pretentious, and win that shit.
when people tell us "hey you guys did a great job" we will reply with "duh, we know now buy me a drink or get away from me"
things like that
ducks crossing the street. firetrucks. shitttt. so funny.

current music: shai hulud

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12:09 am
i hate bitches.

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