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    Sunday, January 4th, 2004
    1:28 pm
    its been a long time
    well sorry for the long long tack of updats.....well i went to las vegas for new years and i was on tv...i also met the mayor of nevada. it was hella fun...lots of sexy guys in get hit on all the time. well i got back from vegas like on the second and then i went to my moms on friday and im here untill tonight at 7:30 then i come back on tuesday. its so cold in my house....brrrr

    yesterday i went to the mall with lauren...I hate the mall. Everything is too a smart thrift shopper...hehehe i went to the den last night for like halph in hour. i didnt go in tho. i saw the dude that sara likes...john he seems cool i guess. well grrr im super bored...i like tim. i think he is hella awsome. i wish i had something to do im so fukin bored!!!!!!! ok well im leaving
    Saturday, December 6th, 2003
    12:05 pm
    my back hurt
    i woke up at like ten this morning...Wow thats really early for me. well to day i really need to shower cause im like still in the cloths i was in from last nights show and i smell like b.o so bad that my mom would'nt even stay in the same room as me. My hair smells like sweat too. But our hot water heater is broken so like i can't shower. This sux hella bad. I smell horrifying!!!!! I wanna go to Saras and use her shower but no one is answering their phone....errrrrr

    well today i am gonna put up decorations for christmas with my mommy. I dont really like christmas. Well i mean like i dunno i guess i do but sometimes it seems depresing cause somehow christmas always goes wrong for me or something fucks up my day. I dunno y. I am searching the net for my christmas presents. I think im gonna get this op ivy sweatshirt. god shiping and handoling is hella sux like 7 buckzzzz

    my back hurts so bad right now. I always have back problems but i think i hurt it last night dad is gonna take me to the chiroprator soon. owwweeeee. i hate my stupid back!!!!!!

    well i am gonna go try to find somewhere i can shower cause i really sink bad!!!!! bye bye
    12:10 am
    well yeah i thought that i would accually be good at keeping a journal and writting in it everyday but i guess i was wrong. I just got back from the show.....Scattered Fall was hella awsome....there so so so so so so many people there. Pat got a green mohawk.He looks a lot different.He really confuses me cause like sometimes he is really nice and calls me and then other times he is like an asshole and he acts mean to me. He is a confusing person. I met this one really sexy dude...i forgot his name but like i told him i tought he was hott and he said i was too and we talked for a while then some how we got seperated so i didnt even get his numbre ...that sux ass

    well I met some new people tonight. They we all really nice. I got kicked in my left leg at the show and there is a bruise there like bigger and my hurts like fuck! I had a lot of fun tonight tho. I went to my old elementary school today and i saw all of them. It was cool they barely recognized me then they talked for ever and ever. It was fun tho i guess. Well like i kinda think Christina was cool tonight. She like accualy talked to me and it seemed like we were good friends again it was pretty cool. It seemed like she didnt act near as sluty as she usually does so i liked her. She acted hella cool.

    Well today is my stepmom roomate lady thats not with my dad's birthday. yeah thats confusing but its just Michelle's birthday. yeah i called her but no answer i got her some good presents....hummm christmas is comming up. i think im gonna be able to go to modesto for christmas...yay!!! i getta see anthony...cause i told my mom all i want for christmas is to go to laser quest in modesto and he lives right by it so yay thats awsome..but he won't tell me what to get him. He seems hella depresed lately and i hate it when he is like that. I like him so much!! I wish we lived closer to eachother...oh well ill try to write more often...buh bye
    Saturday, November 29th, 2003
    5:47 pm
    fun times!!!
    The show wasnt so great at the caffeine den but i saw Anthony and he looked hella hott!!!! We made out for like an hour. It was so much fun. I hella like him. I wish he lived closer to me though. I can't wait till he gets his car cause then we could see eachother all the time. He doesnt get his lisence for like another five months thought so that hella sux ass.

    Today was pretty fun. Sara spent the night at my house then we just walked to 7/11 and then to her house and just hung out for a while. I like going to her house. Even when her parents are fighting it's still fun over there. Well i just got 20 buckeroos for my grades...he he he ..and my dad is giving me like one hundred so i will use the 0 for myself and the hundred for others for christmas cause that way in not being greaty but i am still getting what i want. I'm gonna get both Thouhgt Riot albums. Thats gonna be hella awsome i got both albums.

    I can never finish writing in my journal cause people always come in my room and start to read what im writting and i hate when they do that! Well im about to go to my dad's in like a couple hours. Fuckin Christina was trying to flirt with Anthony and shit and unzipping her shirt a little more and more in front of him it was hella pissing me off. I told anthony that she was gonna hella try to get his attention and shit but he told me that he found no intrest in her so i was hella happy. I hella like him, like more than i have ever liked a guy before. She always stills guys. Then i called her today and i was like, do you think anthony is hot? She was like no, I don't think he is even cute but he is not ugly i just don't find interest in him. I was like yeah right then why the hell were you trying to get his attention and shit.

    Well i need to shower really really bad....I STINK so i will write when i get back from my dads...byeebyee
    Thursday, November 27th, 2003
    10:48 am
    YAY!!!! I
    Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
    11:23 pm
    fun day
    well lets see i woke up at like 12:00 ...had lots of sleep!!!yayers!! well them i went to the grocery store and i bought some doughnuttssss and noddles for breakfast

    Then I went to the Salvation Army and bought three plaid shirt...they keep me worm.Then my grandma took me to Walmart and i got this weirdo make up stuff.Then we went to a&w and KFC for some dinn dinn and i got a chiliechease burger and a rootbeer float and i dont know why know cause i dont like either one of those things.

    Sooo then i got back at like 6:30 i got ready for the show and then my uncle took me and I was a loner the whole time pretty much cause Sara took Christina with her and i dont really like hanging out with her cause I think she is not a good person. I dont disslike her i just dont think she is a very good person inside.But i hung out with Sara every one in a while.Pat is the biggest man whore ever....he was with another chick.H is a fukin slut.I can undersand tho cause he is hella hottt.

    So then my uncle picked me up at like 11:00 and he tok me to BOOgar King and i got a cheese boogar and then he droped me off at home and he took his April girlfriend lady home and then i told my mommy about the show since she didnt want to go.I told her it was the best ever and it was like paridice so she wishes she would have gone.She makes me hecka mad ..she says ..."you never spent any time with me" and i try to take her somewhere but she baills out on me and shyt ..then when i am home she is always asleep...she is confusing.I still love my mommy.

    tommarow im gonna hang out with sara probley or something.I miss hanging out with her.I have been a loner for the last couple weeks.rite now im like freezin my bizzalls off so im gonna get under the electric blanket i got from Walmart earlier....warmness!!!!yay!!!!!!!!

    byee byeee
    Friday, November 21st, 2003
    5:49 pm
    boring day
    today was really boring but hopefully the weekend makes up for it.I am gonna rent hella movies tonight and be all by myself cause everyone is grounded.Then im going to thw show on saturday....yeppers and my mom is going lol...that will be funny.Man im fawken bored i really have nothing to do rite now.

    I wish i had more friends....oh man i fell hella bad for christinas she just got out of the safe house...i think she will probley end up killing herself befor she is even 18.She is so suicidle and depressed all the time.I wonder what made her take up drugs and everything.When i knew her she was hecka good and sweet but now she just fucks every guy she sees and is on all kinds of drugs.

    I would never do drugs.Its in my family and like i see how bad my mom is when she is on it and i use it as a way of learning what would happen when ur on drugs.So i use it as a lesson.Even tho my mom has problems she is a good mom i love her so much sometimes i even think shes a better parent than my dad cause at least i can talk to her and be honest.I cant tell my dad anything about me.He just doesnt understand me.Im really glad they r divorced tho.

    im gonna go walk to blockbuster and rent some movies and get some ice cream and a buch of junk food and have the living room all to myself tonight since every one is going out except for me
    Thursday, November 20th, 2003
    1:57 pm
    just another day
    man today was cool...scott gave me a lot of corn dogs but i got him back.........he is like the evil little midget. im gonna take my mom a a date weeehoooo oh yea man thats jerry springer style!!!!!1

    i love my mommy...i even getta extra day with her this week im soo happy!!! so on saturday i can go to the show..yay!!!!
    I watched the vistoria secrets model thinger was sooooo sexy....i even recorded it...he he he he im not lesbo i just think its very sexy!!!!!! im weirdo

    i need to get rid of my dog any one who need a dog please tell me cause i need a home for it..its a copper brown female...she looks like the santas little helper dog off of the simpsons....i cant take her to the pound..ill cry so please someone take this dog!!!!!!
    Saturday, November 15th, 2003
    5:56 pm
    this is my journal thing and its new and ive never had one before so its like a new born baby out of their mommys tummy...yeppers thats what it feels like

    Current Mood: calm
    Current Music: the hoky poky