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July 1 2003
11:23 am
a faith called chaos

my fist hurts and theres a hole in my wall because im a fucking baby.
i give up.

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June 22 2003
10:51 pm
every time i die

today landry and i:

stole money from my sister.
went to the grocery store and bought gushers.
busted them and threw them at each other.

went swimming.

asked my mom if we could give her a haircut.
she said no.

fought over reagan.

THAT is what being best friends is all about.
tru playa fa'real. thats ma nigga fa'real.

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June 21 2003
11:20 pm

landry and i beat each other with annas sisters barbie dolls hair.
...if that made sense.
i know it did to you. <333

then we got online and harassed people under her name.
when we left her warning level was at 55 percent.
so she yelled at us.
whatever bitch.

and landry is still here.
i swear we are joined at the hip this weekend.
cool. i always wanted a twin.

al tv is the funniest fucking thing EVER.


7:45 pm
every time i die

my mom and dad are in there fighting about clipping the dogs nails.

me and landry made msn names: rushybabi_666 & landrys_69_lips.
next will come new aim names. i can feel it.

i need to get out of this house.


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