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[30 Nov 2002|02:18am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

im not into everyone reading what i write about the daily events of my life therefore this journal is friends only. please read the following :
i made this journal for me...therefore i will write what i want whenever i feel like it. the last thing i need are offensive remarks from people that barely know me so if your just gunna add me so you can put me down then please dont bother.
i dont comment unless i feel that my opinion needs to be stated. so if you want a friend that'll comment on every single post of yours then i guess im not the friend for you.
you want to be added, make sure you comment on this post. this will be the only public post you'll see. just ask to be added; then add me. i'll comment back to you and let you know i've added you.
please dont leave me comments requesting icons, graphics, layouts, or blinkies because lately i havent had the time to fullfill every request i get.

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