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09:19am 16/10/2003
mood: blah
Soooo, i thought i'd make an account on this one & get rid of the other diary crap! ... even though after about 5 entries, i will probably abonden this!
Anywho, i'm like mega bored,which is half the reason i made this!
Ellie keeps going up the stairs all the time, shes seen some chocolates, so now she wants them! Which reminds me, i have to bath her seen i gave in and now she has chocolate all over herself!
I was totally pissed off yesterday, the fucking bank machine swolloed andys card, so we had to go into town to the bank to withdraw money, well because we were TWO MINUTES late, they wouldn't let us, cunts!
I am so dying for a digital camera, one that actually works!
Right, i'm gona stop blabbering on about shit! And bath my little chocolate monster...