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BLACKTASTIC! [30 Jun 2003|09:35am]
All right. I believe I've procrastinated in my updating for long enough, and I probobly should post something, considering I have a paid account, and I don't want money going to waste.

Whelp, I suppose.. I'll mention the phone thing, since I mentioned something about getting one, and dropping America On-Line a few posts ago. I found out that the phone I'm getting, is a Nokia, and that it will be arriving at my father's house some time today, and then he's going to send it out to me, which will leave me getting the phone some time around.. I believe Thursday, or perhaps Friday.. depending on the mail system. The phone is supposed to have no roaming charges, and just so I don't get fucked over during the day, it has a free during the day range of Pennsylvania to Maine, so my calls to my Dad, and the New York area, and the calls back home and to people like Brandon are all covered. I also have caller ID, voice mail, and I think text messaging.. and the usual "free nights and weekends" deal. ...Frankly, all I needed was the ability to call and receive calls.. but hey, anything extra is cool with me. I also sent in the call for my AOL account to be executed. WAOL that ...Bi-otch!

Now, I just need to head over to the mall or something, and get some CD cases to hold all of my games and DVDs, so I don't have to lug around 5,000,000 little boxes. I also need to pick up a new electric shaver, since my current one decided that it doesn't need to work properly anymore. Then of course, there is the obligatory clothes shopping.. especially considering I think my sneakers are a month or two away from just falling apart on me. That, and I've been losing all of my pants lately, since the house keeper is a kleptomaniac.. and I really need more pants before I go off to college, otherwise it's gonna be like a comic book, where the guy wears the exact same thing every day... and while that would be cool and different, I imagine it wouldn't smell to nice. I also need to head over to the bank and get me a debt card, or something along those lines.. and all of this shit needs to be done rather promptly, considering I leave in.. oh, about 11 days.

I'm heading over to my cousin's house on July 3rd (at 12:00 AM no less..), because I need to be there for some family gathering on the fourth.. and my cousin Brian is determined to come pick me up, since my Dad is unable to come down this year, due to work or desire to avoid the family... something like that. Well, they have a pool, and it's something to do, and it gets me out of this fun house I live in for a while, so I'm all for it.

That's about it, for now..but if any of you are wondering where that "BLACKTASTIC!" thing came from, I suggest you go check out http://www.mallmonkeys.com, which is a funny online comic that pokes fun at stereotypes and what not, and how people are all around stupid. I would say to start from the beginning, but I suppose they're so damn random that you could read them in almost any order.
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Pictures [21 Jun 2003|10:05am]
I was bored this morning, so I decided to take more updated pictures.. I figured some of you would be interested in seeing them, since you always bombard me with comments whenever I make a new icon of myself... That, and it also lets me get away with updating, without actually saying anything.

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid )

I swear.. I have the smile of drunken hobo.. and now I look similar to one.
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[18 Jun 2003|05:51pm]
S'alright. It's been a couple of days since the last time I updated this, and I actually have some news to update on, so here we go.

First of all, the date of my move to the school has been confirmed.. and it will take place on July 10th, 2003, with my classes taking place starting July 14th, 2003. It looks like that whole X-2 thing was the last chance you had to actually hang out with me for a long time Brandon.. hope you enjoyed missing out on it, lol.

What begins now, is the preparing.. first of all, I've gotta trash AOL, and get a cell phone.. what I'm looking for, is a company that offers free long distance. Preferably, on a set price plan, and not a "you have so many minutes" deal.. but I'll take that if it's all I can find. If any of you people know a good plan, let me know as soon as possible, because I wanna get the phone before I actually leave to make things easier.

Aside from that, I obviously need to get some new clothes.. since it's been a while since I really needed to get new duds, and I'm frankly running out of pants, now that the cleaning lady keeps randomly losing the clothing of the family.. I believe Mom also mentioned something about getting me a new DVD remote, and a new TV.. to kill some of the problems that I've been having with the electronics as of late.. She's being awful generous these days.. Well.. better late than never, I suppose.
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[12 Jun 2003|07:30pm]
Well, I've got the graphic up, thanks to Sabrina.. So now, aside from the obligatory shopping for new clothes that actually fit, I'm more or less finished as far as my preparations go for the move to my new location, and home. Now I've just gotta come up with a list of questions to ask the guy that's calling me on Monday about the school.. Of course I've gotta ask which date I should get up there, and of course if they have a work study program. Anybody have any other ideas for good questions?

Bleh, I never did get to see The Italian Job. My cousin never got around to calling me.. maybe I can convince Jay to go or something. God damned overpriced movie.

- Justin
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[11 Jun 2003|07:10am]
Well, I decided it'd probobly be a good idea to adjust to things as soon as possible, and since I'm dropping AOL, considering I only use it for games, I went ahead and make a yahoo e-mail address (mental_expansion@yahoo.com). I also made a new user info graphic, considering I used the AOL servers to host my pictures.. but I'll need somebody wih a website to host it.. meaning I'll have to ask Sabrina later.

I'm not sure exactly when I'm dropping the AOL though, since I still need two of the names for mail services, considering my cousin Jennifer knows one, since she got it from my Dad, and has yet to e-mail me.. so I gotta wait for her to do that so I can tell her of the change.. and also, the other name is known by the administration guy at the school, so I'll have to tell him of the change at some point, but considering my mom wrote the AOL name on all the papers.. that'll have to wait for a little while... at least until it's sent in... but once that's done, I can start looking into cell phones.

I also gotta get some pants and shirts and everything, so I have... y'know.. stuff to wear. Considering I've only got a few at the moment, since stuff either ripped, or just is too damn small for me now. ..but that can be delt with later. I'm gonna have to head to the college to take a test sometime at the end of July (I think it's July.. might be June).. So more than likely, I'll be getting most of the getting ready stuff done in August, before I go.

- Justin
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VICTORY! [10 Jun 2003|05:43pm]
Well, I spoke to the administrations guy at the Art Institute this afternoon, and he said I was ACCEPTED! Justin is going to college!

All I have to do, is do this test to determine if I need any review classes (I.e. Math.. lol), and I have to talk to the guy again, at three PM on June 16th.. where I can go over my classes, and the schedule and any questions I might have..

That reminds me.. Brandon, the guy told my mom tha the cable modem is already put into the dorms.. so I don't think I'll need the card, so we'll have to move on to plan B.. lol

Now begins step one of getting my life back on track.

- Justin
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Party like a rockstar.. kick a little ass. [09 Jun 2003|08:16pm]
As an update, to the whole school thing..

I received a large envelope in the mail from the school, which basically was a collection of forms to fill out about financial aid, and school sponsored housing. According to Sean, they wouldn't even bother sending me this, if they didn't intend to accept me.. So I may be going to the school, as soon as this September.

I think, I may be dropping AOL once I go to the school, since I only kept it around for a few games, and I won't have enough time to follow them anymore. What this means, is I'm likely to grab a cell phone, so my mom and dad can bug me (which would mean, it'd have to be one of those free long distance deals)...and who knows. A select few of you might gain access to my number, in that case.

Lets hope everything works out.. and all this means what I think it means.

- Justin
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Bleh [09 Jun 2003|02:48pm]
I've still not heard anything from the school, which is why I didn't bother updating recently. After all, I'm sure you all don't want to see "no update today", over seven hundred times. Maybe if I actually had something else worth talking about or something, but when all I have to talk about is the school itself, that's more or less a waste of time.

So, I'll just shut up and listen to my russian version of "All the things she said" by T.A.T.U., just because it's hilarious. I'm supposted to see The Italian Job, with my cousin Rob tommorow, so hopefully that plan will remain in tact, so it's not just me sitting on my pasty white ass again.

On any account, later tonight I'll have Marc & JimBo's radio show to listen to (http://www.live365.com/stations/marc_and_jd). Currently, they only have the station active, when they're actually talking on it.. but considering they pay for the use of the server, I'm trying to convince them to have music playing while they're not on, to get as mich use of the station as they possibly can. They usually turn on the show around 10 or 11.. so feel free to check it out.. I command you.

- Justin
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[05 Jun 2003|04:15pm]
Whelp.. I still haven't receive any sort of response from the school yet.. But considering that I just recently applied, I didn't expect to get an answer immediatly. However, I've had about four people ask me I got an answer thus far, so perhaps I could be wrong.. I'm not exactly sure which way they're going to respond to me either, be it via e-mail, via letter, or.. just via phone. I'm sure I'll find out eventually, and hopefully it'll all be good news. I'm looking forward to going there and getting the ole' life restarted on a good note.

I've decided that it probobly is a good idea not to get myself too worried about it.. Sean seems to be 100% sure that I'm going to be accepted, and he's a pretty level headed little negro, so I trust his judgment.. and even if I don't get accepted, I could always hang out at a community college in the area, and retake my SATs down the line, in the hopes of getting a better score. Of course, I'd rather just get all of this school stuff done as soon as possible -- I gotta get out of this damn house.

- Justin
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Blargh [04 Jun 2003|12:04pm]
Well, that was a pain in the ass..

I got the application for the college finished and sent in, but it didn't go smoothly. First of all, I accidentally wrote the credit card address wrong, and it gave me an error.. So I had to go back, and it just so happened, that at that EXACT moment, they decided to put the website up into maintanance mode..

So I was stuck staying up until THREE IN THE MORNING, just so I could actually send in the application. Needless to say, I wasn't especially happy, during the time I was stuck waiting..

Well, on the other hand, I'm happy I go it over with... not I'm just extremely worried they're not going to accept me, as is the feeling for everybody when applying to a school. Either way, it sucks.. and I wish they would hurry up and fucking answer me.

- Justin
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