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[28 Jan 2003|02:39pm]
the house was old. floorboards creaked, and windows were cracked. it was a three story building; who knows what is was before. the porch leading to the front door wrapped around to the side of the house, part of it had collapsed. there was a swing in front of the window.

first floor: from the front door there lead a flight of stairs. looking up, you could see all the way up to the third story hallway. on the right there was a kitchen with a bar; small, yet still accessible. past the kitchen was a small hall with a door on each side: one leading to a half bathroom, the other leading to the basement. at the end of the hall was once a door to the side porch, but that was boarded up since that part of the porch had fallen apart. turning around, you could see the large "living room" with a few dingy chairs, an old couch, a mattress in one of the corners, a small black and white tv, and book case with books that look as if they've never been read. and to the left of that room was another large room that was never really used.

second floor: up the stairs. there's a hall as each side. and each side has six rooms and a full bathroom.

third floor: on the left there's one large room which holds a piano and a few other instruments. the room's encased in floor to wall mirrors. down the right hall.. there are four rooms and two bathrooms.

attic: francis's room. no one really know's what's up there.

basement: your average basement.. cement floor. insulation as wallpaper. there's a fuseball table, pool table, and air hockey down there.

okay.. so i was lazy to put in full effort. deal. you should atleast get the "jist" of it. if not.. then you're a dumbass.

[28 Jan 2003|01:15am]
okay. the board's up. PEOPLE START JOINING!.. i'll have descript. and my character's first post up...as soon as i feel like it.

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