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    Sunday, June 6th, 2004
    1:50 pm
    i gOt plans fO fridaii *hee-hee*
    tOday i wuz talkin toO bObby we gOn chill 2mOrrO we gOn wear black nd white we gOn loOk soO cute 2getha lOl n e wayz last night muh ex called meeh bak toO get bak wit meeh nd toO tell meeh hes sOrry i tOl him tha i didnt wanna get bak nd he asked meeh if i really liked him nd i said it dOnt matter n e mO tOmOrrO are finals lOl i gOtta cOme up wit ways toO cheat nd start writing lil notes soO i gOtz toO bOunce n e wun gOt n e idea? lOl
    Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004
    10:27 pm
    itz that goOd Or badd?
    wellz muh bOiifriend brOke up wit meeh. he thinks im avOiding him.-nOt true- but yea im been busy lately. mondaii-i wuz in a bitchy moOd cuz i wuz really wOrried cuz Ov muh cOusin tuesdaii-i came hOme wit a bigg azZ headache i toOk 2 pillz nd knOcked duh fuk Outnd wednesdaii-(2daii)i wuz chillen wit muh best friend cuz we havent chilled in a while nd when i gOt hOme he called me nd brOke up wit me lOl in a way thats goOd cuz i dOnt have toO wOrry bOut him nOt finding Out n e thang.
    Tuesday, June 1st, 2004
    9:19 pm
    im sO cOnfused
    a prOblem that alOt Of grl have: i gOt a bOiifriend but i like muh clOses guy friend. i been hearing arOund that he likes me but i hadd rejected him cuz i hadd mentiOned Once that he wuzent bOiifriend material. i really dOnt wanna fuk up thangs fO us but i wanna tell em nd i dOnt knO hOw toO nd nOt fuk it up. i dOnt wanna hurt muh bOiifriends feelin tampOcO i just want him toO loOse intrest in meeh but hes kinda Obsessed nd i knO he wOnt. i dOnt want muh friend toO find Out but its kinda Obious nd he aint stoOpid at all.
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