The Queen Bee Is Royally Pissed   
07:49pm 27/06/2003
mood: angry
music: None
I had a pretty sucky day...let me update ya'll.

It started off okay. I did the usual, went to the gym and got dirty looks from the snotty girls because I was using "their machine". So then I went to McDonalds. I went through the drive thru. I wanted a mighty kids meal with a 6 piece chicken nuggets and large coke. The mighty Kids meal wasn't on their board, so when I received the typical "Welcome to McDonalds, can I take your order?" I asked, "Do you have the Happy Meal with a 6 piece chicken nuggets?" I received, "What would you like to drink with that?" as a response. Now, right away, I am not dumb enough to believe that this guy understands English completely. I couldn't have a philosophical conversation with him about the joys of physics but I was hoping he at least understood typical McDonalds terms. So I said "A LARGE coke, please." He gave me my total, I drove around. At the window, I asked them for any toy other than the turtle (Finding Nemo, for my little cousin, she collects them). I pulled up to the second window. I asked the girl for honey. She gave me my drink and the Happy Meal bag without putting honey in it. I asked again. Finally, after a game of charades and Pictionary combined, I was able to tell her what I wanted and she gave me ONE packet of honey. I pulled away, shaking my head in amazement at how no one at that McDonalds spoke English.

I pulled out of McDonalds and saw that the car wash center was giving part of their profits for cancer research. My car was dirty so I thought I'd get it washed and have at least a fraction of my money to go towards fighting cancer. So I gave the guy the usual $20 and started moving into the big brushes and all that crap. I drove out and started home. I got out of the car and set my drink on top of my car so I could get my food out. I did a double take of the roof and saw this big ass scratch in the roof. Okay, this is my dream car, something I've been wanting for a while and just recently got. It's a 2002 BMW Z4 Roadster...with a 10in. scratch that sticks out like a black banana in a bed of white rice. Ahhh yes, new paint job. Great.

When I got inside, I looked in my bag to find a 4 piece chicken nuggets and a turtle toy.

On a better note...Can I admit that I have a huge crush on Mr. Tom Green? I think his personality is so adorable. He may be an idiot, but a funny one. My friends think that he looks like a moose that's high. I don't know, I think it's just his humor. I love him lol.
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