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[29 Mar 2004|03:13pm]
You are "Waste of Paint". You can be a
very over analyzing person and you are sort of
lost. You aren't really sure where you're going
with your life but for now you hold some hope
that you will indeed get to where you are
going. Oh yeah, and that thing called
"love", you feel it's just a game of
chance. A game you are not good at.

Which BRIGHT EYES song are you?
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You are "Oh You are The Roots That Sleep
Beneath My Feet and Hold the Earth in
Place". Alright, Alright, we know, you're
in love. How grand. Your special someone, or
the you wish was your special someone is pretty
much your world. This person is your strength
and you find nothing else in the world to be
relevant right now. It must be cool to be in

Which BRIGHT EYES song are you?
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You are "Lets Not Shit Ourselves (To Love and
to Be Loved)". You are cautious of your
actions and if you feel you'll end up being
hurt in a situation, you avoid it. You like
things in life to be real and pure, and you
hate the News on TV. To you, love is a puzzle
that you once felt a piece of but now you have
learned to focus on other things. You want to
get away from where you are.

Which BRIGHT EYES song are you?
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You are "Bowl of Oranges". You see life
to more than what most people do and you
genuinely care about people. You feel art and
music is the sure way of lifting your spirits.
You wish others could have appreciation like
you do, but, unfortunately, you are probably
the only one.

Which BRIGHT EYES song are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You are "When the Curious Girl Realizes She is
Under Glass". You like thoughts of being
with loved ones and being devoted. You tend to
be selfish, but in an artistic way, or at least
you claim it is for art. Oh yeah, and pills are
very good friends of yours. (or they should

Which BRIGHT EYES song are you?
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[20 Mar 2004|07:54pm]
Funeral For A Friend
You're very in touch with your emotions and
that's what I like about you! It's all about
the music for you... I have pity for your
tortured're just like me...

What genre of rock are you?
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PICTURE DAY [26 Feb 2004|09:06pm]
[ mood | content ]

okay, well, PD is a band from Chicago and Minkus is a cutie who is in this hot band and he sent me this song and i love it, i cant get it out of my HEAD!!! i really do like it, like i wasnt kidding when i told him i did. If you wanna check them out go to:

this is their song, its awesome


You were the first girl that i came to think was worth my time
How right am i now i dont know
not boring to talk to like other girls
and you talk about and show....

How you feel.... what you say is real...
Not fake not lame your not ashamed

There always is a spot for you in my arms
ill protect you from all harm
there always is a spot for you in my arms
ill protect you from all harm

Ive never met someone who could hold my attention
without talking about what i want to
you listen to my thoughts and give me feedback
and you talk about and who

How you feel...... what you say is real.....
Not fake not lame you stay the same

There always is a spot for you in my arms
ill protect you from all harm
There always is a spot for you in my arms
Ill protect you from all harm

Alisa is the most bestest person ever!


i am writing to you @ 9:14 in the PM

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[23 Feb 2004|06:56pm]
[ music | watching the littlest groom! ]

theses concerts i wouldnt mind going to...but i wonder who i would take?...
i copy and pasted these from the edge site:

2004-03-10 @ 6:30 PM Grandaddy
Marquee Theatre
Who's playing?
Grandaddy, Saves the Day, Fire Theft

okay, saves the day, with alisa? going to ask her...i hope she will want to go! and maybe my cousin...i dont know, i hope one of them says yes...and can go! and wont leave me hoping for them to answer or say they cant

2004-03-20 @ 5:30 PM Spring Slamboree
Mesa Amphitheatre
Who's playing?
Something Corporate, Yellowcard, The Format

okay, this one woild be cool too. but hmm...i dont know who would want to go...AHHH MAYBE RYAN!! I MEAN, HE DOES LIKE THE FORMAT...but then again, hes not exactly my friend...yet...mybe...umm NEXT!

2004-03-25 @ 6:00 PM The Get Up Kids
Marquee Theatre
Who's playing?
The Get Up Kids

this one is a hard one...come on, dont lots of people like the get up kids???? but who to take?!?!?!?

2004-04-15 @ 6:30 PM The Darkness
Marquee Theatre
Who's playing?
The Darkness


2004-05-01 @ 2 days! Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival
The Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA
Who's playing?
More than SEVENTY bands and DJs!
Additional Info:

Tickets go on sale Saturday, February 14th at 12noon @ ticketmaster. Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival returns for 2 days, May 1st and 2nd @ the Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA. More than 70 bands and DJs... Radiohead, The Cure, The Pixies, Kraftwerk, Flaming Lips, Air, Basement Jaxx, Thursday, Belle and Sebastian, Wilco, Paul Van Dyk, Bright Eyes, Atmosphere Plus: The International Noise Conspiracy, BRMC, The Rapture, Future Sound of London, Kinky, Cursive, Stereolab, Heiroglyphics, Le Tigre, Death Cab for Cutie, The Crystal Method, Sparta and more!

HOLY SHIT THIS WOULD BE THE ULTIMATE!! but its in california!!! ohh man i bet i wont get to go to this one...BUT MAYBE JUST MAYBE FLORENCIO WILL CONVINCE HIS PARENTS...since he LOVES The Cure.

2004-06-23 @ 7:00PM No Doubt and Blink 182
Cricket Pavillion
Who's playing?
No Doubt and Blink 182
Additional Info:

i know, i know, but i like the new blink Cd...and me and Flo wanna go, but i heard this ones gonna cost a lot for tickets $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

HarDCoReME764 (6:58:21 PM): oooo sure u can get online but u cant go 2 schoool??
HarDCoReME764 (6:58:21 PM): huh?
HarDCoReME764 (6:58:23 PM): huh?
TForlornHope (6:58:25 PM): hahaha
TForlornHope (6:58:27 PM): im sorry
TForlornHope (6:58:39 PM): i missed alot today huh?
HarDCoReME764 (6:58:52 PM): i waz lonly u left me alone w/ those loonatics
HarDCoReME764 (6:59:03 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ahhhhhhhhhhh it waz scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:59:22 PM): hahahaha awwwwwww im so sorry!! i would have crapped my pants if i was you!
TForlornHope (7:00:16 PM): i stayed up too late last night and woke up at like 9:00 hehe then i didnt fell like going to lang arts cause i didnt do my hw so i just stayed
TForlornHope (7:00:28 PM): feel**
HarDCoReME764 (7:01:19 PM): oooooo lol koool koool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:01:34 PM): lololollololololololololololololololololololololololol
HarDCoReME764 (7:01:44 PM): im, watrchin the littlest groom lol!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:01:57 PM): ohh haha is it a funny show?
HarDCoReME764 (7:02:37 PM): i know lol!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:03:06 PM): would you go out with a midget??
HarDCoReME764 (7:05:50 PM): oooooo yes all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:06:06 PM): haha the shorter the better??
HarDCoReME764 (7:06:33 PM): ooooo ya lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:07:04 PM): lol oooo partying midgets!!! WHOOOO!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:07:30 PM): woooooooo r u watchin it??
TForlornHope (7:08:08 PM): yeah
HarDCoReME764 (7:08:38 PM): lol itz kool!!!!!!!!!11
HarDCoReME764 (7:08:44 PM): theres big people!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:09:20 PM): i got me hair cut but u didnt get 2 se it!!!!
TForlornHope (7:09:24 PM): i know!!! is it like the little people and the big people are competting for this short guy??? or what?
TForlornHope (7:09:30 PM): ahhh really?
TForlornHope (7:09:40 PM): whats it look like?
HarDCoReME764 (7:10:03 PM): itz short but not really short itz like 2 me shoulderz
HarDCoReME764 (7:10:04 PM): lol
HarDCoReME764 (7:10:06 PM): brb k
TForlornHope (7:10:13 PM): ok
HarDCoReME764 is away at 7:10:39 PM.
TForlornHope (7:16:24 PM): i think im worrying!:-\....
Auto response from HarDCoReME764 (7:16:24 PM): illl be bak dont worry!!!!!!!!

HarDCoReME764 returned at 7:17:02 PM.
HarDCoReME764 (7:17:07 PM): ok bak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:17:14 PM): OHH THANK GOD!
HarDCoReME764 (7:17:23 PM): i want 2 go 2 my jaccuzi
HarDCoReME764 (7:17:30 PM): that would be fun!!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:17:34 PM): ooowait brb
TForlornHope (7:17:39 PM): okay
HarDCoReME764 is away at 7:26:06 PM.
TForlornHope (7:31:02 PM): hey brb i gotta go see what my little brothers are babysitting!! BLAHHH!!! okay?? dont go!!!
Auto response from HarDCoReME764 (7:31:02 PM): brb !!!!!!!!

HarDCoReME764 (7:42:26 PM): u bak??

Auto response from TForlornHope (7:42:26 PM): Jaw Droppings.

HarDCoReME764 returned at 7:42:26 PM.
TForlornHope (7:42:47 PM): ok im back!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:44:15 PM): koooooooooool!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:44:37 PM): so what did you do in FACS?? was it gayer than usual??
HarDCoReME764 (7:45:59 PM): ya cuz u werent there!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:46:09 PM): we learn how 2 sew 2 moroow
HarDCoReME764 (7:46:13 PM): ooo joy!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:46:26 PM): i still have 2 trim aand pin mine!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:46:27 PM): lol
TForlornHope (7:46:46 PM): hahaha i will be right there with you trimming and pinning!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:47:02 PM): lol yay!!!!!!!1
HarDCoReME764 (7:47:11 PM): now dont sleep in 2 late 2morrow!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:47:26 PM): ill try!!
TForlornHope (7:47:39 PM): hehe...i will!
HarDCoReME764 (7:48:03 PM): lol!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:48:13 PM): i waz wet all day 2 day!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:48:18 PM): lol it sucked
HarDCoReME764 (7:49:04 PM): lol it waz cold
TForlornHope (7:49:21 PM): i know! i was sleeping and watching TV in bed all day!
HarDCoReME764 (7:49:35 PM): lol that soundz like fun!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:49:54 PM): i went to the trampoline and it was wet and it was so cool, its better!
TForlornHope (7:50:01 PM): it was!
TForlornHope (7:50:26 PM): oh hey guess what?????
TForlornHope (7:52:33 PM): ????!!!!!!!!?????????
HarDCoReME764 (7:53:11 PM): wat wat wat???????
TForlornHope (7:53:36 PM): SAVES THE DAY @ THE MARQUEE THEATRE MARCH 10TH 2004!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, wow im so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

HarDCoReME764 (7:54:32 PM): omg do u have ticketz???????????
TForlornHope (7:54:53 PM): no i wanna go so bad!!! im trying to get some though!
HarDCoReME764 (7:55:46 PM): omg how much r they i dont have any money if u get extra take me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:55:52 PM): but if/when i get tickets would you want to go??
TForlornHope (7:56:11 PM): okay i'll try to get some!! yay!!
HarDCoReME764 (7:56:31 PM): yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (7:57:27 PM): cool!!! i didnt know if you wanted to go so now i can tell my mom i HAVE to get them!!
TForlornHope (7:57:34 PM): im gonna see how much they are brb!
HarDCoReME764 (7:58:30 PM): kk
TForlornHope (8:00:35 PM): ahh theyre not on sale yet:-( im pretty sure i can get them though i have $83 dollars in my piggy bank!
HarDCoReME764 (8:01:21 PM): lol good 4 you save in up that cash!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (8:01:55 PM): i am!!! there are lots of concerts that i wanna go to so ive been saving up since like thanksgiving last year!
HarDCoReME764 (8:02:19 PM): lol iv never been 2 a concert!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (8:02:19 PM): but i keep taking out money so i have less:-X bad habits!!!
HarDCoReME764 (8:02:31 PM): lol isnt that sad
TForlornHope (8:02:44 PM): ahh me either so thats way i have been saving up...dont worry i feel like a loser too!! hehe
TForlornHope (8:03:00 PM): actually, lots of people havent
TForlornHope (8:03:15 PM): its wierd...i thought lots of people have!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (8:03:53 PM): lol ya!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (8:04:22 PM): are you watching big fat obnoxious fiance???
HarDCoReME764 (8:05:35 PM): ya omg that sux her family will object and she wont get the money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (8:06:17 PM): haha i know!! i would do that in a split second for 1 million dollars!
TForlornHope (8:07:01 PM): its not like youre really getting seems too easy!
HarDCoReME764 (8:07:21 PM): i know but her fdamily is like ya i dunno!!!
TForlornHope (8:07:52 PM): ohh i know that will suck if they object!! id scream my head off if they did!
HarDCoReME764 (8:08:18 PM): they doooo
HarDCoReME764 (8:08:32 PM): i waz watchin the preview thing and the dad standz up
TForlornHope (8:09:00 PM): uh oh!!! aww man that sucks!! all that for nothing!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (8:09:32 PM): lol ya

HarDCoReME764 (8:16:22 PM): hey g2g okay bey bye
HarDCoReME764 (8:16:26 PM): c u 2morroow
TForlornHope (8:16:29 PM): okay see you tomorrow!
TForlornHope (8:16:31 PM): bye
HarDCoReME764 (8:16:40 PM): bye



watching big fat obnoxious wedding....theyre walking down th aisle!!


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[22 Feb 2004|08:57pm]
[ mood | sore ]

Friday was the most eventful day.
Okay, wow. i dont remember pretty much anything besides 3rd period and after 5th..
i feel like crying just typing this...okay, i might just have lost my last friend from last year...hmm...
THIRD: this is wierd cause well i was valerie v becoming my friend again but instead i have gotten rid of valerie v, valerie g, and well those people i hung out with during lunch.
bla bla bla
and lastly, so far, i have pissed off azu and i think she hates me :-( i felt so bad...almost like crying right there...
i dont remember much after that....
except well maybe the worst thing to have happened to me in SCHOOL...
ok, everyday i walk toward courtney and ashleys class after 5th period to go to P.E. so i went in the middle of that field thingy by the cafeteria and yeah this kid i thought was a cutie saw me i think..well i looked up and yeah i saw ashley starts almost running towards me i thought she was gonna give me a hug or something...but instead hers and courtneys arms flew in front of them and they pushed me to the floor...
and i fell on my back...flat on my front of everybody...anybody who was watching...and as i lie on the floor i hear this laugh that has been permantly engraved in my mind...michaels laugh...he starts laughing hystericlly...and i can hear luis' laugh faintly...i look around for a bit when i stood up but still to shocked to see anybodys i start walking towards the gym and tell courtney im gonna kick her hand starts hurting really

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and we take cause they give though i love you.... [19 Feb 2004|06:02pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | randommization-Stockholm Syndrome ]

this song is so cool. as well as this one

This is the first (thing I remember)
Now it's the last (thing left on my mind)
Afraid of the dark (do you hear me whisper)
An empty heart (replaced with paranoia)
Where do we go (life's temporary)
After we're gone (like new years resolutions)
Why is this hard (do you recognize me)
I know I'm wrong (but I can't help believing)



havent done anything today and i have a shit load of homework, but i dont care, Alisa is the only thing that made me smile today, lunch was fucking stupid, today was the worst in lunch. but i dont care. the coconut song makes hunter laugh. but i dont care. the substitute saw my with my list and made me "do my work". yet i dont care. i love alex. i talked to him today after school...well, kinda, not really, hes just a bit nosy, as well as me.
i had "I'M SORRY ------ :-(" on my hand today...i hope he still wants to talk to me :-/...i hope he doesnt hate me. i hope he liked me....i hope he still loves me friendly if her ever did....not that he should but i love him friendly and hes the best to talk to.

I am writing to you @ 6:12 in the PM

and everything i said about how messed up your head is, is cut up and left in bits and pieces on the cutting room floor.

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okay okay.. [18 Feb 2004|09:29pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | slurps and excerps... ]

Alisa<3 shes the only one for me<3333

haha....ummm...maybe just lovable IMS can go in here!

TForlornHope (9:04:09 PM): OOOOOOOOHHHHHHH so you cant go to school but you can get online?!??!????!?!
HarDCoReME76 (9:04:22 PM): yes yes i can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
TForlornHope (9:04:25 PM): hehe j/k where were you???
HarDCoReME76 (9:04:47 PM): i waz baby sitting 4 me sister!
HarDCoReME76 (9:04:57 PM): my older older sister
TForlornHope (9:05:03 PM): haha why?
HarDCoReME76 (9:06:05 PM): i dunno she had 2 go 2 work and sooo she needed a baby sitter and my mom said 4 me 2 go 2 her house and baby sit sooo ya it waz kool
TForlornHope (9:06:34 PM): ohh was it boring??
HarDCoReME76 (9:07:15 PM): no i slept the whole time w/ her kidz mostly a nd then she came home
HarDCoReME76 (9:07:18 PM): :-D
TForlornHope (9:07:34 PM): ohh haha thats awesome i wish i could do that:-(
HarDCoReME76 (9:08:09 PM): lol yep yep sooo did i miss much in facz?
TForlornHope (9:08:49 PM): yeah we cut em out
TForlornHope (9:08:53 PM): (the frogs)
TForlornHope (9:09:09 PM): we're gonna do the bottoms tomorrow

HarDCoReME76 (9:10:01 PM): shit im gonna be behind!
HarDCoReME76 (9:10:08 PM): damnit
TForlornHope (9:10:32 PM): yeah it took me a while to trace and shit but it was pretty easy...even though it took me the whole class:-)
TForlornHope (9:10:48 PM): ohh well not that far behind..
HarDCoReME76 (9:11:14 PM): lol ya i waz suppoesed 2 start german 2 day
HarDCoReME76 (9:11:24 PM): but i waznt there
TForlornHope (9:11:44 PM): awwwwwwwww i wish i could take german again...'specially with the german kids coming and all
TForlornHope (9:11:47 PM): blahh
HarDCoReME76 (9:12:10 PM): blaa blaa
TForlornHope (9:12:11 PM): no, we talked about you during FACS we were like "OH THANK GOD ALISAS GONE!!"
HarDCoReME76 (9:12:24 PM): fine
TForlornHope (9:12:24 PM): J/K JAY KAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (9:12:31 PM): JUST KIDDING!!
HarDCoReME76 (9:12:44 PM): ok ok ok
TForlornHope (9:13:05 PM): no, we were just wondering were you were...we were worried! we;re like "AHHH WHAT IF SHE DIED?!???!?!?"
HarDCoReME76 (9:13:28 PM): lol omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
HarDCoReME76 (9:13:31 PM): i dunnnnno
TForlornHope (9:13:32 PM): haha j/k....umm i think vannessa just said "i wonder were she is?"
HarDCoReME76 (9:13:45 PM): o i feel loved
HarDCoReME76 (9:13:48 PM): and missed
HarDCoReME76 (9:13:50 PM): lol
TForlornHope (9:13:51 PM): and i got really annoying...Pencer is such a hard ass
TForlornHope (9:13:52 PM): haha
HarDCoReME76 (9:14:05 PM): .lol y?
TForlornHope (9:14:43 PM): cause hes gay i say stupid shit and he like just looks at me like i'm crazy?...or he'll like make fun of me...haha i dont care though
TForlornHope (9:14:51 PM): hes gay
TForlornHope (9:15:01 PM): vidis too quiet
TForlornHope (9:15:12 PM): and vannessa is like...too cool for me?...
HarDCoReME76 (9:15:20 PM): i know lol she just sitz there
HarDCoReME76 (9:15:35 PM): ooo ya but ikm just right
TForlornHope (9:15:38 PM): haha yeah i know..then she gets all surprised when we do talk to her
TForlornHope (9:15:46 PM): yes, you are!
HarDCoReME76 (9:15:54 PM): so r u!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME76 (9:16:09 PM): ur like the only 1 4 me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
HarDCoReME76 (9:16:12 PM): j/k lol
TForlornHope (9:16:16 PM): hahaa
TForlornHope (9:17:05 PM): ewww did you know that theres like 2 pairs of girls who kissed each other at our our OUR LUNCH PERIOD!!!
TForlornHope (9:17:15 PM): i think they all liked it too1
TForlornHope (9:17:18 PM): !!!****
HarDCoReME76 (9:17:29 PM): who hwo hwo
HarDCoReME76 (9:17:31 PM): ???
TForlornHope (9:17:38 PM): and one of the girls always used to call me a lez! how fucking gay is that?!?!?
TForlornHope (9:17:59 PM): umm some girl mercedes and comeone else and valerie and heather
TForlornHope (9:18:07 PM): someone***
TForlornHope (9:18:19 PM): but shhh!:-X
TForlornHope (9:19:12 PM): ohh but heather and valerie like its weird...cause vals stepdad wanted them too and they did it in front of him so i was like "ewww what a perv"
TForlornHope (9:19:34 PM): is it only me or dont you think that wierd?!???
HarDCoReME76 (9:20:14 PM): ya thatz like wrong in very very many wayz!@!!!!!!!!\
TForlornHope (9:20:41 PM): yeah totally
HarDCoReME76 (9:21:07 PM): totally wat a preppy word lol
HarDCoReME76 (9:21:10 PM): :-)
TForlornHope (9:21:21 PM): hahaha i know i'm going nuts
TForlornHope (9:21:44 PM): oooooooooohhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmyyyyy ggggggooooooodddddd like oooooohh mmmmmmyyyyyy gggggggggoooooooooddddddd
TForlornHope (9:21:50 PM): haha know that is!
TForlornHope (9:22:07 PM): now*
HarDCoReME76 (9:22:22 PM): lol weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i want some milk i dont kniow y but i do!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME76 (9:22:29 PM): it buildz strong bones lol
TForlornHope (9:22:38 PM): haha milk is good for you!
HarDCoReME76 (9:22:39 PM): im kinda wierd but itz ok
TForlornHope (9:22:53 PM): yeah, i used to wierd people....too used to...
TForlornHope (9:23:09 PM): i'm******8
TForlornHope (9:23:28 PM): eeeeeeeeewwwwwww it was so hot today it was gross
TForlornHope (9:23:46 PM): or maybe it was my sweater...i dont know...but it was hot
HarDCoReME76 (9:24:08 PM): lol i waz innside al day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME76 (9:24:25 PM): hey ill be bak i got 2 take a shower kkk ill be bak dont worry
TForlornHope (9:24:30 PM): ok!
HarDCoReME76 (9:24:50 PM): ok! brb
TForlornHope (9:24:56 PM): okay!!
HarDCoReME76 is away at 9:25:23 PM.

this is a lovable one!

Shigirlmex1 (9:31:10 PM): hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
TForlornHope (9:31:18 PM): who are you?
Shigirlmex1 signed off at 9:31:28 PM

and this one!

TForlornHope (9:25:30 PM): hey
MINKUS (9:27:26 PM): sorry
MINKUS (9:27:26 PM): hey
TForlornHope (9:27:47 PM): what up thug?
TForlornHope (9:28:29 PM): hmm sorry about that..too much kandi!
MINKUS (9:28:41 PM): i see
MINKUS (9:28:47 PM): umm just working on some new artr
TForlornHope (9:29:14 PM): ohhh
TForlornHope (9:32:37 PM): well, sorry about yesterday, and that other day...i dont like being online when people come over cause they always wanna talk shit so yeah sorry
MINKUS (9:32:57 PM): na its cool
TForlornHope (9:34:41 PM): okay well work hard! i guess..god, im so gay..
MINKUS (9:36:15 PM): haha why?
TForlornHope (9:37:06 PM): i just am, i say the wrong things too often, i think of the perfect thing 896435786 hours later..gahh, i hate when that happens.
MINKUS (9:43:47 PM): ohok
TForlornHope (9:50:32 PM): yeah well i'll leave you to your art.
TForlornHope (9:50:34 PM): bye
MINKUS (9:53:37 PM): i'll be done soon
TForlornHope (9:54:59 PM): take your time...cant rush art.
MINKUS (9:59:40 PM): nope

notice the time between each IM?...i hate silence. i hate feeling not wanted.

am i not wanted?...

umm yeah, ima loser, i'm so gay, i'm stupid, i havent finished my list and its fucking hot as hell...
this, i hate.

this, shall go on the list.

i'm a poet and didnt know it.


Alisa makes me happy. Minkus makes me wonder. Kandi makes me stupid.

which all have their good sides, happy, wonder, and stupid...well not really stupid...but i love these people...i hope they like me as much as i like them.

call me a slut, call me a lez, call me a fagot ass bitch whos fucking face is equal to a pigs worse piece of shit in its ass... but dont call me stupid, :-(

oh and Ashlee if you reads this...yeah ok :-/ ....i hope you have the best day in your life tomorrow..dont be nervous, you'll be great, people will love you, and you be the happiest girl on earth :-)

<3 to the <3ed

and as well as the not-so-loved. cant leave those out!...

or is it just me?


the day i wished never happened....the day without Alisa...the day with unwanted feelings of being unwanted....the day i acknowleged even more that EVEN MORE people just

dont care.

okay. heres my day...






but it was fun cause ashley courtney and angela we all went in the wrestling room and rolled each other on the rolled one up and someone stood on it and yeah everyone would fall..


today i said the meanest thing to him HAHAHAHA IT WAS GREAT!

someone asked bryce if he was gay and like...okay

bryce: (sarcastic) yeah, i'm gay, i like, *looks around the room* i like tyler!


me: gross not even girls like tyler!

(it was like amy, shelby, danielle, and him

everyone laughs! haha tyler just like totally gets crushed..


then like ashantis all "who said that?" and haha i was the bad guy, that was cruel, i <3ed it.


OHH HERE!!!!!!

HarDCoReME764 (10:01:12 PM): bak !!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (10:01:16 PM): YAYY!
HarDCoReME764 (10:01:35 PM): yaeh i know
TForlornHope (10:02:04 PM): haha that was prettty fast...i take forever sometimes!
HarDCoReME764 (10:02:59 PM): i know me 2 but i didnt want 2 stay in 4 a long time it waz getting really hot
HarDCoReME764 (10:03:10 PM): i take realyy hot showerz itz kool
TForlornHope (10:03:15 PM): ohh okay
HarDCoReME764 (10:03:55 PM): oooooo ya
TForlornHope (10:03:56 PM): i know me too! but not too hot or i like hypervanalate (sp?)... i cant breathe when its hot
TForlornHope (10:04:14 PM): i get clausterphiboc and shit its gay
TForlornHope (10:04:21 PM): PHOBIC******
HarDCoReME764 (10:04:31 PM): lol kool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
TForlornHope (10:05:15 PM): haha like one day for tutoring i went into mr. hales room (BAD BAD CHOICE!) and it was so fucking hot i couldnt breathe
HarDCoReME764 (10:06:01 PM): lol thatz kool r u in his room 4 reading?
TForlornHope (10:06:18 PM): nope i'm on the white team
HarDCoReME764 (10:06:42 PM): ooooo i just cut my finger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (10:06:48 PM): ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooouuuuuw
TForlornHope (10:06:58 PM): owwww paper cut?
HarDCoReME764 (10:07:01 PM): it hurt man
HarDCoReME764 (10:07:25 PM): i dunno i think i dunno i just say it and i peeled the skin of and now it stingz
TForlornHope (10:07:38 PM): SHIT! PAPER? HOMEWORK!! AHHHH!! oh well i'll do it tomorrow in FACS
TForlornHope (10:07:41 PM): owww
HarDCoReME764 (10:07:54 PM): **saw
HarDCoReME764 (10:08:08 PM): lol thazt hard core ehehhehehehhehehehhehehhHhHHhhHhHhh
TForlornHope (10:08:30 PM): haha you're so wierd, i love it:-D
HarDCoReME764 (10:09:07 PM): me 2 lol j/k hhhahahahaaa
TForlornHope (10:09:29 PM): haha i like being called wierd, its wierd:-\
TForlornHope (10:09:46 PM): haha that didnt make any sense
HarDCoReME764 (10:10:37 PM): lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! people alwawyz think im wierd itz quit funny
HarDCoReME764 (10:10:46 PM): lol u make sence 2 me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
TForlornHope (10:11:25 PM): hahaa wow, maybe wierd people like...get wierd undersytand them?...hmmm
TForlornHope (10:11:34 PM): something to ponder about!
TForlornHope (10:11:42 PM): UNDERSTAND*************
TForlornHope (10:11:49 PM): I HATE MISPELLING WORDS!!!
HarDCoReME764 (10:12:25 PM): i cant spelll worth shiot
HarDCoReME764 (10:12:29 PM): see omg
HarDCoReME764 (10:12:43 PM): wow u used a big word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (10:12:50 PM): wat a word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (10:12:52 PM): lol
HarDCoReME764 (10:12:55 PM): :-D
TForlornHope (10:12:56 PM): hahahaha i like big words!
TForlornHope (10:13:01 PM): theyre fun
TForlornHope (10:13:23 PM): but i HATE spelling them wrong cause then i look stupid
HarDCoReME764 (10:13:57 PM): lol i know me 2 even if i use the wordz i look stupid cuz ill like use them wrong lol
TForlornHope (10:14:35 PM): hahahaa
HarDCoReME764 (10:15:09 PM): hehehhehehehehehheheheheeeeeeee
HarDCoReME764 (10:15:16 PM): i need lunch money lol
HarDCoReME764 (10:15:33 PM): i alwayz ask pother peolle 2 buy it 4 me cuz i forget 2 ask my mom
TForlornHope (10:15:48 PM): ME TOO! i havent spent my OWN money for like 2 weeks
TForlornHope (10:16:02 PM): haha were so cool
TForlornHope (10:16:31 PM): hahahaha i was cracking up about that Suardo thing!
HarDCoReME764 (10:16:48 PM): esquardo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (10:16:53 PM): haha say "ed" "ed!" say "uardo" "Suardo!" hahahahahaha
TForlornHope (10:17:02 PM): lmao! thats hilarious
HarDCoReME764 (10:17:45 PM): lol brb kkk!!!!!!!1
TForlornHope (10:17:58 PM): OK!
HarDCoReME764 (10:21:35 PM): wat iz like totally ^ girlfriend???

Auto response from TForlornHope (10:21:35 PM): SQUARDO!



HarDCoReME764 (10:21:42 PM): j/k gayness that would be
HarDCoReME764 (10:22:15 PM): not ur thing that u said wat i said waz gay befor ur response thingy
HarDCoReME764 (10:22:29 PM): wow im tired hey ill see u 2morrow k!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
HarDCoReME764 (10:22:31 PM): bye bye
HarDCoReME764 signed off at 10:23:00 PM

ohh will i ever finish this???

MINKUS (10:25:12 PM): k its looking good but still needs work
TForlornHope (10:28:09 PM): ohh sorry was watching the simpsons...then that quizno commercial came up...i had to watch it
TForlornHope (10:28:23 PM): BEWARE OF PAPER CUTS!
antiMINKUS (10:28:32 PM): blah i hate them
TForlornHope (10:28:54 PM): yeah you do
TForlornHope (10:30:55 PM): but hey i gotta go i think i have homework blahh talk to you tomorrow!
TForlornHope (10:30:56 PM): bye

must i lie? maybe. well, no. maybe he thinks i dont like him cause i just saw a MINKUS has just signed off...or maybe hes hidden again...hmm

okay. gone for good now!


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[17 Feb 2004|08:09pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | Dynamite Hack-BOYS IN DA HOOD ]

la dee da cause the boys in the hood are always hard come talkin' that trash and we'll pull your card knowin nothin in life but to be lajit? dont call me a boy i aint said SHIT! dynamite hack covering EZ E, yeah, that guy who died of AIDS

Dr. Mark<333 i think he freaked out a couple times but hey i love the guy<3 this is from yesturday

MINKUS (7:29:09 PM): hey
TForlornHope (7:29:14 PM): hey
MINKUS (7:29:20 PM): whats up
TForlornHope (7:29:27 PM): nothing really
TForlornHope (7:29:30 PM): and you?
MINKUS (7:30:34 PM): jsut chill at was your weekend?
TForlornHope (7:31:26 PM): perfect! but i wont get into was yours? i noticed you had a "love sucks" away message so....
MINKUS (7:32:03 PM): so that means love sucks!!
TForlornHope (7:32:38 PM): hmm
TForlornHope (7:33:01 PM): did you have a bad weekend?
MINKUS (7:33:39 PM): yup
TForlornHope (7:34:06 PM): i'm sorry, what happened?
MINKUS (7:36:04 PM): all my friends got in a big fight friday night..then i didn't hang out with a girl saturday night..and sunday sucked because there was nohting to do..and i still didnt' hang out with a now im super horny and have no one to make out with :-(
TForlornHope (7:36:56 PM): awwwwww thats sucks
MINKUS (7:37:15 PM): yup..but im glad you had suck a great weekend
MINKUS (7:37:20 PM): such*
TForlornHope (7:37:20 PM): poor horny you has no one to make out with........that makes me sad:-(
TForlornHope (7:37:39 PM): haha you're a funny one.
MINKUS (7:38:06 PM): why are you had a good weekend..i don't want to bring you down..then i would be sad
TForlornHope (7:39:02 PM): no, you dont bring me down, dont worry about it.
MINKUS (7:39:13 PM): k
TForlornHope (7:39:17 PM): but why dont you show up on my bl?????????????
MINKUS (7:40:41 PM): because im hidden...i can do that
TForlornHope (7:40:55 PM): oooooohhhhhhhhh why?
MINKUS (7:42:59 PM): i dont' know because i can
TForlornHope (7:43:32 PM): hmmm ok. trying to avoid someone????
MINKUS (7:45:00 PM): no sometimes i just like to be away or thats what im doing..whenever i get down i just like to run away so thats what i do
TForlornHope (7:45:39 PM): you shouldnt run away
MINKUS (7:46:06 PM): im just hidding right now
TForlornHope (7:46:39 PM): okay.
TForlornHope (7:47:38 PM): hey, i'm gonna blow like $200 dollars on CDs and shit tomorrow......what CDs should i get???
MINKUS (7:48:52 PM): umm coheed and cambria....ever we fall...away from here...umm damn..i don't know
TForlornHope (7:50:14 PM): okay i'll look for those. thanks
MINKUS (7:50:46 PM): sorry im horny...can't think of music right now
TForlornHope (7:51:37 PM): dont worry about it. is it just my imagination or do you only talk to me when you're horny????
MINKUS (7:52:28 PM): haha no..i wanted to know how your v-day was...becaue you always seem down...i wanted to make sure you were ok
TForlornHope (7:53:19 PM): ohh ok:-)
TForlornHope (7:54:14 PM): but i dont mind you talking to me when you'rre horny or anything, i love talking to you:-)
TForlornHope (7:54:39 PM): hey brb
MINKUS (7:54:43 PM): k

i dont know or remembered what happened here :-( but heres the rest...i know i know i should stop putting IMS in here maybe this'll be the last one :-X

TForlornHope (9:13:16 PM): hello again, still got that umm problem?
MINKUS (9:13:34 PM): umm not really..its gone down..why do you ask?
TForlornHope (9:14:00 PM): i dont know j/w
MINKUS (9:14:22 PM): oh ok
TForlornHope (9:15:37 PM): ooooo gotyour own icons now?
MINKUS (9:16:25 PM): yup..if you to the web site you can have one too
TForlornHope (9:17:02 PM): oooo i'll be sure to do that when my computer isnt being gay
MINKUS (9:17:21 PM): k
TForlornHope (9:27:15 PM): hey wanna see some old ass uuggllyy pictures????
MINKUS (9:27:25 PM): sure
TForlornHope (9:27:48 PM): okie dokely go here
MINKUS (9:28:54 PM): aww your such a cute girl
TForlornHope (9:29:08 PM): eeewww no way i hate those pics
TForlornHope (9:31:39 PM): 'cept my icons i <3 those
MINKUS (9:32:00 PM): haha i like them too
TForlornHope (9:38:40 PM): alls i need are some finding nemo icons and i'll die happy:-)
MINKUS (9:38:57 PM): haha then go look for some
TForlornHope (9:39:33 PM): i am
TForlornHope (9:41:03 PM): god, i think i'm hyper, i hate being hyper cause then i get said when hyper goes away and being sad is always pretty depressing then depression is gay and i dont wanna be you think i'm gay? gets thrown around out here alot it doesnt even mean "gay" anymore its more like "idiot" or "stupid" instead of homo...
TForlornHope (9:42:20 PM): ahh  the english language is so gay......see there i go... gay...GAY GAY GAY...BLAHH....i know gay people....girls mostly....they like girls...but yeah thats what gay la la...i need finding nemo...did you know i watch that movie everyday
TForlornHope (9:42:27 PM): bu one day i didnt and i got sad
TForlornHope (9:42:33 PM): sad is stupid
TForlornHope (9:42:38 PM): i hate stupid and sad and gay
TForlornHope (9:42:43 PM): i hate lots of things
MINKUS (9:42:46 PM): same here..boys here wearing tight girls i do..and jocks think were all gay..because we can run around holding hands with a boy..hhah
TForlornHope (9:43:41 PM): haha totally i have like maybe 2 guy friends who dont wear tight girl jeans
TForlornHope (9:43:47 PM): i love that i think its so hot
MINKUS (9:44:23 PM): damn have you seen the can see me wearing them in the pictures
TForlornHope (9:44:40 PM): oooo really???
TForlornHope (9:44:47 PM): hottness<3
TForlornHope (9:46:12 PM): hot: hair that goes just past the ears but doesnt touch shoulders (much) tight jeans ahhh hurley<33 volcom<33 element<33 all that good stuff...tight jeans...muahaha...
MINKUS (9:46:42 PM): haha then thats me!
TForlornHope (9:47:06 PM): aaahhhhhh really?!?!?!?!?!????? thats so hot!
TForlornHope (9:50:03 PM): GOD, do you know how many girls dont give a rats ass about looks as long as they have all that good stuff up there and a personality! its kinda wierd cause theyll like go up to people who are hot and throw themselves at them and be making out with them by the end of the night?...
TForlornHope (9:50:15 PM): its wierd...
TForlornHope (9:50:47 PM): kinda sluttly the way people do it sometimes but hey it works for them so i leave them alone
MINKUS (9:50:56 PM): damn really..i want to come live with you
TForlornHope (9:51:38 PM): haha, i only know like 4 people like that who i hang around with but i try to avoid them sometimes
TForlornHope (9:52:28 PM): its a bit too much dont you think? i mean, you can be wearing the same jeans and a tight hurley shirt and you'll have 5 girls all over you...
TForlornHope (9:52:52 PM): same jeans as the girl*******
MINKUS (9:53:58 PM): haha its not that bad..girls love it...and all i would have to say to them is "hey im in a band called blah blah blah" then they'll be eating right out of my bassist did it this weekend with 3 girls
TForlornHope (9:54:36 PM): haha wow
TForlornHope (9:56:06 PM): yeah people in bands get the most friend even said "even if you're the ugliest guy on earth *cough cough that guy from TEN* you'll get girls like no one else"
TForlornHope (9:56:22 PM): whats his name?....joe?
MINKUS (9:57:01 PM): the other guitar player..with the red hair?
TForlornHope (9:57:12 PM): yeah
TForlornHope (9:57:22 PM): i think its joe..
TForlornHope (9:59:25 PM): yeah i'm all shaky:-\...WHY?!?
MINKUS (9:59:46 PM): you need to chill
TForlornHope (10:00:21 PM): hmmm i suppose
TForlornHope (10:00:42 PM): like inhale exhale? or run outside naked chill?
MINKUS (10:01:02 PM): run outside naked chill
MINKUS (10:01:11 PM): but your in AZ its not cold
TForlornHope (10:01:15 PM): ohh ok
TForlornHope (10:01:37 PM): not to you but when you live with 3 digit weather and it gets like 70 its fucking cold!
MINKUS (10:02:02 PM): yeah well its 12 here
TForlornHope (10:02:16 PM): AAAHHHH
TForlornHope (10:02:22 PM): crazy
TForlornHope (10:02:48 PM): wow thats cold...i remember it hailed once...when i was like 8
TForlornHope (10:03:23 PM): blahh ok well brb
TForlornHope (10:07:45 PM): that was quite refreshing dr. mark!
MINKUS (10:07:59 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:08:11 PM): you dont believe me do you??
MINKUS (10:08:40 PM): haha did you really??
TForlornHope (10:08:48 PM): well yeah i wasnt naked! i was topless HAHAHA this car passed by and i ran was honking it was the best
TForlornHope (10:08:53 PM): yes, why wouldnt i?
TForlornHope (10:09:00 PM): i have a witness
MINKUS (10:09:14 PM): really who?
TForlornHope (10:09:32 PM): that dude in the car and my friend!
TForlornHope (10:09:47 PM): muahaha take me to court! i'll prove it to you!
MINKUS (10:09:56 PM): haha alright alright
TForlornHope (10:10:37 PM): you know what?? one day when i get a camera i'll take pictures of me doing it again! muahaha cant beat that can you??
TForlornHope (10:10:40 PM): CAN YOU?!?!
MINKUS (10:11:00 PM): nope..tee hee
TForlornHope (10:11:14 PM): muahah thats right you CANT!
TForlornHope (10:11:50 PM): holy shit theres this quiznos sub commercial and it have like cartoony deformed rats on it playing a geetar and singing HAHAHAHAHA ITS THE BEST
TForlornHope (10:11:58 PM): HAS*******
MINKUS (10:12:52 PM): i hate the commercail..i really do..its so blah...blah meaning stupid
MINKUS (10:13:00 PM): well more then stupid
TForlornHope (10:13:05 PM): yeah i know thats why its so great
MINKUS (10:13:10 PM): like super stupid
TForlornHope (10:13:18 PM): doesnt it just make you want to like NEVER eat there?!?!
TForlornHope (10:13:26 PM): its the best
MINKUS (10:14:20 PM): i will never EAT there
TForlornHope (10:14:57 PM): i know neither will i, NIETHER WILL I!
TForlornHope (10:15:27 PM): hmmm 50 cent has horse teeth
TForlornHope (10:15:45 PM): i ahet that jessica simpson video....i think shes so ugly
TForlornHope (10:15:48 PM): hate************
MINKUS (10:16:18 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:17:00 PM): i saw 2, count 'em 2 movies today!
TForlornHope (10:17:15 PM): and that jessica cimpson video like 38963478543 times
TForlornHope (10:17:16 PM): yuck
TForlornHope (10:17:27 PM): simpson*********88
MINKUS (10:17:30 PM): what movie....OH WHAT MOVIES??
TForlornHope (10:17:43 PM): the SANDLOT AND JOHN Q!!!
TForlornHope (10:17:55 PM): and part of the 5 sec of it!
MINKUS (10:18:45 PM): oh why not the whole thing
TForlornHope (10:19:17 PM): cause it wasnt really the was like some "i love the 80s" thing on TV
MINKUS (10:20:00 PM): oh ok
TForlornHope (10:20:14 PM): do you <3 that movie?
MINKUS (10:20:44 PM): yup i own
MINKUS (10:20:46 PM): it
TForlornHope (10:21:32 PM): hehe thats awesome. hmm i dont usually buy movies...they always get scratched because everyone grabs them and shit
TForlornHope (10:21:34 PM): so gay
MINKUS (10:22:10 PM): why do  you let them
MINKUS (10:22:17 PM): be like fuck off
TForlornHope (10:22:27 PM): like poor donnie darko got broken into pieced cause gay ass david and jesse were playing frizbee
TForlornHope (10:22:41 PM): people are gay, they get them when i dont know.
MINKUS (10:22:59 PM): fuck them all!!
MINKUS (10:23:05 PM): kill them!
TForlornHope (10:23:10 PM): but no one ever EVER touched my finding nEMO!
TForlornHope (10:23:15 PM): i wish i could!
TForlornHope (10:23:45 PM): steph says i only like finding nEMO cause it says "emo"...muahaha isnt that ghetto?
TForlornHope (10:24:34 PM): AHH fucking...ahhh who was it?...oh yes, KANDI, she got me to say "ghetto" and "yo" all the time now...blahh
TForlornHope (10:25:13 PM): but shes my gangster bitch<3333
MINKUS (10:25:44 PM): HAHA
TForlornHope (10:28:19 PM): blahhh but she drinks too much...itll be like 4:30 in the AM and shes be like "hey.....come pick me up...*BARF*"
TForlornHope (10:28:20 PM): eww
MINKUS (10:29:06 PM): blah..gross
TForlornHope (10:29:39 PM): i know, i try not to surround myself with drinking and smoking but hey you know how kids are....HAHA.
TForlornHope (10:30:29 PM): you dont smoke do you?
TForlornHope (10:30:42 PM): i HATE smoking...its so gross... i think i can stand drinking more than smoking...ewww just GROSS.
TForlornHope (10:31:36 PM): HUH HUH HUH??? DO YA? DO YA? DO YA???
MINKUS (10:31:48 PM): noooooooooo way
MINKUS (10:31:50 PM): why would i
MINKUS (10:31:53 PM): oh wait
MINKUS (10:31:59 PM): if i wanted to die i would
MINKUS (10:32:02 PM): HAHAHAAH!!!
TForlornHope (10:32:13 PM): haha yeah fucking cancer sticks, yo.
TForlornHope (10:32:27 PM): oooo that was totally from the outsiders....
TForlornHope (10:32:33 PM): moving on.
MINKUS (10:32:58 PM): yup
TForlornHope (10:33:20 PM): i wanna go to a show:-(
TForlornHope (10:33:43 PM): oooo i wanna go to that callifornia show with all those bands that would be so sweet
MINKUS (10:34:25 PM): haha i wish i could go to cali too
TForlornHope (10:35:27 PM): oh oh oh yes! that would be the best to go to california...mmmm just imagine! all those great bands....*drool*....i wanna go so bad!
TForlornHope (10:35:33 PM): i hope i get too
TForlornHope (10:35:51 PM): to******888
MINKUS (10:36:11 PM): yeah me to..i need to go somewhere warm
TForlornHope (10:36:46 PM): yeah...i dont know what i would do with weather like can barely imagine it.
MINKUS (10:37:41 PM): its sooooooooooo cold outside in the morning..the only thing warm is the sun..and sometimes that doesn't show
TForlornHope (10:38:09 PM): crazy..
TForlornHope (10:38:54 PM): hey, is your band emo???
MINKUS (10:39:13 PM): yup
TForlornHope (10:39:30 PM): ooooo awesome. do you guys SUCK?
TForlornHope (10:39:33 PM): haha j/k
TForlornHope (10:40:21 PM): ahhhh delicous emo boys<3 gotta love it
TForlornHope (10:42:11 PM): not much you can say to that haha.
TForlornHope (10:42:16 PM): i wish it would rain
MINKUS (10:43:07 PM): yeah you love the rain
TForlornHope (10:43:25 PM): yeah i do
TForlornHope (10:43:57 PM): i <<<<3333333333333 the rain
TForlornHope (10:44:29 PM): more than lots of things maybe even more than joel! :-X
TForlornHope (10:44:50 PM): nahhh no way i love him<333
TForlornHope (10:45:25 PM): AND YOU!!!
TForlornHope (10:45:50 PM): AND LOTS OF THINGS!
TForlornHope (10:46:28 PM): i wonder if i hate more tihngs or love more things....hmm....i think i'll make a list tonight!
MINKUS (10:47:19 PM): good..send it to me when your done
TForlornHope (10:47:56 PM): why?? are you pondering what i'm pondering?
TForlornHope (10:48:02 PM): wow....thats lots of things
TForlornHope (10:48:05 PM): ok i will
TForlornHope (10:48:19 PM): if i dont fall asleep!
TForlornHope (10:48:50 PM): god i SUCK at staying up now
TForlornHope (10:48:52 PM): fucking gay
TForlornHope (10:49:47 PM): hmmm well i guess i better get started on that list!!
TForlornHope (10:50:04 PM): talk to you tomorrow!!<<<<3333333
MINKUS (10:50:09 PM): k night
TForlornHope (10:50:13 PM): BYE!!! GOODNIGHT!!

god, do i always sound that pathetic and like an obssesive compulsive person???? shit, yo. i HATE that jessica simpsons video. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA last nights simpsons was the best<333 hahahahahahaha it was great with that jewish dance-a-ma-bob...HAHAHA it wasthe best<3333

oh yeah valerie and valerie were walking around "talking" i swear i'm begginging to hate them i cant stand it when i lose friends. i know i had been losing for quite some time already but god, why?! i needed to get away from them anyway...i think it was angela and ashley and some other chicks i stayed with uggh and vannessa shes ok i guess but man does she eat :-X

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[15 Feb 2004|02:06am]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | TV-Incubus-Megolomaniac ]

kANDI OORRRRR Zindi....who knows?...

long. boring. pointless.

Shigirlsmex1 (2:53:58 PM): hey
TForlornHope (2:54:04 PM): what
Shigirlsmex1 (2:54:21 PM): is it you
TForlornHope (2:54:29 PM): yes
Shigirlsmex1 (2:54:34 PM): then
TForlornHope (2:54:39 PM): who else would it be?
Shigirlsmex1 (2:54:49 PM): ur mom
TForlornHope (2:55:00 PM): hmm i suppose:-\
Shigirlsmex1 (2:55:09 PM): did u get my e-mail
TForlornHope (2:55:20 PM): no hold on lemme check it
TForlornHope (2:56:25 PM): haha thats so gay
TForlornHope (2:56:26 PM): i cant
TForlornHope (2:56:31 PM): i'm babysitting
TForlornHope (2:56:37 PM): but you can if you want
Shigirlsmex1 (2:57:38 PM): what
TForlornHope (2:57:54 PM): i cant come over i'm babysitting
TForlornHope (2:58:06 PM): but you can come over if you want
Shigirlsmex1 (2:58:14 PM): welllllllllllllll sorrryyyyyyyyyyyyy
TForlornHope (2:58:28 PM): umm ok
Shigirlsmex1 (2:58:40 PM): bitch
TForlornHope (2:58:52 PM): is this kandi or zindi?
Shigirlsmex1 (2:59:19 PM): zindi i love you
TForlornHope (2:59:31 PM): what?
Shigirlsmex1 (2:59:47 PM): i still love u
TForlornHope (2:59:57 PM): this is kandi isnt it?
Shigirlsmex1 (3:00:04 PM): no
Shigirlsmex1 (3:00:08 PM): its zindi
Shigirlsmex1 (3:00:11 PM): i swear
TForlornHope (3:00:28 PM): yes it is 'cause zindi would be like "HII!!"
Shigirlsmex1 (3:00:50 PM): true all true
TForlornHope (3:01:06 PM): haha i know you too well, kandi.
Shigirlsmex1 (3:01:18 PM): its zindi
TForlornHope (3:01:22 PM): ewwww i saw oscar after school he looked so uuugggllyyy
Shigirlsmex1 (3:01:36 PM): true true all truye
TForlornHope (3:01:55 PM): you're gay come over
Shigirlsmex1 (3:02:00 PM): no
TForlornHope (3:02:04 PM): why
Shigirlsmex1 (3:02:16 PM): because
TForlornHope (3:02:22 PM): because why
Shigirlsmex1 (3:02:38 PM): i cant
Shigirlsmex1 (3:02:43 PM): i am babysitting
TForlornHope (3:02:51 PM): haha  loser
TForlornHope (3:02:53 PM): ohh wait...
Shigirlsmex1 (3:04:53 PM): hurry up
TForlornHope (3:05:07 PM): with what??
Shigirlsmex1 (3:05:30 PM): you said wait
TForlornHope (3:05:37 PM): gah nvm
TForlornHope (3:05:56 PM): this is totally kandi
Shigirlsmex1 (3:06:51 PM): nooooooo]
TForlornHope (3:07:52 PM): yeah sure
TForlornHope (3:07:58 PM): zindi wouldnt be babysitting
Shigirlsmex1 (3:08:07 PM): heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Shigirlsmex1 (3:08:47 PM): heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
TForlornHope (3:09:32 PM): oooppss forgot the
TForlornHope (3:09:45 PM): ***********************************************************************************************************************************************************************
TForlornHope (3:10:41 PM): yes'm?
TForlornHope (3:11:21 PM): thats means "yes mam"
Shigirlsmex1 (3:11:36 PM): ITS ME ZINDI
TForlornHope (3:11:44 PM): yyyyeah ok
Shigirlsmex1 (3:12:33 PM): HEY YOU
TForlornHope (3:12:54 PM): vhat do you vant?
Shigirlsmex1 (3:13:48 PM): nothin
TForlornHope (3:14:02 PM): ok....i guess
Shigirlsmex1 (3:14:24 PM): yah
TForlornHope (3:14:30 PM): man i shouldnt be hope!!!! i want to go out!!!!!!!!! AAHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (3:14:35 PM): home************
Shigirlsmex1 (3:15:52 PM): cool!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (3:16:03 PM): youre wierd
Shigirlsmex1 (3:16:18 PM): nou
Shigirlsmex1 (3:16:35 PM): no u *
TForlornHope (3:16:41 PM): oh really?
TForlornHope (3:16:43 PM): ok!
Shigirlsmex1 (3:19:11 PM): true
TForlornHope (3:19:18 PM): i'm so bored
Shigirlsmex1 (3:19:26 PM): i am tooooooooooooo
TForlornHope (3:19:55 PM): quit trying to be like zindi!!
Shigirlsmex1 (3:20:10 PM): i am
Shigirlsmex1 (3:20:15 PM): zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Shigirlsmex1 (3:20:18 PM): iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Shigirlsmex1 (3:20:22 PM): nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Shigirlsmex1 (3:20:24 PM): dddddddddddddddddddddd
Shigirlsmex1 (3:20:29 PM): iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
TForlornHope (3:20:52 PM): ok
Shigirlsmex1 (3:21:04 PM): yah
TForlornHope (3:25:30 PM): ahhhhh
Shigirlsmex1 (3:25:47 PM): hi
Shigirlsmex1 (3:25:48 PM): hi
Shigirlsmex1 (3:25:49 PM): hih
Shigirlsmex1 (3:25:49 PM): ih
TForlornHope (3:25:55 PM): hi...
Shigirlsmex1 (3:26:09 PM): hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......
TForlornHope (3:26:17 PM): howdy
Shigirlsmex1 (3:26:29 PM): no ur gay
TForlornHope (3:26:39 PM): hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
TForlornHope (3:27:03 PM): i'm hungyy i havent eaten anything!!!
TForlornHope (3:27:08 PM): bring me food!
Shigirlsmex1 (3:27:20 PM): i dont have food
TForlornHope (3:27:34 PM): owwwwww headache!!!!!!!!!!!111
TForlornHope (3:28:55 PM): when i grow up i'm going to be dead!
Shigirlsmex1 (3:29:10 PM): no
Shigirlsmex1 (3:29:14 PM): shut the hell up
Shigirlsmex1 (3:29:26 PM): shut the hell up
TForlornHope (3:30:14 PM): yeah when i'm 352545 years old!
Shigirlsmex1 (3:30:39 PM): what
Shigirlsmex1 (3:30:46 PM): ur going to die or what
TForlornHope (3:30:54 PM): dduuhhh
TForlornHope (3:31:01 PM): everyone is going to die
Shigirlsmex1 (3:31:06 PM): stupid
Shigirlsmex1 (3:31:13 PM): no i aint
TForlornHope (3:31:29 PM): umm yeah you are!
Shigirlsmex1 (3:31:53 PM): ummm no im not
TForlornHope (3:32:03 PM): uhhhh ok
Shigirlsmex1 (3:32:18 PM): yah i aint
TForlornHope (3:32:25 PM): hey bring me somthing to drink and i'll pay you back!
Shigirlsmex1 (3:32:38 PM): uhh no
TForlornHope (3:33:04 PM): pppllllleeeaaaassssseeeee
TForlornHope (3:33:07 PM): :-(
Shigirlsmex1 (3:33:26 PM): i dont have money
TForlornHope (3:33:41 PM): awww come on PLEASE!
Shigirlsmex1 (3:34:15 PM): no money money money
TForlornHope (3:38:09 PM): you suck
Shigirlsmex1 (3:38:18 PM): why
TForlornHope (3:38:30 PM): cause i'm dying and you wont buy me a drink
Shigirlsmex1 (3:38:42 PM): no
TForlornHope (3:38:54 PM): yes! i am dying of thurst!!!
TForlornHope (3:39:06 PM): buy me a gatorade
TForlornHope (3:40:19 PM): hey when did i peirce my tounge? like what date?
TForlornHope (3:40:23 PM): i forgot
Shigirlsmex1 (3:41:22 PM): i dont know
TForlornHope (3:43:19 PM): i feel sick
TForlornHope (3:43:24 PM): i ate too much lemon
Shigirlsmex1 (3:43:30 PM): kool
TForlornHope (3:43:46 PM): you're boring
TForlornHope (3:43:50 PM): what are you doing?
Shigirlsmex1 (3:46:19 PM): chating w/ other peoples
TForlornHope (3:47:37 PM): ok i'm dying
TForlornHope (3:47:39 PM): brb
Shigirlsmex1 (3:47:54 PM): bye
Shigirlsmex1 signed off at 3:49:31 PM.


Bored. Remember Jordan? her step mom commited suiced. umm i guess jordan was outside or something and she hearD something, went inside, and well, she was the one to find her step mom. heard she shot herself in the head went straight through her temples or something. umm yeah. teachers were telling everyone and shit. it was gay. she came to my math class and was trying to act "normal" and well i hate to say this and cant believe i actually am but i think i would be one of the last people who would ever try to comfort her. i dont know why. i just dont like her.

and my vains are flowing with ice.

EEwwww just saw that jessica simpson video. yuck. shes so ugly. aaaahhhhh unbelievably ugly! OH OH OH at lunch on friday Ryan sat with us ( me, val, melissa, and those other whores who dont have anyone to hang around with and still think they can make ME do what they what...i hate vanessa.) he sat next to me. hes so fucking funny, i love that kid<3. ummm i think it was either him or val or him who said something about some girl names day i heard him in back of me well in back of her saying some crap and a while before that he was like "SSSYYYYDDDNNNNNEEEEYYYYY!! I LOVE YOU!" or something like that. yeah. then a while ago i was walking with ashley and he told ashley he loved her so i told them that and then he started getting closer to me....since val and melissa were sitting in front of me they were like "he likes you!" and i just scooted the other way which fucking vanessa was sitting beside me as well and as i started moving over he like tried to stop me i just told her "which way do you expect me to go?!" fucking hate her fat ass. ahhhh i wish i never knew her....i hate her. so i did scoot the other way next to ryan and i think he kept doing it but ehh i just moved and stopped. yeah.. hes so cool, though. we got digital cable today. its awesome but not so awesome 'cause we dont get Fuse :-( aol is going bye-bye. muahaha. i hate aol. i want to shoot it. GAAHH MTV isnt even about music anymore. fucking gay. i guess that why they made MTV2 but still....they dont even play 1/4 of the videos on TRL anymore because they talk and talk and talk and talk and talk and talk.........AND FUCKING TALK! and whats with alll these fagot ass shows?!?!?!?!? fucking newlyweds is SO FUCKING GAY i dont even want to think about "til death do us part" BLAHHH


on a brighter side....
i want my room, WHEN I GET IT BACK, so be better than big brothers. :-(. mother said i can put the computer in my room and well heres what i'm thinking:
black and white walls w/ black and white furniture: dresser, bed, blackets, pillows, etc.
black and white photos on a couple walls and just posters on the others.
black and white alternating cieling fan light thingy...whatever that means :-)

electronics: TV, Computer, DVD player, My Stereo, Home theater system that conects to everything listed before this, yeah.

that would be the shit, yo. i will be so black by the time this week is over. :-)

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IMS! WONDERFUL IMS!!! [12 Feb 2004|04:01pm]
[ mood | okay ]

MINKUS (8:57:53 PM): hey!!!
Auto response from TForlornHope (8:57:53 PM): TV
MINKUS signed off at 8:58:16 PM.
MINKUS signed on at 8:58:23 PM.
MINKUS signed off at 8:59:29 PM.
MINKUS signed on at 9:00:14 PM.
MINKUS (9:04:47 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:04:50 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:04:52 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:04:52 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:04:53 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:04:54 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:04:54 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:04:55 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:04:55 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:04:56 PM): have you deleted it yet?!?!
MINKUS (9:13:47 PM): hey come back!
Auto response from TForlornHope (9:13:47 PM): TV
MINKUS (9:14:03 PM): so you like tv?
MINKUS (9:14:54 PM): i know your there!
MINKUS (9:16:04 PM): you have entered text..i know your there
MINKUS (9:16:59 PM): i see you like stars
Auto response from TForlornHope (9:17:00 PM): TV
MINKUS (9:18:36 PM): wow your no fun for someone that knows me
MINKUS (9:21:31 PM): so what do you do for fun?
MINKUS (9:21:44 PM): oh watch tv haha
MINKUS (9:21:50 PM): yeah im a loser
MINKUS (9:31:52 PM): who are you!?!
TForlornHope (9:32:06 PM): wow, you must have had some time to spare on little ol' me!
MINKUS (9:32:37 PM): no not just freaked me out last night so i really wanted to know who this was
TForlornHope (9:33:09 PM): ohh well, yeah, sorry.
MINKUS (9:33:20 PM): sorry about last night?
TForlornHope (9:33:36 PM): yeah i guess:-\for freakin' you out.
TForlornHope (9:34:10 PM): btw, yes, i am quite fond of TV and stars!
no, i wasnt there, i made the mistake of letting my little brothers play on the computer while i was gone.  what did you mean by "your no fun for someone who knows me"???
MINKUS (9:34:53 PM): well you know me..well you have my SN..but that means you kinda do
TForlornHope (9:35:02 PM): haha, you're a funny one, i was watching the O.C. 'til i i left.
TForlornHope (9:35:28 PM): not exactly know you...
TForlornHope (9:35:37 PM): i live in Arizona
TForlornHope (9:35:39 PM): :-)
MINKUS (9:36:00 PM): i was watching the OC too..its was so damn good tongith!!
TForlornHope (9:36:26 PM): yeah i know!! suicide is so cool to watch when its not yourself!
MINKUS (9:37:00 PM): haha...umm how do you have my SN?
TForlornHope (9:37:26 PM): hmm how many people do you know from Arizona?..
MINKUS (9:37:43 PM): 1
TForlornHope (9:38:17 PM): ohhh really...and that person is?...
MINKUS (9:38:53 PM): umm shit...whats her name..umm..damn shes goin to kill me or kill herself
TForlornHope (9:40:26 PM): ooo wrong answer Mark or "Minkus"....whos ex is Evan and has a band named Picture Day!!!
MINKUS (9:42:31 PM): alright miss thanks shes so good..whats my middle name then?
MINKUS (9:42:54 PM): thinks*
TForlornHope (9:43:08 PM): how would i know i hardly knew that stuff
MINKUS (9:44:05 PM): so minkus the ass wants to know if this is that girl?
TForlornHope (9:44:21 PM): what girl?
MINKUS (9:44:52 PM): the only one i know from AZ
TForlornHope (9:44:58 PM): this is fun. i should do this to the other 352895438 people who wouldnt give a rats ass if i moved to paris and became a porn star!
TForlornHope (9:45:06 PM): yes indeedy!
MINKUS (9:45:40 PM): why do you have 2 SNs
TForlornHope (9:45:50 PM): sigh..
MINKUS (9:46:26 PM): and your sick...shouldn't you be in bed?
TForlornHope (9:47:07 PM): yeah i guess but ehh.
TForlornHope (9:47:19 PM): its only 9:47
MINKUS (9:47:35 PM): what are you sick with?
TForlornHope (9:48:02 PM): probably just a cold, i dont know, doctors tomorrow! yay! blahh
TForlornHope (9:48:49 PM): oh and why do i have 2 sns? 'cause i hate AOL and i'm getting rid of it.
MINKUS (9:49:29 PM): oh ok..why didn't you just tell me it was you last night?
TForlornHope (9:50:40 PM): i dont know, me and my assumtions! curse them! i was just going around, bored outta my ass, asking people, and well, i just didnt think you would really care :-\
TForlornHope (9:51:32 PM): haha and to my surprise, not, more than half of the people on my bl didnt know so ehh
MINKUS (9:52:25 PM): haha..thats not good..but i wanted to find out
TForlornHope (9:53:31 PM): well now you do so...yay for me.
MINKUS (9:54:18 PM): well i couldn't ask last night because you left
TForlornHope (9:55:50 PM): hmm did i?...ohh, after the "whatever", this is me and my assuming again, left.

i lost the rest, i ended the night with "ahh shit sorry g2g bye!"
yeah, ima loser.

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[10 Feb 2004|03:35pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

This is me and Alisa chatting. shes so cool.

TForlornHope (6:17:07 PM): hello hardcore Alisa!
HarDCoReME764 (6:17:34 PM): hola !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:17:57 PM): no habler espanoso!
TForlornHope (6:18:00 PM): jk
TForlornHope (6:18:02 PM): hi!
HarDCoReME764 (6:18:16 PM): lol u do dont speak spanish!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:18:35 PM): of course i speak spanish!
HarDCoReME764 (6:18:41 PM): u love ur rock???
TForlornHope (6:18:46 PM): yes, i do.
TForlornHope (6:18:54 PM): i want to marry it.
HarDCoReME764 (6:19:00 PM): i knew it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:19:07 PM): you're jelous, i know.
HarDCoReME764 (6:19:22 PM): yes yes i am how could u telll???
TForlornHope (6:19:32 PM): everybody does
TForlornHope (6:19:56 PM): theyll go up to me and be like "OHH MY GODDD!!! I LOOOVVVEEE YOURR ROCKK!!"
TForlornHope (6:20:12 PM): and i'l be like "WHAT BITCH?!!?? YOU BEST GET OFF MY ROCK!!"
HarDCoReME764 (6:20:21 PM): damnit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (6:20:35 PM): we didnt go lookin 4 the germany peop,lez!
TForlornHope (6:20:46 PM): AHHH WE DIDNT!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:20:49 PM): NNNNOOO!!
TForlornHope (6:20:58 PM): i forgot!!
HarDCoReME764 (6:21:28 PM): me 2 i waz lookin forword 2 ity 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (6:21:58 PM): woooooooooooooooooowqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
TForlornHope (6:22:07 PM): what now?
TForlornHope (6:22:27 PM): are you hyper?
HarDCoReME764 (6:22:44 PM): maybe??????
HarDCoReME764 (6:22:45 PM): ?????
HarDCoReME764 (6:22:48 PM): ???
HarDCoReME764 (6:22:54 PM): how bout u????
TForlornHope (6:23:06 PM): not so much
TForlornHope (6:23:12 PM): i was at school, though
HarDCoReME764 (6:23:57 PM): rea;lly ooooo ya bla bla bla me me me bla bla bla bla me me me
HarDCoReME764 (6:24:01 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:24:06 PM): i was going up to people asking them if they were german...i found one kid! his name is Doug!!! but hes not one of the foriegn kids!
TForlornHope (6:24:09 PM): HAHAHAHHAHA
TForlornHope (6:24:12 PM): bla bla me!
TForlornHope (6:24:17 PM): me me bla!
HarDCoReME764 (6:24:19 PM): HARDCORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:24:23 PM): bla bla bla bla me me bla!
HarDCoReME764 (6:24:34 PM): he waznt from wat zit called he waz just german????
TForlornHope (6:24:36 PM): yes, you are hardcore.
HarDCoReME764 (6:24:37 PM): wierd man wierd
TForlornHope (6:24:45 PM): yeah i guess
HarDCoReME764 (6:25:00 PM): ye syes indeeeeeeed hehehehhehehehheheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
HarDCoReME764 (6:25:14 PM): hey last year did u go 2 that math thingy????
TForlornHope (6:25:23 PM): math thingy?
TForlornHope (6:25:26 PM): yeah
HarDCoReME764 (6:25:38 PM): me 2 i member u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:25:48 PM): umm i forgot what school it was...but i got come certificate for it
TForlornHope (6:25:51 PM): really???
TForlornHope (6:26:02 PM): we were in like groups and shit?
HarDCoReME764 (6:26:16 PM): ya u like rode a bus and had 2 take a test and shit???
TForlornHope (6:26:22 PM): YEAH!
TForlornHope (6:26:30 PM): YOU WERE THERE???
HarDCoReME764 (6:26:36 PM): like 4 math cuz i guess we were ``smart``
HarDCoReME764 (6:26:44 PM): ya ya ya i waz there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:26:44 PM): yeah!!!
TForlornHope (6:27:02 PM): holy shit, thats wierd, such a small world!!
TForlornHope (6:27:16 PM): i remember yelling across the room and getting in trouble
TForlornHope (6:27:23 PM): hehe
HarDCoReME764 (6:27:27 PM): oiooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (6:27:35 PM): hey brb kkk im hungyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
TForlornHope (6:27:40 PM): ok
HarDCoReME764 (6:27:43 PM): again im alwayz hungy
HarDCoReME764 (6:27:45 PM): ok brb
TForlornHope (6:27:49 PM): alrighty
HarDCoReME764 (6:35:11 PM): oklkkkkkkkkkk baq
TForlornHope (6:35:23 PM): howdy!
TForlornHope (6:35:34 PM): ssssoooooo
TForlornHope (6:35:42 PM): what kind of music do you like?
HarDCoReME764 (6:36:13 PM): evry kind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (6:36:18 PM): how bout u???
TForlornHope (6:36:29 PM): anything but polka really
TForlornHope (6:36:57 PM): name 7 favorite artists/bands!
TForlornHope (6:36:59 PM): GO!
HarDCoReME764 (6:37:32 PM): ummmmm i dunnno im lost ummmmmmmmmmm???
HarDCoReME764 (6:37:55 PM): im watchin tv and talkin 2 like 400 peeeepz itz hardness man hard
TForlornHope (6:38:04 PM): haha ok
TForlornHope (6:38:34 PM): i havent met many people from andersen who have AIM or anything
HarDCoReME764 (6:38:50 PM): really??
HarDCoReME764 (6:38:56 PM): now u do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:39:13 PM): yeah, only 3.
TForlornHope (6:39:19 PM): you, amy and renee
HarDCoReME764 (6:40:37 PM): REALLY SO R U ONLY TALKIN 2 ME???
TForlornHope (6:40:59 PM): no
TForlornHope (6:42:25 PM): how many people are you talking to?
HarDCoReME764 (6:42:44 PM): 123456 i think ya 6
HarDCoReME764 (6:43:16 PM): wow u have an eye for ur icon thatz koool!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:43:19 PM): haha thats cool
TForlornHope (6:43:27 PM): yeah isnt it?!?!?!?!
HarDCoReME764 (6:43:36 PM): yes yes it iz
TForlornHope (6:43:37 PM): i have lots!
HarDCoReME764 (6:43:47 PM): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (6:43:51 PM): kooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:46:32 PM): look at my icon now!
TForlornHope (6:46:34 PM): muahaha
TForlornHope (6:46:36 PM): its gay
TForlornHope (6:46:39 PM): i hate it
TForlornHope (6:47:28 PM): is it hardcore enough?
HarDCoReME764 (6:47:59 PM): theye cuz it doesnt show a different 1???
TForlornHope (6:48:12 PM): it doesnt???
HarDCoReME764 (6:48:17 PM): omg that iz soooooooooooooooo kooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (6:48:23 PM): i seeee it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HarDCoReME764 (6:48:33 PM): thatz way hard core!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (6:48:38 PM): haha
TForlornHope (6:48:44 PM): why dont you have an icon???
HarDCoReME764 (6:49:47 PM): i do it just doesnt show up alll the time hold on illl go check it brb kkk
TForlornHope (6:49:52 PM): ok
HarDCoReME764 (7:00:09 PM): can u see it??
TForlornHope (7:00:20 PM): um
TForlornHope (7:00:22 PM): no
TForlornHope (7:00:25 PM): oh yeahh
TForlornHope (7:00:30 PM): hahaha
HarDCoReME764 (7:00:39 PM): wich 1 iz it??
TForlornHope (7:00:49 PM): aww you beat me:-(
HarDCoReME764 (7:00:59 PM): yes yes i doooooooooooooo
TForlornHope (7:01:01 PM): "this icon beats your icon"
TForlornHope (7:01:06 PM): haha
TForlornHope (7:01:11 PM): thats super
TForlornHope (7:01:15 PM): i have 9 icons!
HarDCoReME764 (7:01:34 PM): reallly??
HarDCoReME764 (7:01:40 PM): thatz the shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
TForlornHope (7:01:43 PM): yep
HarDCoReME764 (7:01:52 PM): yep
TForlornHope (7:01:55 PM): yes, it is that shit.
TForlornHope (7:02:00 PM): the****
HarDCoReME764 (7:02:11 PM): yes yes it iz
HarDCoReME764 (7:02:20 PM): hey brb im gonna watch my show kkk
TForlornHope (7:02:25 PM): ok
TForlornHope (7:17:00 PM): ima watch TV!
TForlornHope (7:17:05 PM): brb
TForlornHope (7:44:20 PM): i g2g i'll be back later! if not well see ya tomorrow in fagot-ass-crap....FACS!!
TForlornHope (7:45:02 PM): bye!
HarDCoReME764 (7:45:08 PM): ok ily dokily den bye bye

i think i either went to go watch TV or got offline..

HarDCoReME764 (8:46:00 PM): hola sinorita
HarDCoReME764 returned at 8:46:00 PM.
TForlornHope (8:46:13 PM): howdy part'na
HarDCoReME764 (8:46:39 PM): howdy yall
TForlornHope (8:46:53 PM): no yall...just me:-(
TForlornHope (8:47:00 PM): nobodys home!!!yay!!
TForlornHope (8:47:07 PM): i just got back from my friends house
TForlornHope (8:47:19 PM): oooo alisa the racin' chic!
HarDCoReME764 (8:47:26 PM): oooooooooooooo ya thatz me
TForlornHope (8:47:31 PM): haha
HarDCoReME764 (8:47:41 PM): lol ya yepo
HarDCoReME764 (8:48:13 PM): omg i have 2 baby sit 2 morrow and it reminded me of facz =GAY!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (8:48:30 PM): ahaha i HATE FACS!!!
HarDCoReME764 (8:48:44 PM): me 2 i might have 2 take it next year though
HarDCoReME764 (8:48:58 PM): danmit itz either that or art eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew
TForlornHope (8:49:01 PM): you'll have oral expression next quarter right?
HarDCoReME764 (8:49:02 PM): i h8ed art
HarDCoReME764 (8:49:07 PM): ya
TForlornHope (8:49:12 PM): i know i toook art 'cuz i hate facs
HarDCoReME764 (8:49:14 PM): i will wikll u??
TForlornHope (8:49:37 PM): go to oral ex?
TForlornHope (8:49:38 PM): yeah
HarDCoReME764 (8:49:58 PM): when next quarter??
TForlornHope (8:50:01 PM): yeah
TForlornHope (8:50:06 PM): in 4 weeks!
HarDCoReME764 (8:50:16 PM): ok thatz wat illl have 2 take n e wayz i did every thing else i think??
HarDCoReME764 (8:50:21 PM): yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (8:50:38 PM): WANNA SEE ALL MY ICONS??!?!?1
TForlornHope (8:50:49 PM): i had cake. i think i'm hyper....not really.
HarDCoReME764 (8:51:04 PM): kool koool
HarDCoReME764 (8:51:08 PM): ya iu want 2
TForlornHope (8:51:39 PM): ok! go here
HarDCoReME764 (8:51:44 PM):
HarDCoReME764 (8:52:59 PM): those r hard core man!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (8:53:12 PM): is 'hardcore" your fav word??!?
HarDCoReME764 (8:53:23 PM): maybe???
HarDCoReME764 (8:53:27 PM): y do u ask???
TForlornHope (8:53:35 PM): causee you say it a lot
TForlornHope (8:53:39 PM): cause*
HarDCoReME764 (8:53:52 PM): lol i know thatz cuz itz kool lol
TForlornHope (8:54:11 PM): haha
TForlornHope (8:54:29 PM): we HAVE to look for germans tomorrow!
HarDCoReME764 (8:54:52 PM): yes yes we dooooooooooooooooooo
TForlornHope (8:55:20 PM): oh oh oh!! i just remembered...michael cienfugoes said you're soo hot
TForlornHope (8:55:23 PM): haha
TForlornHope (8:55:34 PM): hes so cool.
TForlornHope (8:55:37 PM): and funny
HarDCoReME764 (8:55:47 PM): lol really???
TForlornHope (8:55:50 PM): yeah
TForlornHope (8:56:06 PM): i told him i would tell you...hes all "she already knows!"
HarDCoReME764 (8:56:17 PM): i know i know
TForlornHope (8:56:52 PM): haha thats funny
TForlornHope (8:57:04 PM): fuck! i havent done my HW!!!
TForlornHope (8:57:15 PM): ahh oh well...i hate homework!
HarDCoReME764 (9:04:14 PM): me 2 man me 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

TForlornHope (9:07:18 PM): ima get off now cause nobody cares.....bye!
HarDCoReME764 (9:07:39 PM): bye bye
HarDCoReME764 (9:07:47 PM): i care
HarDCoReME764 (9:07:58 PM): i scare because i care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
TForlornHope (9:08:11 PM): haha ok. thanks. bye!
TForlornHope (9:08:14 PM): see ya tmorrow!
TForlornHope (9:08:16 PM): bye!
HarDCoReME764 (9:08:24 PM): bye!

shes so cool, man. ohh yeah and i did this while i was bored... this is what got me to say "nobody cares"

TForlornHope: have you deleted it yet?!??!
MINKUS: deleted what?
MINKUS (9:02:28 PM): who is this?
TForlornHope (9:02:43 PM): nobody.
MINKUS (9:03:07 PM): well i have to be talking to someone?
MINKUS (9:03:16 PM): so who is this?
TForlornHope (9:03:33 PM): apparently you dont know, so, it doesnt really matter.
MINKUS (9:03:56 PM): umm ok..should i know who this is?
TForlornHope (9:04:17 PM): i wish you did. but i guess not so...
TForlornHope (9:04:20 PM): bye!
MINKUS (9:04:24 PM): whatever


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wanna let it burn wanna wanna let it burn. [07 Feb 2004|02:47pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | Easy Target ]

Joy, Joyce, whateve, is Bi.

My haircut: too short.

Fucking Florencio has yet to give back my shit. Hes fucking ignoring me, he is.

Underworld and Freddy VS. Jason are missing.

Straight A's and I can get my tongue pierced, and keep it in.

progress report: A's B's C's D's F's.

It'll be a while 'til i get my piercing...with permission.

2 minutes/seconds into the long awaited convo yesterday and i ruin it.

2 convos today. junoir and ashlee. i get boring quick. people regret talking to me. even thought they dont tell me, i know i do.

Alisa is so cool.

Michael and Shelby are the best science partners on earth.

Found my Sublime CD. Its awesome.

Havent gotten back my DC CD or my Blink CD from Flornecio. Fucker.

Erika gets on my nerves when she acts like that.

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bored again with nothing left to lose [31 Jan 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | certain tragedy ]

i think i'll put all my IMs in here...these are from yesterday.

[kandi, my half white half mexican cousin (her aunt married my uncle...not really cousin but we say we are) who acts like shes all white, sometimes black, 14yrs old,15 in july, tongue and belly peirced, lucky bastard]

Shigirlsmex1 (8:59:00 PM): who iz u

Auto response from TForlornHope (8:59:01 PM): Our eyes are placed in front because it is more important to look ahead then to look back.

TForlornHope (8:59:15 PM): karina
TForlornHope (8:59:42 PM): and yourself? kandi, zindi, guerra?
Shigirlsmex1 (8:59:43 PM): who dis
Shigirlsmex1 (8:59:51 PM): kandi
Shigirlsmex1 (9:00:01 PM): wacha doin
TForlornHope (9:00:09 PM): nothin much
Shigirlsmex1 (9:00:16 PM): coolio
TForlornHope (9:00:23 PM): i hate that guy
Shigirlsmex1 (9:00:31 PM): fuck offf
Shigirlsmex1 (9:00:37 PM): noone cares
TForlornHope (9:00:38 PM): hes uuuuuugly
TForlornHope (9:00:44 PM): you do
Shigirlsmex1 (9:00:47 PM): so who asked u
TForlornHope (9:00:56 PM): ummm i dont know...
Shigirlsmex1 (9:01:00 PM): hes getto to
TForlornHope (9:01:00 PM): :-\
TForlornHope (9:01:11 PM): i believ its "ghetto"
TForlornHope (9:01:18 PM): believe*
TForlornHope (9:01:29 PM): hahahahah i'm sooo white
TForlornHope (9:01:34 PM): ohhhh myyy goooddd
Shigirlsmex1 (9:01:45 PM): okjack ass
TForlornHope (9:01:55 PM): i'm white like you
TForlornHope (9:02:01 PM): isnt that soooo cooool
Shigirlsmex1 (9:02:13 PM): fuck of jack ass
TForlornHope (9:02:28 PM): fuck of a jackass?
TForlornHope (9:02:29 PM): lmao
TForlornHope (9:02:30 PM): haha
TForlornHope (9:02:47 PM): YOU ARE SUPER GAY
TForlornHope (9:02:51 PM): learn to type
TForlornHope (9:02:56 PM): faster!!!
Shigirlsmex1 (9:02:57 PM): ghetto ass white bitch
TForlornHope (9:03:05 PM): hahaha that makes me a wigger, right?
Shigirlsmex1 (9:03:18 PM): suck a cock

(right here jizzu walks in and wants me to print some tabs)

Shigirlsmex1 (9:04:47 PM): ur slow too

(this is jizzu typing)

TForlornHope (9:04:51 PM): listen you fucking kracker why dont you go eat a dick instead
TForlornHope (9:05:09 PM): i aint gonna be slow when i stick a 12inch dildo up your craxck bitch
Shigirlsmex1 (9:05:10 PM): ok what ever hore
TForlornHope (9:05:17 PM): it spelled whore
TForlornHope (9:05:22 PM): Sto0pid
Shigirlsmex1 (9:05:32 PM): whatever
TForlornHope (9:05:51 PM): thats what i tuaght
Shigirlsmex1 (9:06:00 PM): dont talk to me
TForlornHope (9:06:27 PM): im just messing this is jizzu
TForlornHope (9:06:31 PM): heres karina again
TForlornHope (9:06:35 PM): sto0pid
Shigirlsmex1 (9:06:44 PM): later
TForlornHope (9:07:26 PM): haha
TForlornHope (9:07:29 PM): that was fun
TForlornHope (9:07:34 PM): wasnt it?
Shigirlsmex1 (9:07:42 PM): whatever dont talk to me
TForlornHope (9:07:49 PM): i wasnt me i swear
TForlornHope (9:07:55 PM): it was him!
TForlornHope (9:08:24 PM): wanna call and ask?!?!?!?!
Shigirlsmex1 (9:08:33 PM): hell no
TForlornHope (9:08:37 PM): ok then
TForlornHope (9:08:43 PM): wheres you bf?
Shigirlsmex1 (9:08:51 PM): dont talk to me
TForlornHope (9:08:51 PM): why arent you sucking on his nipples?
TForlornHope (9:08:55 PM): why?
TForlornHope (9:08:58 PM): are you mad?
Shigirlsmex1 (9:09:02 PM): no
TForlornHope (9:09:03 PM): lmao
TForlornHope (9:09:14 PM): doin your hw?
Shigirlsmex1 (9:09:24 PM): ya
TForlornHope (9:09:35 PM): thats gay i have a shit load
Shigirlsmex1 (9:09:51 PM): ok bye
TForlornHope (9:10:01 PM): peace
Shigirlsmex1 signed off at 9:11:45 PM.

yeah, so, boring, cruel, short.
i can make fun of her 'cause shes half white and my cousin.

(David, my 11yr old cousin)

David perez sk8r (9:31:38 PM): whats up nigga
TForlornHope (9:31:47 PM): haha ludacris icon, thats great.
TForlornHope (9:31:51 PM): nothing much dawg
David perez sk8r (9:31:52 PM): whats cracken
TForlornHope (9:32:05 PM): nm
David perez sk8r (9:32:10 PM): dont hate on my icon
David perez sk8r (9:32:16 PM): shiit
TForlornHope (9:32:20 PM): haha
David perez sk8r (9:32:43 PM): shut up
TForlornHope (9:32:54 PM): wheres florencio?
TForlornHope (9:32:59 PM): lemme guess
TForlornHope (9:33:03 PM): skatepark?
David perez sk8r (9:33:20 PM): probably knowing lencho
TForlornHope (9:33:25 PM): yeah
David perez sk8r (9:33:49 PM): silvanos here
TForlornHope (9:34:03 PM): he told me last weekend that TODAY me and you would go over to his house play ps2 or something and spend the night and shit
TForlornHope (9:34:06 PM): at his new house
TForlornHope (9:34:09 PM): i bet he forgot
TForlornHope (9:34:13 PM): thats cool
David perez sk8r (9:35:13 PM): i know he likes ps2 he ask me to let him borrow the ps2 for ten dollas i sad i dont know.
TForlornHope (9:35:26 PM): ohh
David perez sk8r (9:35:44 PM): whos at your house right now
TForlornHope (9:35:50 PM): nobody
David perez sk8r (9:35:54 PM): oh
TForlornHope (9:36:04 PM): just da kids
TForlornHope (9:36:09 PM): and jizzu
David perez sk8r (9:36:25 PM): let me guess you got your toung peirced
TForlornHope (9:36:35 PM): no
TForlornHope (9:36:39 PM): who said that?
David perez sk8r (9:36:40 PM): dont lie
TForlornHope (9:36:49 PM): no, i didnt
TForlornHope (9:36:54 PM): who said?
David perez sk8r (9:37:00 PM): lencho
TForlornHope (9:37:06 PM): no i didnt
David perez sk8r (9:37:12 PM): and weta
TForlornHope (9:37:22 PM): you mean guerra?
TForlornHope (9:37:25 PM): yeah i did
TForlornHope (9:37:31 PM): :-D
David perez sk8r (9:37:33 PM): ya whatever
TForlornHope (9:37:36 PM): i did
David perez sk8r (9:37:44 PM): so you did
David perez sk8r (9:37:57 PM): does your mom know
TForlornHope (9:37:57 PM): but my ball fell off and guerra didnt wanna put it back!!!
TForlornHope (9:38:01 PM): i got sooo mad
TForlornHope (9:38:18 PM): yeah, she caught me:-X
David perez sk8r (9:38:20 PM): why
TForlornHope (9:38:20 PM): haha
David perez sk8r (9:38:29 PM): who caught you
TForlornHope (9:38:29 PM): i dont know she just didnt
TForlornHope (9:38:33 PM): my madre
David perez sk8r (9:38:42 PM): what she say
TForlornHope (9:38:47 PM): she was lik "stick out your tongue"
TForlornHope (9:39:09 PM): and i did...and she was like "ESA PINCHE GUERRA SI TE PUSO VERDA?"
TForlornHope (9:39:15 PM): haha
TForlornHope (9:39:19 PM): gay shit, yo.
David perez sk8r (9:39:32 PM): eh thats tight
David perez sk8r (9:39:47 PM): im stil convincing my mom
TForlornHope (9:39:53 PM): nnnoooo
TForlornHope (9:39:55 PM): dont!
TForlornHope (9:40:02 PM): dont tell any parents!!
David perez sk8r (9:40:02 PM): why
TForlornHope (9:40:09 PM): did lencho tell his mom?
David perez sk8r (9:40:11 PM): about what
TForlornHope (9:40:17 PM): about it
David perez sk8r (9:40:23 PM): why
TForlornHope (9:40:25 PM): i dont want them to know
TForlornHope (9:40:31 PM): i dont know i just dont
David perez sk8r (9:40:50 PM): my mom said she dont know
TForlornHope (9:40:58 PM): tell her lencho lied
TForlornHope (9:41:03 PM): thats easier to believe
TForlornHope (9:41:05 PM): haha
David perez sk8r (9:41:12 PM): tell who
TForlornHope (9:41:20 PM): yo momma
David perez sk8r (9:41:49 PM): no my mom might let me get my toung peirced
David perez sk8r (9:41:57 PM): maybe
TForlornHope (9:41:59 PM): HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
TForlornHope (9:42:02 PM): YEAH RIGHT!
David perez sk8r (9:42:10 PM): dont believe
David perez sk8r (9:42:14 PM): then
TForlornHope (9:42:16 PM): i wont
TForlornHope (9:42:27 PM): youre fucking 11 nigga
TForlornHope (9:42:31 PM): thats crazy
TForlornHope (9:42:32 PM): dont
David perez sk8r (9:42:50 PM): why
TForlornHope (9:42:52 PM): well, i dont know...i dont think you should.
David perez sk8r (9:43:58 PM): did it hurt when she put it your toung
TForlornHope (9:44:05 PM): kinda not really
TForlornHope (9:44:14 PM): i didnt cry or anything though
David perez sk8r (9:44:22 PM): cool
David perez sk8r (9:44:59 PM): i bought the movie 28 days later
TForlornHope (9:45:06 PM): cool
TForlornHope (9:45:11 PM): 'member we saw it?
David perez sk8r (9:45:19 PM): that movie was tight
David perez sk8r (9:45:24 PM): for real
David perez sk8r (9:45:28 PM): not playion
David perez sk8r (9:45:33 PM): playin*
TForlornHope (9:45:37 PM): i know
TForlornHope (9:45:53 PM): that shit was scary in theatres
David perez sk8r (9:46:19 PM): o know
David perez sk8r (9:46:23 PM): I*
TForlornHope (9:48:33 PM): when does thay skatepark close?
David perez sk8r (9:48:58 PM): 10:30
TForlornHope (9:49:25 PM): ohh, you wanna go to his house or are you staying w/ junior?
David perez sk8r (9:49:53 PM): i cant i have junior over
TForlornHope (9:50:01 PM): oh yeah
TForlornHope (9:50:10 PM): hes gonna spend the night?
David perez sk8r (9:50:20 PM): yup
TForlornHope (9:50:25 PM): oh ok
David perez sk8r (9:50:33 PM): maybe for the week
TForlornHope (9:50:49 PM): ohh
TForlornHope (9:50:57 PM): i would go to kandis but..
TForlornHope (9:51:13 PM): i dont know, i kinda wanna but not really.
TForlornHope (9:51:17 PM): theres nothing to do
David perez sk8r (9:51:21 PM): oh
TForlornHope (9:51:25 PM): and i wanna get new shoes too so
David perez sk8r (9:51:40 PM): tight
TForlornHope (10:14:06 PM): i'm gonna watch the simpsons
TForlornHope (10:14:07 PM): bye

short, boring, boring, interesting.

i am writing to you @ 3:25 in the PM

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[29 Jan 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | blah ]

not such a good day. some ways yes, others no fucking way.

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this is as easy as loving goes [28 Jan 2004|09:16pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | AM I MISSING ]


i dont know why i did this. i felt like loving people. maybe it was because i ACTUALLY waved at alisa and she WAVED BACK! Alisa is my big brothers' friends' girlfriends' little sister who is in my gay-ass fucking bullshit class FACS, which is only great 'cause of the people around me at this particular table<3

Bought new shoes on...umm..saturday? sunday? i dont remeber, prolly saturday. yeah. left kandis house basicly crying, wierd why i did..but i'll get into later. i fucking love the songs i'm listening to. um, so back to the point..oh yes, so i left kandis. mother and i picked up florencio cause i had wanted to buy my shoes since forever and i didnt wanna go without him because he wanted to show me these shoes. so we pick him up go to cowtown. and my socks are dirty. damnit. oh well. we look at the shoes for a while until i decide to get those one shoes. i wouldnt wearthem to school though so i'm buying new ones again on friday. then we went to wherehouse, i bought florencio the new blink and he made me buy the new dashboard. yeah so i go home and mother and i eat florencios burittos (that he gave us) sleep.
the next day he brings the blink so i can copy it to my comp and listen to it. he stays over for quite a bit. we bought a pizza. we were pigs. then we go to his new house alll the way in mesa town. wow, it far. and big. all we really did was watch his skate video...over...and over, and over and over. he puts music to it and tries to make it jusssst perfect....over and over and over. saw some great home skating movies too, of him and his friends xavier or "javi" those twins...i think it was like michael and someone else. yeah, then i went home. we're going back to cowtown on friday. (just making sure you're listening) :-)
then. last night i dreamt about that michael kid :-/ i dont even know him...wierd. i wont get into that though :-)

oh yeah, and to my surprise i actually like the new blink and dashboard 'cept a couple on each but thats ok. but i do like:
"as lovers go""rapid hope loss""carry this picture""bend and not break""I Am Missing""Carve Your Heart Out Yourself""so beautiful""hey girl""if you cant leave it be""obvious""i miss you""violence""down""go""asthenia""always""easy target""heres your letter"and"i'm lost without you"
oh yeah, he called me and he was like "the blink songs are wierd, theyre like all about suicide and killing and shit, and it just different" and it is, which is nice, i mean, does anyone still want the naked mark tom and travis back?...

i am writing to you @ 9:37

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do you regret all your loneliness? [14 Jan 2004|09:16pm]
i'm sad. i regret lots of things. i wish i was nicer. easier to get along with. more interesting. i wish i had something to say. if two random people asked each other, and were pointing at me, "whos that?" they wouldnt know. i hate being another face in the crowd. i want to be something. to myself. to others. i want better friends. i want friends to confide in. i want to trust. i want a better life. i want to stop being such a needy son of a bitch. i'm wishing for a great day. i need great days. i need lots of things. i want a lot of things. will they ever come true? will ANY of these things come true? they can. but they wont. dont get me wrong, i want them to. i just have no optimism in me left. i keep hoping. i know i should stop hoping. and fucking do something. but what? i dont know. and thats the problem. i dont fucking know. school is getting boringer and boringer everyday. i told erika i'd rather die than go to school. she told me if i wanted to die i would have killed myself already. and thats true. but i dont want to kill myself. i want to...die. i want someone else to kill me. i dont know what i'm saying. i dont wear seatbelts. i want to take more risks. i want to break something. i've never brokened anything. i've never had to go to the emergency room. 'cept a long ass time ago when i was throwing up so much. now that i think of it, i never liked school. i rember asking my mom when i was in the hospital room "is it a school day?" so i would'nt have to go. and when my parent used to fight and we would leave, again, is it a school night?. hmm. i have a sad life. i want to help heather. she probably has a sadder life than me. but she hit me. so she hates me. she hates lots of things. and me. why? why did she have to hit me? why did she have to fucking destroy the one person i wanted to get close to. to confide in. to trust? i had a dream about her. it was at school. i was giving someone a hug. i think she saw me. i think she saw that i didnt need her. i looked. she had her head down. pony tails. ripped up shirt she wears. jeans. holding her folder. looking down. as if she regrets something. i hope it was a sign. of how she didnt really mean to destroy our friendship but then i think about it, and is that possible?
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[12 Jan 2004|03:33pm]
bumped into timmys back pack. didnt turn around. didnt say sorry. he had a broken arm. didnt say sorry. must die. now.
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sing it all the way home [08 Jan 2004|09:03pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | all we ever needed ]

tell me, when have you ever seen my mood "happy"?


its a good day. i wish more would come. i love these days. i want to smile. i never thought i would. i'd cry, its such a good day. not only for those reason. but it's just a great day. i wish it never ended.

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[02 Jan 2004|09:35pm]
happy 18th jizzu
happy 13th shelbert
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new years eve EVE [30 Dec 2003|04:12pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | everynights another story ]

umm almost everything i would have written about is in this convo. hope you dont mind ashlee.

TForlornHope (10:13:41 PM): GUESS WHAT?? GUESS WHAT!?!?!??!
Oh Its Her 02 (10:13:45 PM): huh:
TForlornHope (10:13:58 PM): my new friends name is ashley marie
TForlornHope (10:14:02 PM): hello i'm bored
Oh Its Her 02 (10:14:08 PM): lol
Oh Its Her 02 (10:14:09 PM): hi
TForlornHope (10:14:24 PM): just like yours!
Oh Its Her 02 (10:14:28 PM): lol
Oh Its Her 02 (10:14:46 PM): is she like over or something/
TForlornHope (10:14:53 PM): you;re both quite the guy eye catchers might i add.
TForlornHope (10:14:59 PM): no
Oh Its Her (10:15:04 PM): lol
TForlornHope (10:15:11 PM): i found out like a week after i met her
Oh Its Her 10:15:12 PM): cool
TForlornHope (10:15:18 PM): i just remembered
Oh Its Her (10:15:21 PM): how did you meet her
TForlornHope (10:15:29 PM): school
Oh Its Her (10:15:49 PM): awesome
TForlornHope (10:15:53 PM): yeah
TForlornHope (10:18:10 PM): i was just bored :-\ last time i was bored i ran all the way to my friends house to tell her "VALERIE! VALERIE!! *GASPS* GUESS WHAT RYTHMS WITH VALERIE?!?!?! MALORY!!"
TForlornHope (10:18:17 PM): then i just took off running
Oh Its Her (10:18:32 PM): lol
TForlornHope (10:18:55 PM): yyyyyyeah. what do you do when yo're bored?
TForlornHope (10:18:57 PM): you're*
Oh Its Her (10:19:08 PM): i dont know, run around the house or call someone.
Oh Its Her (10:19:09 PM): lol
Oh Its Her (10:19:19 PM): im so not exciting
Oh Its Her (10:19:19 PM): lol
TForlornHope (10:19:23 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:19:41 PM): i always run around.
TForlornHope (10:19:44 PM): GUESS WHAT ELSE?
Oh Its Her (10:19:45 PM): too many "lol's"
Oh Its Her (10:19:48 PM): huh?
TForlornHope (10:19:51 PM): oh well
TForlornHope (10:20:04 PM): I CAN NOW OFFICIlly be you;re stalker!!
TForlornHope (10:20:10 PM): OFFICIALLY*******
TForlornHope (10:20:27 PM): wierd, yes.
Oh Its Her (10:20:28 PM): lol
Oh Its Her (10:20:31 PM): AH
Oh Its Her (10:20:34 PM): HAHA**************
TForlornHope (10:20:38 PM): hehe
TForlornHope (10:21:10 PM): i was just gonna remind you of when you said something about never saying "lol" again
Oh Its Her (10:21:19 PM): haha
Oh Its Her (10:21:21 PM): yeah
Oh Its Her (10:21:24 PM): i hate that "lol"
TForlornHope (10:21:29 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:21:44 PM): do you hate yourself?
TForlornHope (10:21:47 PM): 'cause thats bad
TForlornHope (10:22:08 PM): if you do
Oh Its Her (10:22:25 PM): haha no, i dont hate myself
TForlornHope (10:22:58 PM): ok. 'cause its bad if you do.or at least thats what my shrink says
TForlornHope (10:23:06 PM): mrs. fuckface
TForlornHope (10:23:10 PM): i hate her
Oh Its Her (10:23:11 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:23:44 PM): how went christmas go?
TForlornHope (10:23:47 PM): sense no making
Oh Its Her (10:23:53 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:24:07 PM): i am a grammar freak
TForlornHope (10:24:24 PM): i like iguanas
TForlornHope (10:24:36 PM): aaaaaaand well my iguana died.
TForlornHope (10:24:41 PM): 2 years ago
Oh Its Her (10:24:42 PM): so did mine
Oh Its Her (10:24:44 PM): but like
Oh Its Her (10:24:46 PM): 4 years ago
TForlornHope (10:24:52 PM): haha mine too
TForlornHope (10:24:56 PM): i had 2
TForlornHope (10:25:02 PM): one killed the other
Oh Its Her (10:25:08 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:25:11 PM): and the mnurderer died of mites
Oh Its Her (10:25:33 PM): how sad
TForlornHope (10:25:38 PM): yeah
TForlornHope (10:25:41 PM): it smelled
TForlornHope (10:26:03 PM): i'm hyper bored.
Oh Its Her (10:26:04 PM): haha mine died of something but blood was all over and we had to get new carpet we were on vacation
Oh Its Her (10:26:10 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:26:13 PM): eww
Oh Its Her (10:26:13 PM): i hated that thing too
TForlornHope (10:26:17 PM): yeah
Oh Its Her (10:26:20 PM): and i had a gerbil thing and
Oh Its Her (10:26:23 PM): my dog ate it
TForlornHope (10:26:33 PM): haha...sad...but hahahaha
TForlornHope (10:26:53 PM): lmao....sorry but thats funny..
Oh Its Her (10:27:09 PM): hahah
Oh Its Her (10:27:10 PM): i know
TForlornHope (10:27:24 PM): i saw your picture!!!
TForlornHope (10:27:27 PM): creepy huh???
TForlornHope (10:27:39 PM): my friend went to willis
Oh Its Her (10:27:46 PM): OH GOD
Oh Its Her (10:27:46 PM): where?
TForlornHope (10:27:46 PM): and i saw you
Oh Its Her 10:27:55 PM): like in person?
TForlornHope (10:28:01 PM): no
TForlornHope (10:28:05 PM): yearbook
Oh Its Her (10:28:09 PM): AH I HATE PICTURES!
TForlornHope (10:28:15 PM): me too!
Oh Its Her (10:28:15 PM): who was your friend
Oh Its Her (10:28:18 PM): AH I LOOK SO BAD
Oh Its Her (10:28:22 PM): i look like i have no hair
Oh Its Her (10:28:23 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:28:37 PM): i dont think you knew her... kandi rodriguez. shes in 9th grade now
TForlornHope (10:28:39 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:28:44 PM): i dont remember
Oh Its Her (10:28:52 PM): nope
Oh Its Her (10:28:54 PM): i've heard of her
TForlornHope (10:29:00 PM): really?
Oh Its Her (10:29:05 PM): yeah
Oh Its Her (10:29:09 PM): never seen her though
TForlornHope (10:29:11 PM): like how?
TForlornHope (10:29:24 PM): what did you heat
TForlornHope (10:29:27 PM): hear********
TForlornHope (10:29:33 PM): she has lots of rumors
TForlornHope (10:29:42 PM): "andis pregnant"
TForlornHope (10:29:48 PM): "kandis a whore"
TForlornHope (10:29:52 PM): shit like that
Oh Its Her (10:29:55 PM): yeah
Oh Its Her (10:29:57 PM): pretty much
Oh Its Her (10:29:58 PM): lol
TForlornHope (10:30:00 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:30:02 PM): i know
Oh Its Her (10:30:02 PM): haha*
Oh Its Her (10:30:08 PM): god damn
TForlornHope (10:30:15 PM): what?
Oh Its Her (10:30:19 PM): lol
Oh Its Her (10:30:20 PM): lo,l
Oh Its Her (10:30:23 PM): ah.
TForlornHope (10:30:35 PM): do you wish for god to damn me?
Oh Its Her (10:30:44 PM): haha
Oh Its Her (10:31:04 PM): wait
Oh Its Her (10:31:09 PM): you got o ajhs/
TForlornHope (10:31:17 PM): yes'm
Oh Its Her (10:31:19 PM): go to*
Oh Its Her (10:31:23 PM): do you know jessica dial?
TForlornHope (10:31:31 PM): dont think so
TForlornHope (10:31:45 PM): 7th or 8th?
Oh Its Her (10:32:00 PM): 8, oh yeah your in 7th hmm
Oh Its Her (10:32:02 PM): nevermind
TForlornHope (10:32:13 PM): ok
TForlornHope (10:35:31 PM): holy shit today is new years eve EVE!!!
TForlornHope (10:35:39 PM): fuck!
TForlornHope (10:35:43 PM): i hate school
Oh Its Her (10:35:47 PM): hahah
Oh Its Her (10:35:56 PM): yeah i dont like it either
TForlornHope (10:36:21 PM): i almost got retained, yo.
Oh Its Her (10:36:29 PM): really?
TForlornHope (10:36:30 PM): i have recently started saying "yo"
TForlornHope (10:36:32 PM): yes.
Oh Its Her (10:36:35 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:36:43 PM): but i didnt.
TForlornHope (10:37:08 PM): i had three F's. but somehow they were three D's.
TForlornHope (10:37:18 PM): yay

Oh Its Her 10:37:25 PM): its really wierd, florencio actually talks to me and stuff. did you say anything to him?
Oh Its Her (10:37:26 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:37:30 PM): i'm smart. i hate homework
TForlornHope (10:37:38 PM): i dont remeber...
TForlornHope (10:38:00 PM): didnt you guys have like a 5sec phone convo?
Oh Its Her signed on at 10:39:00 PM.
Oh Its Her (10:39:17 PM): fuck.
Oh Its Her (10:39:20 PM): i need to get my hair cut.
TForlornHope (10:39:25 PM): holy shit me too
TForlornHope (10:39:35 PM): my hair is soo fucking long
Oh Its Her (10:40:17 PM): i have slit ends caus ei straighten my hair and its really bad for my hair
Oh Its Her (10:40:19 PM): but oh well.
TForlornHope (10:40:38 PM): yeah i think i do too.. blah
TForlornHope (10:40:47 PM): i really need new shoes
Oh Its Her (10:40:52 PM): yeah
Oh Its Her (10:40:55 PM): i want adios
TForlornHope (10:40:55 PM): what kind should i get?
Oh Its Her (10:41:00 PM): idk
TForlornHope (10:41:32 PM): but i love my rowleys. yet i need new shoes.. shit.
Oh Its Her (10:42:50 PM): hah
TForlornHope (10:45:09 PM): i need new music
TForlornHope (10:45:17 PM): recomend anything?
Oh Its Her (10:45:32 PM): i dont know at the moment, i'm looking at your journal haha
TForlornHope (10:45:43 PM): ohh:-X
TForlornHope (10:46:25 PM): i was just about to update
TForlornHope (10:48:54 PM): ahhh dont read it
TForlornHope (10:48:56 PM): i'm gay
TForlornHope (10:49:00 PM): i'm over that shit
TForlornHope (10:49:01 PM): haha
TForlornHope (10:49:04 PM): infacuation
Oh Its Her (10:49:35 PM): haha
Oh Its Her is away at 10:53:19 PM.
Oh Its Her returned at 10:53:20 PM.
Oh Its Her is away at 10:54:30 PM.

yeah. bugging people. its what i do.

some time around 10-11:00 PM.

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