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Jason has a really big... [28 Dec 2003|03:40am]
[ mood | amused ]


Oh gads... there's just so many things that could finish that phrase...

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Family Fun [28 Nov 2003|01:39am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

We're off to see Elza's family this Saturday! I actually can't wait. Jason seems a little less then happy about it. :) Poor guy. He's not very good with first impressions. I remember how long it took for my folks to get used to him, and well... I'm thinking it's going to be a really good idea for him to have a good impression on Elza's folks.. since I doubt they'll have as much time to gradually get used to him as my family did. Then again, if they don't see him that much, hopefully it won't be that big of a deal?

I really can't wait though. I'd love to meet Elza's family, and I'm actually a little relieved to hear that they're all okay. Considering what she went through in RC, it's just nice to know there's other parts of her life that are still alright. Well, that and I just like meeting people. ^_^ Although I have to agree with Kate.. how are we supposed to play off this whole 'trio' thing? Should we just restrain from making it obvious that Jason and I are dating her? Or pretend that just one of us is or... what? Heh, ah well, we'll figure it out later.

Can't wait for Saturday. :) I'm just sick that way, really.

... haven't really been writing in this thing much, I'll admit.. It was a lot of fun when I first got it, and it still is, really. Just not much of a reason to write in it for now. Been having fun doing other things, don't feel like recording them later. Then again, Jason's been slacking too, but there hasn't been anything apparently bothering him lately, so I don't mind if he doesn't vent in his right now.

Elza got a jet bike.

Jealous. :) I'm so going to go drool over that thing for a while now.

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various updates [06 Nov 2003|04:19am]
[ mood | curious ]

Board game is coming along pretty well. Need to find some sort of player pieces.

Got to spend the night out under the stars with Jason and Elza a few nights ago. ^_^ It was greatness. Jason made a deal with the bird so it actually was there to keep us warm and didn't put up a fuss. Although now I'm wondering what exactly Jason owes the bird in return because he's been walking about the house taking inventory of everyone who lives here. 0_o

And there is now an owl that hoots at me occasionally.

That is all.

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Bored vs. Board [04 Nov 2003|12:28am]
[ mood | geeky ]

So, Cupcake and I were just hanging out, being bored, you know the drill... and I mentioned we could play a board game. Before Jason had a chance to disagree, I just pulled out CandyLand and we started playing.

I kicked his butt. :)

He said I had the thing rigged. I said it was just dumb luck. He said the game was too cute for him. I said he'd probably win if it was a game like 'Chainsaw Massacre BloodWars' or something...

Jason- Yea... yea you're right.. I probably would have won a game like that. ..... fuck you.

Me- Aw....

Jason- Fine fine, I take it back. Unfuck you.

So anyway, we started talking about how board games had always been so nice and cute, and a few spin-offs were wrong and creepy, but mostly they were all just nice and cute. So why not make a creepy board game? We came up with an idea for one.

Escape from Raccoon City.

Basically, it's going to be a two or more player game, which allows people to play as either humans or zombies (for an effective game, there should be one of each at least) and depending on who you are there are different cards and things you do during the game. And well, the object of the game is to (if you're a human) escape from Raccoon City, or, if you're a zombie, destroy all the humans, either by devouring/killing them or turning them into other zombies.

The game is just in the brainstorming stages though. We're working on it..

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[11 Oct 2003|01:50pm]
Yea, okay. Just giving up now.

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[10 Oct 2003|03:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I have failed, yet again, to wake up in the place that I fell asleep.

If this happens again, I'm just flat out giving up. 0_o

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Huh. [09 Oct 2003|01:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

I have failed to wake up in the same place I feel asleep.

Not like I mind, but still..

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[08 Oct 2003|01:18am]
Jason and I have been playing in that new sim. :) Fun fun.

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[30 Sep 2003|11:06am]
[ mood | good ]

Jason's still complaining about not having anything to beat up.

I told him to rant about it in his Blurty.

He said maybe.

Still, I hope he does. It's theraputic to vent, and it's a place where he can get things that are on his mind out into the open.

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Wing Rubs strike again! [29 Sep 2003|04:41am]
[ mood | mellow ]

Elza's taking Jason out for another driving test tomorrow. He's read the book, she's quizzed him, he answered to her liking (and then answered the way he _really_ wanted to answer) and Elza said he couldn't play GTA anymore. .. well she also said he did a good job and that she'd take him out for testing again, but he couldn't play GTA anymore, just based on the alternative answers he gave her.

He seemed pretty disappointed. So I gave him wing rubs. ^_^ Granted that wasn't smart to do in the garage, because then I had to get him out of there somehow and he was collapsed... o_o; but he's out now, and I have him melted again, and yea.. wing rubs. :) I can't help it, they're fun to give him. I've never seen him melt so fast.. it's cute!

So apparently Elza's been building Harley (the numan) a Harley (the bike) for her to ride. Hence why we (me and Jason) haven't seen much of her (Elza) because she's been in her work place (the garage) doing what she does best (building bikes and cars). And I mean, it's nice and all that she does that and has fun doing it, but one gets a little lonely without having their Elza around and Jason and I have had to resort to finding things to keep ourselves entertained while she's off in her own little place working. Like being picked on by double-fisted amberjockies, and things like that.

Anyway, Jason's requesting that I finish up on Plum and give him more wing rubs. ^_^ So I think I shall.


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And that's why the bunnies don't like me. [28 Sep 2003|02:47pm]
So yesterday I had Plum with me while Jason was studying his Driver's Manual. I felt like looking up a new Blurty icon. I wanted something random, so I figured I'd just type a random phrase into a search engine, go to whatever webpage comes up, and take a picture from that website to use as an icon. So then I had to come up with a random phrase to use. Well, I remember Nathan (Kate's bro) talking to his girlfriend Amanda about something called a double-fisted amberjocky, so I decided to look it up.

Couldn't find a single search engine that would return a hit.

So Jason started helping me out. We figured that 'double fisted' wasn't our problem, since there seems to be enough search results for that (don't... ever... search for 'double fisted' ...) but 'amberjocky' wasn't returning any hits.

So then we got to talking about what an amberjocky is. Well, amber is solidified tree sap, and a jocky is a small man that rides a horse. So an amberjocky might be a small man who rides solidified tree sap, or a solidified tree sap that rides a horse, or a little tree sap guy who rides a solidified horse, or..... well you get the idea. We had no clue what an amberjocky was.

Then I thought, a jabberwocky is a scary monster from Alice and Wonderland. Amberjocky sounds slightly opposite so it might be a cute monster. Now we just had to find a cute monster with two fists.

That's when kourlla showed up suddenly.

And Jason, without even thinking, screamed 'Holy shit, a double-fisted amberjocky!' which apparently really POed kourlla because it threatened to turn us into double-fisted amberjockies.

Jason's response was a quick 'what are you going to do, beat us like a double-fisted amberjocky?'

The next minute found us running down the hall with an angry amberjocky after us.

It then decided to summon little jockies, also known as single-fisted whomperzockies, to come after us, and well.... that wasn't fun. And what's really not fun is being caught by zockies. Because those thing hurt!

... but yes, now Jason has taken to saying 'beat you like a double-fisted amberjocky'...

.. and I still don't have a new icon..

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Success! [27 Sep 2003|01:37am]
I have found a way to get Jason to really start studying!

Wing rubs! ^_^

Discovered completely on accident when I was going to give him a shoulder rub, but didn't want to stop his writing, so gave him a wing rub instead. o_o He seemed to like it. So now I make him read a chapter and I do a pop quiz, and depending on how many questions he can answer without looking at the book, he gets a wing rub. :) Seems to be working rather well, I think he'll have his learner's permit and be on the road soon enough.

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Introduction to Driving [26 Sep 2003|07:28am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Lesson One:
Not Killing People

I swear... tell Jason he's not aloud to kill someone, and he'll give you a look that just makes you think he's saying 'foolish mortal, I shall live to be older then time itself and you're telling me I can't kill someone? HA! I feed on blood!' etc etc. o_o Gosh darn bird has an ego and it hates being told it can't just randomly kill people. So I've finally gotten Jason to agree to 'keeping your girlfriend and boyfriend happy by not killing people, especially with a car, unless out of self defense or defense for a loved one, or unless it is absolutely required for the bird like an urgent hunting session if for some reason your dear ol' staple *sniff* just isn't good enough.' But gosh darn it took a lot of negotiating to get him to that point.

Anyway, so Elza's built Jason a car, with my help, and now she's teaching him to drive, also with my help. She took Jason in to get a learner's permit but, well, he failed miserably on the driving test.

Me- So how did you do?

Jason- Well, I got through the first five questions.

Me- Oh good. So what was your score?

Jason- .....

Me- .. wait, when you say you got through the first five questions.....

Jason- I got all the way to question five.

Me- *thinking* But you. ........... you didn't get a single question right, did you. Dude, it takes five wrong answers and you already failed the test.

Jason- Well fuck them for having stupid answers.

Me- ... *forehead smack*

Anyway, so yea, Elza went out and got him a driving manual handbook learner thingy and we've been forcing him to study. He got through at least one chapter last night, and can answer a few questions correctly. That's... a good thing..... I know Jason can do this just fine but he's really being stubborn. Then again, Jason likes to just be a jerk sometimes. :) But at least I know that after enough negotiation, I can sorta kinda get him to agree not to kill people.. in most situations..

The bird, however, still has that aura of 'screw you, I'll kill whoever I want to kill' about it.

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[25 Sep 2003|07:31am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Jason's got a car.

Elza's been teaching him how to drive.

I saw Kate just a little while ago, she obviously hasn't slept all night. Plus she was muttering something about 'hell' and 'decompossing anguished souls' and 'eternal punishment' and I could see the desire to draw in her eyes. Sort of like when she drew Mouthy and the Meathook Horses.

Something tells me I should be worrying about all three of these things, but I'm not sure why...

.. and somewhere in Australia, a baby has stubbed his toe.

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[25 Sep 2003|12:41am]
[ mood | discontent ]

Kate showed me this.. it was funny at first until I realized just how accurate it's going to end up being since well.. .......... yea.....

What will your Funeral be like? by rashock
You will die by:Mysterious unsolved murder. The killer was never found and neither was your body. Your casket is empty and you family mourns till this day in hopes that you are still alive or died a swift death.
Death Date:September 9, 2067
Number attending your funeral?104
How much will you leave to friends and family?$1,257,266
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

just think about it...

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Your probe is failing [23 Sep 2003|10:58am]
Was hanging out with Elza last night and got the biggest craving for a McFlurry.. I knew Kate was working so I just headed out to McDonald's really quick.

Slipped around back to visit her, figured I could get some free food out of it instead of having to pay. :) She was working in grill, and with some odd beeping going on, she didn't notice me come up behind her. I turned to see what the beeping was, and I saw a little sign saying 'probe failure.'

So I told her that her probe was failing.

Apparently I scared the tar out of, as she likes to put it.

Did get my McFlurry though :) and then was quickly shooed from the resturaunt to keep from distracting her further.

Mmmm... McFlurry...

Anyway, back to the Elza.

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[21 Sep 2003|02:57pm]
Jason's been really quiet around Elza, ever since last night. I keep telling the dude it's not his fault, but he just keeps saying he feels like an ass. Dude, you are not responsible for the bird's actions and thoughts. Just because it says or does something doesn't mean it's your fault.

Silly windian.. :)

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[26 Aug 2003|06:57pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Kate showed me this:

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Who is that, stalking out of the terrain! It is Chad, hands clutching a thorned whip! And with a spectacular roar, his voice cometh:

"Hail the blood-letting! I feel like chicken tonight!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

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By the pricking of my thumb.... [19 Aug 2003|01:46am]
Kate and Frank want to throw me a belated b-day party for some reason. 0_o

A very belated B-day party.....

And I've been wearing the shirt from Elza recently ^_^ The one that says 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' Yea, that one. It was great, I walked in to show Kate and Frank, and Jason came in right behind me... the shirt like... announced his arrival, Kate thought it was hilarious. :) So I started walking around the house with Jason following me. It was pretty funny, then Jason had to go do something and I was wandering about on my own. I entered a room with Alyson and Brad in it. They looked at me, read the shirt, and then pointed out the ESB that was following me around. . . . I didn't realize I was being followed by that thing. o_o;;; Aparently after Jason left, it started to follow me about.. and I guess the shirt summoned it? It's like.. ... the shirt always gets evil things to follow it or something... I was actually going to show Elza that, but something else happened.

Me- *walking into the garage where Elza is* Hey Elza! You've gotta check this out!

Elza- What is it?

Me- You know how I'm wearing my Wicked shirt, and Jason was following me around earlier?

Elza- Yea...

Me- And he went off to do something else, so I was walking around without him, and something else evil started following me!

Elza- Really? What?

Kate- *pokes her head in* Hey Chad, I brought you something from work.

Me- *stare* . . . *busts up laughing*

Poor Kate was so confused. o_o;;;;; Unfortunatily I never got to show the ESB to Elza, at least not yet, but it was great to see the look on Kate's face. :) I guess evil things do just sort of end up following me around when I wear this shirt..

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Talked to 'Tasha.. sorta.. [17 Aug 2003|02:55am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

Now I want to find something romantic to do with Jason and Elza. Hm... star gazing? Out for a nice dinner? The things to do... I don't want to do the whole 'fancy dinner/movie' deal, that's just so.. ... unoriginal. o_o I mean, there's so many other things we could do.. it's almost limitless. Take a flight out to some grand mountain and watch a sunset, head across country and just enjoy some alone time together.. go visit neat cities or pretty countries.. ^_^ Could do it all. ... just have to figure a good on out.

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