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    Monday, September 1st, 2003
    7:14 pm
    last night of summer
    So it's the last night of summer. and it blows. I wanted to hang out with the usual, but no one called, and I'm not having people over here, because I'm gay and if I invite one person than i have to invite the other person so they don't get mad ... la di la di da..

    Yesterday me and Ari went to the plaza. We had our usual order of ice cream, and somehow my spoon magically flew out of my hand. Fuckin a, so then i had to wait like 15 minutes to get another spoon, because there was a line and the guy was busy, and i was being polite. Fuck me and my good manners. heh.

    Then we headed over to Target across the street. I got my tacky ass watch, and some gum. We were on the hot cashier guy's line. But the line next to us was empty and it was too obvious so we headed over there. And the lady on the guy's line kept going" oh shoot! oh shoot! come on" so i kept listening , and she goes " Ah i left my purse in the car!" I started cracking up it was so funny, so the kid's like " uh!! well go run run .. and ill ring up the rest" heh it was cute.. so while he was saying that I was telling Ari that the lady forgot her purse, b/c she's deaf and can't hear anything haha. So i told her and she bursted out laughing so hard, and the hot guy turns to her and was like whats so funny over there? and we're just like nothing trying so hard not to crack up, but it wasn't working. I think he might have thought that we were laughing at him, but we really weren't, just the fact that, that lady forgot her purse amused us alot. I wispered to ari " god bless you and ur loud laugh " heh we had semi-interaction with the hot guy. Oh well, so we were fooling around with the conveyer (sp?) belt thing, cause it kept moving. And so i put my dollar on it to see if it would stop the belt, but it wasn't working so Ari, folded it to make it thicker, but that didn't work to much either, so i put my hand on it and the lady ringing us up kept laughing at us, so we left and took a double take on the hot cashier.

    We were heading home and we decided to head over to Holly's since it was kinda on the way home. So we were pulling into her street ( on out bikes) and her car passed us. It was good timing, her and her family just got back from her brothers soccer tournament. So we woke her up since she was sleeping in the car. And we headed back to my house after 30 minutes of fooling around at hers. She gave me my shorts that i left at her house. i didn't want to drop them so i had them on my head, but they feel off, so was trying to put them back on my head while i was riding but it wasn't working, so I told Ari to hold my handle bars, and it didn't work so i waited a little while and tried again. So he was holding on to my handle bars... and before i knew it i was thrown off my bike and in the middle of the road!! I fell off my bike and ari landed on me and a passing car was like 5 inched from my head. Holly fell off her bike cause she was lauging so hard, and I laid in the middle of the road cracking up. These two guys passed on their bikes and saw us fall, and make fun of us, and then 5 guys in a car pulled over and asked if we were alright. I just got a few bruises and a cut hand, it was worth the laughs. We saw kyle so we rode to the school and then round Holy Cross cause we thought we saw Dylan skating, but he was no where to be found, when we went over there. So we went home and Ari went home. Me and Holly decided to go in the pool since we were sweating from our wonderful bike ride.

    We took showers and did our hair, expecting to go out, but no one was allowed to have ppl over and theres nothing else to do in this boring town of ours it was already dark so we couldn't even go for a walk. We ended up going to Holly's in hopes of playing Manhunt. So we went over there and told Joe, Kevin and Kyle to meet us outside. We headed over to kevin and kyle's house ( brother's) I hooked up with kevin once hes hott but 2 years older than me. So we ended up just talking, which we planned, we didn't really want to play it was chilly and damp out from the rain. So we hung out for a few hours. Kevin and Joe are always funny together. Joe was being a prick tho, being really rough and stuff. And with Holly having a bruised kidney and all, she was in pain. and then he decides to flip me over the electric box we were sitting on and cuts my back. Whatever i guess he was just playing but he wouldn't stop with hurting me and holly it was getting annoying. Kevin and Kyle had to go inside, so we made joe walk us home a block down. We went inside and i had a big bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. We watched some TV and went online then crashed.

    I went home round 2 today. And just hung out. Holly was thinking of having people over, if she was allowed, but she wasn't. So she wanted to go to the movies. She was going with Kelly and Kevin supposively "wants me really bad", and he wanted me to go to the movies with them. But i didn't feel like seeing uptown girls AGAIN. So i declined the offer and finished watching 10 things i hate about you and That's 70's show. Now I'm online. I got an E-mail from Katie, so i thought I'd dig up my old journal. So maybe ill keep updating this one. But i really need to change the template cause this is pissing me off, how ugly it is.. hah its not me.

    I'm off later.
    Friday, August 29th, 2003
    1:45 am
    I want my diary back
    I need to write shit, I'm lost without a diary!! This layout sucks and i have no idea how to change it son of a gun. Samantha did such a kick ass job on my get up kids layout for Diary-x.. ::tear::