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sunnnday [07 Mar 2004|11:13am]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Konstantine-something corporate ]

last night i babysat till 2...i fell asleep on the couch. but first i watched degrassi for hours..i love that show. its the one where ashley takes E. J.T. thought he took it but it was really advil he was so fun when he thought he was on a trip. hahahahah i love it. i wanna congratulate the flyers on setting a new NHL record for most penalty minutes...that record was set in 1981 and we broke it! the end of the third quarter fri night was fucking amazing. those are the only words to describe it. goalie fighting! god that is great. thanks boys that made the season. my bro left for hawaii this morning! :( he'll be back thurs tho.

no school tomorrow baby...thanks brother jim. :)

My birthday is in 11 days!! wooo

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[05 Mar 2004|11:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | This Love-Maroon 5 ]

hmm well i just got back from my little neighbor across the street's 8th birthday party. Her mom payed me to help take care of the girls. It was pretty fun, and i made $25. This week has been pretty good. Um brother jim closed school awesome is that? um wed. i went to the flyers game it was good we won. but it was only nashville. i taped the new OC and watched it thurs. it was pretty good, but wtf! how come everytime it gets good and theres good new scenes we have to wait 3 weeks. thats crap. mon will be good because i get to watch saved by the bell. Tomorrow is mallory's bday! Happy Bday Mallory Spags!!

hmm tomorrow night im babysitting again but thats ok because i really dont mind babysitting.

yeaaaaa my bday is in 13 days woo. thats less than 2 wks.

my bro goes to hawaii sun :( i will miss him. he will be back thurs. tho

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looooong time [01 Mar 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | nostalgic ]
[ music | wanna get to know ya-G Unit ]

well..its been forever since i kept up with this thing. But i like writing in yeaaa. hmm so whats been goin on lately...i was sick last wk mon, tues, and wed. well, i went in to school tues to take my ethan frome test then i left. being sick was great. i woke up at like 11 everyday...watched saved by the bell and noon sat around and watched step by step at 2. and that was basically my whole day. school..well its not bad for school. its so dramatic i hate that tho. everyone just needs to get over themselves and enjoy life because we've only got 4 years of high school and then we have to go to the real world..we should enjoy our time not spend it fighting over stupid stuff. weeeelll anyway now that i said that um today i had a free day off because we can i guess? so i woke up at 10 to my cell ringing..went for a run came home showered talked to carm watched saved by the bell!! wooo i love that show. then carm told me she was coming in 5 min to pick me up and i was not redi and att so i had to get redi in like 2 1/1 min and i didnt have enough time but thats ok i should have gotten dressed earlier. then her mom dropped us off at harrington!! we snuck in the side entrance in D wing and went and talked to mrs. figura and mrs. smith and mrs. coffield and i popped my head into mrs. malasts to say hi because we're cool like that. mrs. smith had a pic from six flags and i was in it. omg that day was sooooooo much fun i wish i could do it again. and then that got me thinking about dinner dance which was def. the best night ever man the end of 8 grade was soo fun and so was last summer i miss them so much. here's a pic from six flags:

ahhh that day was so much fun. so then me and carm walked to my house and got teddy's. soooo good and then she went home and i went to my moms friends house to see daughter's twin girls katelyn and jenna. theyre so cute i love them i wish i got to see them more often. then i came home and did hw and sat on the comp. tomorrow is school..uggh i wanna stay home sick again its great. it was so nice out..made me cant wait for SUMMMER!!!!!

o ya and my bday is in 17 days!! wooooo

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excellent weekend [01 Feb 2004|02:23pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | you and i both ]

this is by far the best weekend of the new year! yesterday i got a new fone!!!! no more bigass ghetto fone for me...i was soo excited! then last night was the night ive been counting down for since January 25 was banquet 2004!!!! it was the funnest night ive had since dinner dance last June. i cant wait to get my pictures back!! me and devon were the biggest pimpettes u could ever wanna meet there! yeeeea dev we won the battle and the war!! haha now today i woke up early and studied for vocab went to get bagels with my dad came home and did more homework went to super g with my dad and now im goin to walmart to drop my pictures off..hell yea i want those pictures!!!!

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The Snow day [28 Jan 2004|09:25pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | OC Theme Song-californiaaaaaaaa by phantom planet ]

so today was a snow day for me (haha lenape u suckkaaas) so i woke up at like 740 cus my sister didnt want me to sleep and i went out and took pictures of the snow and then once she left i went back to sleep for an hour and then around 9:40 i called Ada and woke her up bcus i was psyched to go sledding today after last snow day. and so i called rebecca and she said shed come sledding with us. so i got ready and watched SAVED BY THE BELL!! it was one of the ones where they work at the beach in the summer. anyway so then rkelly came over and we walked to ada's and then adas mom took me beck ada and drew and drew to the mount to go sledding. it was great bcus no one else was there and the trails weren't ruined yet. so drew logue went first and went down and then i went and i took the turn to wide and i slammed into one of those trees on the side...i black out for a sec because i dont rem how but some how my knee slammed into the tree and i got dirt all over my face lol and it hurt but i got over it and kept goin down cus it was so fun and then me ada and rebecca were all goin down together and that was the best...we were jumping the log and then we raced down the front in time to see the Harrington buses leaving hahaha so then we walked home and ate pizzatuilos and my knee really started to hurt so when i came home i iced it and watched the simpsons and took some advil and the swelling in my knee stopped but it hurts alot to do the stairs and here i am rambling on and on about my knee but today was such a great day i had so much fun and usually i dont like snow days cus i just get wet and cold and uncomfortable and dirty but today i was wet and cold and i didnt even mind bcus i was having so much fun blah blah blah well my snow day was awesome hope we have some more..and i just watched american idol and i realized two things. 1. I hate randy 2. I need to go back to hawaii!! now a replay of my favvv show The OC is on but its a good repeat...and now there is only 2 weeks until the new aweesome OC and i am just rambling and ramblin but o well now im gonna go to bed because i have to go back to school tomorrow and i didnt think i had an Intro script test tomorrow but now i think i do so im going to study study study

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snow day [26 Jan 2004|05:07pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | with you- jessica simpson ]

today was a snow day which was aweesome. this weekend was boring bcus all i did was sleep but i didnt wanna go to school today so i was happy it snowed!!! i woke up at like 10:40...and got dressed and walked over to ada's and then me ada danielle and rachel and went to the Mount...the mount that mt. laurel is named after haha and went sledding on it. thats the best place and not alotta ppl no about it cus everyone goes to laurel acres but they're all suckers and we sledded there for awhile it was SO fun we took alot of pics. then we came back to my house for lunch and adrianna and rachel were goin craazy. then rachel left and me and ada and danielle went out to the pond for like 20 minutes but it was so cold that we came in and now im here. this was a really fun day i wanna get my camera developed!!

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[21 Jan 2004|07:10pm]
today was a great day...on the bus ride home carmen gave me a wet willy when i fell asleep it was so gross...but funny haha i just saw a preview for the movie called confessions of a teenage drama queen...i wanna c! it has lindsay lohan in it. and i wanna c the new hilary duff movie..cinderella story. wow that sounds gay but it has chad micheal murray in it so u can understand why i wanna! nothin else is really goin on..had a great day 2day!! i already said that tho lol now im chillin at home till american idol comes on at 8 and....OC at nine!!! im so ready to watch it and ali were singing the beginning song all during double bio lab..california here we come right back where we started from califoorniaaaa haha yea ali we're cool like that lol yep..that was my day
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fun weekend [19 Jan 2004|03:18pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]
[ music | you and i both -jason mraz ]

so this was a nice 4 day weekend. thurs night was game and franks fri i got saladworks w. my bro and fri night i was tired and didnt really do anything cept watch the sweetest thing and finding nemo sat was saladworks with my mom and then my field hockey game sun i went shopping with ada and then we went to see along came polly...not too good. sun night i slept over devons...we had sooo much fun!! right now i just got home and the clock says birthday!! haha im feeling really happy right now i dont no why tho. im just in a really REALLY good mood right now. i hope it lasts allllll week!

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4 day weekend [16 Jan 2004|09:43am]
[ mood | relieved ]
[ music | rich girls theme song ]

midterms are over thank god! yesterday was delay opening, and bio and history midterm. bio was easier than i thought it was gonna be and history was way harder. then i came home and layed around and then me and sara went to the eustace/cc bball game...we met up with amanda sam ashley mads classick katie danielle o erin nadine and kelsey. then we left and went to franks. it wasn't exactly an exciting night...but well it was something to do when we're the only school off. then my dad picked up me sara and danielle and we left and dropped them off and i got home like 1 and i was soo tired i just fell asleep. now my little sister woke me up early since she had to be up early she didnt want me to sleep. ughh...

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2 more [14 Jan 2004|10:54am]
[ mood | stressed ]

just one more day of this....2 more exams and im done! 2 of the hardest but after that im done. pray to GOD it does not snow enough to get school closed tomorrow....

o.c. tonight

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tired... [13 Jan 2004|02:42pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | shakin up -rooney ]

today was day 2 of the morning our bus had to ake one of the other mt laurel/marlton buses so we had to sit in the parking lot of ramblewood shopping center for 10 minutes. bob let us go to 7-11 though as long as we came back in 10 minutes. it was great..we all go our coffee and stuff. we didnt get to school till late but thats ok..normally we're there like 7:30 which i like. anyway had alg and intro midterms today. Alg was soooooo hard. i think the highest i can expect on that was a 60. i guessed so just like mark B or w/e bcus i hadnt had one in awhile. ugh and then we had the intro one which i studied soooooooo much for i had over 650 notecards and i knew ALL of them and i think i did pretty well on that...most people thought it was hard but i studied soo much i was really happy with myself. then i stayed for latin review and pauls mom brought me home so while i waited i hung out in the field house with meg and watch the boys run around in their messed up uniforms and practice for the bball game today....theyre playin LeNaPe! haha our boys r gonna win theyre really good. i was thinkin about goin back for the game but now im really really tired so im thinkin about just staying here and takin a nap. maybe ill go tho i have to think about listenin to the song by rooney that was on OC last week..bryson sings it everyday so its always in my head and it was on channel one yesterday morning. good song. only have latin midterm tomorrow then be home by 10:15....gooood deal! got bio AND history the next day...thursday=the die im gonna die! bio is gonna killlllllllllllllllllll me!!!!!!

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midterms... [12 Jan 2004|10:50am]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | bright lights ]

so today was the first midterm. it was english. that was soooo easy. my english class is always funny and we had mr dimarco as our our test was alot less boring that it could have been. no its 11 am and i have to study for the rest of the day for intro tomorrow bcus that stuff is so hard its gonna kill me! and i really need to do well on that midterm. last night the eagles was an AwEsOmE game!! and sat night flyers game was a big suckfest...theyre killin themselves and they always do this every season after they build themselves up and everyone thinks theyre great. there was more eagles spirit at the game sat then flyers....they had TWO 5-3 advantages and they Couldn't score. they didnt even shoot the puck they just passed and passed and passed and they do that soo much the entire place was chanting SHOOT and they didnt. i dont no whats going on with them now but they better get out of it soon. wow that felt good to get out...i was so mad saturday when i was running across the parking lot in 6 degree temperatures after they lost 3-0!!!! it was pathetic....they must no they were doin awful cus their own fans were booing them...

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gonna be a boring weekend [10 Jan 2004|09:12am]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | yeah-usher lil jon and ludacris ]

well this is gonna be a boring weekend...lots of studyin 2 do! i had a greeat week though atleast. nothing rely new...last night something really scary happened to me but i dont really feel like typin it all out..but its over and im lucky im not hurt so thats the end of it. IM GOING TO THE FLYERS GAME TONIGHT!!!! ahh i am so has been....42 days since my last flyers game. that is wayy too long for me to go without goin to a hockey game.ive watched some on tv but thats still not the same as going. normally i go like every 3 wks to a game. thank god im going tonight! g2g eat and then study study study....lucky me

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great week! [07 Jan 2004|07:59pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | noooone ]

this has been a great week so far! monday was awesome..even though it was the first day back from our wonderful break. it was nice to see everyone again and w history cancelled. there were soo many new coach bags that everyone got for christmas...seems like thats what everyone got. then mon afternoon i watched finding nemo and studied and went to bed at 8 was great! then tues was great too. school was fine (but cold!) and then i came home and did lots of studying and went to saladworks with my mom for dinner! it was so good! then i watched the new real word. they really like to drink on that show...thats all they did. i miss paris. i loved that one. today was great. school was boring...and cold..and then after school me and ada went to the boys ice hockey game! it was so fun. we stood at the tap with mads nadine and gab cus nadine had to tape. the boys beat the other prep 2-0!!! it was a good game....shitty shitty refs tho. they dont like to call a did lots of that too. but it was a really fun game...sooo cold!!!!!! kinda reminded me of the state football game. now im home and my dad luckily made his chicken soup for dinner! its sooo good. he only makes it once and awhile. it was the perfect day for it too cus i was soooooo cold when i got home. im working on my bio take home test which is pretty easy just needs alot to be looked up but there are a few hard ones. OC is on tonight!!!! love that show. so thats all for now comment if u wanna!!

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[02 Jan 2004|04:39pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Voice withtin ]

yesterday was boring i didnt do anything except some homework in the afternoon and then i went with my dad to visit the guys up at 363 which was fun but once my dad starts talkin we're there for a long time then ada came and slept over we watched sweet home alabama and she surprised me with the marykateandashley movie The Challenge for xmas so we watched it and fell asleep and then today i woke up and ada left and i went running then took a shower and i watched the rest of the was unrealistic like all the movies but the end was soo funny! all their boyfriends from the past movies came back....i always wanted that to was pretty funny. wow that sounds really gay..yea i have no idea what im doing tonight but now im going to do more hw and studying! woo hoo!

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Happy New Year! [01 Jan 2004|01:28pm]
[ mood | optimistic ]

well i ended the old year well, and started the new one well too. yesterday i went to king of prussia with emily and jillian and my sister and our moms. it was so fun. i had never been there before...that mall was soo big! i wore the wrong shoes for that much walking so my feet were killing me by the time we got home. it was a really fun day....i got some pants at guess exchanged my coach belt for a diff one clothes at hollister, abercrombie and a lot of clothes at urban outfitters. i love that store! (so does my mom which is good cus she'll buy stuff!) we had lunch at my favorite resturant evvvver!-->cheesecake factory!!!! we always go to the one in DC and we went to the one on Vegas. its sooo good there. we were there till 6 when the mall closed..i wish it had been open longer. it was soo nice there. then we came home and i went over adriannas with danielle for new years...since this was such an exciting new years eve! we watched final destination and then the ball drop. it was fun. then i couldnt sleep over cus we had to go out to breakfast this i came home and watched american pie....great way to start a new i woke up then we ended up not even goin to breakfast cus my babci was sick which pissssed me off. yea well now im eating pizza and then im gonna hve to go do more homework. o well...2004 is gonna be a great year i can feel it. Happy new years!!!

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[30 Dec 2003|10:35pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | Salt Shaker ]

today was fun...woke up at noon had pizza adrianna called and she came over we hung out all afternoon then went with my mom and the schwartzes to this ceramics painting place cus my mom really wanted to first it was kind of fun but then mine started looking really bad and it was taking so long i got really frustrated. adrianna made a fish and it came out really really good. then we ate at this wendys in voorhees and then went to the movies with rachel. we saw cheaper by the second time. it was still funny the second time. it was a long night tho. tomorrow im going to king of prussia with emily! im so excited ive never been there before.

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Good Day [28 Dec 2003|11:55pm]
[ mood | enthralled ]
[ music | Ice Ice Baby ]

Today was a great day. my mom woke me up at like 10:30 (ugh) and i got all dressed and me and her went shopping. we went to the cherry hill mall and it was sooo crowded. My mom let me get so much stuff bcus it was all on clearance sales. we waited in line for american eagle for like 10 minutes and at abercrombie we waited for atleast 20 minutes. it was crazy. i got a lot of new stuff tho! i was so excited about it. then my mom dropped me off at alexa's cus we were havin one of our summer wedgie nights. i love those girls. we got our teddy ho's and watched finding nemo! i love that movie. then i came home and beat my sister in air hockey 31-21 and made study cards for midterms (cool i know but i have so many to make!) and then i played ddr for like an hour. now im going to watch a movie with my sister. it really was a good day...haven't had one in awhile.

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bo0ored [27 Dec 2003|09:29pm]
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I <3 christmas [26 Dec 2003|02:37pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Hands down -dashboard ]

merry christmas...even if it is the day after lol. i had a great christmas. xmas eve was always the funnest of course bcus i got to see my awesome cousins who i love..spent the whole day and night w. u babe. then we came home and went to midnight mass. came home and went to bed and woke up on Christmas! opened our presents. i got some coach field hockey stick...dvds..cds..we got an air hockey table for the basement and a smores maker which is kinda cool i have to fig out how to work it. then we met with the schwartzes and we took my babci to the movies..she hasnt been in so many years. we saw cheaper by the dozen. it was so good! i wanna c it again. then we came home and had a nice dinner my dad made and we hung out and exchanged gifts with them and played asshole. then they left and me and my sister watched rich girls forever..that show ends next wk im so sad. then we watched hook and went to bed. Today we took babci home and went to lunch. now im gonna go take a nap. *Xo

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