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[29 Jan 2003|08:20pm]
I forgot I had this journal.
And there's nothing that I have to say that isn't whiney and pathetic. Hee, I'm a bundle of joy. And can someone kill Natasha on Dawson's Creek? Please?
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[23 Nov 2002|02:32pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | avril - i'm with you ]

I've been neglecting this journal like a redheaded stepchild. *pets journal* I'm always trangely at a loss for words here. I can't tell you how many times I've opened up this window only to type nonsense and things that annoy me. Things that I never feel comfortable publishing for just any old person to see. :D But then I remembered that hi, no one reads this. :-* So for the two people on my friends list, this does mean that I feel like I am at complete liberty to bitch, whine and say offensive things. Not in that order. And maybe not all today.
I cleaned the oven this morning. At some ridiculous hour like 6 or 6:30. I realize that this is a sign of things to come. Someone save me I don't want to turn into my mother at such a young age. Then I ran to the gym and worked out until I knew that I was tired enough to come home, shower and sleep for a few hours.
There is no real reason for why I'm awake right now. It's Saturday, I'm currently jobless and I have a boyfriend who's not really a boyfriend who I know will not make it his business to make his presence known today. I owe myself something like 987257087520378 hours of sleep at this point. And I had better take a nap before Trading Spaces.
haha my god when did I turn into a television addicted hermit? I kinda likey.

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And when you touch me my whole body shivers... [25 Oct 2002|08:49pm]
Last night I had a dream about walking on the beach, holding hands with a boy. We didn't talk much. Didn't let other hang ups weigh us down. We just enjoyed a beautiful moment.
I woke up feeling overwhelmed with sadness because really, I would love to have a moment like that in real life. But I think that Mother Nature has a shortage of moments like those. So I'll patiently wait for mine and I will savor it when it gets here. I think that was my reason for staying home from work. I have learned how to deal with things like an adult; take personal days to mope, watch tv and eat too much. Only I didn't eat. I painted my toenails and took two long showers with my new peach body wash. I waxed my legs because I have never waxed my legs before. Hi, people are wusses. It really isn't THAT painful, you babies. Don't have children. But I digress. I also cleaned my room and rearranged it. I think it's a disorder to be honest. I can't stand to see it the same way for longer than a week or I go slightly crazy.
Oliver Hudson is my next husband, current boyfriend period
My computer refuses to upload any images. How frustrating really. I will kill my computer. Except not really because it is just a baby and maybe it hasn't learned how to be a good little girl yet. Yes, girl. Her name is Ashley which will inspire me to kiss her and treat her nicely.
I will dance naked in a field of wildflowers if Blurty ever decides to make this an easier site to navigate. I get that this too is a behbeh, but sigh, I am lazy and I need direct links all over the place to get anywhere.
Okay. Movie time.
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You're so Anne Frank...let's hit the attic and hide out for about two weeks... [23 Oct 2002|01:48pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | All My Children ]

My first post here and it feels so strange. Mostly because I am all about not having much of anything to say today. :) I just wanted to see what my journal looked like with an actual entry.

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