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[30 Mar 2004|03:35pm]
Bah Just start going to my damn LJ. It's harder to keep up with both of them, I'll probably only use this name to comment on other people's journals, and to sell badges + jewelry.

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Forgot a Sign! [16 Mar 2004|07:33am]
[ mood | angry ]

Oops! I forgot an important sign that I saw in Edmonton. How I forgot this sign, I have no idea but here goes.. heh. On one side of the road there was an "advanced orthopedic clinic" (I'm sure everybody knows what that is.. ^_~"), and on the other side of the road? a... "FOOT clinic" ... is the difference that one makes the foot look more presentable and the other makes the foot more durable, or fixes it up? I'm not quite sure I understand the theory behind calling an orthopedic clinic a "foot clinic" unless it's for brainless stars. :/

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Be prepared for an entry of the long-kind! [15 Mar 2004|09:21am]
[ mood | ^^ ]

PRIOR WARNING: This is the same entry posted in my LiveJournal.

Weeee! Okayyy! Update time on Edmonton! I'm going to put this into categories. It will just be much much easier. ^^;
The reason I hadn't updated this earlier was because, I spent a day and a half (nearly 40 hours) on a bus this week, and then when we got back we went to hockey, so I didn't really have the energy to write a lot of stuff. :/

Sights on the Bus/Bustrip
-Wildlife! We saw elk, mountain goat, deer, and my bubble saw a dead moose when I was sleeping. We didn't see any when we were going *to* Edmonton, but we saw them all within 5 minutes of each other going back. they were big herds too! It was cool.
-Mountains! Okay, as gay as this MAY sound, it's actually pretty cool. Canada (and especially Jasper- the most beautiful place I've seen yet in Canada - It's in Alberta), has the most amazing mountains. Snowy on top and just phwoar. You wanna crawl up them and just cuddle them and lay there. They look so amazing. <3
-The water... when it's frozen (and my bubble told me, also when it's not, in the summer), it has such an breathtaking colour. It's really aqua-seagreen and blue. It looks just beautiful. The water was enough to make me wanna cuddle forever.
-On the way to Edmonton, we saw this amazing swirl of clouds, and it was just gorgeous - sounds bland, but it had two really distinct and crazy colours mixed in it. Pink and blue.. it was more of an aqua blue... but wow, they were so unlike colours you've seen in the sky before, I'm not sure whether we got a picture of it or not. :/

-"Sunday's Sushi Special" this is a sign I saw in the city of Edmonton just as we were leaving. Now you think... what's so funny about this? Well. I think these Sushi experts had eaten too many cats. It was Saturday. Morning.
-"EVANSDALE" hee... "people: 784, dogs:29, cats:4, grouch:1." haha... I laughed at that, and I thought it was so cute. It was a tiny town, but it looked like it had personality! Phwee!
-Interactive Male. You know where you ring up and have phone sex with a complete stranger? Yeah this is it. Except it's gay. I mean really, It's gay. Homo gay! The huge BILLBOARD had a picture of two smiling males - with muscles bigger than their brains, piggy-backing each other. Aw... They looked so happy I just wanted to shoot them! ^__^

our first meal
We didn't have a freezer or fridge in the room, so our meals were fueled by the decision of our starving tummies. If we were hungry, we ate. The first night (we got to the hotel and had checked in by around about 7-7:30pm) we ate pizza from Boston Pizza. We got two large pizza and a 2L Pepsi... wanna guess how much it cost? That's right. $44 ...I mean fuck. And you know how much we had in change? haha. $43.60 or something like that. Lol I mean fucking hell, what the fuck kind of price is that. One of the pizza's was $23 alone. It was gay erotica. Craptastically losing a screw. Etc. Needless to say we didn't order from there again.

Wednesday 10th March
We woke up, and I wanted to go to Wal-Mart because apparently it was close to where we were. We walked around Edmonton for more than an hour, and couldn't find it (but daniel *thought* he was going the right way - feh at him). We gave up looking for Wal-Mart and tried looking for West Edmonton a little bit. Still couldn't find it, so we went back to the hotel room to check out the map that was in a book we had found there. Turned out, we were kind of going the right way, and he threw that in my face a little bit. Of course, he wasn't 100% sure, because otherwise we wouldn't have been back at the hotel room. So nyah to him! XP;
We ended up walking to West Edmonton Mall from our hotel, and what the hotel had advertised as a "few minutes from the famous West Edmonton Mall" turned out to be an hour walk. Thankyou for your honesty! It's greatly appreciated!
Anyway, we looked around a little bit in there, scoped things out (which was pretty impossible to do in a couple hours cause the place was huge), and then we caught a bus to the subway, and got prepared to take a pivetal step in our relationship. We went to the hockey game (Colorado vs Edmonton) at Rexall Place!
Amazing game. The players looked so sweetass in real life. It was both our first Colorado NHL game. My first NHL game, my bub's second (I think). So we were both Avalanche Virgins. <3 We love each other very much- but both agreed that was the best night of our lives! ^___^ Coming second to us meeting. ^^;; Colorado won in Overtime. ^^ Thank you Mr. Adam Foote. We love you, kind sir! We have super fun there. Getting home was a struggle though - the Rink held 16, 000 people or something like that. Some of them took the subway. :/ Some is a lot when you think of the number 16, 000. So it was kinda squishy. But we were still hyped! ^^

We got back to the hotel, tired and hungry, but I was so tired I just fell asleep so my bubble ate the pizza we had last night for dinner. I felt bad that I wasn't awake, so we could have got something else, but we ate well the next night. ^^

Thursday March 11
Today was devoted entirely to west Edmonton Mall. We didn't really buy all that much, but we looked a whole lot. Or as much as you can look in a day when there's 800 shops, not including the food courts and such. Saw a whole heap of cool things. Still, for that being the biggest shopping centre in the world... I thought it would have been bigger. I hyped myself up too much I think. It was still pretty cool though. They had 3 mini-golf courses. One that was on the bottom floor I think, Professor Wem's I think it was called, very cartoon-esque and fun, got some pictures of it! ^^; One was UV (which we also got pictures from), it was very cool as well. And the other one was Glow in the Dark or UV, I can't remember, but I think it was the former. In any case, we went to the first two: Professor Wem's, and the UV mini golf course.
Danny tried to convince me to go ice skating at the rink, but I wasn't enthusiastic at all, and way too apprehensive. When you can't skate, and there's like at least 15-20 people watching you, it's really embarassing. Plus, there were figure skaters on the ice that day - Imagine how we would have looked skating compared to them!
Bub bought me a lot of stuff.. some more beads, uv koosh earrings (I couldn't find these anywhere in Australia before I came over, but could find them EVERYWHERE here :/ ), some safety pins, stretchy stuff for jewelry, and probably other stuff I can't remember, heh. ^^;; He was really good to me. ^^
For dinner that night, we called up another pizza place (but didn't get pizza), we got some chicken wings, ceasar salad, and POUTINE! My first poutine! And it was oh-so-numz. *chews lips*. YUM. heeee, we went to bed after that I think. We were both really worn ^^;

Friday March 12
Our last full day in Edmonton, as we were leaving Saturday, and check-out time was 11am. We had planned on going to the Valley Zoo, the Art Gallery and West Ed for a little bit more. But we calculated the cost of travel, and just getting to the Art Gallery alone + admission was over $40. It wasn't very convenient, and the Valley Zoo was going to cost more. So we had decided to just go to West Ed. for the last day. We didn't do all that much different, except I think we played the UV golf on Friday, and we played Professor Wem's on Thursday. It was still very fun.
We also went to the movies at WEM. It cost $28 to just get into the damn thing. Bub said I complained too much about the price when I mentioned that it was a rip-off. But I think I was fair to not tell them that it was a ridiculous price. Then when we went to get beverages and popcorn, it was skyhigh prices. $13 for a Large popcorn, Large drink, and a mountain dew slushie. :/ The fella asked if we'd liek to contribute $3 to a donation for St. Patrick's Day. You've gotta be fucking kidding me, right? Haha... we both thought that was the super gay. We complained about that when we got into the cinema, and sat down to watch Starsky and Hutch (very funny movie!^^). I mean if they're so into giving donations to charity, take $3.00 out of each high priced ticket you sell. Don't ask the buyer to pay more, when you already ridiculously price things. That's just insane. -_-;

That night, it was snowing like crazy. We waited over 30 minutes for a taxi that should have taken 5 -10 minutes. It was crazy. and cold. and we were hungry! Again!
When we got to the hotel room, we laid down and almost fell asleep >< Snow makes you sleepy. We ordered from another pizza place again for our last night, and this time ordered pizza! ^___^ When I was on the phone ordering, I asked for what we wanted and ordered another 25 wings (because they're smaller than you think, you know..), apparently the indian/pakistani whatever the fuck, fuckhole on the other end didn't add it to the order. If that's not fucking gay, you tell me what is. Because he repeated 25 wings to me. :|
We got 6 wings. Nice attention to detail, fuckers. We were meant to get 5 free with the pizza, so I guess we were just missing 24, not the whole 25. har-har. " -___- " Anyway, it was still moderately priced, $21-00 for two pizzas (although, they weren't the biggest or best pizzas... they were burned... >P ick.) and a 2L pepsi.

I know all of this sounds purely like complaining, but we paid what we paid for. I think we should have gotten it. At least Boston Pizza had nice Pizza, minus the price... the second place was *great* although, very small portions for the price, and the third place was mildly okay verging on complaining. We rang them back up, but they had claimed that we didn't even order it. Fucking secondary english speaking immigrants. Go back to your non-english speaking countries.

Other than that, I had a fantastic time! And I think my bubble did too! <3 It was so much fun, and everything was topped off by the Avalanche win in OT. ^-^

We got back home to Kitimat at nearly 9am. Bubble rushed straight to the badges and made some, then he fell asleep. hehe aww <3 he's so cute. I poked him a little cause I thought he was faking it, but he wasn't. I watched a little TV, and then he woke up for hockey. Hockey was being played at 2pm, so we went to that, and then came home again. I had a really good sleep (because I couldn't sleep much at the hotel for some reason - 4 hour sleeps aren't enuff :/' ), and that was pretty much it! ^^;;

Ah. Now I'm hungee... and this has taken me about 45 minutes to write... bah.

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