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"feminism" really pisses me off [21 Apr 2004|04:06pm]

""""""""""""""combatwoundedveteran actually has lyrics that for serious have a message.

"You Win, I'm Stupid."

I'll defend my choices and beat my head against the wall until the equality of women is no longer an issue. I'll give the middle finger to the boy's club and a fuck you to the conversations that appear whenever the men are alone. How many times can I say, "No, I wouldn't fuck her if given the chance." "No, I wouldn't reduce her to a body and a function and set aside the thoughts and ideas of a living human being." You stupid fuck.

"You Make Statements Concerning Things You Know Nothing About"

in your ceaseless attempts on the bodies and lives you've left yourselves open to the counterattack of particular sectors of the population beause your motivation is fear and no will to understand the true meaning of human rights. your faith condems love. your faith condones murder. your faith ignores choice as it divides and stereotypes. you clap and pray as it makes children enemies before they've had a thought of their own.


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2004-04-20 18:00 (link)
how's it going?
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2004-04-20 18:01 (link)
i love combatwoundedveteran.

its like they read wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too many crimethInc. manuals. its perfectly lovely.
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2004-04-20 18:31 (link)
i apologize in advance for the horribly biased feminist statements i am about to make in my own personal defense to the lyrics of the first song posted. this in no way is directed at you, but is merely me venting my anger at the writer of the song. you don't even have to read it if you don't want to, but anyway, here goes... -ahem-

we only nag because we know we deserve better. males are inferior, dear. accept it. why do you think your thoughts are so haunted by us? You keep your warmongering, testosterone-raging leadership roles along with your survival kits of porn. we will remain peaceful and laugh, knowing that we were born above your carnal, instinctive, animal-like nature. of course there's never been a female president. we have no such primitive appetite for power. furthermore, it's almost common knowledge that if men were anything like women we wouldn't need a president because the world would be at peace with itself. our scope of reality is so much broader than yours. we are much more emotional, and believe it or not that is a good thing. it's what gives us our intuitive nature and makes us more empathetic of our fellow human beings. practical thinking can be a good thing in moderation, but practicality without feeling destroys the concept of human evolution. we are in touch with our humanity. we know that there is more to life than fighting wars and getting laid and penis size. spirituality is our specialty, and i don't necessarily mean morals. morals are a given, common sense -- actions and consequences. they go without saying. spirituality, on the other hand, whether in terms of mysticism, intuition, philosophy, or what have you, is what separates us as human beings. without it we are merely technologically advanced monkeys, as many of your gender tend to be. granted, there are a few of my own kind who have sadly lost their way as a result of your degradation and stereotyping expectations. you have made them think that without makeup they aren't presentable, that better boobs make them better people. we have worked under your standards for so long because we are simply a peaceful type. we allowed the suppression for years upon years. the only reason many of us have become so angered and demanding now is because intelligent human beings can only put up with so much blatant ignorance for so long. we can only hope that someday you will catch up to us in the evolution department. ...and in conclusion, i can only say that girls rule, and boys drool. nannynannybooboo, and a-hahahahaha!

...maybe i'll write a song too! hmmmmmm?
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2004-04-20 19:10 (link)
yeah awesome, maybe if the first song wasn't supporting your case. i think you read it wrong, because it is absolutely anti-chauvanistic and the writer displays his distaste of men always talking about "fucking bitches". duh.
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2004-04-20 19:30 (link)
hmmm... guess i didn't catch the sarcasm
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2004-04-20 19:32 (link)
...or rather, i took it as being sarcastic. just kinda seemed like he was just trying to appease a girl to make her stop her bitching.
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2004-04-20 19:46 (link)
its in quotes, and he's saying that around a group of men. also, i think you're completely ridiculously NOT feminist at all. true feminism is a fight for EQUALITY not superiority. so, if you think that men are inferior, maybe you should just go off on "man-hating tangents" rather than "feminist" rants.
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2004-04-20 23:11 (link)
first of all, i don't see why that response was really necessary. i don't even know who you are. but anyway, as long as we're playing teen angst debate...
if you want to get technical, then no, i'm not feminist. i'm sexist, but i didn't say it because i know that that term is more commonly associated with men hating or discriminating against women. in my opinion, discrimination can be justifiable at times. of course blatant discrimination against people for the color of their skin or anything like that is just plain stupid... but there are very obvious differences between men and women aside from physical appearance. i will admit that there are a select few males that have grown out of their primitive slump, but those are a rare breed. (yes, john, you are a rare specimen indeed ;) ...as is mr. bobbo) anyhoo, i'm too tired and too full of trazodone for boy bashing tonight. i don't wanna fight. :( i tend to offend people though. maybe i should try being less... offensive.

btw, john, if you read this, we need to do something some time soon! you, me, and bobby again. it doesn't seem like we're ever going to go through with our "plans", but oh well. maybe i'll come visit you at work on saturdee. nightie night!

....p.s. believe it or not, i'm NOT a lesbian. gglzzz
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2004-04-21 07:12 (link)
my journal kicks ass.
(Reply to this) (Parent) """""""""""""''

don't EVEN get me started "reclusive red", because you know absolutely nothing that you think you know. people are so ridiculously ill-informed about their so-called "causes" nowadays. no one has any idea what they're talking about, no one has any desire to learn truths, and no one cares to correct them. and if they do correct them, then they're automatically having "teen angst". what the fuck? sorry i know what i'm talking about. sorry i know more than you. sorry that you say "blatant discrimination is wrong". you characterise "blatant discrimination" as discrimination against people with different colored skin. what about people with different genetalia? and yes, you ARE in fact sexist, and YES, that term does in fact mean that you generally dislike men. and you obviously do; look at your first comment. "men are inferior" what the fuck? no, they're not. no one is inferior to anyone. and if women were superior, wouldn't there BE a woman president? wouldn't there ALWAYS have been a woman president? and men's so-called disrespect toward women does NOT, under ANY circumstances, stem from primative nature. it stems from women being bitches, saying that they are superior, when in fact, people like YOU, by disregarding human life and trying to be so much better than men, are making WOMEN inferior. you are ruining it for women, lady, so fucking stop it or get accurate information. how bout a trip to the fucking library?
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[25 Mar 2004|04:25pm]
i stopped eating as much as usual. i feel so much better. pretty soon, i want to eat this much a day:
-one banana
-four bottles of water

that's all. i want to be tiny.

i threw up for 14 hours straight last tuesday and lost 6 pounds. i want to weigh anywhere below 120. and then, when i'm 119, i'll want to weigh 100. i just want to be tiny. that is all. i would kill to be tiny.
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[09 Mar 2004|04:25pm]
i think me and wendy were supposed to make teeshirts today. i doubt that will happen. PEACE
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a love letter [07 Mar 2004|11:31pm]
my dear shelton,
for the past year and a half, i have known you and you have known me. from the first time i saw you, i thought you were attractive. and, if what you have said to me upon several late-night occasions is true, you have thought the same about me. when i first met you, i was going through boys like jeans, and the only boy i couldn't have was you. that upset me. then, for a while, we didn't see each other that often. and that upset me more. because i like you so much. i like you for more reasons than the simple outward-appearance/physical reasons. i like your paintings, your music, your attitude; i like you as a whole person. and seeing you with a girlfriend is so frustrating. because for a while there, i thought i could have you. and now, all of a sudden, i can't have you again.
i read a magazine article today that said that to capture a man's interest, you have to play the "maybe yes, maybe no" game. i think i ruined that bit. by breaking up with justin just when i may or may not have almost had you, i lost. but you're still playing. maybe i can get you. maybe i can't. i probably won't. because, and honestly, you are four years older than me and you have a girlfriend and i'm sixteen, in high school, and spoiled as hell.
if you knew how much i thought about you, you would be amazed. and its not even that i constantly think about you. only twice or three times a day. but they are completely random thoughts. i will remember a tee shirt i saw you wear once. or something you said.
moreover, i am amazed at your ability to recall the most trivial facts about me. you told me to eat ice to help with anemia. that was thoughtful.
what i am getting at is basically that, under the proper circumstances, i may or may not be able to fall in love with you. but as that is probably not also on your agenda, it would be a wise time to realize that you and i are simply something to keep each other entertained while searching for something better. and however upsetting that may be, it is (most likely) the truth.

yours very lovingly,
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everything [18 Feb 2004|08:54pm]
recently, i have been experiencing emotional ups-and-downs like never before. i think a person who didn't know much more about me than that i am currently bleeding from my vagina would blame it on PMS, hormones, etc... but i am beginning to think it is more than that.

over the course of the last week and a half, several devestating things have happened. most people will find these things ridiculous to be worried over, but, for some reason, they are like, earth-shattering to me.

ONE: my parents ditched the idea of buying a honda element and they tried other cars. i cried when the CR-V came home for a day. i flew into this crazy, unexplained rage, and i started screaming at everyone and slamming doors and crying. then i drove around in it, listening to depressing but somewhat uplifting (can something be both of those at once?) elliot smith songs for about forty five minutes. wearing birkenstocks. how disgusting. dirty hippies who don't shower wear birkenstocks. i once overheard a parent volunteer at my school telling this crazy girl, holly, who walks like a praying mantis (sp?), about why she wore birkenstock sandals. it was really upsetting to hear that much about shoes as horribly out-of-style as birkenstocks and how they set her apart from the crowd. it was nauseating.
TWO:justin is being horribly mean and everytime i see him, i just want to bitch him out. constantly. for no reason, really, just because i hate him. i used to think that we might be able to still be friends, but it totally won't work now.
THREE:i hate my school. honestly. i find all of it terribly unfullfilling and the worst part of it is, my mother doesn't take that seriously. i hate all of my classes. i don't feel like i'm getting anything out of any of them. and i don't like a majority of my teachers. and i HATE service learning. mostly because i hate volunteering. i don't think its right to have a volunteering program that forces students into volunteer work because then it really isn't volunteer work at all. i think its crazy, also, that some kids go to quest simply because of the service learning program. i despise that. that's not a reason to go to school. i hate mrs. solmonson, but who doesn't? and she hates me back, which is even more upsetting than having to speak to her. i seriously contemplated killing her the last day i am at school. and then, today, more realistically, before realizing how unfullfilled i am in comparison to how fullfilled i COULD be, i thought about refusing to go to school. making myself sick most days. a few days ago, matt and i discussed getting totally piss drunk and fucking her house to shit. ripping out the lawn, breaking windows, pouring bleach on everything... then mrs. schoettlin found out we weren't doing wellness, we were just laying around outside by the tire swing, and i went on a rant about how much quest sucks.... anyhow. everything that i hate seems to go back to school, and that's really upsetting. i get a knot in my stomach every day before i go to school, because i hate it so much. the only thing i like about school are my friends and mr. nerad. we took a test in family today that was based on some article that a psychologist wrote that claimed that materialism and the magnitude of choices we have now on unhappiness. we had to answer ten questions with numbers, one being "disagree" and seven being "agree". the higher your test score, the more materialistic and therefore unhappy you are. i scored a 58. highest in family. kely got a 56, which makes me feel slightly better... but still upset. i guess that's just a sign.
FOUR: if this test thing is true, which it probably is, how did i get so materialistic?
FIVE: i need a capone and a shower and a prayer.
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gahhhhh [05 Feb 2004|09:49pm]
ok, this is going to be my journal for rants. because no one reads it. so, yeah... it seems logical to bitch about people that i normally love.

ok, one thing that annoys me alot is a certain friend of mine...
she is great, but there are just little things that make me want to KILL her.

A-all she talks about is her boyfriend
B-she takes all of the things EYE like and turns them into her things. for example, i could like a band, and all of a sudden, i didn't show them to her, she's just an insane brilliant genius for knowing about bands like Fifteen and Norma Jean, etc.
C-she takes things too seriously, especially drunk things.
D-she is trying to be all cool and fashionable, and i feel bad, because i don't want to tell her that her dickies and high heels aren't brody at ALL. and i don't want to tell her that she doesn't sound all badass when she says that one of her favorite bands is brand new... and the other one is, like, fucking... Smile Empty Soul.
E-she doesn't understand how stupid she makes herself look... she goes on and on, and if she's talking to a guy, she makes a fool out of herself by acting like she and i are slutty lesbians. its funny sometimes and then she takes it too far...

anyway, that is all for now. payce.
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good god [01 Feb 2004|09:28pm]
coreXisforlovers: oh well
BigLoadOfSpunk: oh wellz
coreXisforlovers: great minds think alike...
BigLoadOfSpunk: what you talkin bout
coreXisforlovers: we both said "oh well"
coreXisforlovers: well, you added a z... but, eh
coreXisforlovers: nevermind
BigLoadOfSpunk: dork
coreXisforlovers: i know
coreXisforlovers: sorry
coreXisforlovers: haha
BigLoadOfSpunk: nerd
BigLoadOfSpunk: geek
coreXisforlovers: you can't think of anymore can you?
BigLoadOfSpunk: retard
BigLoadOfSpunk: vegetable
BigLoadOfSpunk: mute
BigLoadOfSpunk: fag
coreXisforlovers: cunt
BigLoadOfSpunk: lick me
coreXisforlovers: ...where?
coreXisforlovers: hm
coreXisforlovers: no more...
coreXisforlovers: i need to start thinking before i say stuff...
BigLoadOfSpunk: haha
BigLoadOfSpunk: on the back...is where you lick
BigLoadOfSpunk: and my shoulder
BigLoadOfSpunk: haha
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use your old ties from the 80s to make a cute fun belt!!! [01 Feb 2004|11:22am]
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | beware of the boys--jay z ]

i have black hair with bleached-ish bangs. rad. i look sooooooo rockin.

w00t. today is the superbowl. armpit is a gross word. just saying it makes me want to throw up.

sometime soon this next week, we're having poker-slash-cigar afternoon at matt's house. represent. that should be mucho fun-o. har.

i miss michael matthews. what a fun kid.

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shot down, shot down, its just such a shame [01 Feb 2004|12:23am]
[ mood | drained ]

mucho fun tonight.
mucho fun last night.
mucho fun tomorrow.


fuck all you foreigners fucking everything up.

i have never noticed how many damn strip clubs there are in this city.

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