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;] ;x (25 Mar 03_05:04pm)
[ mood | mischievous ]
[ music | White America - Eminem ]

Your daydreams are getting in the way of your concentration, Crabby. You might have to pinch yourself in order to pay attention in class today. Or at the very least, tear your gaze away from the cute guy sitting in front of you for, like, five seconds. Bummer.

homeroom. kay thank god ms miklus wasn't there. mrs phillips came in and measured the girls skirts. she said mine was 5 inches above the knee. yeah right, well its supposed to be 2 inches above the knee. oh well theres nothing i can since i can't roll it down anymore so leave me alone! if ms miklus was there she'd most likely give me detention. i looked at mary's photo album for someone's picture. i saw michael jackson in there so i was like what the fuck?! its the wax museum .. shit looks so real.

hebrew scripture. mrs phillips was talking about our skirts. she said shes going to come to work wearing short skirts. eww blah. i did spanish homework in that period cause i didn't write down the format yesterday. i shared the workbook with kim & nearly fell asleep cause seriously who wants to hear about the 10 commandments over and over again? oh yeah, mary got detention cause she had the wrong pants on.

global. multiple choice test .. it was alright.

spanish. i have the rest of the night to live. 8 people in my class have a below 40 average and ms v is sending home letters to our parents about it tomorrow. i'm 99.9% sure i'm one of those 8. fuckin spanish sucks dick. we went over body parts. we have a quiz tomorrow so i better study tonight, probably not going to cause i'm a lazy ass. frankie said his friend commited suicide on friday and yesterday that friend's girlfriend tried to commit suicide. that could happen but i'm not going to believe a lying 'rockstar'.

english. in the beginning of the class i sat behind mary without her knowing and pulled one of her braids. she turned around and was about to smack me but didn't. she thought i was carmine, i'd die if she ever smacked him. i got a 10 and 8 on my TKAM quizzez. i always get 10's this is my second or third 8. i'm so happy cause this is rasing my grade like whoa. we worked on our writing of the month. mines about downloading music off the internet. since its easy to think of reasons why we shouldn't, i did that.

lunch. kaz wasn't there today. we were talking about teachers mary like. she likes mr schillace[ew!] and used to like mr smith until today. brother ventura said debra looks good. shes going to get molested by him i bet. then when hes done with her hes going to molest john/alex/kaz. we went outside and 3 senior girls talked to us. they asked our names and where we live. alex kept them entertained, i was about to kill them cause they stole our spot. one of them[think her name is stephanie] said hey, how are you?, and apologized for something when i was walking after school. bell rang and i kicked john's ass while going to other building.

geometry. well we finished algebra last week but its still FRANCO! we are having a quiz everyday on the keywords .. blah. i always cheat by writing the defintions on a piece of paper. franco is retarded so he'll never notice. i swear i never pay attention in this class. john kept looking at me so i felt like i was getting molested.

art. my fav class! i asked john why sabrina told him to shut up while we were going to geometry. nope nope hunny you don't do that. he said he don't know. we are doing a comic strip and i remade me, mary, and debra. i'm special k, debra is dora, and mary is hoobookat. the story is about me and debra going out and mary is selling us her boxes but i need to think of a twist to that. shes a prostitute and lives in a box. debra made me a cat lover with 1000 cats. shes threatening to make me a lesbian cause i wrote 'married to a teacher' on her bio for dora. i just give up on drawing this cause i can't draw at all. unless i actually want to do it which i don't. mr d comes on the intercorm and says something & debra says he sounds like god and sabrina did her HAHA laugh. kaz calls him adolf satan, i agree.

bio - mr s tells us his wife is due this thursday. oh gee now he tells us his wife is pregnant. wow mary <3s a teacher thats married and a daddy to be. thursday is alex's bday so he said mr s is going to get him candy. they are having a daughter thats named gabriella[ew!]. i think mr s should stop smoking. mary complained about detention[while me acting like shes losing her virginity/pregnant/engaged..all happy for her] and he forgot he did and she didn't have to go! i was so pissed. tomorrow is lab <3 disecting earthworms <3

yous a hoe
you are a hoe.....

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debra steal time (22 Mar 03_09:14pm)
01 | mary
02 | losing my family/friends
03 | death
01 | music
02 | penis
03 | .. even more penis!
01 | Tyrese
02 | Benji & Joel
03 | 50 Cent
01 | 9C, John Stein, Alexis, & most of 9A
02 | people constantly talking about the war
03 | homework
01 | brush
02 | pens
03 | nail polish & necklaces
01 | this crap
02 | talking to Alex & Jessy
03 | listening to music
01 | have hot, cold, dry, and wet sex
02 | tell everyone how i really think of them
03 | kick mr d in the balls
01 | bitch
02 | burp
03 | dance
01 | mean
02 | retarded
03 | horny
01 | draw
02 | pass a biology test
03 | sing
01 | Trapt
02 | Linkin Park
03 | Kittie
01 | any cuss word
02 | i don't know
03 | uh huh
01 | chicken
02 | fries
03 | lasagna
01 | pepsi
02 | sprite
03 | orange soda
01 | Barney
02 | Sesame Street
03 | Gulla Gulla Island

Movie(s): 10 Things I Hate About You
Song(s): "Headstrong" - Trapt, "Bring Me to Life" - Evanescene, "Always" - Saliva, "Swing Swing" - AAR, "Somewhere I Belong" - Linkin Park, "Say Anything" - GC, "Addicted" - Simple Plan, "When Im Gone" - 3 Doors Down
Singer/Band(s): Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Sum 41, No Doubt, Linkin Park
Actress(es): Julia Stiles & Kirsten Dunst
Music Video(s): Tyrese and LL Cool J's videos just to see their sexy bods
TV Show(s): American Idol, Real World, Battle of the Sexes, Ripley's, WWE
Commercial(s): i don't have a favorite
CD(s): Get Rich or Die Tryin - 50 Cent

Fast Food(s): KFC
Fruit(s): sour apples, grapes and peaches
Vegetable(s): corn, potatoes, and peas
Drink(s): iced tea

Painting(s): Starry Night
Artist(s): Van Gogh
Relative(s): Grandpa cause he cusses alot like me
Photograph(s): the pic of Joey that Debra took for me months ago..i lost it
Color(s): red and black
Memory(s): gym and lunch
Boy(s): Alex + John
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eventful tuesday stuff (18 Mar 03_06:07pm)
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Headstrong - Trapt ]

+ didn't do vocab bio homework. super shik asked why and i said i don't know. so hes like its cause you didn't feel like it right? and i said yeah. my brutally honest answers are going to get me in trouble one day..

+ ..he called me slow in lab cause Mary was waiting for me. disecting earthworm next lab yay ;]

+ went into religion class and retarded C class was coming out and bitchy girl called me and some other girls ugly. Ha whatever bitch you look like trash. I'm undecided if i should go to the religion retreat with the C class. I want to go cause of my friends but i don't feel like dealing with their bullshit. mary told me BJ knows about her supposely having sex with a 10 year old, haha kaz is so getting a beat down.

+ global we were talking about the war and the students opinions. i swear to god some of these kids are dumb as rocks. i know its their opinion but look at the facts. kim said for bush to mind his own business, why the fuck would you mind your own business when the god damn guy wants to kill us all? you should of seen me, i was dying to say something but i would have exploded. debra made a good point by saying you have to put yourself in bush's position before you bash him. i hate bush for i don't know why reasons but i think we should go to war. i just read saddam is not going to leave iraq like bush said. we are going to war - deal with it.

+ spanish there was only 11 people cause B class with on the religion retreat with the D class. i envy the B class cause they got the cool class with them. we were talking about fear factor and the trip we are going on in june. the guy that said hey baby to me last week walked by and looked at me. fucker. mary said shes afraid of farms.

+ john said i'm a "good friend". debra stole his schedule and i found out he lives 4 minutes away from me.

+ got a haircut. cuteness

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sn (16 Mar 03_06:55pm)
i need a new aim screename ..
does anyone have any suggestions?

edit; new screename = kickprettyboys
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survey stolen from melissa (16 Mar 03_10:30am)
[Full Name:] kristin frances jean vogel
[Nicknames:] staan,tin,kris
[Age:] 14 1/2
[Hair color:] strawberry blonde
[Birthday:] 7/12/88
[Eye Color:] green
[Height:] 5'5"
[Siblings:] Dave(20)
[Righty or lefty:] righty
[How do you describe yourself:] perverted & funny
[Sign] cancer

:: FrIeNdS ::
[Best Friend(s):] Jessica, Janelle, Debra & Mary
[Friend(s) you go to for advice:] Janelle
[Friend(s) you have the most fun with:] the whole crew at BSSG
[Friend(s) you tell secrets to:] Jessica, Janelle & Alex
[List Your Friends:] Debra, Mary, Jessica, Janelle, John, Kaz, Alf, Alex, Jessy

:: DaTiNg ::
[Hairstyle:] anything cute[braids, curly like John's, short]
[Hair Color:] brown
[Tall or short:] tall
[6 pack or muscular arms:] both are yummy
[Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny:] both
[Eye Color:] blue + brown
[Hat or no hat:] as long as you don't look like 'rockstar'
[Pierced or no:] i like them but still doesn't matter
[Style:] hmm..
[Music:] anything but pop or country

[When was the last time you had a hickey:] never had one
[Kissed Some One:] um i kissed my mom on the cheek lol
[Talked to an EX:] friday
[Do You Remember Your First Love?] yeah
[Do You Still Love Them:] no
[Is Love A Mistake:] sometimes
[What facial feature do you find the most attractive on others:] eyes
[Been rejected:] plenty of times
[Who broke your heart:] Jordan & Lance
[Had Sex:] virgin alert

:: PrEfErEnCeS ::
[Chocolate milk or hot chocolate] hot chocolate
[McDonalds or Burger King] mcdonalds
[Marry the perfect lover or the perfect friend] perfect friend
[Sweet or sour] sweet
[Root Beer or Dr. Pepper] root beer
[Sappy/action/comedy/horror] horror or comedy
[Cats or dogs] cat
[Ocean or Pool] pool
[Cool Ranch or Nacho Cheese] cool ranch
[Mud or Jell-O wrestling] mud
[With or without ice-cubes] with, i suck on the ice cubes afterwards
[Shine or rain] shine
[Winter/Summer/Fall/Spring] summer, no school!
[Vanilla or Chocolate] chocolate
[Snowboarding or skiing] i didn't do either one
[Cake or cookies] cookies
[Cereal or toast] cereal
[Gloves or mittens] gloves
[Eyes open or closed] closed
[Fly or breathe under water] fly lol
[Bunk-bed or waterbed] waterbed
[Chewing gum or hard candy] gum
[Motor boat or sailboat] motor boat
[Lights on or off] off

:: FaVoRiTeS ::
[Number:] 1
[Holiday] christmas for off from school/presents
[Radio station] 102.7
[Place] mall
[Flower:] red roses
[Scent:] sweet pea or plumeria
[TV Shows:] battle of the sexes, real world, american idol, WWE
[Insence:] ew
[Food:] mozzerella sticks with popcorn chicken
[Colors:] red
[Movies:] i have lots..that im 2 lazy to name
[Animals:] tigers

:: LaSt TiMeS ::
[Smiled] yesterday
[Laughed] today
[Cried] yesterday
[Bought Something] friday
[Danced] i always dance
[Were Sarcastic] everyday
[Watched Your Fav. Movie] long time ago
[Nightmare] last night i had a dream kid rock died lol and then the day before that i had a dream it was snowing and me and John were outside during lunch and i put my head on his shoulder..
[Book Read] to kill a mockingbird..someone kill it!
[Movie You Saw] yesterday i watched ghostbusters
[Song You Listened To] in da club
[Drink] orange soda
[Showered] yesterday
[Food You Ate:] cereal

:: Do YoU ::
[Drugs] no way
[Sex] virgin
[Have A Dream] yeah
[Instrument] not anymore
[Aliens] yeah
[Read Newspaper] no
[Have Sex With Goats] *smiles* no kiddin
[Like School] yeah cause of friends
[Like Drinking] yes..soda
[Like Candy] yep
[Believe In God] lol
[Believe In Magic] no
[Pray] no
[Have Pets] yeah
[Wear Hats] no
[Have Piercings] no
[Got Tattoos] nope
[Hate Yourself] sometimes
[Have An Obsession] yeah
[Have A Secret Crush] lol
[Collect Shit] no
[Wish On Stars] no
[Like Your Handwriting] yeah to bad no one can read it
[Have Bad Habits] of course
[Care About Your Looks] not really
[Believe In Witches] no
[Believe In THE DEVIL] yeah
[Believe In Ghosts] yeah
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eee (11 Mar 03_04:45pm)
found out some interesting things bout Mary in religion
she told me she lost her virginity at 12 to a 10 year old
yeah you read that right =/ blah ew
Mary asked John when he lost it, he didnt hear so i said
"when did you have sex for the first time?" "3 years ago" 12
(wow im such a loser..)
I look up and Jestina & Melissa stare at me for 5 seconds & laugh
Carmine asked whats funny and they said Melissa fell off her chair
phew..i would have died if they heard me..
Debra if your mad at me i'm sorry
i thought you put that crap on me and my bookbag
happy birthday benji + joel =D
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progress report (10 Mar 03_07:05pm)
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | Say Anything - GC ]

Hebrew - missing 1 assignment
English - 78% average so far
Global - 86% average so far(wtf?)
Spanish - passing(thats gonna change)
Bio - 53% *cough*
Algebra - F..would pass if make up work..good behavior(FUCK YOU)
Art - 1st test next week
Gym - pass

Thats like the best progress report i got so far at BSSG. But is that good enough for my dear motherfucker of a mom? Of course not, i'm never good enough for anything. She reads it and gives me that look. Blah that got me mad so we had a fight. She acts like its a fucking report card/end of the world. I'm not a baby anymore i know i have to make up my work god damnit. My dad was nicer about it. Now shes like 'i want to see your homework book along with the homework completed everyday now'. SHE WORKS MOST OF THE TIME SO HOW THE HELL?! Yeah whatever i'll do my own shit, i don't need her to help me with school. Oh my fucking god she was like 'college is not going to be based on looks just grades so your in shit trouble'. Thats like the more nerdy retarded way of calling me dumb. HOLY SHIT. I'm not THAT bad that i'll not make in into some kind of college. When i'm rich or famous i'm gonna remember what she said and tell her to kiss my ass. GRRRRR...

On a lighter note..Debra & Mr A are so doing it.

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hell yes (08 Mar 03_10:58pm)
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | Drop Dead - Limp Bizkit ]

You are like me, you dig those PUNK BOYS like the
twins from the band Good Charlotte. Their
rebellious attitudes and fun-loving heart makes
you melt.

What kind of man are you likley to marry?
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I woke up at 10:00 and took a shower. I got dressed and made some breakfast. For breakfast i made eggs with cheese melted in them and put it on the mcchicken from mcdonalds. It was actually pretty good. After i ate i finished reading Heartbreak and Roses. Its a collection of stories about troubled love. So i guess i'll take the book test on Friday. I got tired so i slept for an hour and a half. Jessy called me around 1:30. We 2 wayed and called Alex but he was in Manhattan. His mom sounds Mexican. I just went online and talked to her and Mary. Mary and I were talking about the guy that said 'hey baby' to me, she might know him. I swear i'm not being used nope nope and i'm going to run away if he comes near me. Me, parents, and bro went to a chinese buffet. Yum yum! Asian waiter spilled soda on me. Turd. After that we just drove around for fun. We were at New Rochelle, Larchmont, and Mamaroneck. Now i'm bored and Mary called me at 8 and left a message saying 'kkrreesssttaannn'. It freaked out my parents and brother. Tomorrow i think Jessy is going to call me and Alex on 2 way. I just have to study for bio test cause i did all my homework on friday. I may go out somewhere i don't know. Well i'll update on Monday unless something eventful happens tomorrow. *143*

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stole from Debra, fill it out (07 Mar 03_09:41pm)
I ____ Kristin.
Kristin is ____.
If I were alone in a room with Kristin, I would _______.
I think Kristin should _____.
Kristin needs ______.
I want to ____________ Kristin.
Someday Kristin will ________.
Kristin reminds me of _______.
Without Kristin _______.
Memories of Kristin are ________.
Kristin can be __________.
Worst thing about Kristin is _________.
Best thing about Kristin is _________.
I am ________ with Kristin.
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TGIF (07 Mar 03_03:19pm)
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | I Can - Nas ]

Basically for the first four periods i tried mesmorzing my lines for English cause i was lazy this week and didn't mesmorize it. Yeah i learned my lesson cause it was 100 points and i only remembered 4 lines. What is that like a 10? It was just me, Debra, Alex + John at lunch today. John said if a black guy and white girl mated the baby should be called whack. Thats a mix of white & black if your slow. Then we just mixed anyones names together and it was funny as hell. Frankie is such a bullshit act. He keeps bragging bout his band and today Debra said he said his video plays on MTV2 yeah ok whatever. He said hes going to audition for Taproot & either audition or play with Linkin Park and Disturbed. Yesterday i heard talking to Chris & Carmine and hes like "i can't wait to go on tour so i can get laid" or something like that..LMFAO. Yeah and i'm going to have an orgy with 20 guys. Global was sooo boring so i thought of what things i can mix. I made up cocker spaniel + franco = cockco. Thats like the funniest thing i ever made up. Lab i converted to Debra, John + Shari. We did an intro to disection(yay!). John started making jokes about cutting fish(cut = sex if you don't know). Then everything Mr S said just didn't sound right, i like pissed myself. After school me and Debra are walking and a black crowd walked by and one guy said "hey baby" and this girl said "who are u talking to?" "the redhead" I gave him a 'are you kidding me?' look. That was really DISTURBING.

happy birthday mommy!
(shes 48..old fart)

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w00t! (06 Mar 03_12:50pm)
[ mood | impressed ]
[ music | Somewhere I Belong - Linkin Park ]

I was major pissed this morning cause every school was closed. Even a damn library was closed and BSSG wasn't. I arrive and the Blessed Sacrament elementary school had no lights on so they were closed. All the public schools in New Rochelle were closed so i was like what the fuck?! Debra told me we have 1,2,7,8 periods for 35 mins and we go home. Whats the damn point of going? Religion we just read the bible all the time so thats my sleeping period. Global i worked with Debra with Shari + John there. Jestina put in her mix tape & suffered through some of the songs. The only song i liked was *Its My Party* by Fabulous. After she took out the tape, Mr Andriello put on Z100. Hoobstank's *Running Away* came on and Jestina was like "they probably like this" meaning Debra and me. Oh shut the fuck up Jestina and choke on a cheeseburger you fat bitch! Its better than your Jamacian crap. When i got to Art this senior said i have to go to the office cause my mom called. I was all happy cause it was like 9:40. But when i got there the girl said my mom will get me at 11:15. Aw i got screwed cause thats the time we got out anyways. Debra sat with me in my new seat(converted cause the back is boring so i moved to Mary). I finished my block letters project, its okay. Bio we worked on a sheet thats for homework. We also have a thing in the textbook to do for hw, i hate Mr S! Time to go home but i had to wait for 20 mins for my mother. I just watched Kaz write stuff in the snow. He wrote Franco, Chese(yes with one e), and Teletubies(asked me if there was two B's but he erased it when i said yes). Hm well the rest of today i'll do homework, go food shopping, watch tv & go online. I have to mesmorize the dumb Romeo & Juliet speech. byEe..

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weekend & this week (04 Mar 03_03:53pm)
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Swing Swing - AAR ]

Me, my dad, and bro drove my mom to work at 3:00 on Saturday. Then my dad and i dropped off my bro to get his haircut. While he was there me and my dad went to Sears at Cross County. My dad got work pants and i got underwear. I walked by these undies for guys that are like black with red kisses on them. The line for the ladies stuff was so fucking long i was about to die. But i was going to die because i brought non sexy underwear(for my period time)and a hottmotherfucker was behind me. I was like UHHH =/ Hm well anyway we went back to pick up my bro and he was bitching cause he had to wait for 30 mins. Wow hes a 20 year old baby. Fast forward to 8:00 where me and dad go to Stop & Shop to buy food. Thats my mom's 2nd job so after we shopped we left all together. Homework Sunday. Thats all i got to say.

monday & tuesday_
Chris Stevens is still in BSSG, for how long i don't know. I wish he would just leave already cause him and Dana are annoying. Carmine had to explain to him what Lent is hahaha! Debra did her presentation on Monday for Global and Melissa, Jestina, and Chris were laughing because she used her hands as quotations. Devil stare alert. I learned that Debra is over Frankie. Frankie turned from quiet boy to look at me i'm a fucking rock star so kiss my ass boy. He keeps bragging about his band and european tour hes going on during the summer. Thank God the boy doesn't sing in that band cause he can't sing for nothing. He plays the guitar and i heard the demo and its okay. But today he kept saying to Enrique 'i'm a rock star and your not!' i wanted to yell at him. At lunch today we mixed ginger ale, grape soda, arizona iced tea, orange soda, fries, ketchup, coins, fig newtons into a bottle and Alex drank some. Orange and grape soda mixed together tastes like Skittles. Gym today i just listened to Alexis' Kelly Osbourne CD. Mr Schillace made me and others do this stupid running backwards then forward thing. At first i didn't want to do it(most likely i'd fall) but then he said if i didn't then he would give me DETENTION. This school is messed up but oh well. Debra gave Joe the break up note. Haha!

this week & weekend_
Tomorrow is ASS WEDNESDAY. We have mass and blah that whole ash cross shit.
Friday is my mom's birthday so we are going out to eat :]
I need to mesmorize my damn lines for English grrrr watch me fuck up.

you're so dumb
you are the "you're so dumb" happy bunny.
you are brutal in your words and enjoy putting
others down.

which happy bunny are you?
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OmFg (28 Feb 03_08:12pm)
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | White Wedding - Billy Idol ]

sidenote : this song is god
another sidenote : CHRIS STEVENS IS NOT COMING BACK. *happy*

black history month assembly was fucking hilarious. i swear this day sort of topped yesterdays incident with Mary(she wasn't in school today, i think we killed her). Anyways, at 1:15 9A along with Mr Andriello went down to the gym & i sat next to Debra. Fast forward to guys trying to be Run DMC and Aerosmith. The guy that was being Steven Tyler had GREEN hair. Since when did he have green hair? Tania trying to be T Boz from TLC HAHA she had braids & looked so horrible. Me and Debra were dying cause she was dancing like a chicken. Here comes the funny part. This guy they had made the teachers dance to the Macerena. Guess who went up? Mr Franco, Mr D, and Mr A(of course there was others but they aren't important). This is one of those moments where me and my friends aren't going to shut up for awhile about. Cause they always make fun of Mr Franco and its mucho hilarious. Well we got out at 3 and this weekend is going to be boring.

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lunch & lab (27 Feb 03_03:57pm)
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | Ignition(remix) - R Kelly ]

Today was the best lunch period i ever had. I was d-y-i-n-g. It started out with Kaz accidently(i think) spilling ketchup all over Mary's hand. Of course i added my ketchup to her hand. Kaz's chips get on her ketchup infested hand and Tania & Sabrina chanted 'eat it eat it'! This is the second time people actually noticed us in the lunchroom(first time was when Debra knocked down the heater). I put ketchup on her bookbag and now it has a stain. Also that dirty stinky water they use to clean the tables eww. Yes, shes our friend..aren't we just so nice? LAB WAS SOOOOO RETARDED. We had to put together a puzzle of the letter L and our lab partner timed us. Carmine had to show me a million times and i STILL didn't get it. He was actually faster than me..how fuckin shocking. Pray that we have a snow day tomorrow.

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wednesday (26 Feb 03_03:37pm)
[ mood | listless ]
[ music | Sing For The Moment - Eminem ]

_hr 106 - Channel one is the devil.
_Heb Script - Read boring shit about something i forgot. Thats where i usually catch up on my ZzZ's. Whos NOT sleeping in that class? I look to my left and Carmine is sleeping, with his mouth open & drooling. I'm just basically shitting myself cause of the next class.
_Global - I went up and did my speech in front of everyone. He said 5 minutes but i got done in 30 seconds. Kim asked if i had fun doing the report and i'm like yeah *yeah right look* and Mr A said i could tell the truth so i said NO. I told him i didn't wanna do that topic and hes like yeah blame the mean teacher. The rest of the period was spent talking about nationalitys and heritages.
_Spanish - I hate when we have Spanish early. I have to take the make up quiz tomorrow..wish me good luck!
_English - Writing of the Month. I chose describing my favorite candies.
_Lunch - Brother Ventura sang 'i like big butts and i can not lie' to the slut table. I was pissing myself. The same ol lets make fun of retarded Mary happened.
_Algebra - I had to share my textbook with Monique. That girl is somewhat messed up. I still need to do the Columbia report but i can't find the info. Chris had Melissa's ball thingy and Dana was like 'give me the ball Chris!' and he said 'i can't in front of these people'. Man whores.
_Art - We did a worksheet & looked at pictures. One of the girls in the painting had a big butt so Chris was like 'thats my girlfriend' and Dana said 'whats her name' and Chris said 'Dana'. Yeah, Dana wishes she had a big butt & Chris..no comment on his so called painting girlfriend. We all had a little discussion on prostitutes.
_Bio - While they took a quiz i copied Nicole's notes. We talked about different types of behaviors.

You are Italian
You are an Italian.

What's your Inner European?
brought to you by Quizilla

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blah (24 Feb 03_05:40pm)
i broke up with alex
he doesn't care
i don't care
eh i still gotta prepare a speech for tomorrow
janelle you better get on cause jesus is not one of my strong subjects
ANDD i still didn't start my 4 page report =/
i didn't go to school..feel better now..
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i guess i'll update.. (23 Feb 03_06:45pm)
[ mood | crazy ]
[ music | Picture - Kid + Sheryl ]

Blah. Tomorrow is school & it better be Day 5. I feel like having gym and i didn't do my art homework so it better not be Day 1. Probably gonna get screwed. I still didn't do math report(can't fuckin find the info about Columbia) and the W.A.C report(my fault, lazyness). My topic is what were the affects of jesus' teachings on the people? Err not my fault, Mr Andriello gave me that topic cause everyone else had my other topics. I sort of found info but not really. But its due wednesday :) I have to study for Spanish like whoa while i watch No Way Out. Go Austin!<3 It better work cause my mom didn't pay the cable bill..oh well i'll watch the Grammy's then if it doesn't work. I had a weird ass dream last night. I was at lunch with Debra & Mary and Debra was like *points and laughs at me* and i took her head and banged it on the table a couple times. Tomorrow is me and Alex's 3 month anniversary. Woopie dee doo! *cough* anyways bye.

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hows my vacation going? (19 Feb 03_11:27am)
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Damn this is the worst vacation i ever had. You can tell its going bad when i actually have done more than half my homework already. This is worse than when Jessica went away on all of our middle school breaks. We got 2 feet of snow so i can't go out till tomorrow. Alex has been gone since v day over Dillon's house. Hes probably not going to return until Monday; knowing him he wants to watch No Way Out on Sunday over there. Lets see..ex bf ims me and makes me cry cause hes bringing up our past. I hope he comes on soon cause i wanna talk to him. The only good thing that happened was Mary calling me on Monday. We talked about boys teachers and ugly sluts at our school. I was cleaning my keyboard with water and now it doesn't work. On top of that my pen leaked on it and my whole index finger. I'm so getting lead poision! Now i have to use this stupid on screen keyboard till me and my mom go to Comp Usa tomorrow. My finger hurts so i'm gonna bounce and do math textbook work and maybe art. I ain't gonna try and type a report like this.

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quiz (16 Feb 03_10:05am)

What Kind Of Princess Are You?
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not really but its better than getting prepcess *cringe*
nyc is expecting 10-15 inches of snow for tonight, tomorrow, + tuesday
oh great, always a big snowstorm when i have off =/

Grabbing... hmm...
Joel grabbing himself

Which of GC's personal problems are you?
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i'd grab him anytime..
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survey! :D (15 Feb 03_03:20pm)
Name: kristin

Today's Date: 2/15/03

DOB: 7/12/88

Profession: student

Education: high school

Distinguishing marks: fuckin freckles

Mother's Maiden Name: who cares?

Where were you when the clock struck midnight on New Yrs Eve: online n watching tv

A phrase that is totally played out: whatever

A song that is totally played out: lifestyles of the rich and the famous

The most popular thing discovered in 2002: my ass

Something you regret doing in 2002: my nervous breakdown

Something about 2002 you loved: alex c + converting to new people in BSSG

Something you want to accomplish in 2003: meet alex + janelle

A smell that makes you pause: and gag..carmine + chris cologne..to much on

A drink you love: arizona iced tea

Something dumb you have done while high or drunk: i've never been high or drunk

Ever been truly depressed: most of the time

A song that best describes you: don't push me

Make up you wear (for Girls): lipstick or lip gloss

Do you have a good voice: sometimes

Do you sing out loud when you are alone: yup

What's your favorite song to sing: in da club

Favorite songs: anything pop-punk + rap + r&b

Favorite color to wear: black

Favorite radio station: 103.5 + 100.3

Favorite outfit: black silky pants, white tshirt, and shoes

Favorite shoes: i really like air force ones + jordans but i don't have them ;[

Favorite hair color: mine

Favorite eyes color: blue

Favorite thing to do on weekends: sleep + chill

Favorite quote: if your ever lost look besides you i'll be the asshole lost with you

Favorite jewelry you own: name plate

Favorite place to hangout: loretto park

Future kids names: Boy: i like Jamal, Jeremy, and Shane
Girl: i like Destiny, Tatiana, and Khyla

What cologne or perfume do you wear: plumeria + hawaiian ginger

Do you keep a journal or diary: this one

Is your life spilled into it: most of it

Ever think about writing a book: yeah

What about?: don't know

If you had $1000 to blow what would you buy: clothes

Best present you received for X-mas/Hanukkah/Kawanza: money

What did you want that you didn't get: cds

What did your friends buy you: clothes/makeup/candles

What did your girlfriend/boyfriend buy you: nothing..loser no kiddin

A lie you tell yourself: i never lie to myself

Drugs you have tried in the past: none

Alcoholic beverages you have tried: strawberry + blackberry merlot, red + white wine, amaretto, and beer

Drug or drink you want to experience: bacardi, mike's hard lemonade, weed, and ciggerettes

If you could live in one town on Long Island what town would it be: anywhere where they get alot of snow

What was the last thing you got jealous over?: Dana

Do you look like your mom or dad: neither

What traits do you share from your mom: eyes, voice on phone, big boobs

What traits do you get from your dad: hands

Who do you relate to the most?: dad

Do you look up to a brother or sister?: no

What's the worst feeling? lonely

What's the best feeling?: love

In the below spaces write some of your funny sayings as many as youd like: umm i dunno lol

Things I Like: read my info

Things I hate: preps, religion class, conceited people, avril, etc

Your sexiest feature: legs, boobs, and ass ;]

How far have you gotten: NBK

When do you feel most attractive: in the summer

Someone you would do anything to kiss: Alex C

When you get married what are you going to do?: not sure

How many kids: 1-3

Will you get divorced: hope not..don't wanna end up like J Lo

What do you want to do when you retire? sit on my ass all day

What would you want to spend your last days doing? being with the one i love and friends
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