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Europe or BUST? [14 May 2004|12:25pm]
I was talking with an online friend, Teisha, whom decided that I should start a campaign to go to Europe. I liked the idea so much that I'm working on this right away. I think I will put the site on

The site doesn't exist as of the date of this posting, but it will be at that URL I specified. Thanks Teisha for the good idea. :)
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Notes about Love & Unity [12 May 2004|11:11pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

One intersting thing about love is that we find ourselves searching for a companion to represent a reflection or "cookie cutter" / "puzzle piece" of ourselves, that fits proportionately with ourselves. The symbolism of completeness reigns supreme in the combining of two perfect halves of each other.

I find that this search for a "companion love" starts from the belief that "being of loving nature stems not from yourself". This means we learn love through the love of others. Often we think or are led to believe that we cannot love unless we love ourselves first. This is true, but we must first understand that the love we give ourselves doesn't come from the outside world exclusively, it is an inherent part of our own being that seems to transcend all evils within and without ourselves. Evil is insignificant when compared to Love, this is why we often depict the good guys as being far more powerful of resource in comparison to an evil doer who may possess some strange power or greater odds against the good. Still even if the most evil doers seem to hold all the cards and are far better off, it appears that good based on love always accomplishes some winning state. This is perhaps through unity rather than seperation.

Some view seperation from the mother at birth is ultimate, but if you look at it with a brighter perspective, that seperation could really be a union as you join your mother in the same reality of experience. After you seperate from your mother, you may began to understand why she does what she does, why you trust her nurturing state. This may be a mystery to you before you completely seperate yourself from your mother, by birth, or by adolescence, there is still in some way a greater union involved...not a seperation. So maybe seperation is more of an illusion to us than we make it out to be.

Love is supposed to transcend the reality of being inferior to anything. One very successful business man said, "If you think of me as #1, and I think of you as #1, then we will truly be equal, and neither of us will be inferior to the other." This is a symbol of trust and loyalty. Once you establish trust, loyalty can easily follow. When you take the opposite route, you tend to break trust after you have ruined loyalty. In this lesson we learn that it is important to trust first which ultimately leads to equality and loyalty. The important thing to remember is that equality does not necessarily mean everything is exactly the same. We might feel equality with our "equal" or significant other, not because we are exactly the same in beliefs or practices, rather the equality as a result of being mutually acceptable, with both differences and simularities. This is a type of equality that is created out of unity, not because of symmetry.

If Unity is ultimately what we are attempting to achieve from love than it might be necessary to recognize that seperation is an illusion, and therefore hunt for unity is an illusion too. If we really are related and connected, then Unity is not too far out of reach. We already had it, but we are just trying to remember what its like because we think we don't have it, which creates the original illusion of seperation. We are alive, so we think we are not related to the dead, we have created that seperation in our minds. Perhaps we create so much illusion in our minds because we have forgotten the unity between our mind and our body and the rest of the universe. The illusion of our mind and body being seperate could lead to lots of confusion and beliefs of seperation.

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