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    Friday, May 27th, 2005
    10:35 am
    Tuesday sucked!!!
    On tuesday my fren Charmaine moved back to Hawaii (i think) and it sucks because we were just starting to get close. I mean I didn't really know her until like 3 or 4 months ago...around the time she started dating my fren Francis. At first I thought her loudness and wild-dramatic antics were too much but now I've grown to love them and I'm sure that I will miss them and her. Geez, I don't know how I'ma go through the day without hearing her yell, "Hey Short Stuff!!!" down the halls. Hopefully well stay in touch somehow. Well I'ma miss thatwild Island child....alot*

    Sunday, May 15th, 2005
    4:27 pm
    Why Six Flags Marine World sucks ass...
    This Saturday I wasted 5 hours of my life that i will never get back and it's SFMW's (Six Flags Marine World, for the slow ones) fault. 2 and a half of those hours were getting there and the other 2 and half were riding the lame kiddie rides with my 4 year old sister, some of which I enjoyed more than the rollercoasters they have. Disturbing? Yes...yes it is. 20 minutes!!! That's how long we waited in line to get on a stupid "chu-chu twain" that only went about 25 x 25 feet, not even around the park, just in a freakin circle. Not even a circle an oval!! Never have I hated a shape so much. It's amazing how fast excitement can die down once you realize that you weren't that amped to do something in the first place. Besides the excruciating heat and unbelievably (is that even a real world? or maybe it looks weird because i misspelled it. nope it's right, thank god for spell check..........anywho) long lines the service wasn't even up to par. I stood in line for a good 10 minutes in 90 degree weather for some fries and a soda and get this...the soda machine wasn't working. I mean come on, like don't have to put a sign up when something like that happens? And on top of that the girl serving the orders didn't even know what an order of jumbo fries looked like. What the fuck? How can you like not know? You work there you 'tard!!! OMG i could've melted right there until one of the guys brought in a case of sprite which cost 3 FREAKING DOLLARS AND 86 CENTS!!!! I KNOW!!! If i wasn't so thirsty I would've had a cow, but i bought it and only got like 3 sips because my guzzle throat of a little sister drank it all then had the nerve to lounge in the shade taking up the little bit of space there was. UGH!!! Little kids can be so rude, but you can't really get mad because they're you know...little. But yea Six Flags officially sucks and I will torch my underwear before I go there again. Great America is sooooooooooooooooooooooo much better even though you can ride all the rides there in like an hour, hour and a half tops. Well that's it if your disappointed sucks for you because the bio warned you...I'm thinking about getting the words boring tattoed on my forehead that way people won't even bother. Pretty smart, huh? I know and it says time and reduces the number of akward moments whenever I do engage in conversation.
    Bye and remember "The cool kids run with scissors!"