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[01 Jan 2004|05:07pm]
look at my livejournal for pictures from new years:



merry minorah [25 Dec 2003|08:02pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | foo fighters. 'my theme song' hah. ]

so yea. it's christmas and i've celebrated xmas twice. now i have two more christmas' to go through and then it's DONE! :)
i have work tomorrow, then i leave right after for tahoe. we're driving up at 3 and should get there by 8. i'm flying back on sunday night. i'm coming back alone b/c my mom finds it necessary to stay till the 4th of january so she can gamble our lives away. but till then...when i get back the house will be mine, once again! i think i'll have it for a week or so. dejavu. so anyone is more then welcome to come over...well...okay, i lied. anyone that already has been informed is more then welcome to come over. (lauren, we don't need a recap of what happened last time i had the house to myself...do we?!) ;) hah.

i'm not sure if i already said this...but i no longer work at victorias. i work 45 hours a week at londoner. school starts on the 5th of january. iawoeruasodjfasldfj. grrrreat...school. 5am. :(

okay, before i get all sad about that, lets move on...

the day before yesterday i had work till 7. after work i went home and got ready then rich picked me up and we went to house of gingi...geengi...something gi...and i ate really good sushimi (and FORCED rich to try.), okay, so he volunteered, but still... :) afterwards we went to the pruneyard and waited around for saQrah and kell-ay. i got my present(s) from kelley and i loved them! :) we all went to kelleys car and listened to music...yada yada. lauren came and so did meghann. we stood around the parking lot then sarah and i stayed inside kelleys car. after a few, lauren and meghann left, then rich and i followed kelley and sarah to megans. later, rich and i went to the graveyard. SCARIEST TIME! OMG! i saw a shadow...i did! i swear, it wasn't human. it was also raining a bit. so that kind of sucked. we drove around for a while then i got home at 2 or so. it was a great night.
yesterday i had work from 10 to 4 and then i went over to my aunts. hung out there, opened presents...season of sweaters...i tell ya. (do i wear sweaters? hmmm. tough question.) my cousin is sooooo adorable. puh. puh. after i left my aunts and got home...at 11 or something, rich picked me up and we met up with megan and kelley at dennys. we saw rain and his 'friend' and a bunch of others. i saw the whole state of alabama. chicken were on the loose and began to fly indoors. ooooh geeeeze. apparently i was going to get the 'beat down' but hahahaha, i would have laughed. after we left, we dropped off rich's car at his house and then the four of us drove around in megans car...blasting celine dion, yet again. GOOD TIMES!!! after a few, megan dropped off kelley, rich and i at their house. we watched the christmas story. then at 2 rich and i left for my house. we sat in his car, in my driveway till 5 in the morning. (we were outside long enough to see the guy come by and deliver newspapers). he gave me my xmas present(s) (which i love). and we sat around doing nothing...but it was the most amusing nothing. :) (damn skeleton arm...hah) i had a GREAT night. it was worth having to wake up 5 hours after going to bed. i'm extremely glad i didn't stay home after going to my aunts.


i hope everyone had a great holiday. see you all when i get back on sunday.

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just another week or so... [23 Dec 2003|02:46am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | <3 tool and mudvayne ]

i don't like to update everyday, like i used to. just expect me to update every once in a while (basically once a week). i work monday thru friday. i'm busy weekends. ...uh huh...

today i had work from 10 to 2:45. then i left and went to kell-ays. kelley, her mom, dad, rich, and sarah and i went to the raider game. it was soooo fun. yet, they lost. that sucks. i mean, i'm not a 'die hard' fan or anything, but it still sucked. and it was cool of the raider fans to cheer for the other teams quarterback (favre, yes kelley, FAVRE, not FARVE!) haha. i had fun, and i'm glad rich asked me to go. i got to yell at some guy. 'shuuuuut. uuuuup.' :) i got hot chocolate and coke spilled ALL OVER my feet. i was covered in the fuzz from my scarf. but i had so much fun! raider fans are intense. the little tiny boys that are covered in face paint are sooo adorable. :) haha. and apparently (i wasn't down there) but at the tunnel, kelley and sarah and kelleys madre got in a fight with another mom and her 8 year old. fuuuuunny. haha.
after the game, rich, kelley, sarah and i drove back to kelley and richs house. hung out in their dining room. yada yada. got home at around 1. lately i've been getting home really late, well, techinically really early. like, the latest was 4am. hm. watching fog and flashing lights are just fun...haha. (riiiiight rich?! 'its blinking' ... 'no its not' ...ten minutes later... 'OMG...it IS blinking' haha, the amusement that 2am psychoness will have on a person/people.)
i've been at the pruneyard a lot. hanging out in my car a lot. at the graveyard on special occasions. and out mission impossibling it up at the mall with lauren. the last few times i've been to the graveyard with rich have been scary as all hell. it seems like, the less people there are, the creepier it is..you know, less people for the killers to grab...so its harder for people to run away. hahaha. i hung out with jamie for the first time the other night. i'm SOOO glad things got figured out with her and cody (aka cory or corky). :) hah. tomorrow i work with jamie and saQrah. than afterwards i am going to go out with rich on our date, downtown. speaking of...

i was reading comments on peoples livejournals and blurties and richs comment on laurens blurty was so sweet:

The day before I met Danielle, I had no idea I would be meeting somebody very special to me.

awwww, i feel the same about rich. :)
oy vei. chandluh bing. oooooh myyyyy gaaaaawd. bingaling. hahaha. okay. it's funny, so laugh. and i find it offensive that at the game, they didn't play ONE hanukah song...b/c we all know that i'm jewish...uh huh! ;) hahahhaha.

okay. i'm done. its 3am and i have work in 7 hours. woohoo!
(i'll probably update in a week!)

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nothing. [17 Dec 2003|01:09am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | soad ]

if anyone cares about me and what's going on in my life (for those who i haven't seen in a while)...read on...

i've been working nearly 12 hours each day. i work on weekends and i haven't gotten one whole day off in the past two weeks. believe me, i love working at londoner, but victorias can be jammed inside a stick of dynamite for all i care...LIGHT A MATCH! i'm quitting very soon. possibly tomorrow. b/c i'm going to work at londoner for 9 hours each day. i love them. they don't stress me out when i walk through the front door.

on a happier note, i quit smoking. i haven't smoked since a week and a half ago. i'm not saying i'm giving it up entirely, b/c i'm sure when school starts up i may pick a cigarette up once or twice, here and there. as for now, i'm just too busy to even take a 5 minute smoking break. i feel great tho. it's great to know i'm not wasting money on crap like that. speaking of...

i'm paying bills now, and i'm not saying i may be paying bills...i wrote my first check today towards bills. my car payment is paid. tomorrow i have to pay my cell bill. ten days after that i pay insurance and everything else...

right now it's stressful, b/c i'm spending over $300 on presents for 6 people. and tiny presents here and there for others. but once the holidays go away, i'll be fine. i think i may need to go on zoloft...just for anxiety moments...not for depression or anything, b/c i'm happy.

at the moment i have people in my life i love being around. it saddens me that i haven't seen a lot of people b/c i've been busy with everything, but i will...on weekends. hah. i've been hanging out with sarah a lot. i spent the night at her house after rich, wayne, his friend, sarah and i had fun in the produce section. :) minus the fact that her room was 300 degrees...it was a good night. i love hanging out with rich. when i get a chance to hang out with him, it makes my day a bit better then it was. kelley is busy with softball and school, so i hardly see her, but when i do, its always fun. lauren works and has school...so she's kind of in the same boat, b/c we both are extremely busy. i'll get to see her more then once a week (if that) when winter quarter begins b/c we'll go to school together at 7:30am! woooooohooooo. bright and early. jenessa has a class with me, once a week...but at least i'll get to spend 50 minutes with her. i haven't seen her in a week? two weeks? i wish i had the time, but priorites and stuff have just been more important then attempting to have any sort of life. it's good to just have responsibilities.

right now...at THIS EXACTY MOMENT...2am...i'm extremely content. :)

thanks to EVERYONE that is around me and helping me through the rough times. i really appreciate each and every one of you!


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[10 Dec 2003|05:38pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | kelly clarkson 'the trouble with love is' ]

well. i have about 2 hours till i have to go to my SECOND job. i worked 7 hours at londoner and am working 4 hours at victorias tonight (want to piss off the boss, come visit me!...i'm quitting anyway!).

hm. last night after work i went and picked up sarah. we went to oakridge. afterwards we drove around town looking for something open. after we ate we went to patricks and watched adult swim. at around 1130 or something rich came over. we all watched conan and the lightning. i left at around 1 or something...

had work at 10 today. my dad sent the check so i can register for classes on friday. woohoo. yeaaaaaaaaa. i can tell i'm going to burn out this week. but i'll get used to it! tonight i'm going to try to go out after work, hah, and i'm talking about 12. but we'll see. depends on how DEAD i am.

i have work tomorrow from 10 to 3. then my second job from 3:30 to 7:30.
i get off at 7:30 tho! woohoo. ooooookay. if i don't hang out tonight, i'll go out tomorrow after work. ooooookay.


MY SCHEDULE. [08 Dec 2003|09:58pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | mudvayne. ]

Here is my schedule that I plan on having (with the three classes and full time job) starting January:

5am - wake up
7:30am - reading
8:20am to 10am - break
10am to 7pm - work @ Londoner
7pm to 8pm - break
8:20pm to 10:30pm - math

5am - wake up
7:30am - reading and reading lab
9:20am to 10am - break
10am to 7pm - work @ Londoner
7pm to 8pm - break
8:20pm to 10pm - Psychology

5am - wake up
7:30am - reading
8:20am to 10am - break
10am to 7pm - work @ Londoner
7pm to 8pm - break
8:20pm to 10:30pm - math

5am - wake up
7:30am - reading
8:20am to 10am - break
10am to 7pm - work @ Londoner
7pm to 8pm - break
8:20pm to 10pm - Psychology

5am - wake up
7:30am - reading
8:20 am to 10am - break
10am to 7pm - work @ Londoner

ooooooh. thank heaven for caffeine pills!!!!! :)

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... [08 Dec 2003|12:59am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | <3rammstein ]

i have been extremely busy. i have two jobs. i'm going to be taking two to three classes at deanza and i'm also going to attempt to have a life while juggling everything. i have been sick the past two days. throughout these past few days, i've hung out with lauren, sarah, jenessa, vera, kell-ay, rich, sally, shawn, and a few others. i don't know what i've been doing. but whoever ive hung out with knows what's been going on.

last night was fun...i went to laurens salons xmas party. met everyone there. chocolate fountain. champagne. hookers on the corner 'found some girls to come out with us' ewwww, dirty old men!!!! mashed potato margaritas. pink margaritas. haha. after the party lauren and i went to starbucks, saw vera and sally. sarah and kelley came. we all went to pruneyard. then tower. rich came. we all went to carrows. kelley=milkshake song QUEEN!!!! hahahahahhahaha. lauren interupted everyone... lauren and i saw a few car accidents. BAAAAD ONES. and stuff. i went home. went to bed. got up this morning. went to work. wanted to cry b/c my feet hurt SOOOOOO BAD. came home...slept till 9. now i'm watching tila on tv...weiiiiiird. well...picture time...

............ )

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the week. [03 Dec 2003|03:50pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | switchfoot. ]

i don't know why i'm waiting a few days or so to update...huh. oh well.

so monday, i...uh...worked! yea. that's it. i worked from 10 to 3 (first day) and started doing everything right away. it was fun, went by fast. met this girl who knows kell-ay. i came home after work and then slept till 8 and went out with lauren for an hour. hung out at starbucks. then left to go to blockbuster.

uhhh. tuesday i went to work and then came home for an hour and went over to dianas, dyed my hair black and violet (gorgeous, but very dark). got tons of makeup. saw her PUPPPPPY! and then left at 7:30, brought her puppy over to meet my dog, straightened my hair while i was waiting for my mom to finish showing the next door neighbors the dog. then dropped denny back off at dianas. went to starbucks, met up with jenessa and shawn. talked to mike for a bit, while he was on his break. simon guy came over and gave shawn their flyers for the show on saturday, arthur gave us his flyer for his and michaels band. then marie came and we all hung out. shawn left. jenessa left. then marie and i went over to pruneyard. i saw adam and bill, talked to them for a bit. marie and i whipped out the sutter home. then went over to rock bottom, they have the best soap! oooooh geeeeze. then we went back over to pruneyard, got chai and stuff. then went over to winerlkajdofiuawer for marie. rich met up at around 11:45 and we hung out for maybe 15 minutes, then i went home b/c i had work today. (rich: sorrrrry for making you come out there only to hang out for 15 minutes! hope the talk with aubrey went well) talked to marie for a while when i got home. then went to bed at around 1.

today i went to work and found out that jacqueline is going to work elsewhere, this sucks b/c i work with her in the morning and she's soooo nice, but she was crying all day so i kind of got a view of how its going to be when i'm the only one working from 10 to 3. today went by fast. so now i'm going to clean a bit and then hang out with saQrah and kelley later on... lauren of course is doing her papers (let me know if you need help). soooo yea, i don't know if i'm hanging out with jenessa but we did talk about brandy and stuuuuuffffff last night with marie ;) hahahahhaha. alright, i'm going to go. BYE.


freeeee fallin' [30 Nov 2003|11:51pm]
found out that i was hired to work two jobs. one's at londoner and the other is at victorias secret. at around 6 i headed over to my uncles, picked up kristen and then went to sallys and then to hollywood video. we stayed up till 5:30...i dyed her hair, we watched a bunch of friends, and theO.C. it was extremely fun. then we went to bed, and i woke up at 11. we got ready and around 2 my mom, grandpa, his girlfriend, my aunt, her boyfriend and my other cousins and others showed up. i fell asleep for two hours and then drove home after a bit. later on, i went to the graveyard w/ lauren, sarah, kelley, rich, and jen. afterwards we went over to the pruneyard, hung out, then i took lauren home.

in the morning i went to an interview at londoner, to figure out my schedule and pay and stuff. afterwards, later afterwards, i hung out with sarah, kelley and rich. we hung out at the pruneyard then went to carrows. i went home after that.

woke up, went to jcpenneys. spent 400. went to valley fair, got plugs from hot topic (b/c i could give old ladies that shop at londoner a complex). afterwards i went to body exotic and got a smaller conch hoop and then went home shortly after. after an hour or so i met up with sarah and kelley at pruneyard. we went and saw love, actually. it was so cute. hugh grant is a hot old guy! yessss ma'am. afterwards we went to coinstar and then went to starbucks by willow glen and saw a bunch of people that went to school/goes to school with kelley. after a while there we drove around and then went back to my car and i went home.

i woke up at 6am for work (victorias). got there and met the people and went and got coffee with one of the guys that works there and then came back, talked to everyone there. trained for 5 hours and then left with numb feet. (woohoo) i came home and took a 3 hour nap and then got ready and met up with sarah, kelley and rich at pruneyard. we saw bildo and got chai. after a while the 4 of us went to valley fair, rich bought stuff at hot topic. i bought kelley a hot wheels sticker for her car and a sticker for mine (that i had on my kia). after standing out in the parking lot for a while, kelley and sarah left and then rich and i left to go back to the pruneyard. heather and mandie came. heather and i caught up and then the 4 of us went to the graveyard, heard scary ass giggling or a car alarm going off (haha...) and then we left. i took rich home and then came home.

][rest of the week][
i have work at londoner monday through friday 10am to 3pm. (its cool b/c its 2 minutes from my house) i want to try and hang out with jenessa more. lauren needs to start doing her homework and writing her papers so she could hang out with sarah, kelley and i. i kind of want to hang out at starbucks for one night, b/c its been so long. i have to go to victorias on thursday to find out my schedule. tomorrow around 5 or something, heather, mandie, myself and whoever else are going to head over to the graveyard with heathers ouija board :) woohoo! oooookay, well i need to go sleep i have to get up in 8 hours.

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.....by the way. [26 Nov 2003|03:25am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | switchfoot 'meant to live' ]


'my name is Aucmed' )
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geeeeze. [25 Nov 2003|11:26am]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | something corporate 'space' ]

holy shit. what day did i leave off at?!

i went out with people. went to the pruneyard. went to the graveyard. saw people. hung out with people. saw ELF with diana and marie. saw jenessa, kelley, sarah, rich, kendra, crystal... uhhhhh. i know i went to a get together at jimmys and a get together at shawns. arley, ryan, nicole, her friend and their friend was there. tiana was at jimmys. lauren, rich, chris and i went to the graveyard one day during the weekend (worst idea). kelley, sarah, megan, rich and i went around town and blasted the cool 'OLD SCHOOL' beats...and i mean LFO, BACKSTREET BOYS...ooooh yes, pullin out the GOOD stuff! ;) uhhhhh...hm. okay, i can't recall what else happened and who else was there...

][last night-monday][
last night went out to the pruneyard with lauren. we saw adam and bildo baggins...so we hung out with them two for a few hours. took pictures. smoked. tongue touching?! penis hole?! ball sweat on laurens lip!!!!!???? what happened there?! hahahahaahahaha. after a long while lauren and i took bildo to meet up with his friend.

today i'm taking my mom to the hospital and then coming home...putting things in my room together then going out with lauren. hang out with: jenessa? sarah and kelley? rich? adam and bildo? hmmmm...i really couldn't tell yah.

alright. i'm done. bye!

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woohoo. [21 Nov 2003|05:20pm]

Which Angie are you?

quiz by acidflowers
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BAWHG! [20 Nov 2003|11:07pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | toxic......... ]

i'm sick of it.
it meaning smoking.
there's really no point to going to starbucks and chain smoking. that's really all there is to do around here. sit around and smoke due to pure BOREDOM. i'm not going to write a testimonial about me quitting b/c i know that'd be a fucking lie! but all this is about is the fact that there's no point! i need something to motivate me to stop smoking. SOMEONE HELP ME! and daaaaaaammmmmmmmmmmmitttttt. i just bought the cutest lighter too, and so we all know that i'm not going to quit for a while (at least not till the fluid runs out). fo geezzzus.

okay. i have a headache (probably due to the fact that i smoked 7 cigarettes tonight). oh bloody hell!

oh yes. and i just realized that i have school tomorrow morning. greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat.


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riverdancing. [20 Nov 2003|01:38am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | living dead girl -rob zombie- ]

well today was eventful.
i woke up at 8 and got ready.
went to kinkos and make copies of my resumé.
went to mervyns to get shoes to go with my 'business/professional' outfit.
got a purse too.
then i went to valley fair and turned in my resume and filled out apps for:
-disney store
-vicotrias secret
-pure beauty

i had an interview at victorias secret. i went to sam goody and got the rob zombie cd OMG ITS SOOO GOOD! i also went to macys and got new sunglasses and then after my interview, dan saw me so we walked around and then we both went to starbucks. lauren met up with us and then pat came, then big shaun and james. i left and went to pure beauty and londoner. then as i was leaving i saw chris mcnultys identical twin. scaaaarrrrrrrry. i mean IDENTICAL...down to the same clothes and everything. weird! i got home at 5 and then left again to meet up with kell-ay, saQrah and rich. i picked up lauren on the way and we all hung out at the pruneyard then headed over to wendys then dropped off sarah at her stepmoms. the four of us went over to the cemetary again (rich's first time) and lauren and i actually saw shit today! ahhh scary. so yea. this weekend is our sleepover in the graveyard (sleepover meaning staying for an hour then running away fast!). we hung out there for a bit then i dropped off lauren at home. i met up with marie, kendra and crystal at 'chi-pot-ull' yea. that's how she said it. afterwards we went to kendras then her brother came out and we all went over to the pruneyard and then kendras other brother met up and we all just sat around for an hour or so. her brother is sooooooo funny. marie and i had a convo about 'the bar' and 'friends' hahahah. some day. SOME DAY! a little after midnight i came home. woohoo. okay.
i'm tired.


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so much. [18 Nov 2003|01:26am]
[ mood | sleepy ]
[ music | outkast 'hey ya' CLAP CLAP CLAP ]

tonight was, by far, the funnest night.
first lauren and i met up with jenessa, salmen and vera at starbucks (oh yea ryan and arley were there too). whitney, stephanie and kara showed up. i saw peter (coughcdstealercough). after a while of being there, and after shawn showed up...kelley and sarah came, so lauren and i left with them. the four of us went to the cemetary and stood at the gate. we walked in maybe 10 feet and kelley 'saw a shadow' so sarah did her best phoebe running impression, dropped her chai and bolted to the front entrance of the graveyard. i did a quick turn and tripped on the curb and nearly fell head first onto a headstone. the rest of us ran to the front...and remained there. lauren...uh...MOVING ON...;) ladeedaw. so yea, we sat at the front entrance and took pictures of bugs, and stuuuuuuuuff. after being pulled over, mike showed up and then the five of us went in. we walked all the way to the back and layed on graves and kelley is officially JESUS. we all walked around for a while then went to the front where we ran into maryann and her friends. maryann, mike, mike, uh, uh and i went in again and walked around. after being 'privately called' 10 times...(hm, who could that have been!? -scratches head-) we exited and then kelley, sarah, lauren and i left to go to starbucks. we blasted everything from outkast to nsync...and threw in a little spice girls just for kicks. ooooh it was fuuuun! i picked up my car and we all ventured over to the pruneyard. after sarah...uh...MOVING ON. yeaaa...kelley left after we all saw gina and her friend and their friends and uh them!? hah. the three of us hung around and then met up with patrick (the rock) across the street at wienershclakjdsoiauer. whatever its called. lauren is officially a clutz (knocking over her 7-up and spilling her fries everywhere...hmmmm...). after a while of sitting around, lauren and i headed back to her house.

i get home and i get lectured (for the second time tonight). i need a job. i just need one. maybe two? okay, i have a job already, but apparently thats not GOOD ENOUGH for my mother. so i must find multiple jobs, so i don't have a life and i just work all day. lovely! looking forward to it -thumbs up- so tomorrow morning i'm updating my resume and going out in search of a job. oooh joy. yea. okay.

moving on... )


i've been thinking... [16 Nov 2003|02:54pm]
[ mood | thankful ]

this past week i've been thinking about everything.
everything good and everything bad.
i've thought about the friends i have and the 'friends' i have.

in the past four days, i've cried more then i have in the past year, sad but true.
i'm not a very emotional person, i may be over dramatic at times, but i'm not one to show my feelings through tears. so it was weird to sit on the floor of my room, on top of all the pillows from my bed, and just burst into tears for nearly ten minutes.
i know that there is nothing wrong with crying but its just not ME...i don't cry. i cry more while watching disney movies then cry about things that are personally going wrong in my life. hm.

this past week, i've been thinking A LOT about the CLOSE friends i have. and i have to say that i value the friendships i have with them. sometimes there are times when we're just completely sick of eachother and want to get away; just cut all ties and stop talking, stop calling, stop hanging out. but once you've realized that there are those moments, when you actually need your friends there...its those times when you value them the most. the time when you feel lonely and at your worst. the friends i care about most (particurally two), need to know that...even tho i may be a bitch, even tho i may get on your nerves, and you may get on mine...that i'll always cherish the times we share. i hope you both know that.

this week i've barely gone out (maybe a couple of hours). i'm trying to be a responsible and sympathetic daughter by staying home and helping out my mom, b/c she needs it. i'm sorry that i havent been THAT social but eventually my mom will get better and i will be able to venture out more often. and i hope that i get to see some people that i haven't seen in a long time.

that's really all i have to say.


squirrels have rabies. [16 Nov 2003|01:51pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

the squirrel is nearly as big as the poor child.

if only )


[16 Nov 2003|01:15am]

You Are Ichabod Crane From "Sleepy Hollow."

You're a deep thinker - most times logically. You're a bit of a neat freak and a wuss (hey, you do faint a lot!) but you do have the ability to overcome your fears and come out stronger in the end. And you never lose your head over things. (Gufaw gufaw!)

Take The Johnny Depp Quiz!
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and another. [15 Nov 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | irritated ]
[ music | 'skin ticket' -slipknot ]

//10 bands you’ve been listening to lately:
01.stretch princess
07.limp bizkit
08.fiona apple
09.simple plan
10.story of the year

//09 things you look forward to:
01.the next day
02.seeing people that i miss
03.tv shows that i want to watch
04.buying a purse
05.dying my hair
06.waking up
07.getting my paycheck
08.going out at night
09.smoking a cigarette at the end of a stressful day

//08 things you like to wear:
07.black nail polish

//07 things that annoy you:
01.people who speak with a mouth full of food
02.phone calls when you or the other person is losing reception
03.staying home when you want to get out, but can't
04.watching a movie that ends up having a suck ass ending
05.justin timberlake
06.people who say you can trust them when in fact you know you can't
07.sitting in an inclosed room during summer when the a/c doesn't work

//06 things you touch everyday:
01.my cell phone
02.my computer
03.the light switch
04.my hair
05.my remote
06.keys to my car

//05 things you do everyday:
01.brush my teeth
02.take a shower
03.talk on the phone
04.go online
05.buy something

//04 people you want to spend more time with:
01.my dad

//03 movies you could watch over and over again:
02.texas chainsaw massacre
03.finding nemo

//02 of your favorite songs at the moment:
01.stretch princess 'sorry'
02.slipknot 'skin ticket'

//01 person you would spend the rest of your life with:


surveys. [15 Nov 2003|09:44pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]


What's your name?: DANIELLE
How old are you?: 18
Where are you from?: CALIFORNIA
When is your birthday?: NOVEMBER 5TH
What color hair?: RED VIOLET
What color eyes?: MEDIUM BROWN


Color?: BLACK


Night or day?: NIGHT
Black or white?: BLACK
Chocolate or vanilla?: CHOCOLATE
Pepsi or Coke?: PEPSI
TV or computer?: COMPUTER
Movies or DVD's?: MOVIES
Rock or rap?: ROCK
Pop or punk?: PUNK
Old or young?: YOUNG
Tall or short?: TALL
Big or small?: BIG


Have you ever tried to lick you elbow?: NO
When was the last time you cried?: A FEW HOURS AGO
Do you sing in the shower?: NO
Can you drive (legally)?: YES
Do clowns scare you?: DEPENDS
Do you enjoy jello?: SURE
What is the one thing that annoys you most?: PEOPLE WHO DON'T CALL ME BACK
Do you laugh a lot?: NOT LATELY
Do you consider yourself a funny person?: SUUUUURE
Does Avril Lavigne suck?: SOME OF HER SONGS ARE OKAY
Do I suck?: YES
Do you suck?: EH?
Have you ever chased a duck around in circles?: YES, ALL THE TIME
Are you tired of this?: YES
What time is it?: 10:05PM
What day is it?: SATURDAY
Do you love me?: NO

Last Cigarette: LAST NIGHT
Last Alcoholic Drink:: LAST WEEKEND
Last Car Ride:: 3 HOURS AGO
Last Library Book checked out:: HOUSE OF LEAVES
Last Book Read:: HOUSE OF LEAVES
Last Movie Rented:: HOME ROOM (BEST MOVIE)
Last Beverage Drank:: DIET PEPSI
Last Food Consumed:: POPCORN AND MUSTARD
Last Crush:: TRAVIS
Last Phone Call:: LAUREN
Last Shoes Worn:: CHUCKS
Last Item Bought:: CELL PHONE COVER
Last Download:: I DONT REMEMBER
Last Annoyance:: PEOPLE
Last Disappointment:: PEOPLE
Last Soda Drank:: DIET PEPSI
Last Thing Written:: ?
Last Key Used:: DELETE
Last Word Spoken:: FUCK IF I REMEMBER
Last Sleep:: LAST NIGHT
Last IM:: VERA
Last Sexual Fantasy:: -THINKS- UM...CANT REMEMBER
Last Weird Encounter:: CANT REMEMBER
Last Ice Cream Eaten:: CANT REMEMBER
Last Time Amused:: LAST NIGHT
Last Time In Love:: NEVER HAVE BEEN
Last Time Hugged:: LAST NIGHT
Last Time Scolded:: HAHAHAHAHHAHA
Last Time Resentful:: UHHHHH...THIS MORNING?
Last Chair Sat In:: THIS ONE
Last Lipstick Used:: ONE CALLED 'FLIRTY'
Last Underwear Worn:: THE ONES I'M WEARING
Last Bra Worn:: BLACK ONE
Last Shirt Worn:: THE RETROS SHIRT
Last Webpage Visited:: BLURTY.COM

Coke or Pepsi?: PEPSI
Love or Lust?: LOVE
tv or movies?: TV
cats or dogs?: DOGS
meal or dessert?: DESSERT
east coast or west coast?: EAST COAST
tall or short?: TALL
football or baseball?: FOOTBALL
soccer or basketball?: SOCCER
outside or indoors?: OUTSIDE
blonde or brunette?: BRUNETTE
apples or oranges?: ORANGES
aol or yahoo?: YAHOO
stars or moons?: STARS

Did you meet your best friend?: HM?
Did you meet your b/f/g/f/current interest?: I DON'T HAVE A CURRENT INTEREST
Well do you like your beef cooked?: I DONT EAT BEEF
Many languages do you speak?: 1
Many languages can you speak?: 2
Many people would you say you have loved?: NONE
Do you know?: DO I KNOW WHAT?
Well do you know the people around you?: IM THE ONLY ONE IN THE ROOM
Many times a day do you think, "This is great.": NOT MANY
Often do you feel like you want to die?: NEVER
Would you describe the way you dress?: DANIELLE'S WAY
Would your best friend describe it?: FUCK IF I KNOW
Well did you like the last book you read?: I LIKED IT
Many times have you said "God" today?: ?



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