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23rd September 2003

10:24pm: doobie
Heyohness, all. Well.. my life was getting back together nicely.. until, yes nothing last forever and I shouldn't be complaining.. but then.. what would there be to write about?! But yeah. xx; I've been having complications, at home, at school. It's neverending! BWAH! I gtg.. xx; Emergency~! So yeah! a real update next time!


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14th September 2003

1:10pm: ...
Grawh.. xx; My life has officially, totally, totally fucked up. Wa~! And it sucks! School ish bad luck.. >>; <<; Indeeds. xx; -ish gonna go crazy-
Current Mood: worried

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9th September 2003

11:59am: Bleh..blu..blerg.. x-X
Well.. It's my 3rd week of school and I'm already taking a absentee.. >>; It's not that I'm slacking, my parents would NEVER let me. I hafta be all dying like. And that's exactly how I feel. xx; I feel so bleh, I can't talk, when I swallow my throat goes into a shock of pain, I'm having the biggest sinus headache of life that started yesterday, and among others. xx; I ish in pain everywhere! Bleh. But it's okay I guess.. I get to stay home and sleep, sleep, read my New-type and sleep.. and pray that dad doesn't yell at me. But gosh.. I feel like everything that happened last year is a re-run of what's happening now. xx; I feel sorta deh same way.. -_-; -growls- Stupid.. everything.. >>;

But yeah.. moving on to happier news? I feel like I practically LIVE at school. oo; I go to school at 7:30 and then I stay there to 8pm cause of band. But that's only Tuesdays and Thursdays. But our Drum Major decided to have a "full band sectional" on Monday and Wednesday.. xx; So jooy.. Oh yeah and I signed up for deh Japanese club which has meetings on Thursdays.. xx; and deh NHS (national.. honor..society) which meet up.. omfg..xx; Tomorrow! xx; And then after deh 1st 9 weeks i'll be inducted if I have deh "Grades" Which i'm sure it will be easy, but I'm not sure if I can handle all that. So.. I might just drop the NHS and join it next year. xx; Or whatever.. xx; But I think inside i'm like, "what the hell.. just do it." I have to complete 4 of deh 7 comm. projects. And do 3 hours of tutoring EACH month. xx; Which means.. I get home around 8:30ish.. and do my homework till 12. xx; And on game days.. Get home at 12.. xx; Do homework.. some other time.. xx; Wa~! I have a life.. >>; Wait.. xx; No I don't. So I'm figuring.. if I'm putting all these hours at school.. I better in hell get a good scholarships! Yes plural.. xx; And get accepted to a good university. Or.. xx; I'll keel myself. xx;

So yeah this has kinda gotten be down in deh pits and other things too. xx; I hope I don't sound self-centered.. oo; Cause then I would hate myself.. >> I just.. xx; Wa! I hate school! ._.

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16th August 2003

1:38pm: It's been a long time..
Wow. It has been a lone arse time. xx; Havn't gotten around to updating. Didn't feel deh need honestly. Heh. Well.. Things seems to have gotten a bit better. -nods- Yup.. Me and Sal got back together. I feel complete once again. The past two nights we've been talking from around 10 at night to like 2 - 4am. Pure bliss they call it? heh.. It's like getting a new best friend. But only better. And my computer's power supply went poof xx; And now that it's back my AIM and Window's Messenger won't Log.. me.. in... FOOK! >o; Yeah updating this and writing e-mails at deh same time.. >3 I'm so talented. lol. Anywho. My dear, loving brother of mine, is permanently back. xx; Which means.. Less time on compy. Less time on deh phone. More time of seeing Robbie and his beau, Betty. I love the girl.. but..GAWD. xx; Okay. Enough ramble time. I gtg and go stooph. (ish gonna go work out and BUFF up. lol..) Ja~!

Current Mood: anxious
Current Music: Elva Hsiao - Cappucino (YAY! I can finally hear it!)

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22nd July 2003

10:11pm: Itai
Today was a relatively fun nday I suppose. I bought a wakeboard today.. so dad pulled me on our jet-skii and it was fuun. Getting up was the only hard put, but since I had done it once before it wasn't that bad. After awhile it becomes a really smooth ride, and so I told dad to go a little faster. Let's just say I tried to do something I shouldn't have.. flipped on the water and felt like I cracked my head on the glass of liquid. x.x; Yup, yup. It's such a pretty, kick ass board though! -^^- It's a purple swirlyness that gets light and dark and the base color is this gray-blue. It's so pretty. And it says Cosmic Ocean on both sides.. o_O; My neighbor said that (since he works at Boater's World) that he could get me a naked board and get his 30 y/o son (who is this ghetto-like artist) to custom paint it for me. I want it a lavender color with, something cool on the sides.. like my name..well not the full just Chantee. Or maybe my -coughs- company, Baka, INC. >] Hmm.. well we'll see when it's really infront of my face.

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Uhm.. Random Poll Thingie:

Should Chantee do this certain thing..

1. YES!

2. NO!

3. Wait!

Please reply.. oo; a.s.a.p ...x.x

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20th July 2003

8:13pm: Blehness
Today was a okay day.. @@; My relatives from NY came over today to ride the jet-skii and stooph. They were willing to pay $100 an hour or something like that at Miami beach! @o; Crazieh people wif muney. Anywho it was good to see them.. and i'm kinda disgusted with my messed up family.. @@; My other grandma suddenly went back into this alcohol frenzy.. which isn't good. And my..uh.. I always called her my aunt but I think she's my Great Aunt.. Has lung cancer from smoking since she was 15.. @@; yeah well.. and other things I don't feel like typing out. o.o; But other than that my day was pretty cool.. I saw this Japanese/Hong Kong movie which was awesomeness.. Princess Blade. ^-^; Watch it.. The sword fighting scenes were awesome. o.o; it was like watching a real life Kenshin.. o.o; maybe even better. Yeah better.. v-v; 'Cause it was a girl.. XD Anywho, I gotta jet.

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19th July 2003

11:12pm: Vacations hell.. Now I enter hell.. literally
Well Ft. Myers was fun.. @@; I got super tanned mode.. ><; I hate it. Yeah Anywho.. It was me, Anthony, his mom, my "Crazy aunt", and my grandma (The Puerto-Rican one) and it was a fun 2 hour drive I guess.. o_O; Meh "Twin"..Anthony.. was being a idiot most of the time. But that's the norm. The first thing we did when we got into our rooms was toss our bags somewhere and tackle each other onto the beds. We try to out-war each other 24/7. And from the moment we left.. we wrestled..too. lol. Anyways.. we were beaching and swimming at the Gulf.. Gulf..of..Mexico that is.. o_O; yeah.. and we went shopping at night and some drunk dude started hitting on me..-____-; I was ready to slam his head into the phone booth to see if he could feel pain.. -_-; Yeah.. that's about it. Just happy I got away and to relax..

Today.. I got home. Immediately babysitting.. @@; Then took them too to the Ice Skating rink by my house.. with Shawn.. he was there. I swear.. I almost killed him. -is still venting in silent anger- so I let him pay for everything.. ^^; and he tried to look down my shirt.. (long story there..) and then he flung this thingy at me and it hit me on the nose.. lol so it was a bad day for him.. u.u; Poor guy.. I don't know what he was doing with me.. o_O; Cute chinese boi needs to be with a cute chinese girl.. aka.. not me. Rather a pretty chinese girl. Well that's it for today. I'm really tired.. so i'm gonna watch Onegai Teacher. Ja~!

Current Mood: pensive
Current Music: Do As Infinity ! Fukai Mori (BEST SONG EVER! >>; <<;)

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17th July 2003

3:07am: Vacation..
Wa.. it's 3am here.. @@; supah dupah tiredness.. ><; -does a little dance- Met the sugoi-est guy online though. ^___^ I swear.. he's meh twin.. o.o; Scary. Anywho.. just wanted to update before my li'l Vacation. I'm going to Ft. Myers or Sanibel (depending on what they decide), renting a hotel, and just relaxing on the beach till Saturday. @@; I need to get awwaaayyy! Anywho I be talkin' to joo'ness'es laters *^^* JA~!

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13th July 2003

11:15pm: Sleepie..
~sigh~ I'm so tired.. and stressed out at the same time. x.x; I'm so glad my brother left back to college. It's heaven.. He makes me feel like the spoiled, ungrateful brat of our family. But whatever. Me and Betty are gonna start hanging out more, now that she has her own carm not one that she has to share with her twin. That must suck. @@ I wanna get out of Miami. But no place to go, heh. >.o; I need a vacation.. u.u; Well so far tonight's been pretty rough. In more ways than one. But that's alright. Me and dad were watching the stupidest movie ever. Oh 'ell.. better get back to it..

Current Mood: stressed

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11th July 2003

2:48pm: Quizzies
bored.. v-v; to here are more quizzes..

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Current Mood: Quiz-Content.. X'D

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10th July 2003

11:47pm: Har.. har..
~SIGH~ My futile attempts to drown myself have been in vain..

o.o; that was a joke.. >>; Anywho.. Don't know what i'm doing tomorrow.. CRAP! Wait! yes I do! tomorrow I'm going out with mom.. and she's begging me to do this one thing for her -_-; against my beliefs.. o.o; so I am.. But only this one time. Anywho.. today was a relatively good day I guess. I rode on the jet-ski that dad bought again today. ^^; I jumped a wave! Woohoo! That was really cool. But yeah that's it.. >>

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Current Mood: sad

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9th July 2003

10:48am: Finally Wednesday..
Well.. Finally dad brought home the Jet-ski last night. Yay ^^; Hehehee... But we couldn't use it last night.. to I can't wait till dad gets home. And yesterday was a awesome day.. >>; <<; Grandma seemed to be better she even "cooked" dinner ^^; So that was cool. And I talked to Sal for awhile which made me happy.. -^^- lol.. took that from him. Anyways, I need food. So.. Ja!

Current Mood: bouncy

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8th July 2003

12:43pm: Tired as a horse on wings
Well.. last night was eventful. Jim and them left.. ;-; So sad.. I wish they didn't leave. I'mma miss him, Johnathan and Amanda. Yep.. and then Dad got furiously mad at me for something. So i'm banned from the computer. Wee.. I havn't gone to sleep yet.. @o; But i'm not really that tired.. so.. whatever *shrugs* Grandma is doing a bit better.. I think. She's at home now. Thank God. And today hopefully is gonna be a fun day.. Dad's bringing his new jet-ski home. Well that's it..

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6th July 2003

11:36pm: Bored
Just..bored.. and bored and talking to Joe always help.. ^^;

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11:25am: It's harder than you think..
It's been a long day.. My grandma went into a diabetes (sp?) coma..something like that. I forgot.. Her sugar was like 7 and they gave her this huge ass shot of sugar. Funny..because the last time my grandpa went into the hospital it was for the same thing except worst. So I felt as if I was re-living that nightmare.. the same exact emotions, the same fear, everything. Just with a different person I love and in a different scenary. Anyways, I didn't get home until 5:30ish am so i'm really tired and I havn't gone to bed yet. Mom's already over there with dad and their gonna pick me up later today. To make matters worst grandma hates that hospital, and so do I, and she's begging mom to transfer her to a hospital in Taiwan. Oh well.. I just needed to tell..someone. I guess I feel somewhat better now.. But not really @o; Please.. I don't need a pity party well that's it..

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Current Mood: cold
Current Music: Phil Collins // If Leavin Me Is Easy

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5th July 2003

2:51pm: can't think straight.. too many emotions and thoughts going through my head.. @o;

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7:39am: Gr..
Tell me what time it is.. -__-; I tried getting my ass back into bed ..but didn't work. I had a bad dream.. v-v; Yeah.. ahehe ^^; It was basically me on the computer late at night..and dad woke up, furious and he was gonna start beatin' on me.. o_O; Yeah.. so.. I woke up.. @o; Anywho yesterday my whole family was invited over to my house.. it was dreaful. I mean my mom almost drowned.. -_-; I'm so mad about that and then Anthony and his bish tried to drown me too. So yay.. Don't get me mad.. >>; I was like an inch away from Anthony's "Goods" >>; <<; Once when he got mymad and I kicked him.. >>; But yeah. So i'mma go watch Fruits Basket now..

Current Mood: sleepy

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3rd July 2003

10:58am: Hmm..
Wow I'm really pissed off.. WHY'D THEY HAFTA CLOSE THE REGISTRATION!? ..Okay i'm done ^^; Anywho.. I didn't get to see my couselor today.. So I have no idea what i'm going to do until Monday. My dad was like, "Just fill out the paper!" But I can't.. v_v; Not until I talk to ze counselor, or else i'll be so lost. On a good note, I love having DSL.. Yess! Bond here I come! >>; <<; You gotta love 'em. Well off to update the other journal..
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Current Music: Bond ~ Sahara

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2nd July 2003

8:49pm: Hmm..
Wa.. Well let's see.. the past 3 days i've been with the Upthegrove's and I survived! Ahehehe.. >>; Anywho.. I'm not in a updating mood.. But let's see what did I do today.. Well the two slepted over and we watched a movie last night, woke up at noon and then watched another movie. And then they left and I went and got medicine for my grandma, she's really sick. And it scares the shit out of me all of a sudden. And me and her were talking and.. well let's just say i'm not a happy camper.. and that I have to do what I have to do. But what she said was wierd and offhand.. But I understand where's shes coming from. And the word soccer wants to make me cry.. lol. I had to quit. So there goes my soccer career. I feel like I made a poor decision.. but that's that. Aheh.. yeah so I'll try not to get depressed about that.. aheheh.. I lost what I love the most.. and i'm about to lose what I love the most as well.. That sounds wierd yeah but it's true..
Current Mood: crushed

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27th June 2003

8:43pm: "gimme a quickie.. NO not that~!"
Quickie update.. o_O; How I am feeling right now..

1 - Very, very, very fucking impatient.. don't ask I'm just really ansy right now. and no i'm not PMS'ing.. ><;

2 - I feel like shit.. lol I worked out all yesterday and the day before so I feel like poopie.

3 - I'm on the verge of breaking something.. ><;

4 - I'm in deep trouble.. but I... yeah..

5 - I'M GONNA GO THROUGH HELL AND BACK ON MONDAY. But it'll be fun.. Rent movies.. stay up late.. raid Dolphin Mall.. XD talk about our latest "Entrees" ..>>; <<; and swap clothing uuntil we see each other next year.

6 - :: cries :: I just want everything to be normal again..

and finally numba 7 - WHY DO I FEEL SO FUCKING USELESS!?

Okay ^^; that's my ramble of today.. yuup yup ^^; Bai bai now. and I apologize for the unmature choice of vocabulary I just used.

~ ChAnTeE
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26th June 2003

4:15pm: Dude..
Uh.. I don't know what to write.. so this is my update.



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25th June 2003

11:41am: I'm back!
.:Chantee's back..
..Back again..

WA! I'm back! I'm back! THANK GOD! ..typing on seems wierd since i'm not at my usual small office atmosphere.. nope i'm my new house with our huge ass computer desk which one half faces the window that looks out into our pool and our lake ^^; (I'm checking my damn e-mail.. wa! 50 unchecked mail. ><;)

Okay beware this is gonna be long..

I can basically sum up the trip at ClubMed to this:
-Laying out on the pool side and drooling over "Kaz"
-Me trippin' ..LOL..
-Getting drunk
-the main word of the trip: Fuck, Fuckin'

Yeah.. >>; <<;

On Thurs. I headed up to Hollywood, Fl. to meet up with my 2nd family ^^; and then on Friday we left to ClubMed. All I can say is i'm not boy-crazy at all ..infact I despise them..v-v; lol j.k. but like 85% of the guys who work there, "G.O"s, were! lol..they were.. >>; Anywho so that night Me, Mal, and this girl who came with us Steph went down into the bar around 11ish and they turned it into a wanna-be nightclub with a bar, a pool and foos-ball table. And we were booty-dancing.. lmao.. not really but something like that lol it was funny. Cuz Steph would like sort of shy away (she's a high-class priss) and everyone would look at me and Mal on the dance floor. It was horrible! lol.. Chantee no like the spotlight aimed on her. I don't like attention. lol.. And then we swam a little bit and then we headed back to our rooms, it got really boring. Okay yeah so then Mal's older brother, Andy came down to ClubMed for like a couple of days. He's like 24. It was soo much fun with him.. Me and Mal wanted to lay-out and tan since their was nothing else better to do and laying out can be boring so we took Andy's anti-anxiety (sp) pill. I only took a half, cuz we didn't want to take all of his pills so we shared a half. Boy that was enough! ..>>; I couldn't walk straight.. and I was giggling at every small thing.. lmao and the pill is supposed to make you sleep but since I took half it wasn't enough to make me fall asleep only get a tiny bit drowsy and stay all giggly. Yeah..and then that wore off and then the next day I found out that I have Strep Throat! Waaa.. that hurts like hell..and it still does! ><; I can't talk much or swallow or eat or laugh and yawning hurts soo much. Ba! Anywho.. skip a coupld of days of sleeping and wakeboarding and yeah.. btw, i'm going on a diet.. v-v; too much food there and awesome deserts.. >>; <<; and waaay too many Strawberry Daiquiri's. Anywho then on Monday night we went back to the bar and we were sitting and these 3 guys came up to us and they were soo cute, cuz they were from Lousiana and they had the southern accent. I absolutely love that.. ^^; Oh yeah.. and now I have a slight southern accent from being around Mal all this time.. >_o; She's from Texas so yeah. And we were juss talking and stuff and then we walked over to the Adult pool and sat around there and then 2 of the dudes Ryan and Neo brought beer and we drank. I was a good girl though! ..v-v; really.. >>; While everyone was on their 3rd beer, I still was half-way through mine. and I gave my away to one of the guys cuz as steph says, "Your so little! I mean frame wise.." so I can't drink to much. I don't like beer anyways, it taste like cat piss.. v-v; yeah and so Mal and Neo were making out and stuff and Tyler this dude was hitting on me and I was like, "Sorry dude but i'm on reserve go hit on Steph..>>" lol. Yeah and that's all i'm going to say about that.. No more that I can tell you lol.. or that I want to tell you.. >>; <<; Besides i'm so tired and sore from wakeboarding and my throat ish raw so I'mma nap. Ja! Actually.. i'mma jump in the pool..XD


You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving:.
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16th June 2003

6:00pm: Yay!
.:I'm only pretty sure that I can't take anymore
Before you take a swing, I wonder
What are we fighting for
When I say out loud, I wanna get out of this
I wonder, is there anything I'm gonna miss
I wonder, how it's gonna be
~ How's It Gonna Be//Third Eye Blind

Wa.. I have the worst headache of life.. @_@; But I think it's pretty much gone. Robbie's yelling at me to take advil or excedrin. But I hate pills. I'll only take them if my docter says to or someone shoves it down my throat. Ahehe.. >>; Yeah I really don't know what to write about. Ooh.. wait.. I OFFICIALLY HAVE A NEW HOUSE! Woohoo! Partay at Chantee's! >>; <<; lol.. it's on a lake.. and a big ass pool, 2-story.. with a den thingy.. o_O; Dad's gonna by a pool table and a bar.. heheh XD. So it's gonna be great. Yay! ^^; I can't wait. This thurs I leave to Hollywood to stay with Mallori and my 2nd family. (I'm getting prepared for the many blessings of chibi's) And then on Friday we leave to ClubMed up by Port St. Lucy. Go look it up on a map if joo want.. o_O;
Yeah so i'll there at ClubMed with them for 4 days. Then maybe after i'll stay with my 2nd family a li'l bit longer. Iunno.. But I wanna be home asap, cuz Robbie's here.. then Betty's gonna be down. (You know, I GOTTA see her, and spill my guts to her.. I feel sooo much better after talking to her) Yup.. yup.. Well that's it. Ja!

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15th June 2003

11:20am: Happy Father's Day
.:I've had a hard life, but my hardships are nothing against the hardships that my father went through in order to get me to where I started.
~Bartrand Hubbard

Well to everyone's father's, I hope you have a fantastic day. Mine, as of yet, consist of opening his one present because he wouldn't let us buy anything. (Since all the moving we're doing and the new house is work enough) So Robbie and me just got him a power-drill. He can't say no to that. And his card. The card basically said, "Your balding.. happy father's day" And now we're taking out our entertainment system out of our wall-unit. Fun, fun and dusty. Yup.. well I have things to do, people to see, a dog to feed, and shoes to pack.

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14th June 2003

11:19pm: Tiredness
Wa.. so tired. Today was such a terrible/okay/fucked up day. Yup.. and I admit I have issues.. ><; I havn't been eating much at all for the past few days and it took it's toll on me today. Yeah but I ate a whole dinner.. but I felt even worse after that. I was shaking so bad I went into the bathroom and just soaked in the bathtub for like an hour and a half with hot water. thank God dad or robbie didn't notice. It was stupid I admit. But I was just ..experimenting? on myself. yeah and I don't sleep much anymore, worrying about my grandma, the house, moving, my boyfriend. It's been a horrible dream almost. And it got worse. I can say I learned a lot though. I was soo afraid.. o__o; like you wouldn't understand. But all ends well.. I hope. Well.. Good luck, Good hope, Good love, and most of all Good dreams. And thanks to those who care.. and for their concern. It really does mean a lot..

PS: ...damn those Chicken Soup for the Soul books.. I relate to damn much.. and I think that's the purpose.

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Current Music: Song of wanting sleep and pain to go away.

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