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    Sunday, April 6th, 2003
    7:30 pm
    Hey Everyone
    Hey everyone whats up? I'm Sebastien, you know the one who plays guitar in that one kick ass Canadian band Simple Plan? Yes thats me, I play guitar in that amazing band . My mom thought it would be a good place to write down whats going on in my life, and to maybe make new friends, and have fans know what we are doing, so I figured why not here? Everything has been doing so great, the crowds have been great and we have the best fans to thank for it. I don't think our band would be the same if we didn't have the best fans. So about me, I'm single, looking for love I guess... I thought I liked the right person, but hes way out of my league. I got AIM.... my screen name on there is seb wants you. Pretty cool eh? I guess its okay.
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