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Thursday, July 28, 2005


As a child summer used to be the greatest time; now, as an adult, not so much. Anyway, I should be leaving for England on Sept. 16th. I cannot move into the house until the 17th so it would work out well since my flight wouldn't get there until the 17th. I'm still trying to work a lot of flight plans out (and plans in general). I have decided to book a one-way ticket to London for September and then I will book my Dec. return ticket some time later (in hopes of getting an even better deal). I will be back in Cali for about a week or so before Dominique and I fly back to Virginia to stay with her sister. I figure I'll probably be back there for about 2 weeks. That will give us plenty of time to see things in Virginia, DC, and quite possibly New York. Dominique will fly back to Cali on Jan. 7th and I will fly back to London. Spring break will be from March 31-May 2 =/ Still trying to figure things out for that time period. My parents may come over for awhile. I'm trying to convince Dominique to come over for about a week (which she is totally for). I may also fly to Paris for a week... this should be a nice break from England and I'll be able to see the sights and visit with Nima.

I pretty much have an idea of the classes I will need to take. I have to take three in the Fall, three in the Spring, and one in the summer (note that the summer term is from the beginning of May to the beginnng of June... one month). I have to take International Criminal Law, International Protection of Human Rights, Legal Aspects of Contemporary International Problems, and Public International Law. I must also choose two courses from the following: Comparative Democratisation, Conflict Resolution in World Poltiics, International Economic Law, International Negotiation and Mediation, International Relations Theory, or Theories of Conflict and Violence. I'm trying to avoid the theory courses because I have never cared for them all that much. I'm thinking of possibly taking the International Economic Law one despite the fact that I don't care for economics all that much either. Anyway, for the summer class I have to take Research Methodology andn Legal Writing in order to prepare for writing my thesis. The actual summer months I don't take any classes and focus just on writing my thesis. So, anyone who would like to visit (briefly) during that time could =)

Graduation will be held in September (in the Canterbury Cathedral =) My parents are going to fly over for that. They are either going to tour a bit of Europe a week or so before my graduation and then meet up with me and we would continue through Europe or else they would fly over a few days before the ceremony and we would go touring after that. My mom wants to go on a river cruise through some of the countries (namely in Eastern Europe). Once I leave this Sept. she is going to go see about finding something and starting to pay on it.

There is still a number of items I need to get before I go (top of the list: an umbrella!). I have to get snow boots (or some type of boot that allows me to walk through snow) and I'm not all together pleased with this. I am, however, looking forward to living in the area. Canterbury looks absolutely gorgeous (even with the snow). Some of the streets are still cobble stoned and the buildings have that old-style look to them. Not to mention the cathedral, the church, and the castle... beautiful. Plus, it's close to a lot of the coastal areas and London isn't that far away =)

There are still some things that have to be dealt with before I leave (quite a bit actually), but I'm trying to take all of it in stride. I really should start making a list of things I need to get done before I leave (and things I should be packing), but I'm probably going to put that off until the end of August and the beginning of Sept. Not wise, but there ya go.

Hmm... I may be returning to Cali after graduate school. I have a number of thoughts on that. I would really like to go for my Ph.D. at a school in southern Cali (part-time) and find a job (either full- or part- time depending). I want my Ph.D. but I don't feel the need to work on it full time. I'm not sure what I'll end up doing in that area though. I want to come back, but a lot can happen in a year and everyone seems so hell bent on telling me that I probably won't return. It's my decision ultimately; I know this. I guess I'll have to see how this year goes and what happens. Of course, if I wanted to start my studies in the fall of 2006 I would have to apply by this Nov. That is way too soon for me... I mean, I would be graduating, having to fly back to Cali, pack up my stuff, move to southern Cali, find a job, and begin classes within a few weeks of my graduating with my MA. That doesn't appeal to me. If anything I would take time off and start in the Spring (so I could get settled in and find a job and such). That still means I have to make some decisions before the first of the year.

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

9:36PM - Unhappy

I'm confused and frustrated and bordering on just plain tired. And, God, September is approaching way too fast and I know I'll never be able to slow it down.....

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Friday, July 8, 2005

5:31PM - Wow!

I just finished Carmen Bin Ladin's book. All I can say is "Wow!" I got it yesterday and I just couldn't put it down. What an amazing life this woman has had and what strength she possesses. After finishing it I become angry and I have to ask, "How can a country like the United State call a place like Saudi Arabia an ally?" It goes against everything we claim to stand for and I think this, more than anything, is what makes me sick. I agree whole heartedly with what she wrote in her book; basically, there should be little doubt that Osama still has contact with his brothers in Saudi Arabia and, thus, the Saudi royals themself. It's appauling that we call that nation a friend and supporter when in fact a lot of them hate Western ways (I'm not saying U.S. ways, but Western ways). I know not everyone in Saudi Arabia is like that, I have to believe there are people who can think for themselves and not buy into what has always been drilled into their minds-- I have to believe that people around the world still have the ability to think and make decisions for themselves. I only think that calling the royalty of Saudi Arabia a friend of the United States is one of the biggest mistakes our politcal leaders have ever made and it will have horrible consequences someday. Wouldn't it be shocking to find that they had direct links with Osama and knew, and even helped fund, 9/11 and terrorist attacks around the world... yeah, wouldn't that be something! And we call them friends, allies,.....

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You really have to respect the British and their amazing way of dealing with the terrorist attacks! I don't know any other group of people that seems to be able to deal with these types of attacks with such calm and order. It's really quite amazing. In the midst of chaos they calmly open their doors and invite strangers in for a cup of tea (always tea, of course). Of course, we raise our terror alert level to orange on the railways... can you honestly tell me of any American who pays the least bit of attention to those annoying terror alert levels? I know I don't. An attack could occur at ANY time and you feel the need to warn me with a word and a color? If it's going to happen it's going to happen, we shouldn't just be aware of our surroundings when the terror alert level is elevated! So, I applaud the British and Londoners for their amazing level of endurance and strength. It's sad that they have built up that strength through years of terrorist acts, but it's an amazing thing that they are able to cope with yesterdays events in a the way that they did. I could go on and on about yesterday (because I have some views on that of course!), but I'm not going to =) I'm off to England in about 2 months!

In other news: books. I am currently reading The Da Vinci Code (which is quite interesting), Good In Bed (which is funny), and Inside the Kingdom: My Life in Saudi Arabia (by Carmen Bin Ladin, she married Osama's older brother. This book is amazing, everyone should read it!). I have a few other books waiting to be read namely, The Color Purple (because I've always wanted to read it) and the Green Rider (Amanda said I would like it so there ya go).

Okay, I'm off.

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Monday, July 4, 2005

7:24AM - Happy 4th of July!

This weekend has been quite nice. On Saturday I went to Reno which was okay I suppose. I guess for gambling and such Vegas is better simply because the hotels and casinos are nicer (the ones in Reno simply look old and are in desperate need of a face lift). Anyway, after Reno I went to Carson City and actually found some pretty amazing (and cheap) food inside a casino diner (quite shocking!). After that I went and visited with my great aunt (she's 86 and has a boyfriend... aww lol) and my second cousin. They have a beautiful house that looks out over the hills and up to the mountains, there was snow on the mountaints so it was a great view. They have this huge backyard that is gorgeous and perfect for the adorable greyhound they adopted =)

Yesterday I went to Old Sacramento with Dominique and had a blast. We walked around (a lot) and I think I burned off a number of calories because it was quite warm (gotta love summer in the central valley). Domino and I got our pictures taken at one of those old-style photo shops. We got to pick out our dresses... you can tell the different personalities Domino and I have... it's great. The first thing she said is, "I want to look like a prostitute" *shakes head* Yes, that is my best friend of 18 years. I'm the more modest one lol. I wore this really pretty black and white strapless dress... it was cute (I'll show you guys the pictures we got). Well, after I figured out how the dress actually worked (it seems as if it would be simple huh?) the lady tightened it up for me... it was a corset style dress-- now I remember why I didn't wear one of those for prom. She tightened it so tight I thought she was going to bruise some ribs (I'm thinking she may have...). I guess it was worth not being able to breathe though. Domino had to change her dress because she walked out of the dressing room, looked at the lady who was helping us, and asked "Where is the rest of this dress?" lol Well, she wanted to look like a prostitute.... Anyway, she got another one that looked really good on her. Our pictures are great... I have a fan in both of them and in one I'm holding onto a Jack Daniels bottle... Domino is holding a gun in both of them and a bag of money in one and a shot glass in another =) We had one taken where we both had rifles... guns just don't look natural with me lol. I ended up hanging out at Domino's until really late. Her mom and aunt made spaghetti (which we ended up having at 9:30...). I love her family because they think of me as just another daughter lol. They had FOUR different types of sauce... once her mom realized that the meatless sauce was actually meat flavored she had Scott run out and buy some regular sauce =) They really do go out of their way for me lol even though they tease me about being a vegetarian =) I love my other family a lot!

Okay, let's see what else... oh, Domino and I are going to southern Cali at the beginning of Sept. It'll only be for a few days but I'll get to see some friends before leaving Cali and we are going to the San Diego Wildlife Park (and the beach of course). Domino wants to drive down there Friday night after she gets off work, but that would mean actually leaving around midnight; she says she's done it before, but I don't know lol. We shall see. In December her and I are going to fly back to DC and spend about 7-10 days in Virginia, DC, and New York. We are staying with her sister so we don't have room expenses =) Fun stuff! I'm thinking we are going to be there from Dec. 27th-Jan 7th (my classes start up again on the 9th so I MUST fly out on the 7th to be back by the 8th to be recovered, somewhat, by the 9th =)

That's my news as of now... well, there is more but nothing I want to share in here ;) I've just been really happy and it's nice =)

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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

2:32PM - ........

My adoptive brother's sister called a little while ago. She said that he almost died last night. I guess he and his roommate were swimming (I'm assuming in the ocean) and I guess something happened and his roommate drowned and just about took Casey with him....


Okay, here's what actually happened: I guess my bro's roommate was driving and I don't know how but somehow their car ended up in a lake. My bro's roommate couldn't swim and my bro tried to help him, he kept trying to tell him what to do and to calm down and all that but he was kind of going crazy... he kept dragging Casey down with him every time he went under and Casey was getting exhausted and didn't know if he'd be able to make it back to the shore. He had to make the decision to leave his friend behind (because he knew he wouldn't be able to make it back if he kept trying to help him)... God I hope I never have to make that decision.... they just found his friends body today....

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Okay, time for a quick update I suppose. I went to the movies with Amanda and her sister yesterday. We saw Bewitched; it was pretty good for the most part. It could have been worse =) I finally broke down and pre-ordered the 6th Harry Potter book. I'm almost finished with the 5th one (which I am totally hooked on!). I can't wait for the 4th movie to come out in November (I feel as if I've mentioned that already...). I'll be in England when it's released so I'll have to see it over there. Oh well, I don't mind.

I have sent in my accommodations deposit (150 pounds! I really must figure out the pound symbol and how to make it work hmmm.....). I also got a letter from the university saying that I had completed all the requirements necessary for my enrollment in Sept (i.e. I finished up my undergrad classes and my gpa was over a 3.0). I'm shocked that CSUS got my transcript sent to them so quickly.

I still need to book my airline ticket (I know, I know....). I may only be back for a little over a week in Dec. before leaving again. Domino and I may end up flying to DC for a week (she goes back there every year to visit her sister). Her sister never really wants to see the same things as Domino so we will probably visit all the things we want to see and then drive up to New York to visit ground zero I think. Hmm, well, it's still 6 months away but I must figure this all out before I leave so things will be easier to book. It will be cheaper, I think, for me to fly to DC and then to fly to London, not to mention that the jet lag won't be as bad and the flight will only be 5 hours instead of 11.

Okay, going now.

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Monday, June 20, 2005


They had a rather amusing article on the MSN website today. It was basically a top 10 list of things guys should own and things girls should own. Being female I found the girl one kind of interesting, but I figure the guys got some of the better things (like 300 thread count sheets). Here's what they said every girl should have:
1) a photo of yourself (which, to me, makes logical sense-- I have no real objection to this =)
2) a pretty pair of heels (I also agree with this because a pair of sexy high heels can make you feel downright, well, sexy! and you know every eye will be on your feet and traveling up your legs! nope, no objection here.... unless I get annoying cat calls, then I'll get pissed. You can admire, but never voice annoying opinions).
3) an Eminem cd (I can kind of understand this-- what guy wants to see nothing but girly, pop music in a cd case... total turnoff I think).
4) a great pick up line and great turn 'em down line (I figure for any woman this is absolutely necessary so I totally agree with them on this =)
5) six pack of good bottled beer (this is where I differ from them... if the guy wants beer, or my friends want beer, they can damn well bring their own! =)
6) bathroom reading (there should be at least two books in every room of the home I believe; no questions asked).
7) business card (apparently writing your name and number on a napkin is no longer acceptable and, thus, I'm assuming writing it on one's hand isn't either. Quite honestly though, if it gets the job done who cares? A business card seems a little pathetic but maybe that's me.... =) Why not simply program your number into his cell phone... this is the 21st century!).
8) ear plugs (hmm... well, whatever I guess... I'd rather have the 300 thread count sheets on my list than this).
9) a straight male friend on speed dial (I can totally see this one =)
10) a condom (well, that makes sense... doesn't pay to be an ignorant female, but I don't think I'd just randomly want to sleep with a guy and need that condom; I'm not a spur of the moment, random type of girl =)

Now, I wonder why the men got the 300 thread count sheets-- is the woman supposed to always sleep at his place? And they also were told to have a cook book-- are they assuming that all men can't cook and all women can? That's a bit sexist. Screw cooking, call for take out! =) Okay, I'm done with all that.

I saw Batman Begins last night. It was actually pretty good for the most part. I did not like the way Christian Bale's voice was when he was in the batman suit though... it just didn't work for me (you could tell the different in the voices when he was just Bruce Wayne and when he was Batman). The whole costume wasn't working for him... don't know why you'd want to cover up that gorgeous face!

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Monday, June 13, 2005


I figured it was about time to update since I haven't in a few months. I officially graduated two weeks ago. I am not at all sure I cared for the fact that I was forced to sit outside in a black cap and gown. They led us to believe we should dress for warmth when, in fact, it was only in the high 70's and my wearing shorts and a top did not provide adequate protection-- I was freezing for most of the ceremony. I have yet to figure out why they feel it's necessary to tell us to be there at 6:30 (in the morning) and they do not provide people to direct traffic. Thank goodness for Domino! Anyway, it was an experience I'm glad I went through (hey, I worked my ass off for 4 years to get to that point). I now have my spiffy little graduation holder minus my diploma which I'll get some time in the Fall when I'm not even here to enjoy it.

I did shockingly well in ALL of my classes. I was quite shocked with my International Relations grade... he gave me an A+ on my final exam and my final paper! I thought my paper was okay and that I'd probably get a B (because he does NOT hand out A's lightly when you get to upper division poli sci). But, I really rocked on writing about Northern Ireland =) The final, I thought, was evil but apparently I kicked butt on that as well. I got a B+ in Constitutional Law which I was ecstatic about (you try studying from 22 pages of typed notes and having to remember everything word for word plus writing a 13 page paper on the Bush vs. Gore case and then talk to me). And I got an A in my Immigration and Refugee Policy class =) I passed Yoga and I will never subject myself to that boredom ever again! And, of course, I passed Dance Aerobics and I seem to have devolped a really nicely toned stomach as a result of all her workouts! I'm quite happy with the results, now I just need to keep myself looking like this! I've felt the overwhelming urge to go jogging for the past week... Anyway, I find all of the aforementioned things to be highly relevant because they all managed to get done (and done well) while I had bronchitis! Yes, nothing like finishing out your college career with bronchitis and having your coworkers tell you that you sound absolutely horrible *wispy little smile*

These past few weeks have been one's of extreme trial for me. I thank God that I have a friend as great and as insightful as Sarah. She's helped me to look deeper into myself to find the answers to all my questions, worries, and concerns. I leave for England in September and it seems as if that is coming way too fast. I have loan and visa applications that are calling my name each and every day and so many other worries to contend with. I know England is were I want to be right now, but there have been so many factors I've had to deal with that have been close to holding me back. Sarah has helped me to see that this is a step I need to take on my own. To live in a world that is similar, yet not, from my own. Most importantly, that I need, desperately, to take this step away from my life here. There are some things, and some people, I don't really want to leave, but I know life will work things out. There is so much I have yet to see and experience and I know I need to take this step. I need to hop on that plane in September and set out on my own. I found a really cheap flight (roundtrip for about $500). The only bad thing is that the flight is about 14 hours long (which is going to result in one cranky Laura arriving in London and then having to make a 90 minute trip south to the campus). It's the stupid layovers that screw things up. I leave from San Fran and have a layover in New York for 2 hours and then another one in Vienna (yes, Austria) for two hours (I don't know why they fly to Austria but whatever works) and then they go to London. I have to arrive a week before classes start (which means I'll be leaving around Sept. 16th most likely) for the international student orientation stuff and to get settled in =/ Classes start on Sept. 26th and then I'll fly back in Dec. for Christmas (which will probably be the last time I'm in the States until the following Sept.). I'm having to seriously think about the traveling I want to do because finances are going to have to be factored in (sadly). I have a month off for Spring break so that's when I'll do a lot of the traveling, but I'm thinking I'm going to have to narrow it down to only a few countries. I have to visit Nima in Paris (and see some of the rest of France) so I figure that's about a week or a week and a half. I really must go back to Ireland (oh come on... I'm Irish and I can't go all the way to England and NOT visit Ireland)... I've been longing to return to Ireland and this time I'm going to see the west coast! I've kind of eliminated some countries that I don't necessarily need to see. Italy can wait I suppose, as can Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and such. I'm thinking of either the Czech Republic or Greece =/ Or I may simply return to the United Kindgom and travel through it again =) Of course staying in the U.K. is going to be expensive; the dollar is gaining on the Euro (thanks in large part to the veto of the EU Const. by several EU members) so that makes countries on the Euro sound much more appealing (I'm thinking I should have attended school in Ireland).

I'm looking around my room and trying to figure out how I'm going to pack a life I've spent 22 years accumulating into one big suitcase and a few carryons. I could fill a suitcase up with books and DVD's alone =( Thinking about this makes me depressed. Hmm, I wonder what it's going to be like sharing a house with a lot of people (the house has 15 rooms so I estimate that I'll have about 20 or so roommates). I think it's going to be an interesting experience. I keep having to tell myself I'm ready for this and that I really want this. Everything I've done in my life has been pushing me in this direction. I wonder though, what am I going to do with an LLM in International Law and International Relations??? (is it just me or does that sound so awfully daunting). And what am I going to write my thesis on? *starts having a mild panic attack* My goodness... I only have a year to complete my LLM, only 3 months to write my thesis.... *sigh* This next year is going to be something quite interesting. My mom stands behind the belief that I won't return to the U.S. right after I graduate which could very well be true if I find a job over there. Time will tell.

Okay, I've blathered on for long enough and I'm hoping to get an email from Sarah because I seem to be facing a dilemma and I don't much care for it! It's kind of funny, I'm older than her but she's married and seems to be able to give really great relationship advice (and advice surrounding anything that could possibly be associated with relationships). Interesting..... Oh, I saw Monster-in-Law (finally)-- cute movie, made me laugh. I saw The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants-- loved it, made me laugh. Everyone around me was crying and I found that rather amusing. I saw Star Wars-- pretty good although some of the lines and acting seemed kind of cheesy at times and I couldn't help but role my eyes several times throughout the movie. And I also saw Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I'm sorry but that movie was funny! I enjoyed it so screw what the critics say.

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Saturday, April 9, 2005


We went to the Giants game today =) I love going to those games. San Fran was just absolutely gorgeous today! I love the Pac Bell stadium because it's right on the water and the views are amazing. Anyway, they played the Colorado Rockies. Towards the end of the game the Rockies were up by 1, then Tucker came up to bat w/ the bases loaded. I turned to Domino and said "he's going to hit a home run." What did he do? Grand slam! It was beautiful =) Giants won 4-2.

On the way home I was looking around as we were driving (of course I wasn't the one driving) and I just realized, yet again, what a beautiful state we live in. Everything was so green and the skies were blue with white puffy clouds... it made me glad to live in Cali. It's not all great though-- traffic tends to suck sometimes and gas prices are outrageous (they jumped .20 in about 3 days... it's now up to $2.69!). So, I may scream at drivers who don't know how to drive (which I was doing, visciously, on my way to school Friday... damn people who get on the freeway at 50 mph... who the hell does that?) and I really get pissed when I see the gas prices, but I'm glad that I live in Cali... there is so much to see and do and it's so beautiful at times.

Your Inner European is Italian!

Passionate and colorful.

You show the world what culture really is.

Who's Your Inner European?

Interesting! Okay, that's my update for today. Off to study (have an immigration and refugee policy test on Tuesday).

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Tuesday, April 5, 2005


My skin is too damn fair! I seem to be unable to use any products other than the $50 set I used to use. I switched to other products because $50 was getting kind of expensive after awhile, but my skin just can't work with these other products; it's just WAY too sensitive! So, I just ordered my expensive stuff again (you get what you pay for) and I'm now going to have L'Oreal (totally EVIL stuff) and Aveeno sitting up in my cabinet because I can't use them. They either make my skin too oily, too red (and with my totally rosy Irish cheeks I don't need any more redness-- thank god I don't have to worry about ever buying blush!), or they make me break out like crazy and I just don't like it. Plus, I just don't feel like my skin is clean half the time! I hate that feeling. I'm giving in and spending a lot when it comes to my face, but that's okay because it's the only one I've got!

Okay, off to do something more productive-- just wanted to share my little dilemma =)

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Monday, April 4, 2005


Classes started up again today. Not a whole lot to say about that, although the day did seem to go by fairly quickly (I suppose the time change is good for something....). Our Yoga instructor had us doing CRAZY stuff today. He wanted us to do headstands.... =/ I don't like doing headstands, it is NOT a pleasant feeling and I don't see how it could possibly be one. They did nothing to relax me and find me inner peace. I have, therefore, concluded that headstands are not my avenue to finding my inner peace and I will not be practicing them!

Anyway, I may be joining another honor's society (other than Sigma Tau Delta for English). They have a political science honors society on campus (Pi Sigma Alpha) for poli sci majors. They have their first info meeting on Weds, but I can't make that meeting so I emailed the girl and she said she'd just send me all the info and such =) Yay!!!! Very exciting stuff.

Okay, off to watch Friends and study my Con. Law notes (huge test on Thursday).

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Sunday, April 3, 2005

5:24PM - Laura's "Sin City" movie review.....

...I'm still trying to process how I feel about the whole movie.They did an amazing job of filming it, I just don't know if I cared for the movie as a whole. =/ It was quite an odd little movie that's for sure. The violence in it was, well, there was a whole LOT of violence (that was practically the whole movie). I think Domino and I counted a total of 5 times that guys had their "parts" shot off or ripped off (one poor guy had it done twice!). It was quite an experience let me tell ya. I thought they were just kidding about the level of nudity as well, they weren't. I liked the way the overall movie was filmed though. Just like a comic book. I give them props for that. I guess I just had really high expectations and it fell slightly short of those expectations. They hyped it up SO much that I should have known it really couldn't live up to that hype. I'm just not the type of person who likes to see heads (yes, that is plural) being tossed around like crazy (detached from the bodies of course) and I don't like guys eating people (especially "good" guys like Elijah Wood-- it so doesn't work for him) or seeing those guys being eaten. The movie was just all around odd, but that works for some peope (Domino thought it was great). I should have known it would be like it was because Terantino helped direct it *rolls eyes and wonders what the hell they were thinking* I guess it can't appeal to everyone. I do recommend that people see it, just be prepared for a very strange movie that is just full of odds and ends and violence and blood and general nasty things galore. I'm still trying to digest how I feel about the whole experience.

Overall, Bruce Willis did a pretty good job with his role. Clive Owen was pretty good, Brittany Murphy's character was a tad cheesy at times, Alexis Bledel-- I'm just used to her in a certain type of role and the same goes for Elijah Wood (you can't do a movie as big and as great as the LOTR and proceed to another box office biggie like Sin City, with a total character reversal... it was odd... although he did a good job of playing a complete and utter psycho!). Devon Aoki (I think that's how you spell her last name) did a pretty good job of totally kicking ass in a viscious sort of killer-psycho sort of way, but you know, hookers have to be able to defend themselves. Jessica Alba did a good job as well... although you should never fall in love with a man "old" enough to be your grandfather (just see the movie for this one... I mean, it wasn't all bad...).

Okay, that's my general review. I still have to see Guess Who. Sahara comes out on Friday as well (have to see that).

Oh, they raised the movie price as well so I had a tainted view going into the theater! And they also showed really crappy previews. Directors are getting desperate movie wise and are making some lame movies!

Current mood: contemplative
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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Went to eye appointment earlier, vision is still better than 20/20 (go me!). Thus, I do not need a new set of lens because my eyes have not changed that much in the past few years! Very nice, quite happy =)

Oh, great song: "Tonight and the Rest Of My Life" by Nina Gordon (theme song from The Notebook previews that they play on tv... very beautiful song).

Have job interview tomorrow, hope I do well... we shall see. Also, possibly going to send off application for Unit Care Assistant for a medical group (breaks down to a clerical position I believe). Possibilities! Must remember to talk with Dominique about job openings where she works beginning in May some time =/ I wouldn't mind making $13 an hour.... such a shame because I could have been working there already, but my schedule didn't match up with the position hours =( And it was 40 hours a week which would have led to my being a really cranky person most of the time! Must also see about going to temp agencies for summer work!

*begins to pull out hair* Before even thinking about doing most of the aforementioned stuff, must focus on mass amounts of textbooks that are piling up on my cedar chest and the pile of Con Law notes that are sitting next to my clock screaming at me to study and memorize them.

*begins massaging temples due to migraine that has formed* Must also seriously begin to look into booking ticket(s) to England for September and if that flight would involve stop-over trip on the East coast. Must also look into getting my visa for studying in England and if I need a work permit to work while on a student visa. Also, must remember to pick up (and pay for) graduation cap and gown, pick up and make out graduation annoucements, remember to attend one of the practice sessions for graduation ceremony (this is a definite thing that must be done I suppose). Damnit, must work myself up to going back to school come Monday!

*looks at screen and wonders what I wrote at the beginning of this entry* =/ Must sleep, quite exhausted.

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1:08PM - It's an addiction and I'm very sorry.....

Your Seduction Style: The Coquette

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Your flirting style runs hot and cold, giving just enough to keep them chasing you.
Independent and self-sufficient, you don't need any one person to make you compelte.
And that independence is exactly what makes people pursue you.

What Is Your Seduction Style?

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1:02PM - Bored

You Are A Rowan Tree

You are full of charm and cheer. You light up a room.

And while you crave attention, you do it without ego.

You are an interesting mix of contradictions - and very unpredictable.

You are both dependent and independent, calm and restless.

You are passionate, emotional, gregarious, and (at times) unforgiving.

What is Your Celtic Horoscope?

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You Are the Enthusiast


You are outgoing and playful - always seeing the happy side to life.

You're enthusiastic and excitable. You love anything new.

Multi-talented, you do many things well... and find success easy.

You prefer to keep things light with others. Opening up is hard for you.

What number are you?

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I'm quite bored. Don't get me wrong, I love having this week off, but I've spent the majority of my time studying and such. *sigh* Yes, that has been quite fun *rolls eyes* I was supposed to have an eye appointment this morning at 10:30, but I guess the doctor had an emergency so now I'm rescheduled with a different doctor at 4:40 this afternoon =/ That works, I suppose, since this week is the ONLY time I can go to the appointment! My schedule does not allow for any time when classes and work begin next week.

Hmm... here's some randomness (because every blurty should have some of that =)
Top 15 songs that come up at random via my iTunes:
1. I Just Wanna Live by Good Charlotte
2. My Immortal by Evanescence
3. Candy Shop by 50 Cent
4. Breathless by The Corrs
5. To Where You Are by Josh Groban
6. Notice Me by NB Riders
7. When The Stars Go Blue by Tyler Hilton and Bethany Joy Lenz
8. F*ck It by Eamon
9. Numb/Encore by Jay-Z and Linkin Park
10. Shine Your Light by Robbie Robertson
11. I'll Stand By You by The Pretenders
12. No Panties by Trina
13. Letting The Cables Sleep by Bush
14. We Belong Together by Mariah Carey
15. Let Me Go by 3 Doors Down

Yes, very broad =) I love my iTunes! Okay, Passport to Europe is on (I love the travel channel!) and I have a whole lot of studying/reading to get done.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

4:05PM - Random Fact....

California is the most populated state in the U.S (umm... go us?). As of 2003 we had 35 million people in the state, about 13 million more than Texas (which is the 2nd most populated state). New York came in 3rd with about 17 million. Can we say, "wow." Mm hmm!

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Sunday, March 27, 2005


I hope everyone is having a lovely Easter =) We had a family dinner (which consisted of my parents, my grandma, myself, and my brother and Tim coming over... my brother doesn't live here anymore and my parents wasted NO time in converting his room into a computer/work-out room). Anyway, as I have mentioned before I have gone absolutely movie buying crazy! Now, it's not so bad because I'm getting them all for really cheap and that's good. I bought Wimbledon (because it's such a cute movie) and I'm (hopefully) going to be getting The Village, Beyond Borders, Honey, and Sweet Home Alabama. Yes, I think I have developed an addiction =/ I figure it works though because when I'm over in England I'll have movies to watch (seeing as I probably won't have a TV unless one of my roomies has one-- did you know they actually charge for a TV license over there? That seems so odd....). I know I cannot survive a year without movies or TV, I just can't.

Hmm, oh I got a letter from the library requesting that I call for an interview time because they have several openings at the Modesto, Riverbank, and Salida libraries. I left a message on Friday so I'll probably hear back from the lady tomorrow about setting up an interview time (hopefully for this week since I'm off). It would be very nice to get something going now. I would have to cut back on hours at the tutoring center (probably from 22 to 15 lol) and I would take a slight pay cut (the library starts out at $7.39 an hour and I make more than that in the TC now), but I would know I'd have something for summer. Hopefully it all goes well and I can get a job there (which I would absolutely love). I figure there is a pretty good shot because I've already been through a lot of the process. I sent my application in back in August, they sent me a request to take the test in Feb., I took the test in March (and passed with REALLY high scores), and now they have sent me another letter requesting an actual interview. I think I'm making progress =) I'll keep my fingers crossed!

While You Were Sleeping is on so I'm going to go watch that =) Happy Easter everyone!

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