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Date:2004-07-06 17:47
Mood: calm
Music:Marilyn Manson- Unknown, but it's Good

Man, I haven't done anything in my journal for such a long time. I actually forgot it existed until today when I was cleaning out my favourites. It was full of crappy websites. But I did find some thing that lets you send a vodoo doll to people you dont like, and it's anonymous. Heh.

So, lets update the non-existent readers to what has happened lately. I've recently finished exams, woot! I went to a small town called Piney to visit with relatives (population,like,8 or something) and that went ok. Got to meet my cousins bud Jake, and he has the best accent.

I also got a rat a loong time ago, dubbed Lupin. then I got her a boyfriend, and then she had a litter of 9 babies. I was forced to get rid of the boyfriend and the babies. I did, however, get to keep 4 females. Lupin had another litter of 9 babies, and died awhile ago. I still have them, dammit.

so, seeing as i have absolutely nothing else to talk about, I'll leave to go do.... something extremely urgent and important.

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Date:2003-04-13 19:18
Subject:Pink! Ah!
Mood: devious
Music:Eminem- Kim

Well, today was interesting. For me, at least. I went shopping today and got these totally cool shorts and t-shirt that rock, mwahahaha. I also got sandals, and these cool white skating shoes. Yay! I got rechargeable batteries for my CD Player too. Now I am broke.

I biked over to Quinn's house, but was delayed by an incident. Dont ask me how, but I accidentally set my kettle on fire and decided to smother it with some rags. The rags caught on fire and I ended up throwing them in the sink. then I just some some lid over the fire and waited for it to go out. Then, practically an hour later, I went to meet Quinn (a.k.a Whibbles) On my bike.

Note: I have changed my beloved nickname Darko into Manson. Har har.

Anyway, Silvia thinks I like Quinn's brother! Ah! She will die!

Quinn and I went to Mc Donalds. Ate, and did homework. I need to see American Beauty. Whibble's says it is really good. I got home earlier than I expected. Waiting for call from Whibbles.

Oh, yes, now that I think about it, I need to explain the topic. I put some pink stuff in my blonde hair and it is not coming out. Damn it.

Time for me to go to Marilyn Manson Site. Ommmh.


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Date:2003-04-12 17:28
Mood: contemplative

Ok, today was interesting. We didn’t have our band test today! I’m happy about that. Lets see, what else to write about. I apologized to Jessica, Quinn and Morgan about the weekly exploit. Damn them, Morgan was smiling the whole time, so I know she was the one who ratted.

I have to go to therapy every day, and get to miss a class. Heh. I get to see the psychiatrist 3 times a week and the rest of the week I am seeing the counselor. Quinn wants me to mention hungry hungry hippos, which I will, of course. Straight from Donnie Darko. Go Donnie Darko.

Well, about 48 more days till the Sum41 concert, then some more time till summer. I need to get some sort of well paying job. So then I can buy stuff.

That was a pathetic comment.

I want to buy some good headphones, cause the one’s I have are really crappy. I also want to get a pet rat. Something like that. I also need to get some leatherish pants. I need them. Don’t ask why.

I found this great Marilyn Manson site, where you can talk to him and sign up for phone call from him. If you like him go to this site www.marilynmanson.com. If you don’t like him, go to a hot place and burn. Quinn thinks he’s strange. Growl.

Sorry I haven’t been writing lately. I have been bust doing nothing. Not that anyone cares, but I do. I count. Mwahahaha.

I am dressing anime-ish tomorrow. I’m tying my hair back in this pathetically small pony tail and letting 2 strands hang out in front of my face, and I’m putting some pink gel in them. And I’ll leap around yelling anime yells and stuff. What fun.

Mairi is great! She is great! She has blue hair and a trench coat! That is so cool. She is soooo lucky. I do dye my hair, but I think I will dye it purple. It’s blonde right now.

My poetry anthology sucks. I am spending no time on it at all. But 2 said he’d write a poem or 2 for it. Yay. But he openly admitted he sucks at poems. So do I. But I like writing them. J Go my poems. Go 2’s poems.

Now, time for me to disperse, so long for now, you people out there.


P.S- This is an old entry,but I enetered it today.

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Date:2003-04-08 19:34
Mood: thoughtful
Music:James Galway- Tango del Fuego

I need to come up with a good Msn name. I like my one right now, (I find it kind of funny, I kind of sad, That all the dreams where I've been dying are the best I've ever had) It's from Donnie Darko. I love that movie.

Quinn saw American Pyscho! I want to see it now. She says it's funny, which is good for me. Anybody who starts killing people is funny. Well, not anybody. Only the special people. I need another Slurpie. 2 is gay! Yes! My brother is gay, too. He writes movies, which is really cool. He got some award, too. His movie is called Hey Happy. Strange.

Anyway, I'm drawing chibby Characters, and they rock! Go anime! Go Robert! go Rabbit!

Resident Evil. . . . Is corny crappish but to Hell with it. I am a wonderful person. Ommmhhhh. Inner Peace. Must calm ones self. Andrew. . . is beginning to bother me. Why does he like me?! I'am not cute. Ohhhhh. I could never be cute if my life depended on it.

Grrrr. I'm going off to sulk.


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Date:2003-04-08 19:12
Mood: bouncy
Music:Eminem- Stan

Well, today in school was depressing. I got in trouble. For something I did off school grounds. So unfair. I am in charge of the Weekly Exploit, so the Principal called me in and gave me some lecture thing that I hated, and said that I had to apologize to all the people I hurt. And talk to my Mother. Damn.

Well, my Mother actually wasn't angry. She was amused, and said this was one of the things that she won't get upset at me for. Cool. And she's letting me go to the Sum41 concert. Except she thinks that the school may make me attend some Therapy shit. Ha ha ha. I can scare the counseullar. How do you spell that word anyway?

He he he. Marilyn Manson rocks. I found the Official site and read his on-line journal. Sweet. He is a great person. I like him. I am going to buy his new CD as soon as it comes out. Mwaha. Evil laugh. I downloaded Resident Evil! Woot! It sucks.

2 Replyed to my e-mail! He says he isn't good at poetry. Oh Well. I'm going to ask him if he likes Sum41. Well, I think this is all I have to say for now. Good-Bye.

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Date:2003-04-07 17:16
Subject:I'm Alive
Mood: crazy
Music:Marilyn Manson- I dont like the Drugs but the Drugs like me

The coolest thing has happened! I'm going to a Sum41 concert! It's the end of Spring Break, and I'm back in school. But I'm going to go to a Sum41 Concert! Yay! This is great! This day has gone well. first of all, Whibley was in school today, and I got to see her and she let me listen to this Eminem song she found. (Verse: I was high when I wrote this song so suck- my dick) And it was hilarious. Also, I didn't have to take this Band Test today which I didn't study for. :)

Flash Back: Mr Armstrong is a crazy pyscho teacher. I'm serious. He threatened to sit on a student today. I liked the substitute. He had met Vin Deisel. It was cool. But then Mr Armstrong had to spring back to life to bring plague to us all. Damn him.

I saw donnie Darko again! It's the funniest movie! It has Hungry Hungry Hippos in it and The earmuffs! Frank is a scary rabbit though.

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Date:2003-03-28 20:51
Subject:8 Mile
Mood: loved
Music:Sing for the Moment- Eminem

Well, the sleepover has started. We are watching 8 Mile. I love that movie. Eminem aka Marshall Mathers III is so cool. I think all of his songs are great. My favourite ones are Stan, My Dad's gone Crazy, and Lose yourself and also Sing for the Moment. Haley, Yangyang and Silvia are all here, so things are going well. I came in here cause I got bored because I have already seen the movie so came in here to write. *blink* I hear screams coming from the living room. Silvia is talking about. . . things. Keee. My new word, that Andrew stole. Damn him. I need to get a nice picture for my Journal. I'm thinking about only letting friends onto thsi thingermabob. Anyway, Thats all I have to say now, so go away. *blink*

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Date:2003-03-28 17:48
Subject:Quinn's Entry
Mood: bored

Well, my friend *cough* is making me do this so....hmmm...well, for starters this is the first day of spring break. I'm at my ffriend's house and my other friend, Yangyang is here too. Silvia and Haley are coming later and hopefully we'll have a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure we will. There'll be prizes and cool stuff like that. Anyways...school....hmmmm....well, boring pretty much except for our goodbye party for our student teacher Ms. Hemminger. And after that we had gym, most of my friends felt like puking. Eww, it was gross, I swear I almost did, all that pop that I drank at the party was bubbling up inside me. Ugg. BALLOONS! Woot, balloons are cool, they can make funny sounds and it's hard to get burried under them, sorry, I'm babbling. Well, over all the last day of school before spring break sucked. My evil friends are taking pictures with a digital camera and saving the pictures *growls*. Gtg, Silvia is here. Bye!!

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Date:2003-03-27 23:36
Subject: 2
Mood: jubilant
Music:2- Voting

Just a small note- Anyone who is reading this has to go to this site! It is 2's Site! It's great! He has a journal too! Wow! It is www.ranting-gryphon.com. He is this Gryphon who rants about all this stuff. He is hilarious. I have listened to most of his rants, so the one's i would recomend are: Fashion, Vegetarions, Voting. These are all I can think of. Mwaha. Anyway, he's cool. That's all I have to say, besides that I'm going to put an article in the newspaper. . . I think. Go away.

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Date:2003-03-27 23:23
Subject: Waterpolo
Mood: bitchy
Music:Disposable Teens- Marilyn Manson

Another Waterpolo practice. Sprints. Again, and again and again. I ended up ferociously scratching a mate when she dunked me under water. Damn her. I got back, and found my mother asleep. So I went onto the computer. Listened to 2, and downlaoded some videos. Ah, well, this is my first entry so I tend to drift on to meaningless subjects, so excus- Ah, fuck it. I have been very fond of the word fuck lately. How strange. I have also taken up writing again, as 2 of these poems I written have gotten published. In a book. A real, live, actual book. Wow. I have been drawing lately, from this cover of a book I have been reading. About vampires. It's rather amusing, though. People in my class appear to be scared of me. Mwaha. Life besides that sucks. To many Exams that I dont bother to study for.

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