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livejournal!! [13 Dec 2003|10:32am]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | suburban legends // high fives ]

hey whats up peeps.. i just want to let you all know this is gonna be my last blurty entry for a long time cuz now i have a livejournal.. you all should get one cuz blurty is soo slow and livejournal are hip. go for it!! and go to mine and comment!!!

everyone go there!!!

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long weekend!!! [08 Dec 2003|05:52pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | new sixsixteen song!! ]

hey everyone! this weekend has been a long one, literally!! there was an absolute shitload of snow on the ground through saturday and sunday that they had to cancel school today cuz the roads and shit. thats like the only good thing about winter! and skiing. but anyways, i did like nothing all weekend except shovel and stuff. then last night i went over mikes and we hung out and played guitars and shit and experienced the fine art of mexican cuisine and i slept over his haouse so we could work on an AWESOME new song. so this am we watched spaceballs and hung out and we organized a band practice at my house so everyone came over by like 2 and we started workin on the song right away. it got better and better as time went on! its like the sickest song ever. so yeah we took some breaks from practicing and got food and stuff. omg it was soooo funny lol jay wanted to do a backflip so we all went outside and he jumped off my front stairs and did a back flip into the snow haha and he was wearing a tshirt and jeans he was coveredd with snow. lol and then he ran from my kitchen out the door and did a front flip into the snow and then he went onto a huge pile from the plows and he did a front flip and landed right on his neck. lolol so after that my dad came home so we stopeed doin flips but he left and jay went out back and did a backflip off the porch railing and then mike did a bellyflop into the snow and he was wearing a tshirt. hahaha omg it was so awesome i wanted to take pics but i didnt. so anyways we went back downstairs and kept workin on the song and made up more parts and shit i cant wait till its done its like soo sweet. so yeah everyone just left and i have guitar lessons in an hour. homework tonight. im pretty sure theres school tomorrow :( but i guess i should be glad that there was none today. ok ill write back later yo!! comment PLEASE!!!
<3 eric

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fast week!! [05 Dec 2003|05:06pm]
hey everyone! wow this week went by really fast! thank god!! anyways, blink is on TRL right now!! its awesome i didnt even know they were gonna be on it today so thats sweet. so yeah we had a half day on wednesday so me mike shaun jay went to the 99 with heather becca jen sam and sams friend tiffany. lol it was really fun and after that me mike shaun jay and heather went back to mikes house and hung out there. that was cool. i also got to skip track that day which was kinda cool. soo yeah theres not too much goin on. idk whatever this entrys kinda pointless ill write back like later tonight or tomorrow. peace out homies!! comment please!!
<3 eric
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my decency is bleeding red.. [01 Dec 2003|09:42pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | rufio // decency ]

hey hey yo yo everyone!! whats up?? today was pretty cool it went by really fast. ok so last night sucked cuz i didnt fall asleep until almost 2 AHH!! so i got up and took a shower and got ready but i couldnt find my running shoes for track. so then school was pretty good it went by fast. then after school it was the first winter track meeting so i got changed and stuff but all i had was running pants, so i was out running in like 40° and windy with a tshirt on, freezing my absolute ass off!! AHH!!! and to top it off i had to do sprints and shit in my fuckin etnies (not good for running!!!) lol so yeah i came home and i was like dead.. and i fuckin killed my tricep.. OUCH!! its like swollen and shit idk why tho. but yeah anyways tonight i went to ricks for guitar lessons and i bought some strings and then i came home and studied for english cuz we have a fuckin myth test tomorrow and its gonna suck. but yeah this entry sucks its all complaining and shit so ill let yall go. school tomorrow, track tomorrow afternoon, halfday wednesday (cant wait!!) ok im out! goodnight everyone!
<3 eric

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MICHELLE! [30 Nov 2003|10:07pm]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | nothing to lose - smiles and cries ]

this entry is just being posted to let you all know that MICHELLE IS AWESOME!!! YAY!

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PICTURE TIME!!! [30 Nov 2003|06:51pm]
[ mood | full ]
[ music | nothing to lose - if dreams were real ]

hey everyone i just came home from the mall/movies and my mom got the pix from the semi so here they are:

thats my dog nikki!

thats all of us on the stairs at heathers

the galz on the stairs

the whole gang!

nick and kim

shaun, mike, and me - umm yeah we fuckin rule!

corrine and me

the galz again!

were so fuckin badass

mike and heather - awww :)

thats me pimpin it up in front of the fireplace

theyre kinda small but thats alright. thats all there is for now, i have a few more but theyre not too good. so yeah today i saw elf at the movies lol omg its funniest movie EVAR!! haha yeah school tomorrow :( half day wednesday :) ill write back later!! comment please!!
<3 eric
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hey foolios! [29 Nov 2003|09:09pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | boxcar racer - the end with you ]

hey everyone im feelin waay better now! today was a pretty good day. i got up and came online for a while, then took a shower and got ready for band practice. the guys came over and we started practicin at like 1. we started makin up a song and it was totally badass but like an hour into it we realized it sounded too much like some other songs so were were all "fuck that" and shit, but we finally came up with something hot. its awesome, really catchy shit right thurr. so yeah we all got kinda tired of playin for like 4 hours so we came upstairs and my parents were supposed to go out to the movies so the guys stayed and we ordered pizza but it turns out my parents didnt go to the movies so it kinda sucked. but yeah we watched fight club and just fucked around. it was fun. i did some writing last night i think some of the shit came out pretty badass. but yeah lately its been getting pretty cold out and it fuckin sucks. i seriously hate the winter. if it wasnt for skiing idk what id do. the winter fuckin sucks. its cold, you get dry skin, theres no leaves, everything looks dead, etc. 3 more years... yeah tomorrow i think im gonna go to the mall or movies or somethin fun. then homework tomorrow night. idk what else is up. ill write back later tho. comments!!!
<3 eric

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fuck thaaaatt [29 Nov 2003|12:01am]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | thirty two // starry night (best song ever) ]

hey everyone im really pissed off right now about somethin but im not at liberty to say what it is because this is a public journal. ahhhhhh. but yeah anyways today i went to heathers with mike and korrin. i had a good time, we watched ferris buellers day off and hung out for a few hours. then we tried to think of something to do but massachusetts fucking sucks so we couldnt think of anything. so we just hung out and chilled. i hada fun, if i didnt go to her house, i wouldve sat around all day doin nothing so it was rad. then when i got home my cousin was here so i watched finding nemo. thats a good movie. then i came online for a while and just talked to peeps. blew off some steam. whatever. band practice tomorrow. ill write back tomorrow.
comment please. no comments sucks balls.
im me at XericbrooksX
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<3 eric

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i swear ill take just one lifetime [28 Nov 2003|12:42am]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | boxcar racer - letters to god ]

hey everyone!! lots of crazy shit has been goin down lately.. but ill just say that as of now im feelin good. so yeah theres nothin goin on with me and corrine anymore cuz now shes going out with tony. i was really sad like on tuesday and for like half of yesterday, but since last night ive been like totally better so its good. yesterday was a half day. it was so awesome we had the annual pep-rally and the seniors were yellin freshman suck and shit, and then after i hung around the school with like mike heather shaun jay jamie and mel. i was like totally out of it and really sad and shit. so eventually everyone got split up and then it was me shaun mike and heather and then heather left so me mike shaun and jay walked to corrines so mike could get his sweatshirt, but we ended up staying for like a half hour playing DDR, so then we got hungry and went to the 99. at this point it was me mike and shaun, jay had to go work. so we got to the 99 and the three of us talked about like tons of shit. mike is so happy lol im so happy for him. ever since hes been with heather hes been like so happy and upbeat and shit. its rad. so yeah then we left and walked around town for a few minutes and finally we went back to mikes and hung out there. so we just fucked around there and then 5:30 rolled around and my mom made me come home so i took a shower and me and shaun went to tays house for a bonfire. we met up with jay there and hung out and met some people from raynham that ive never met before. so yeah we just like hung out and me and jenkins were gonna have a rap battle but it got postponed until science class on monday, so thats gonna be off the hook. anyways at the bonfire it was mainly just a bunch of people talkin and shit and hanging out. i had a relly good time. i met katy there shes like wicked cool!! so then like at the end everyone started leavin and shit and me and jay were like the last ones there and jays dad took me home. then i got home and talked to jay for a little while and then talked to shaun for a little while and then went online for a little while and then went to bed. that was a looong day!!! wowsers!! lol so anyways today was alright it was thanksgiving so i got up had some cereal and then went online. i talked to corrine this AM and set things straight, i told her that i'm like over her, but i just dont want to lose her as a friend, cuz shes like always been there for me and thats cool. so yeah then i just cleaned up and showered. ooo guess what!! i have a semi-new hairstyle now! its like up, but not spiked up its like wavy its wicked hott. i only use a little bit of pomade and its quite dashing. lol soo anyways yeah the family came over and we watched football and ate turkey and all sorts of other goodies. then at like 6 they left and i went online for a while. i also made a new aol sn which is XericbrooksX. i decided today that aol is pretty sweet so im usin that now. im still using aim but i use aol too. yeah well thats about it for now its a long weekend somethin funs bound to happen. ill keep yall posted!! comment on this yo!! PS: ill have semi pics soon so check back for that like on friday!!

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mod 3!! [24 Nov 2003|02:30pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | up syndrome // my kung fu is your meth ]

hey everyone whats up i just got home from school. it was pretty good. spanish was awesome.. i got a 93 on the big test, and i think i did so well because i did all my homework which provided a good review for me. the semi was friday, it was hella cool. i had fun, dressed up like a p.i.m.p., ya know, the works. theres a new upsyndrome song on their mp3 site its awesome!!! like all their songs are wicked simple but super catchy. i also went to the mall on saturday night with mike heather kim and jay. good times right thurr. in spanish today i came up with a cool concept for a neat game, while shaun made up the guidelines and rules for the game, and alex came up with the title: which is humbly named MOD 3, after the room in which it originated in!! good stuff right thurr. ok well this is a really quick update ill write back later on this week. only 2 and a half days of school this week!! pep rally on wednesday!! yay!!! heres a pic from the semi:

from left to right, thats mike, heidi, me, stacey, and shaun. fun night!!! ok im out! <3 eric
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quizzie po0o! [18 Nov 2003|03:22pm]
i stole this DIRECTLY off of alexs journal. but i changed some of them.

1.Good Charlotte or Fenix Tx? fenix tx
2.Blink 182 or Boxcar Racer? blink.. but boxcar still kicks ass
3.Simple Plan or Goldfinger? goldfinger!!!
4.New Found Glory or Rufio? rufio!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nfg is still nasty tho
5.Sugarcult or Green Day? green day
6.Rancid or Nofx? rancid
7.The Clash or the Sex Pistols? idk i dont listen to either
8.The Used or Sum 41? sum41
9.All American Rejects or Saves the day? dont listen to them
10.MxPx or Wakefield? mxpx
11.Something Corporate or The Starting Line? the starting line all the way
12.Straightline Run or Taking Back Sunday? taking back sunday is ill
13.Anti-Flag or Bad Religion? neither
14.Nirvana or Foo Fighters? idk.. foo fighters
15.Hot Water Music or Homegrown? homegrown kicks ass!
16.Alkaline Trio or AFI? afi.. i dont like alkaline trios voice
17.Bowling for Soup or Auto Pilot Off? neither
18.Dropkick Murphys or Dead Kennedys? dont listen to them, but police truck by the dead kennedys is an awesome song!!
19.Dashboard Confessional or Unwritten Law? dashboard fuckin rules
20.Jimmy Eat World or Less Than Jake? idk.. jimmy eat world.. or maybe less than jake..
21.The Donnas or The Ramones? neither
22.Finch or Glassjaw? finch.. only cuz i havent heard glassjaw
23.Brand New or Riddlin' Kids? brand new kicks ass
24.From Autumn To Ashes or Poison The Well? from autumn to ashes
25.Thrice or Thursday? thrice..but thursday is nasty
26.The Suburban Legends or Reel Big Fish? the suburban legends!!!!!!!
27.Senses Fail or Story of the Year? idk.. i guess senses fail.. maybe.. idk... FUCK!!!

yeah and im not creative enough to come up with any other bands so ohh well... haha ill write back soon!! adios amigos!!!!
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you dont know what its like... [09 Nov 2003|07:16pm]
[ mood | saweeet ]
[ music | pensive // another unknown tragedy ]

heey you guyyyzzz!!! whats up! i just felt like doing a quick update.. then i gotta do some homework! last night was awesome. me heather and corrine went over mikes house and we all chilaxed there for a while. it was like 20° outside and we were on mikes trampoline watching the lunar eclipse! it was coolddd!! ya gotta love massachusetts weather.. NOT! but anyways. eventually our frail little bodies just couldnt stand the unbearable, bone-chilling cold, so we packed up our shit and headed inside. we watched dreamcatcher, which is a funky ass movie about some fat guy with gas who shat out a giant killer worm and that worm ate peoples faces off! it was weird!! then we went home and i wrote some lyrics.. theyre pretty good! then today i got up at like 12 and the band came over and we had a practice.. it was mondo fun!! were working on a new song its killer! but yeah i gotta go do some homework.. ill write back soon! adios amigos! <3 eric

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blink fuckin rocks!!!!!!!! [07 Nov 2003|07:22pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | from first to last - my heart your hands ]

hey gangstazz!!! hows it goin??? its goin AWESOME for me!! we got our report cards today.. i have all b's and of course my dad is pissed.. but i dont care.. last night i went to the blink show at the avalon with tom mike and my sister. it was fuckin awesome!!!!! mike almost didnt go.. good thing he did tho.. but yeah the first band, the kinison, absolutely BLEW! the music and shit wasnt that bad.. but the singer fuckin sucked. he had a tight pink tank top on and he kept bending over so we could all see his asscrack.. NOT COOL!! that guy sucked. haha everyone was flipping him off and shit. then bubba sparxxx came on.. haha.. it almost seemed like a joke that he was there but whatever.. then after like a half hour of preventing fat guys in sweatshirts from falling on top of me blink came on. it was so fuckin cool to see them there cuz its a small venue so me and mike made our way over so we were like 30 feet away from tom. it was fuckin sweet!!!! shit it was rad. but yeah idk thats about it for now.. comment peeps!! <3 eric

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pick up the pieces that i've left behind... [02 Nov 2003|03:31pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | thrice // all that's left ]

hola amigos!! yesterday was the shiiittt!!! i went into boston with corrine mike and heather for corrines bday and it was soo awesome!! ahh i had soo much fun. i always do when i hang out with them. but yeah we went to braintree and took the train into boston. lots of weeiirrrdddd people on the train!!! we were on newbury street the whole time. first we went to starbucks, and then on to the virgin megastore. i got the thrice cd for like $13.. then after that we went to newbury comics.. saw some weeiirrrddddd people!!!! lol so after that we went to the hard rock cafe for some food.. it was awesome.. i was so0o0o0o0o FULL!!!!! omg i was full from like 5 until like 11 that night. lol so after that we left and went back to mikes house and we all hung out on the trampoline.. it was lots of fun. corrine and heather fell asleep for like 15 minutes lol. so after that we wernt inside and hung out in mikes room for a little while, then we played ddr for a few minutes and then i had to go home :( {thanks for an awesome time corrine mike and heather :) } so i got home at like 9 and i listened to thrice for a little while.. so then i went online and then at like 11 jay called so i talked to him about lots of shit for like 2 hours lol so i finally went to bed at like 1. i was maaddd tired! i slept until 12 today!! im glad i did tho cuz i have nothing to do today anyways.. so yeah i was supposed to mow the lawn but i couldnt cuz it started to rain.. which is good.. i usually hate the rain but its good when it gets u out of shit. lol yeah i gotta do some homework.. my parents are gay and they wont let me fuckin go to band practice.. it sucks!!!! we havent practiced in a long time!!! FUCK! ok im out kiddies.. adios amigos!! <3 eric

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halloweeeennn........ [31 Oct 2003|01:20pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | 3rd and long (again) ]


now i gotta go mow the lawn...
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heeeyyyy gangstaaassss [30 Oct 2003|11:44pm]
[ mood | awesome ]
[ music | nfg // 3rd and long ]

hey yall whats up. i just got back from a paarrttaaayyy. fun times, i tell ya. it was awesome :) and its wicked sweet cuz tomorrows friday and theres NO SCHOOL!!! and its HALLOWEEN!!! its gonna be fuckin awesome.. even though i dont really know what im doin all day tomorrow.. hopefully some skating.. yeah today me tom and kevin went to scotland field and then we went to cumbys and got drinks and shit and then we went back to toms. when we got there we got some little orange flyers and put them in a bunch of peoples mailboxes, and it was for a good cause so it was cool. after that we just hung out for like a half hour then i went home cuz its my moms bday and we had to have cake and stuff. so then after that i went to taylas house for the party. it was lots of fun :) ok idk what else to write so im'a stop. sorry this entry sucked...

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late night style!!! [25 Oct 2003|01:17am]
[ mood | awesome :) ]
[ music | goldfinger // i need to know ]

hey whats up guys and gals??? its late!! and this is gonna be a quickie!! but last weekend was awesome!! and so far, this weekend has been awesome!!! i went to the mall tonite with corrine mike and heather and i had sooooo much fun!!!!!! lots of funny shit!!! haha yeah wel i was up working on a song and i just needed a couple minute break so im gonna go back to writing it. i think its going to be really good.. im gonna take my time on this one... but yeah tomorrow i have to spread some mulch in my yard!! woo hoo!!! i love it! but then after that im going to hit up the south shore plaza and get some shirts and shit. then, im sleeping over my cousins house.. gonna do alot of skating.. its gonna be ill. ive been skating quite a bit lately with kevin.. and its so much fun. i love it, and im getting kinda good at it. i was busting some awesome ollies yesterday off this big curb.. fell a couple times and it reeaalllyyy hurt!! OUCHIE!!! but it was worth it cuz some of them were so friggen awesome i almost creamed myself!!! haha but i felt like such a dweeb cuz corrine came over today and me and kevin went to show her our skateboarding skillz and i absolutely sucked!! i couldnt land shit!! haha oh well.. tonight was the friggen best. thanks so much corrine mike and heather.. good times.. :) ok goodnight everyone!! comment pleeeezzeee!!
adios amigos!!

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im not gonna let you down.... [14 Oct 2003|09:27pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | new found glory // belated ]

hey everyone!! like my new layout?!?! no props to me.. props to corrine for makin it!!!!!!! its awesome!! i find the picture especially sexy!! lol so anyways today was pretty good school was blah.. but after school i went over corrines and hung out there for a while!! :) we did some homework and she started workin on her new punkcrazy layout.. its soo nasty!! it feels really good to be catching up with her.. were talkin and hangin out more often.. its really good. yesterday i went to the mall with tom, jay, and jamie. it was lots of fun!! i got a new adio tshirt and some taco bell. baja chalupas are officially the best food in the world!! but yeah thats about it theres not too much goin on i just felt like havin a quick update.. ok ill write some more later on this week. laaayyyy!!! <3 ERIC

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long time no postage!!! [12 Oct 2003|05:16pm]
[ mood | good ]
[ music | new found glory // the story so far ]

hey everyone sorry for not posting as frequently theres been alot going on. we recorded last weekend!! it was so awesome we were there for like 8 hours and we recorded 4 songs (late, wasting time, to whom it may concern, and photograph) and they came out awesome! weve been selling them around school the past week, only its kinda fucked up cuz the original price was $5 so a bunch of people bought them for $5, but now some people are selling them for $3, and the people who bought them for $5 are pissed.. soo idk. whatever. anyways.. today really really sucked. hopefully ill get to hang out with some people later on. i got up at 530 this morning cuz my sister had a softball tournament today and, of course, it was totally necessary for me to go, so my parents made me. what the fuckin fuck!! there was absolutely no purpose in me going but they dragged me along anyways. i got like 2 hours of sleep last nght so i slept in the car most of the time. why it it that whenever i fall asleep in the car i feel like absolute shit when i get up?? it fuckin pissed me off. everytime i sleep in the car i wake up feeling like i have a fever or something. ahh whatever. anyways.. last night was really good. we played a show with twitch and cloverfield (both of which played awesome!!!) it was lots of fun. then last night i got home arounf 10 and jay called me i forget what time. so we were talkin on the phone for a while and corrine called my cell at around 1. so me jay and corrine were on the phone for like 20 minutes and then jay had to go so me and corrine talked for a while. it felt reealllyy good finally getting to talk to her again. idk lately we havent hung out or talked as much so yesterday was awesome cuz i got to hang out with her and talk to her. good times. haha anyways.. im out. hopefully ill find something to do tonight. i think im supposed to hang out with jay and tom so itll be cool. ok adioss!! until next time!!

ps!! comment pleasseeee!!!!! :)

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i dropped half ma' burrrgaaaaaaaa [01 Oct 2003|05:18pm]
[ mood | okay ]
[ music | drowning fish // hanging on ]

^^thats me again, only its from the berkely show.. kinda dark, but oh well.. im only singin in that one cuz its keep it together and theres only one guitar part in that song so i put down my "ax" for that one hehehe.. anyways, not too much has happened lately.. school is school as usual. my parents were kinda pissed cuz i came home with an "average" report card.. fuck that!! average is no big deal my parents are just under the impression that an average means a C.. when it means average with the class. im in 4 honors classes, give me a fuckin break parents!! haha anyways... this weekend was fun!! had a band practice at my turf, it was ok.. corrine couldnt go cuz she went to nh :( but anyways we didnt get too much done but it was still fun. so then we had all these big plans of going to funway and we had the whole thing figured out like what wed do and shit.. but then we realized.. "NO RIDES!!" SHIT! so we didnt go lol :( but thats ok cuz we all hung out outside at my house skateboarding and doing all sorts of crazy shit haha. so then later on jay left so it was me evan mike and shaun and we were laying down on the sidewalk across the street lookin at the stars and shit.. when this car drives by with rap shit absolutely BLARING. so mike yells to it as its driving by "sweet fuckin music, assholes" or something of the sort. lol so we all thought it was funny and we were laughin and then the next thing we know the car stops about 30 ft up the road and a guy gets out of the passenger door. i couldnt see who he was or anything cuz it was wicked dark, but the guy sounded either black or a mondo wigger and he was like "yo who da fuck was dat? is dat collin?" and we were like no and stuff and hes like "fuck yall" and he got in the car and they drive off and we thought it was over. but NOOO!!! so we went back to talkin and stuff and then out of nowhere the car comes driving by in the other direction.. but this time they swerved at us! they almost ran over our legs! AHH!!!!! its was mucho scary, yo!! but were all like friggen blackbelts with catlike reflexes so we pulled our legs in just in the nick of time!! hehe. so after that we were pissed so we got like rocks and shit and we went out lookin for them. idk what we were gonna do.. maybe throw rock at their car that wouldve been cool, but we never found them :( theyre damn lucky.. i wouldve roughed 'em up reeaall good. ya heard?? haha jk but anyways that was quite the adventure lol. but yeah that was saturday.. then on sunday i went to the mall with jay and tom for a little while and i got the new yellowcard cd.. very good! i recommend it! but anyways thats pretty much my sunday. not quite as "exciting" as my saturday, but hey, what the hell.
anyways.. today i realized that its really starting to feel like fall cuz its getting colder and it gets dark earlier, and this makes me sad.. so im gonna let it all out...
ok there. i sorta feel better hehehe. ok thats about it ill try to update soon!! adios amigos!!

ps: thanx for all the comments.. keep them coming!! :)
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