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  2003.07.10  00.53

it's been forver since i wrote in this journal. oh well. i've been kinda busy doing nothing, you know how it is. when i think of more to say i'll come back. but until then, i leave you with this... peace, love, empathy.


  2003.02.12  17.13
OOPS I did it again...

song-Angelica (Steel Train)

Sorry it's been so long. I just got a lot on my mind and I haven't been to happy lately for some stupid reasons. Valentine's day is on the way, JOY! (note the sarcasm) What a dumb holiday, it's just to sell stuff and depress people. It's all a scam. To bad I can't enjoy it for what it is. :( (tear) Oh well, cry me a river. Anyway I hope you guys have a good day anyway and a stuff. OHHH SOMETHING CORPORATE ON THE 19TH!!!! WHOO! Thats something to get excited about! Alright I'm gonna ago tend to my so called "life". Later--Kara


  2003.01.21  23.32

mood- confused
song- somthing in the way- nirvana

Hey's me again. I need help. lots of it. but i don't want to bore anyone with the stupid deatails. anyway it's Sunday night and I just got back from chruch. it was fun but not everything I'd hoped... for secret reasons. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! ok nevermind. well tomorrow is Martin Luther King Day and I'm so glad because not only do we not have school but it's just a great holiday and i hope everybody can really appricate it for what it is and all you close minded, "too good for people not like you", sort need to get a life!!! ok well. hope you all have a good day tomorrow and celebrate! later guys- Kara


  2003.01.20  11.37
another useless update on my so called "life"

mood- ?? ask me later
CD- leaving through the window- SoCo

Hey everybody, whats up? Ok, here goes. Today I woke up @ like 7:00 am! Then went to Best Buy for video games and the book store to pass time (i do love it there). FUN FUN FUN! I just ate instant mashed potatoes for breakfast and now i'm gonna go play video games. well, good-day!! - Kara


  2003.01.19  07.11

Guess what?!?! New obsession.............THE VINES! I loved them, but now i'm hooked completely, there my herion. Them and Nirvana of course, can't forget them. right? tell me where i'm wrong? Ok next...i need money! bottom line, I have to leave this town. But thats not happening to soon, due to lack of money and transporation. But i will!! Ireland ay! and aberdeen wash. Kurt Cobain's home town...tear. I'll get there too! well, i'll keep dreamin....later! -kara


  2003.01.17  05.04

OHH I have something to add. I was watching T.V. today and some people were doing a peaceful anti-war protest in New York, they were arrested! I was shocked and appauled! They were doing nothing wrong and it makes me SICK they were treated that way and I couldn't agree more with them. I thought this was something I needed to say and most of you probaly don't agree...but thats it. later- Kara


  2003.01.17  04.58
hey hey hey

Hi again...sorry it took me so long to update this really, useless journal. Well I've done nothing (big suprise). I changed my AIM background to a Vines backgound, it's pretty great. I'm really tired and my feet are cold. Sorry I'm so boring, but I'm bored so you should be too (that was a joke). HEHEHE LOL (sarcasm). Anyway I'm gonna go look at my journal to see what i forgot to write.


  2003.01.13  19.17
hey hey hey

song-ummm acually CD- Nevermind

hey guys sorry i was gone so long i went away this weekend, anyway, I bought my ticket on the internet for Something Coporate in feb., and haven't done much more than that. I saw a bunch of friends this weekend acually the only ones i well, i have nothing to do so i'm running on about nothing. later!


  2003.01.10  22.17
blah, blah, blah...

Hi everyone, I'm bored...I'm not doing anything today but sitting around, I'm such a geek, I need to go read a book, *cough*loser*cough* oh well, The most exciting thing I'v done all week was get a hat, but it is a good hat, it's black with the anarchy sign, and reversable...WEEE! What ever happened to "here we are now, entertain us"? HERE I AM NOW ENTERTAIN ME! Umm....I'm gonna go now....hope you have as good of a day as me...(sarcasm)...Bye now


  2003.01.06  01.30
oops...i did it again

I ment to say "it killed me" ok...I can not spell so please excuse me and get as many laughs out of it as possible. :)


  2003.01.06  01.26

Mood- fine

Hey, today is Sunday and I'm getting ready for youth group. Not to much is going on today. I got up really early (10:30) so the day began pretty, blah...I watched a really funny movie this morning and I highly recommend, It's called Mother, you should go rent it. I killed me! Well, I'm gonna go now...Good Day!


  2003.01.03  16.50
# 1 entry

song-Babies of the 80's-Something Corporate

I created a journal, probably the biggest sucess in my life at this point. Let's goes...OH! Big news I've pretty much officially made plans to go see, one of my favoirte bands, Something Corporate, in Febuary in Orlando. My brothers birthday is comming up and I'm freaking because thats what he wants to do. I'm getting really excited but hope we stick with the plans. I saw them once this summer at the Vans Warped Tour along with a list of some of my favorite bands. I felt so lucky to go and I'm counting down the hours, min., weekends, days, weeks, months, and every other measurment tool until 2003 Warped tour begins. Well, I'm gonna go watch a recored episode of Saturday Night Live. Later...