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    Thursday, December 25th, 2003
    12:40 pm
    HEY EVERY1, ITS CHRISTMAS!!!! Merry Christmas to all of you, becuase this is the 1 day outa the year that i am nice u all of you. i love christmas. at christmas time i am like a dog in a pool of dogtreats! im sucha lil kid..oh well. i gotta tv, some clothes(like always), money, and a digital camera that is also a movie camera(its awesome), oh yeah and my mom got me and eyebrow trimmer haha.and i still have to go my grammas! (where ill mostly get money). it was so much more un when we still believed in santa, it was so much more magical when we were lil kids, but oh well those days are gone now and we'll just have to deal. well im out, i g2g bake cookies and get ready to go to ma grams cya all! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOODNIGHT!
    Saturday, November 22nd, 2003
    5:06 pm
    today fucking sucked ok. life is gay. i did spend the whole day tt monique on the phone, that was a plus. but i had to pick up dog shit all over the yard, then my dad started yelling at me and putting the guilt trip on me because i wanted my sister to turn her gay ass music off. then i did the dishes to be a good little kid, but then i got yelled at becasue i was on the phone too long, when i didnt even call any1 long distance, ya know fuck it u all can kiss my ass!

    *my heart has been cut out, dropped, and stepped on and im barely here at all.....
    Friday, November 21st, 2003
    7:00 pm
    well i havent updated in a while, two weeks to be exact. a week ago from last wednesday i met the girl that is my best friend now...MONIQUE CARDILLO YOU ARE THE SHIT! UNIBALLS FO LIFE!!! it was great when you were over laurens and we were writing our names on the telephone pole! lol well anyways some shits happened over the last couple of weeks and shes helped me through it all and i just wantd to say thanks so much hunn you are for real my best friend now, like seriously i couldnt ask for more! well mrs crowley(our science teacher)is a total wench! but yeah. i did have 1 day that was great and i spent it with derek dejordy, but now idk wtf has happened with us since then. well im slowly getting over two heartbreaks. I GOT THE NEW BLINK 182 CD...FUCK YEAH!!!! but other than that this past week has sucked nuts, and im not gna say anything because its none of ur fucking business and i probably ahte you anyways so dont bother asking. so ya im done now and im gna go download some kickn songs and play my guitar so just remember this
    nothings gonna change, yeah its always gonna suck
    quit your fuckin bitchin-and shut the fuck up
    everyone has problems its never gonna stop
    here's a good solution - shut the fuck up
    Saturday, November 8th, 2003
    10:25 pm
    I am at Kristens, we had a little get togerther, i am gey. I was kissing rocco canneto the whole time looking up at the stars is was so great, but i still like derek. hmmm i saw this gay guy in the 99' today. ive nvr seen any1 make it so obvious that they were gay. he fuckn looked and acted like andy dick ok it was ronchy. me n my dads friend were like "this would be another good time to make one of those jokes about gay guys in bars" it was great but i thought he was gna stick it in my ass for some reason, oh well, too bad! well me n melissa are chyllen like the little negros that we are!
    8:33 am
    Well, this morning I woke up at about 800,grrr,saying to myself "I need to wet my wistle". So I did just that, i went and got some juice...damn i wish it was taquilla...oh well. When my daddy got home from the dump my dog went totally psycho, dont ask i have no idea why. Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you guys, i got my report card. It was alright I guess, i still consider myself a dumbass. Well, I got a B- in english, a B in science(I think, I cant really remember right now), a B+ in social studies, and a C- in Math (hey at least i didnt fail). Last night I was talking to Derek Dejordy and i kinda feel bad, I dont want him to worry about me, i just wanted to tell him how i felt about our "situation". Derek if you read this im sorry and i dont want you to worry about me, i know youre not mad at me or anything and im def. not mad at you. Oh well, im not going to confess everything in this dumb shit, i dont feel its any1 else's business. But yeah, my dog is drinking outa the toilet right now and i gota go get her out, so uh ill update some other time...

    **Fate fell short this time, your smile fades in the summer
    Place your hand in mine, I'll leave when i wanna...**
    Friday, November 7th, 2003
    7:54 pm
    Well today was umm ok i guess you could say. I still ahve poison something all over my face, it's so ronchy. Hmm, today me n Derek finished up our lab for science together (you might wanna thank me for the answers babe ahem). Yeah, we have both been out for a few days, me with poison something all over me, and Derek..well...Derek's been suspended for the past few days for mooning the bus driver (haha kid that was some funny shit). At lunch me n my best friend Sarah were hanging outside taking about running around naked...well it was funny if you were there. In math we had to do extra credit and me, Rocco, Derek, and Luis were Chyllen(and like always no work gets done when we're together). So yeah, that was my day pretty much and i gta go chase my dog around my back yard with an enlongated ballon to burn off that Burger king so ill update tomorrow with some more boring shit for people with know life(like me) to read about