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[09 Jan 2004|03:30pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | hyperspace- nada surf ]

I've always wanted a guy who would go to prom in one of those light blue or orange tuxs.

Yeah, I'm mad sick so I'm bouncing out but first I would like to tell Tara that I love her and she always seems to make me feel a bit chipper. Muah. I love you mah hunny bunny.

Oh yeah, Msn is being stupid so I made a yahoo accounts. It's . Woop. Byes.

Xoxooxoxoxoxox. Muah!

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Guess its time to update again even though none of you read this. [08 Jan 2004|11:38am]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | tell all the people- the doors ]

Moo. Beth is sickly today. :o( Saddening I know but David is home and and and and Dan, I think, is home. *excessive smiles* Yeah, I love it, I love it. Wow, Davids mom told him to get off, so now's hes off, and I'm alone. Well that just isn't fun.

Yeah, I really miss Tara and Teddy and people. I havent seen Tara for two days which is long for us and I haven't seen mah mellow yellow green eyed ska beautiful little boy since I would have to say Friday. :o( ::Cries:: I love you tedddy! Muhaha. Wow, I'm kind of hyper but than the other half of me is dead. I think I am going to go watch Finding Nemo because I never really watched the whole thing on account I was with someone ::points to ted:: who wouldn't let me watch the movie. [; Hehehe.

Well I think, because I'm hella bored, I am going to watch some movies and wait for peoples calls, then maybe call Dannnn, though probably not because Dan smells. (;

Alexandra D, I love Three, Its your birthdee in four dees. :oD!!!!!!!!

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: / Meh.. [02 Jan 2004|10:43pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]
[ music | grand theft autumm- FOB ]

:o( First off Beth would like to say she is sorry for making fun of Dan on her blurty. She hearts dan because dan is dan. Dan is truly uber fun and very very very awesome. ::nods:: Forgive me Daniel?

I took this 5 part personality test and yeah, here are the results. Don't hate me, its only the real me. Extroversion results were medium which suggests you are moderately talkative, optimistic, sociable and affectionate. Friendliness results were moderately high which suggests you are good natured, trusting, and helpful but possibly too much of a follower. Orderliness results were moderately low which suggests you tend to be unreliable, lazy, careless, and unmotivated. Emotional Stability results were moderately low which suggests you are worrying, insecure, emotional, and nervous. Openmindedness results were moderately high which suggests you are creative, original, curious, imaginative but possibly not very practical.

Advanced Big Five Personality Test Results
Sociability |||||||||| 38%
Gregariousness |||||||||| 34%
Assertiveness |||||||||| 38%
Activity Level |||||||||||||| 58%
Excitement-Seeking |||||||||||||||| 70%
Cheerfulness |||||||||| 38%
Extroversion |||||||||||| 46%
Trust |||||||||| 34%
Morality |||||||||||||| 54%
Altruism |||||||||||||||||| 78%
Cooperation |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Modesty |||||||||||||| 58%
Sympathy |||||||||||||||| 62%
Friendliness |||||||||||||| 60%
Self-Efficacy |||||||||| 38%
Neatness |||||| 30%
Dutifulness |||||||||||||| 54%
Achievement |||||||||||| 42%
Self-Discipline |||||| 22%
Cautiousness |||||||||| 34%
Orderliness |||||||||| 36%
Anxiety |||||||||||||||| 70%
Anger |||||||||| 34%
Depression |||||||||||||||||| 78%
Self-Consciousness |||||||||||||||| 66%
Immoderation |||||||||||| 50%
Vulnerability |||||||||||||||| 62%
Emotional Stability |||||||||| 40%
Imagination |||||||||||| 50%
Artistic Interests |||||||||||||||||| 74%
Emotionality |||||||||||||| 54%
Adventurousness |||||||||||||||| 62%
Intellect |||||||||||| 46%
Liberalism |||||||||||||||| 62%
Openmindedness |||||||||||||| 58%
Take Free Advanced Big 5 Personality Test

Ted I'm sorry for everything that happened today. I love you and care about you so much and hope everything is alright with us. You mean the world to me and I miss you alot. :o( ..Talk to me. I'll be waiting here for you.

Last night Tara and I talked on the phone for a while. It was nice. We hadnt talked on the phone in a long time. I luff her very much. Xox. Mauh tara.

So today I bounced around different stores and places for like 5 hours straight. Yeah, I'm cool I know. Also, Mr. Fedex man was so nice and brought meh mah cellphone. [Ted, read how I write, you rub off on me so much.] It's quite beautiful, I named it meep, after mah meepy babie. ::snickers:: Yeah, thats right Dan. Well if you ever want/need to talk to me and I'm not alive at home, call this number 3647246. Yeah.

Not like anyone cares or anything but I'm having some boy problems. Don't freak out Ted, I probably should talk to you first but whatever. I feel as though, meep, I dont know. Part of me is the happiest ever with my little boy but then the other half is all meep, "..Does he really deserve all the bad stuff that comes with me, Are we too serious?, Is this really going to last.." Meh. So many people tell me it's not worth it to have a long relationship in Highschool because all it really is, is like a rough draft, for your life. Really in better words, a 25 cent whore being used until something better comes along. I dont know if I am just wasting my time. I dont feel like I am because I really do love ted, with every single part of me. Okay, enough of this boy stuff, it's boring you, I know.

Wow this link makes me laugh my little ass off. Check it out, its quite funny, no pun intended. ::gasp: Moira, I said it, I finally got to say it. Woop. Wow. Yeah. Okay. Whoa. :o) Jesus was black, or a piece of cheese. ::Gasp::!

Wow. I love Alyssa.
Ad0rable8o8: i havent reallie changed.. my boobs have gotten bigger.. and my voice cracks a liddle but thats about the biggest change
Ad0rable8o8: :-D

::Smoochies:: I'm out. Muah = *
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Muhaha. [01 Jan 2004|10:24pm]
[ mood | threatening ]
[ music | pass the dutch- missy.elliot. ]

Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.
Dan Mortensen is a uber not fun and awesome.

Muhaha. Take that. Neva make fun of mah babie. (; Everyone make fun of Dan if you love meh. Right now. Muhaha. [Dan, you rawk, you do, cept you made fun of meep.]

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Mah Monster babe! [31 Dec 2003|10:52pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | lamb of god.. woop ]

Name: Meep

Age: 2 years old

Favorite Food: Cheetos

Favorite Hobby: Blowing bubbles

pt your very own monster today!

Wee. Tonight was a good night besides the fact that I couldnt go to Rawr-ras. I went to the movies with my parents, blah, and holy fuck I get out of the car and there the fuckin fuck is Teddy talking on the phone with his momma. :o) I like fucking cried, I was so surprized and happy. :o) So instead of going to the movies with my parents I watched a wee bit of the movie and then hung out with mah tetty<3, mah cam, and psh the biggest pussy ever Justin. :o) It was fun and I ate mucho Sour patch kids. Yummiful.

Yeah. Give my monster babe love
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Woop. Woop. Another pointless entry. [31 Dec 2003|09:47am]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | one hundred percent good- Piebald ]

Woop. Woop. I love the Clash. Woop.

I got like 5 cds last night that I had ordered : ] Ted you'll be proud because 3 of them are really hardcore metaly :) Beth got: OpenHand , From Ashes Rise, Denali, Himsa, and Lamb of God<33 --> finally. And then beth also was suppose to get her celly phone but noo, so maybe i'll get it today but I got some Shakespeare books because i plainly love Shakespeare and this book on the clash<3 Wee.

Beth is worried about her dearfriend Anthony. She cares for him and he is feeling low lately, alot. I hope you are alright Ant because I am here to talk to whenever you need me. Smile, k? : ) ?

Tetty babe, look at the music im listening too. Piebald. Woop. Woop. : )

Yup. Bye Yall. Wow I just sounded like a major hic, then again I'm from Newtown. Eww. Beth was just steriotypical saying all people from Newtown are hics. Psh, I hate when people do that. Whenever I talk to someone not from Newtown they ask me if all I do is Cowtip, umm how about I tell you all I do is sit at home, go to the mall, or hang with friends. Psh yeah, take that. Hah. Wow. I amuse myself. Thanks. Bye now.

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.Ha. [30 Dec 2003|06:33pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Eriatarka- mars volta ]

Ha. Beth wants Moiras grandmother, aka. Lil' Pimpin P . If you got a problem with it. Deal. Rawr. Song lyrics because I dont feel like typing a real entry.

And there are those who
Hadn't found the speaking so wrong
Is it wrong
Of pavolov lore
They ran rampant through the floors
Is this wrong
Feels so wrong
Happened on a respirator
In the basements
Are they gone are they gone
Stung the slang of a gallows bird
Rationed a dead letter pure
Trackmarked amoeba lands craft
Cartwheel of scratches
Dress the tapeworm as pet
Tenticles smirk please
Flinched the cocooned meat
Infra-recon forgets
Now there are those who find
Comfort in the breathing
Wrong-is it wrong
It houses the watchful eyes
They're panting in a pattern in droves
Are they gone
Happened on a respirator bet
In the basements
Is it gone
Are they gone
Stung the slang of a gallows bird
Sanctioned a dead letter pure
trackmarked amoeba lands craft
cartwheel of scratches
dress the tape worm as pets
tentacles smirk please
flinch the cacooned meat
infra-recon forgets
evaporated the fur
because it covers them
if you only knew the plans they had for us
evaporated the fur
because it covers them
if you only knew the plans they had for us
They used to have pulses in them
But impulse has made the strong
They used to have pulses in them
But impulse has made them strong
Evaporated the fur
Because it covers them
If you only knew the plans they had for us
Trackmarked amoeba lands craft
Cartwheel of scratches
Dress the tapeworm as pets
Tentacles smirk please
Flinch the cacooned meat
Infra-reco forgets
gotta be a way
Of getting out
Are you just growing old
Trackmarked amoeba lands craft
Cartwheel of scratches
Dress the tapeworm as pets

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[29 Dec 2003|07:50pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | sublime : ] yum. ]

Wow. I'm sorry but the Clash is so god damn sexy. ::nibbles on Paul:: Yum yum yum. My nose is all, wee. Yeah thats the perfect way to describe it.

I'm sorry for the way I have been acting lately everyone. I just got into one of those wierd moods though that is no excuse for scaring you all that care and being that wierd. So I'm sorry.

Yeah anyway. Wow I really cant get over the sexiness of the Clash. Everytime I see a picture of them, I'm like ::rape::

Hawley got a snowboard for Christmas and he wants meh to teach him. Wee! So we are going to go snowboarding together. We. That will be uber fun-ness. Yes. Yes, it will.

Wow. I'm sorry but I love Moira Collier. I really do. She is such a great, nice, awesome person. I'm so glad we have gotten close this year. And moira if you read this, I thank you greatly for always being there for me as a friend and the person who is always there to help me with latin. I <3 you. Woop.

Yeah. Okay I'm out. I love the following people (these are just the people that are on my mind as we speak).. I love Ted, I love Moira, I love Tara, I love Alexa, I love mah sexie Lexie who i miss lots, I love Alex, and yeah .. the Clash. Erk. Ookay. Bu byes. *waves*

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wee? [23 Dec 2003|05:36pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]
[ music | Not by choice..awe ]

*excessive smiles* Wow I love blurty. I havent written in it in so long but that most def does not mean I do not love it. It is the bestest ever though I am really liking the Xanganess. I feel like taking a shower. Okay. Thats what Imma gonna do. <33


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Wee! [16 Dec 2003|04:38pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | the computer humming..wee ]

Okay yeah. Blurty is working again and this makes me like the happiest ever because I love blurty more than you. Yup Thanks. Unless you are Ted because I love Ted the mostest because he is my "..Teddy Weary Beary Boo .." ::blushes:: Yeah bye.

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Feel better.. [11 Dec 2003|04:28pm]
[ mood | chipper ]
[ music | super troopers.. wee its on tv! ]

Feel better my darling people:

Lyssie Lou*I hope the game goes well and I hope you feel quite better<3 Teddy Bear<3 I love you! Wee! Feel better my little sickling boyfriend. Ilu! Whore-e-oreo-who-enjoys-licking-oreos-and-random-body-parts*- FEEL BETTER MY WHORE-E! I MISSED YOU MUCHO TODAY! =(.. ::frownies::


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Entry/Survey/I dunno [10 Dec 2003|04:22pm]
[ mood | predatory ]
[ music | mucho records... yep, you know it ]

Two surveys that I just couldnt resist.. wee.. then an entry of course.. (:

Part 3; Which of your friends is...;
.x. The funniest?: Amanda
.x. The craziest?: Umm..umm.. Ku...wee..but only if its with me..
sometimes you keeps on the "down-low" though..
.x. Most likely to be in prison in 10 years?: Myself.
.x. The hottest?: Ted/Tara...roar
.x. The nicest?: Tamara
.x. Most honest?: Eh.. Im not sure.. there are a few
.x. Most trustworthy?: Ted/Dan/Kristie/Tara
.x. The biggest flirt?: .. Meep i dunno
.x. The biggest slut?: .. Tara! Mhahaahaha.. (Joke!)
.x. The most althletic?: Sammie
.x. The best student?: Tara or Emo
.x. The freak?: cough::moiruhh::cough.. lol.. or myself


I am: missing people
I love: ted
I hate: myself
I fear: losing ted
I hope: all my friends and family and loved ones stay safe
and happy forever
I hear: music
I crave: chinese food.. wee
I regret: ................................................ ::blank stare::
I cry: crystal blue teardrops until i run out.. which then i bleed red
I care: for tara, ted, my family, friends, people in need..
even if some of them dont care for me
I always: will feel broken inside and feel like something is missing
I believe: in love
I feel alone: now
I listen: to music ?
I hide: in the corner of my room to get away from everything
I drive: with my golfclub.. wee?
I sing: music
I write: feelings down on paper
I run: away from everything.. well wish i could
I miss: ted and my grandpie
I learn: new things from people everyday
I feel: so little, like i dont know anything and i have so much to learn
I know: what it feels like to be with someone and you cant, and they
are the only person you want to be with
I say: hello?
I succeed: at a few things
I dream: about things i'm happy about, or things i wish for
I wonder: what tara and ted are doing
I want: the love of my life
I have: the greatest people in the world as friends
and the best boyfriend ever and the bestest friend and everything
I give: you anything you need
I recieve: love? sometimes?
I fight: with myself
I need: help

name; Beth
birth date: April 27th
sign; Taurus
eyes: Blue
hair: Brown/other colors
pets: 2 puppie doggys
bf/gf: Ted<3

'' favorites ''
bandz: the used. plain and simple.
music genre: everything/anything works.. ill
give it a chance..cept rawk in the bestest
crayon: macaroni and cheese... hehe
cereal: cinno toast crunchy
jolly rancher flavor: watermelon
color m & m: BLUE!
hangout: the mall?
day: tuesday
month: october
season: fall
shoes: slippers ( :
restaurants: uh.. personally i like the chinese joints .. they are yummy..
::thinks what she just said:: joints places*
cars: mini coopers.. mustangs
kitchen appliance: the toaster.. hehe.. its cute D:
color of lava lamp: redddd
person to talk to online: lexy.. cuz i always miss her
person to talk to on the phone: teddddyyyy
memories: first meeting ted.. god im such a sap

|this or that|
boxers or briefs? boxers
plaid or striped? plaid
alt or rap? both
ska or punk? haha.. which one..
that is the question.. ted wanna help me out?>
classical or country? ehh.. classical?
salt or pepper? salt
coke or pepsi? pepsi
dr. pepper or mr. pibb? dr.pepper
Sprite or 7-up? sprite
skittles-original, tropical, or wildberry? orginal
m & m's-regular, peanut, peanut-butter, or almond? peanut
bleh or blah? bleh
okay, ok, or o.k.? okay
shake or stir? shake
bright colors or dark colors: both
snap, crackle, or pop? crackle
half-empty or half-full: halfempty
sunshine or rain? rain!
sun or moon? moon
silver or gold? silver
frogs or toads? frogs

:: short answer ::
left handed or right handed? lefty
are you smart? nope
whats your middle name? ... nope.. not telling.. and
for all who knwo best be shuttin up now
how many personalities do you have? 48437843674345t6765465577746
how many piercings do you have? a few
tattoos? :(
what was your first word? doggy
do you read your horoscope? i have
do you believe in that stuff? ehh .. maybe O_o
can you do a cartwheel? yep
can you drive? yesss ( : .. not stickshift though haha..
Ted<3 can though.. cuz he was so cute and helped
me when i was trying to play a sweetish fish
do you keep a journal? an online one
what languages do you know? spanish, latin, english
.. yep.. this is how we do it in the O.C
do you like cotton candy? yes
do you like pina coladas? :) yum!
what do you sleep in? nothin (;
how many pillows do you have? umm.. 8 .. i think
how many times have you moved houses? 4
is your room messy? it can be
do you like your handwriting? ehh its handwriting
do you like to fingerpaint? yes!
do you sleep with a stuffed animal(s)? ... : \...yup
are you ticklish? ..haha.. anybody who knows me wanna answer that?
did you go to preschool? yep
are you a morning person? not really

"hard questions"
would you rather burn to death or freeze to death? freeze to death
would you eat a bowl of live crickets for $40,000? ehh yeah prolly
if you had a band what would you name it? But of course Madison Ave. ::winks to manda::
where do you want to live? danbury/cali/i dunno
if you had to dye your hair right now, what color would you make it? pink
if you had to get a body piercing right now where would it be? my clit. ::nods::
if you had to get a tattoo right now, what would it be? a llama.
Spell your name backward: ynahteb.. hah its cool how long that took me
If you could have any animal for a pet, what would it be? a kitty or teddy
Ever been to Belgium? fuck no.. :)
What's your favourite coin? Your coin.. in you know what i mean

describe your..
Pillow cover: sexii silky and velvety..perfect to have sex on..
haha.. wee.. sex on a pillow!
Coffee cup: i dont have one.. lol
Sunglasses: 80's biker style.. ::nods::
Shoes: toooo manyyy
Favorite top: nothing
Favorite pants:nothing
Cologne/Perfume: so pinkkk
CD in stereo right now: davee's solo cd...wee.. its quite cute
Wearing: checkered pants, army jacket, hoodie, wee you know how it is
Makeup: nothing

hair: down
height: 5.4
thinking of: teddy

last thing you...
bought: i have no idea
read: i have no idea

either / or
tea or coffee: both
beer or cider: beer
cats or dogs: boths
single or taken: taken
pen or pencil: pen
gloves or mittens: mitten kitten
food or candy: candy
cassette or cd: cd

want- ted
need- ted
live to- love
make- sweet sweet sweet love to my computer screen
want to be- someone who impacts other people in a good way
and i want to be remembered
you are: straight up beth

Okay so that was longer than Beth though. Whats happening everyone? Right now I am being threatened to be killed. I have someone who wants to kill me, ehh, thats cool. I have no idea what to write in this stupid little thing of a journal. I just told Alexa to lick my pussy. ::Nods:: Lesbians fucking rawk my sawks off. ::nods again:: Weeee! Awe. Moiras a lesbian, this is of course why we love her. My dearest lesbian moira, i love you. ::nods:: ::winks to everything that was just said except for the love to moira::

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Merry Christmas, Darling. [07 Dec 2003|02:37pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | the cure.. wee ]

So you see, it's almost that time of year again. Where Mr. Old Saint Nick comes prancing off his sleigh, into the chimney that he can't fit into, then delivering presents to everyone even the little brats that don't deserve um. (;. Hmm, sometimes I tend to get bitter around Christmas, then at the same time I get incredibly chipper. Weee! The Cure fills me with so much anger, its fun. I'm all like >_<. Hah. Whenever I do that face I say to myself, "No kitty, those are my cheesy poofs.." Hehe. Awe. Good ol' Cartman.
Wow. That Bob guy from Bob's Discount Furniture really bothers me. I just want to smack myself when I hear his little annoying voice and commericial on tv. Then on top of that when I have enough, I go to turn on the radio and hear his stupid cock voice again! Hmmf.
So let me recount the weekend that was by far the most boring weekend I have ever had. Friday. Friday was cool because everyone thought it was tara's birthday because of moi. Wee! Friday night I went to Emo's, then went to the tree lighting, then froze to death, then went home. Yeah. It was quite boring. Then I talked to Teddy for like a 1/2 hour then went to bed at like 10. Yeah I'm cool, I know, No need to tell me. Then Saturday. Saturday I was snowed in, and couldnt do anything. It was Tara's birthday though. Whew! Yeah! I was suppose to go to the mall with Ted, but nooo, the stupid storm had to come and ruin my plans. Jerk. Then so you see, I watched Christmas movies and ate food and played in the snow with Ollie and went on my computer and uhh danced and sang and listened to music. Yup. That was my day. Then talked to teddy on the phone then went to bed for like 2 hours then woke up and watched more movies and tv. Then Sunday. Yes, Sunday I went outside and rolled around the snow randomly, yup I'm cool I know. Then after that exhilarating moment, I went inside and took a shower. Then my parents randomly decided to hate me, so I wasn't allowed to go to the mall : (. So no, Ted. Nope, not once this weekend. I'm like falling apart as we speak. I'm just sitting here, deteriorating. So yeah, now I am here, doing nothing at all. Ted's at the mall, he may call from a payphone, I doubt it. Who would talk on the phone when they are at the mall. The greatest place in the whole wide world. ::Signs:: Hehe. Well I must go find something to do. I may come back here. I love you Ted. I love you Tara. I love you Alex. I love you Alexa. I love you all. Thanks. ::nods:: Bye.


I got really bored.. so I'm going to do mad surveys. You can do them if you like. Or not. I don't really care either way.

Survey 1)
Use a song lyric on every question to answer the questions.
what color are your eyes: "..I can picture us walking hand in hand and side by side then I look into your grey-blue eyes. I like you an awful lot..." (I think I'll quit- Saves the day)
what do you think of yourself: "...I am not so upset about my horrible self But why don`t you go upset yourself..." (Cretin Family- The ramones)
what are your future plans:"...I'm about to see a million things I thought I'd never see before and I'm about to do all of the things I've dreamed of.." (Bulimic- The used)
what do you think of liars: "..the way you make me feel is so unreal.." (Autumm in the park- Suburban legends: awe.. they make me think of ted ): )
what do you think of your mom/dad/parents: "..It wasn't a suprise...You think my hurt will subside, when will you realize it will never go away, with the mark that you displayed, the wounds big but that's ok, I know you were wrong, so I wrote this song!
LIES! LIES! Mother Fucken Lies! Try to get away, instead you burn my eyes.."(Tissue-Fallout)
where is your favorite place to be: "...We're right at home in the California Sky illusions are taking part of the confusion in me
tomorrow, there will be no heroes left to follow..." (California Sky- Unwritten Sky)
what about love: and you never would have thought in the end how amazing it feels just to live again it's a feeling that you cannot miss it burns a hole through everyone that feels it ..." (Blue and Yellow- The used)
what about your friends: " were always there for me when i needed a shoulder to cry on childhood can be so cruel thank god i had you.." (My best friends- 5 days ahead)
what about your ex: "I know I'm stronger now who's looking south not me I'm not looking back i'm done denying the truth to anyone cause I'm alive you showed me how you seemed to find a hole but I just laughed and smiled begged and rolled my eyes even cried and denied the truth to you just like the truth to me mostly lied I'm not going to look back white it out like glittering wax butterflies.." (Maybe memories- the used ^_^)
what about that current someone: "Your hazel green tint eyes watching every move I make. And that feeling of doubt, it's erased. I'll never feel alone again with you by my side. You're the one, and in you I confide. And we have gone through good and bad times. But your unconditional love was always on my mind. You've been there from the start for me. And your loves always been true as can be. I give my heart to you. I give my heart, cause nothing can compare in this world to you. (Warmness of the soul- Avenged Sevenfold)
what do you think about fall: "Warm October nights you came and cuddled next to me our noses brushed so close I wished it was our souls drifting off to sleep" (October nights- Yellowcard) Yeah i know it didnt fit to well but i love that song.
what do you think about summer: "And she'll have fun fun fun till her daddy takes her T-bird away."-Fun Fun Fun, Beach Boys
what about morning: "swallowed up in the sound of my screaming cannot cease for the fear of silent nights oh how i long for the deep sleep dreaming the goddess of imaginary light.." (Imaginary- Evanescense)
what do you think about revenge: "So how does it feel? How does it feel? 'Cause it's tearing me apart How does it feel? How does it feel? 'Cause it's tearing me apart....You've been replaced by a prettier face so look who's crying now.." (How does it feel- Sugarcult)

Survey 2)
You and Yourself
1) What's your name? - Beth
2) Do you like your name? - Eh
3) What other names were your parents going to name you? - Chelsea.. Anne
4) And if you were born the opposite sex? - Ryan
5) What is the most annoying name? - I don't know
6) What is the most attractive name? - Tyler.. Teddy.. wee
7) Ever wish you were a member of the opposite sex? - Yeah
8) How often do you wash/bathe? - Everyday
9) Where do you shave? - Haha.. tongue.. chin.. you know how it is (;
10) How do you relax? - music
11) What are your pet peeves? - A lot of shit

>> You and Others
1) Who is your best friend? - Tara and Teddy
2) Why are they your best friend? - Cause I can talk to them and I love them
3) Do you have many enemies? - umm.. yea like one
4) Do you find it easy to get along with other people? - Yeah
5) Do you talk to strangers? - I guess?
6) Prefer to talk to people younger or older than you? - Older
7) Are you patient when talking to others? - Sure
8) How to you deal with people that annoy you? - Avoid them.
9) Would you say you are polite? - When I need to be
10) Do you talk to your neighbours? - I wave and say hi sometimes
11) If you see an accident or incident, do you inquire about it? - Yeah.

>> You and Love
1) Are you in a relationship with anyone? - Yes
2) If so, do you think he/she is 'the one'? -- Who knows
3) If not, are you currently looking? - Nope
4) Would you ever have an affair, and why? - Nope, cuz if i go out with someone it means i really like them and really want to be with them, and only them.
5) Do you agree with casual sex? - I guess
6) Would you have a relationship with someone that already had children? - Maybe later in life
7) How old do you want to be when you marry? - No later than 30
9) What would you call your future children? (Male and Female) - too much thinkin involved.. tooo tired
10) Would you ever marry an 80-year-old millionaire? - No
11) What is your age limit for relationships? - 14-18

>> You and Life
1) What do you want as a future career? - I dunno.. Doctor?
2) What are your ambitions? - Not sure
4) Believe in growing old disgracefully? - Huh?
5) How would you want to die? - I'm not sure..matters if im alone or not
6) How would you want your funeral? All the people I loved and saying happy memories
7) Would you kill yourself if a loved one died? - I'm not sure
8) If you had one last request, what would it be? - To maybe.. uhh be with ted for the rest of my life
9) If you only had a month to live, what would you do? - everything
10) What is the point of life? - Still trying to figure that one out
11) What are you living for? - Friends, family, ted , music ...

>> What is your opinion on...
1) The war against Iraq? - I don't really know
2) Discrimination? - Bad
3) Smacking children? - Umm.. bad
5) The fire service strikes? - What?
6) Obesity? - America
7) Online dating? - Stupid.
8) Adultery? - Bad
10) Vegetarian diets? - Eh..sure?
11) Self harm? - No comment
>> You and Situations
1) If you could save only one person from a burning building, your favoured parental figure or a doctor with the knowledge to cure a disease such as HIV or cancer, whom would you save? - God.. I would say my grandpie... but nvm
2) If you (or your other half) were expecting a child, but were told that due to unfortunate complications, only the mother or child could be saved, which would you let die? - I would die.
3) If you were trapped in a lift that was about to collapse with a elderly lady and a young boy, who has the right to escape first? - The young boy.
4) How would you react if you came home and caught your best friend cheating on your trusted other half? - Kick both their ass's.
5) Would you sacrifice your own life for a loved one or family member? - Yup .. in a second
6) Would you ever donate any of your organs to anyone, either a loved one or a total stranger that needed it? -Yeah
7) Would you ever abort your own child, or place them up for adoption if they were disabled or unplanned? - No.. not at all
8) If your best friend's other half was cheating on them, and you knew, would you tell your friend, or confront his other half? - I don't know
9) How would you react if your own child was a murderer and placed on death row? Would you campaign for or against their life? - Not sure
10) If a family member or loved one were killed either through an accident or murder, would you demand justice, the killer’s death, or try and forgive them? - If it was murder, than die
11) Finally, if you were called up for war, would you go for your country, or refuse and face jail? - Go for my country.

Name: Beth

Name on birth certificate: Bethany Jean Weber

Nicknames: Be, Beth, Bethie, Stawberry Shorty, ..other things lol.. too many

Screen Name: alot..mostly BOARDERlineCHIC

yahoo: none

When is your birthday?: April 27th

Eye color: Grayish blue

Hair color: Brownish lightish redish

Natural Hair Color: brown

Who do you love/like: Ted

Who is your best friend?: That's already been answered.

Who is your girl crush?: Tara! hahahaha... wee.. that was funny

Who is your boy crush?: Look up about 3 questions

Your favorite people? (Up to 10):

1 -- Ted
2 -- Tara.
3 -- Whore
4 -- Ku
5 -- Lexii
6 -- Mike
7 -- Alex
8 -- Bert-Quinn-Jeph-Brenden
9 -- Mo
10 -- Ollie


Outfit: Jeans, white shirt, black hoodie, socks, bra, thong, hehe.

Hairstyle: up in a clippy thing

Jewelry/Accessories: 3 necklaces.. earrings

Underwear: Black.

Do drugs: Nope

Wear dark colors: Yeah

Dye your hair: Sometimes

Shave strange places: My tongue? Is that strange? (; Hah. You wish.


Kissed someone: Yeah

Killed someone: Yeah.. a few (;

Been raped: those questions are stupid

Smoked: Yeah

Gotten Drunk: Yeah.

Worn rainbow: .. dont think so

Talked on the phone for over 3 hours: Aha, yeah.

Left the country: yup

Had a party with over 30 people: Yep

Taken nude pictures: haha.. afraid so

Stolen something: yup

Caught something on fire: yeah

Cheated on someone: ..... once... i swear to god...teddy i never meant it.. and im so sorry for it.. i love you so much*

Wanted to cheat on someone: nah

Asked someone out: nope

Been dumped: yup

Dumped someone: yup.

Had a dream, then the next day it happens: yeah


Cat/Dog: Dog

White/Black: black

Hot/Cold: cold

Far/Near: near.

Water/Land: water.


Online/Phone: both.

Beer/Book: beer... lol.. i meant book*

Novel/Poetry: poetry.

Music/Silence: music.

~DREAM MATE~ shall i describe my loved one? yes.

Short/Long Hair: in the middle.

Preppy/Dorky/Druggie: Haha.. my boyfriend now is a dork.. hehe* You know i love you..

Freckles/No Freckles: none or a few

Hair Color: dark brown

Hat/No hat: depends

Makeup/No Makeup: No make up inless some eyeliner and black nailpolish... yum!

Dressy/Casual: casual

Holding hands/Holding 'other body parts': both

i <3 ted.


You Touched: Mom.

You Talked to: Tara.

You Hugged: Daddy

You Kissed: Lovey.. weee

You Instant messaged: tara

Who broke your heart: emerson.... :/


Understanding: Yeah

Open-minded: Yeah

Arrogant: Nah

Insecure: Yeah.

Interesting: I guess

Hungry: Not right now.

Smart: Nope.

Moody: I can be

Childish: Yeah

Independent: Not really

Hard working: Sometimes.

Healthy: Yeah

Emotionally Stable: No.

Shy: Sometimes.

Difficult: Sometimes.

Attractive: No

Bored Easily: Yes.

Thirsty: Yeah

Obsessed: Nope

Angry: Yeah

Sad: Yeah

Happy: Ehh sometimes

Trusting: Yeah

Ill: A wee bit.. ::sneezes:: Hehe

Talkative: When I want to

Ignored: Not a lot

Reliable: Yeah.

Self-disciplined: No.

Sleepy: Yeah

Lonely: Right now

Word Association
-dog- MoOllie
-brown- Mr. Hankey
-hot- cocoa
-water- im thirsty
-bed- nice
-flower- rose.
-cold- warm.
-love- ted.
-cow- moooo
-car- cooper
-sex- fun!
-phone- sex
-ring- tone
-God- is great
-friend- ship.
-swim- PE
-rock- Onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
-sweet- candy.
-bad- boy.
-tree- christmas tree.
-school- sucks.
-summer- nice.
-picture- ted<3.
-fast- slow.
-boat- water?
-shower- hot.
-feather- turkey?.
-ear- muffs.
-vomit- Ew
-baby- guRL .
-light- bright
-blood- red


Do You...
-have a pool?- yup
-have cable?- yeah.
-watch MTV?- sometimes.
-have a waterbed?- nope
-like cookies?- who doesn't?.
-have DVDs?- yah.
-like cheese?- yup.
-have a watch?- umm i think so.. i dont wear it though
-have ICQ?- no.
-sing in the shower?- yeaa.
-have a cell phone?- i did.. meep.
-keep a photo album?- yeah.
-drink water?- yeah.
-like roller coasters?- LOVE them.
-drive?- not legally.
-have a best friend?- many.
-know what TVU is?- nope.
-listen to online radio stations?- nope.
-send e-mail forwards?- nope.
-like the heat?- nope.


Food (do you like...)
-tacos?- yeah
-bread?- yeah
-veggies?- yeah
-pizza?- yeah
-doritoes?- Yeah
-pretzles?- Yeah
-chocolate?- Yeah.
-garlic?- It's alright
-veal?- meep.. : (.. thats mean
-hamburgers?- Yeah.
-chicken?- yeah
-hot dogs?- sure
-ice cream?- Yeah
-hot pockets?- YEAH
-popcorn?- yeah
-pop tarts?- Yeah
-salad?- <333333
-coke?- Eh
-pepsi?- Yeah
-gatorade?- Eh


-How many times do you update your journal?-often
-How many hours do you spend on here?- Online? Lots, well not not, i'm not allowed on <3
-How does your journal look?- Stupid, go ahead and look at it
-How many icons do you have?- 3
-Can you do any of those cool LiveJournal overrides?- yeah I guess
-Do you have music on your journal?- nope
-Do you update your journal with font colors?- no?.
-How many communities do you belong to?- 1
-Do you remember your very first entry?- nope

more later.. im out..

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Whew. Yeah! [06 Dec 2003|01:50pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | the used<333 ]

It's snowing. ::Dances:: So pretty. I love the snow so much. I think it's so amazing how every snowflake is different. Snow, it reminds me of Anthony. It's so wierd too. We went out about this time. It's been like 8 months since we went out. I remembering my little cousin coming over like the day before we went out, and remembering being outside in the snow, and missing him so bad I was about to cry. Then went inside and talk to him and felt like the happiest and luckyiest girl in the world. Boy, was I wrong. God, its so wierd how things can feel so right sometimes and then you finally realize how horrible and wrong you were. I love the Used. So I watched their DVD that came with Maybe Memories, because I havent watched it in like
eight-thousand years. God my feelings for them, ahh they are indescribable. They are so god talented and amazing. Today is Tara Noelle's Birthday. The day that she was an annoying little baby crying her eyes out giving her parents a huge headache. The day when she came out of her mothers vagina covered in blood. The day she made her mom and dad have to sit in a hospital all day and wait for a baby to come flying out. The day that she made a mess of someones floor. Yes, today is the day. We are all so glad that today happened because without it we would of never had my best friend.
Also, Happy Birthday Michael Rydell. I miss you. ::Hugs:: Happy 16th Birthday.
I think I may go outside and play in the snow, then again maybe not, who knows. :Dances: Nevermind Tara came back, I shall go talk to the birthday girl. Weee! I love her.

I love you Teddy Bear : *

You're so crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
You're so crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
You're so crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
I'd probably say in a way you destroyed me


The day that she was an annoying little baby crying her eyes out giving her parents a huge headache. The day when she came out of her mothers vagina covered in blood. The day she made her mom and dad have to sit in a hospital all day and wait for a baby to come flying out.

tarac1684: you are misinformed young lady
tarac1684: i never came popping out of my mother's vagina, she had a c-section
tarac1684: and there was no sitting around, it was planned
tarac1684: and i didn't cry, i almost died so i was in an incubator for a week

my bad

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+ ) I just talked to my two favorite people. Wee. [05 Dec 2003|04:52pm]
[ mood | mourning ) _+ ]
[ music | I'm burning for you- Blue Oyster Cult ]

Ello! It's flurrying. : ) That makes me very happy and excited. So let's see, It's been like three days, wow long time. lol. So you see, I am listening to Blue Oyster Cult, and yea, I havent listened to them, in about a year and 1/2. I forgot how much I love them.

Yes. Hmm. No. I don't feel like writing because well I am cool like that. So Tara has a new journal, yup. Roar. It's her birthday tomorrow. Woot Wangsta! ::Polkas:: So you see, I talked to Tara when I got home, it was fun. Haha. She sang a really bad few notes so I recorded them so the whole world can hear. (; You know I'm just kitten---meow. I think I just pressed update but nothing showed up, so who knows. I'm not fixing it if I did. So you see then I get of the phone with Tara Noelle and then Lovely calls-- ( :. It was happyness because I got to talk to them both. And we talked for a while. And yes, I just got off the phone with him. Meep.

Oh yes, you all. Today is the day we mourn the death of Mr. Hannibal Bunny. He pretty much died. I had him since 3rd Grade. So sad. ) _+ Makes beth want to cry.

Thank you. I cant write anymore. Too upset.

) _:

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random rambling [02 Dec 2003|06:23pm]
[ mood | crappy ]
[ music | rescue me- unwritten law ]

Well you see.. Today was wierd. It was one of those days that you didnt like, and would love to eliminate from your life.

Well it started out by walking in and getting smuggled with my daily snuggly from Alex. Then I talk to him for a while and move on ward, and then all of the sudden I see, well jee golly Whore and TARA! Woot! That made me happy. I passed out on Whore because I didnt feel to good. Then the bell rang, I went upstairs with Whore, went into the bathroom because I didnt want to go to Math, and I saw Alex! : D That also made me happy. She was putting on makeup. Hehe. So I talked to her for a bit then went to Math. Math was stupid, then went to english. I got to see Hawley and Ethan. By 2nd period I felt so sick I thought I was going to die, but Ethan made me feel a wee bit better with his jokes and smiles. ( : Then went to free and saw uhh so many people. I got really sick and ran into the bathroom. Threw up. Yeah I know I'm cool. Walked out. And when I was walking back to where everyone was I saw the most depressing looking person in my life, they made me want to cry. I walked into the bathroom went into a stall, and cried. God It was so pathetic. Then that ended, I went onto my way up to latin. I saw Tara Noelley and Emo and Alex and Nicole and Zach and Weee other people!! Then chit chatted and went to latin with Emo. Hmm yeah. Twas Fun I guess. ::sneezes:: Then I went to lunch. I dont know. I just really wish I could know what people were thinking at times.
Lunch. God oh mighty, lunch was depressing me. I was with Manda, Zach, White, Nicolee, and Smoker. I was in between Alex and Zach. I kept looking at Zach wondering what he was thinking. Then I looked over his shoulder and saw Alexa and a bunch of other people. I hate knowing people who have so much pain inside them and they just hide it with a smile. Its what I do, I shouldnt but I do, but I hate it when they people I love so much hide their pain. They just smile and pretend everythings okay. I looked at certian people and saw the pain in their eyes, god what I wouldnt give to know what they were thinking or feeling. Like in Latin, this girl was staring at the floor just tapping her pen. I couldnt help but look at her. Her eyes pierced my skin with pain, she was about to just lose it and start crying. God. I wished I knew the pain she felt and what she was thinking. I wish I knew everyones pain and take it away, cure it, make them all better.
Hmmf. Taras birthday is on Saturday and Mandas is on Friday. I hope Tara was a great birthday because she doesnt seem to excited about it. Well I hope all my little fun stuff I have planned will make her birthday a good one. I think Tara was mad at me today or upset with me. She didnt seem happy. ) : Yet I was too selfish and went to class without asking her what was wrong because I didnt feel good. Sorry for that tara. ) +. I love you Tara. I hope you arent mad at me.

Wow. Random amazement. There are bubbles in my water. And its not bubbly water.

Okay. I am going to finish talking to all these people that are online that I love you. Okay. Thank you.


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BLURTY HATES BETHANY.. WOOT! [01 Dec 2003|08:16pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | random x-mas songs ]

Hellossssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss. : D..

Yeah.. recaping last night and today- in no order

-tara pants-ed me 2 times.. well tried.. i think the 2nd time you succeeded a wee bit
-got attacked by hawley with hits
- pinned zachs shoe with a little ribbon.. and he kept it on the whole day ( -: .. it made me really happy
- talked on the phone with lexi and dan
- was imformed about taras dream
- had a talk with manda bout our band.. we've come up with 4 new songs.. : ]
- wanted to die
- got yelled at
- felt sicklyyyyy
- other stuff

i'll update more later.
i cant deal with this thing.
i love you all [specially teddy and noelle tara]

Tara Noelles Birthday is in 5 days. I love you!!

go home alone

crippled by the sound of my frustration.. too much noise and way to much intoxication.. [29 Nov 2003|07:39pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | inside X from nothing ]

I..I.. am soo bored.
Please god take me away from this boredom. I need a life. I have decided it. I love my uncle but he was just acting real sketchy and like just standing behind me for like 10 minutes. ::shivers:: A little wierd. I hear the Christmas tree ski slope going around and around my tree. It's the coolest thing, we have had it for like 5 years, it majorly kicks ninja ass.
When in my teddy going to be home. The world may never know. When is my tara noelle whos birthday is in 7 days going to be home. ::Frowns:: The world may never know. So here I am , alone. And that just got a song in my head by the Used of course, "now i'm ready to be free, so here i am, it's in my hands, and i'll savor every moment of this, so here i am, alive at last, and i'll savor every moment of this, won't you think i'm pretty when i'm standing top the bright lit city, and i'll take your hand and pick you up, and you there to so you can see, as long as you're alive and care, i promise i will take you there, and we'll drink and dance the night away ", heh I guess I got carried away. Silly me. I'm eating a candycane. I could live on these thing's all winter. I swear, getting candy canes, like 100 of them, would be the best Christmas gift to wake up to. I would be like yum! I'm so bored I am going to make up a song for my candy cane.

::clears throat::

Here we go, tell me what you think..

Ode to thy Candycane:

Candy cane, so yummy.
So redish and stripish whitish.
You kinda look like swedish fish in the red kind of way
and kinda of like a squished up mashmallow because of the white strip.
Ode to thy Candycane.
You are so Yummy.
You make me want to rub my Tummy.
You are better than chinese food and baked ziti mixed together in a bowl,
(Dans solo) i can throw em all down a big black hole*
Oh, Oh Candycane. I love you so.
You are better than my big toe.
If I could, I would grow old, with thy candycane.
So yummy.
Yum yum yum!
Candy cane you are my best friend.
Yum yum yummy yum yum!
Candy cane.
Ohh (guitar solo) Candycane
(Mariah Carey jumps in with her mad crazii high voice) Ode to candycane
(whispers) Ode to thy candycane
Ode to thy candycane
Ode to thy candycane
Ode to thy candycane.

Thank you.

Please everyone tell me what you think about it.

*BOARDERlineCHIC: haha what does that have to do with a candy cane?
Darkness of 2012: youre throwin all the other foods down a hole
Darkness of 2012: just for the candy cane

Edit: Ted and Dan both think the song kicks.

last cigarette: ...God.. like a year ago

last car ride: Yesterday

last kiss: Ted<33

last good cry: last night

last library book checked out: I don't know..I tend to buy books because I never return them on time

Last movie seen: Elffff foo

last book read: The biography of Shakespeare

last cuss word uttered: Mother Fucka.. and much more.. when I was playing videogames

last beverage drank: Stuff.

last food consumed: A candycane.. duh

last crush: Ted.. does he count?

last phone call: Dan ....ewwwww...and teddy<3.. im not sure which one was the most recent

last TV show watched: South parkkkkkkkkkkkk

last time showered: yesterday.. but as soon as im finished with this im going to take onee.. cuz i love showers... ::dances::

last shoes worn: These high hooker shoes. ::nods::

last cd played: The new blinkie

last downloaded: TARZAN and JANE!

last annoyance: Videogames

last disappointment: I didnt talk to teddy that much yesterday.. :[

last soda drank: Spritee

last thing written: A poem

last word spoken: Dannnnnnnnnnnnnn.. it was his voicemail

last sleep: 4 hours ago.

last im: Lyssieee

last sexual fantasy: involved you, me, and a bottle of maple syrup

last weird encounter: Excuse me?

last time amused: Today

last time wanting to die: ..i dunno

last time in love: ;)

last time hugged: Yesterday

last time scolded: I don't know

Last time scolding: I don't know

last time resentful: Hmm.. i have no idea

last chair sat in: The one I am sitting in right now

last underwear worn: ::looks:: ..a red thong with candy canes on it.. heh ::dances::

last time dancing: this morning

last poster looked at: all my posters in my room.. i give them equal love cuz they are all so beautifu

last webpage visited:


Didja like mahhh song?

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blah. don't read if you go by the name of ted. [29 Nov 2003|08:54am]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]
[ music | again X lenny kravitz ]

Ted, Do not read this entry if you love meh.

::Hugs:: I missed you all. I hope you missed *me* Heh.
Cape Cod was good, soo much family. I got to see all my favorist cousins- thats like all of them. Yeah hmm umm ::giggles:: Hi!

Alexa Faith<3 I heart you. I hope everything works out for you and your *love*. You deserve the best and I know you'll make the best desision. Do what your heart tells you. Member all the advice I told you. :D Ilu.

Tara Noelle! My love! ::bigs hugs:: Oh how I missed you so and yea.. psh.. Brenden is done for. Hah. Oh yeah.. dan if you are reading this.. because somehow you have my journall.. dont stalk tara.. she doesnt like it. Yep. Thanks.

Oh yes. Now times for beths complaining and confusion that she needs help with. A certain someone has been acting different. Meep. He talks about this certian girl like every 5 minutes, he likes this certian someone. but just wont tell me. I am incredibly in love with him and dont know what to do. My hearts telling me not to do anything and stay with him because I dont know if I will ever find anyone so perfect for me. Then another part of me is so hurt, that he thinks about another girl and loves being with another girl, when I, am completly in love with him and hes all I think about. My heart breaks just thinking about it. I can't find myself not being with this person. He's like a part of me. Tara told me last night that nobody in, she referred to it as, our "circle of friends", likes Ted. So last night I went to bed and realized I dont care. I love him that much. I don't care if my friends dont like him, because I love him. If they dont want to accept that and live with him and give him a chance, okay, i'm okay with that. I mean I love all my friends and I love ted, but if they dont want to accept him, thats okay. Meep. I dont know what to do.

Anybody got any advice for me? I would really appreciate it. Oh yea and could you leave it anonymous so I take know who it is. Thanxs.
<3 Beth.

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Entry for Tara Noelle and Theodore Burton [ha. sry babez couldnt resist]- and everybody else. [26 Nov 2003|10:00am]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | U + Me = Us(calculus) X 2-gether ]

I am directing this Note to my two lovelys but its also for everybody elseee.
Tara Noelle and Teddy Bear

Oh how I love you two so very mucho. My two favoritest peoples in the entiesss world. The people I can always count on. I love you guys! Heh.

Whos playing hooky?

Lemme hear ya say... Beth!!!

Who didnt wanna wake up this morning?

Lemme hear ya say... Beth!!!

Who wanted to be lazy?

You plus sign me equal sign us

Lemme hear you say..



Haha. Yup I'm good. Wow I'm hyper. So my two lovelys I am leaving today. ::sniffle sniffle tear tear:: I will missie you two both very mucho even though I am going to only be gone for like 3 days. Heh. But then again that is along time to be apart from the people that make me. God I'm going be going crazy. Teddy Bear imma gonna call you thursday night and Tara noelle .. sometime lol.. randomly.. cuz I'm random. I'll prolly wake you up at like 3 am just cuz.. I love you. Mehhhh. Hehhh. I'm listening to 2-gether lyrics you know how it is.

I'm losing my hair and my vision is shady last night I dreamt of an overweight lady but I need a young thing to keep up with my pace to hold me in her arms and take me straight to second base. I know my calculus, it says you plus me equals us, I know my calculus, it says you plus meequals us. Calculus....your algebra and trigonometry could never equal up to what you do to me so lets integrate differenciate if you were in my class there ain't no way I could pass. I hate english, gym, and not to mention, I can't even afford to pay my attention
If phylosophy should ever come between us but we'll always have our calculus. I know my calculus it says you + me = us. I know my calculus it says you + me = us. Calculus. You say calculus. Oh baby oh lord! Oh us I say you + me = us oh...yeah I've never been good at history and I don't give a crap about robert e. lee. When it comes to co signs I know a thing or two and I kicked ass on the test about me and you.

Haha. Who has two much time on their hands...

Lemme hear ya say...


Meep. Meep. Yeah Imma gonna go take a shower. I'll write more in a little bit. I love you two!!

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