01:51pm 16/12/2003
mood: anxious
music: Aus-Rotten Modern Day Witch Hunt
Holly shit. Havint updated in forever! Yeah. A lot of shits been goin on. I met this awsome girl named Gillian. Shes so great. I'm gonna ask her out tomorrow. Well I was today but everything went to shit. Yea. My band has a show on the 20th at Sara's house go to the website for more detals. I saw Battalion of Saints...fuckin great. It was by far the werid'ist show i've been to.. wow, you had to be there to understand. Then I saw Career Soliders. That was much fun. All the bands were badass, except for the Christan Club. They were fuckin horrible! Yeah. I'm going to the Lower Class Brats/Defiance on Christmas day. Anyone wanna give me a ride? :) Please! Yea. Not much else to say.
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Finally, an update!   
07:30pm 04/12/2003
mood: aggravated
music: Disrupt- Smash Divisions
Just got home from band pracitce. Pretty lame. Willy kept pissin me off with his 90 minute guitar solos. But we didn't really "practice" more of just Will and Luke fuckin around with there instrements. Then Chris came buy and gave me my refund. Then Chris, Luke, Eli and I all hung out and fucked around. Then I watched the Sweet Tarts pracitce, good shit. Then yeah. Not much else to say. Pretty boring. I'm doubting if I should go to the show Saterday. Nydia and Mandy are gonna be there and probably more stupid people that I don't know. Pretty lame. But I wan't a Career Soldiers back patch and possible a shirt. Speakin of shirts, I just got a new shirt from Jon today. An Aus-Rotten one. Thanks Jon! Yea, December 20th My bands next show. Go there!!!
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02:49pm 29/11/2003
mood: tired
music: Bumbklaatt- Rotting Heads
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06:51pm 27/11/2003
music: The Profits- Another Day
Battalion Of Saints in 2 days motha fucka!!!!! Can't wait! Then December.6 Gonna see Career Soliders :) Then I'll probably end up goin to the Defiance/Lower Class Brats/Cheap Sex/Voids, but I'm not planning on it. I really wanna see Start Strangled Bastards on the 9th. That would be badass. Yea. Thanks Giving went well. My famiely didn't do anything special. We just stayed home. Yeah. I wan't money! Someone be nice and give me some.
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What the fuck!?   
06:47pm 27/11/2003
mood: retarded
music: Capitalist Casualties- Return to Hell
If I ever act that fuckin emo again. Please, someone slap the shit outta me. What the fuck was I thinking??
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08:34pm 23/11/2003
mood: jealous
music: Aus-Rotten- Second Rape
Theres no words I can say that explanes my feelings right now. A lot of shits been goin down. Fuck. I just got a gun lastnight, its right in front me, its lookin real good. I'm thinkin about blasting my fuckin brains out. But, suicide isn't the answer....
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05:25pm 16/11/2003
mood: dirty
music: Peter and the Test Tube Babies- Oral Annie
..Wow! Last night was so much fuckin fun. Man, My first show. Good times. Okay, so. About an hour before the show RcX and my band "Jade Hazard" were all alone in Eli's house. We thought watching porn was the best way to get pumped up before playing a show. Haha. Man, good times. Except for the strawbarry girl! Ewwww!!!!! Haha. So we went to Rubens around six " when the show was suppossed start " but KNOWONE was there. But about an half an hour people actually showed up. Around seven'ish? And the first band played " Profile-49" I got really nervious when they were ending there set, cause I knew my band was next. :\ but next thing you know, we're up on stage playing our set. It was so fuckin awsme. First show. Then I got to intro RcX, Haha. I got to sing some songs with them to, good times. Then 124534 hours later Mantra finally set up. Everybody ran to the front for them. But about two songs later. Two girls were flashing the shit outta people, so everyone went over there insted of seeing Mantra, Haha. I got to see some boobies. Then Ruben brung out 2 bottles of vodka and was passing it around. I got a shit load of vodka. Haha. Then Lisanna Jessy and Blanch were all haggin out, messing around with each other...hint, hint, wink, wink. I got a good buzz goin. Then Leo, Hahaha. Leo was soooof fucked up, holly shit. He was gone. I was all over Jessy for a wile. Then Mantra ended there set. Then we were all haggin out in Ruben's front yard and his sister pulls up with a huge bottle of Captin Morgan and Malibu. Jessy, Ruebn and I were all over that shit, like that. We were all around the dinning table wile eveyone watched us, and Jessy was taking like 6 shots like nothing and keep going going and going and I was trying to kep up with her. Ruben and I were takin shots together. Good times man. Then everybody went out side, and we were all just chillin, and Jessy and I were all over each other. Then like, the next thing I know, we were makin out like crazy. We made out for like 5 mins. Then everyone was buggin us so we went across the street behind somthing.. I don't rember what it was. And we just made out for like ever. Then went into The bathroom and yea... I don't wanna say to much. But before anything could happen Blanch came in and pulled Jessy away n shit. So I went into Rubens room with everyone and the second I walk in Scott had a fuckin gun to my head.. I was fuckin scared shit'less. But thank god he put it down. So we all just chilled in Rubens room. and thats all I pretty much rember.. Haha. yea, great first show. I fuckin love being in a Roclk 'N' Roll band, such great times. I can't wait till out next show!
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09:48pm 09/11/2003
mood: cynical
music: The Ejected- I'm Gonna Get A Gun
saterday was pretty boring, i didn't get to do much, cuz of my bitchy moms b-day dinner shit, so i ended up haggin around the house doing absolutly nothing. then around 5'ish i drove up2 joeys, sence there was nothin better to do and i wanted to go to taang and hill crest to get some cds cuz i was lodad with cash and i wanted to spend it all. but saterday night was lame, joey and i jes hung around the house, watched some movies and played hang man, but i bought a macc lads cd and a battalion of saints shirt at the muse and we has some hot choclet(spelling?? bleh) at clares. then this morning, we drove up2 taang and i bought 2 rudimentary peni cds and a condemed84 7'' then we went back to joeys and had lunch at the pizza joint at the end of the block, then we walked to hill crest and i got a crass patch for my vest and a uk subs cd. then i came home and talked to my love..nydia. yea, thats pretty much it yo.. peace!
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This weekend   
12:47pm 08/11/2003
mood: tired
music: Oi Polloi- Nuclear Waste
So last night, i ended up goin to the movies with kameron, alex and brent. we saw elf..haha, funny shit. it reminded me of nydia to much tho, lmao. yea, so today, im gonna go to drive up to joeys house and go to taang. so i can spend all my money, i jes found 40 bux this morning, so im gonna go spend it all on cds, maybe ill buy some studs, but i doubt it, yea, i really wanted to go to the bumbklaatt show today, BUT my i have to celabrate my moms 42'nd birthdat dinner at red lobster, blarg. yea, im gonna go back to sleep...peace
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Wut to do this weekend...?   
02:47pm 07/11/2003
mood: excited
music: No Innocent Victim- Renunion
wensday night, i drove up to north park to visit joey. We hung out at his place for a little bit and got bored so we went across the street to the muse, to check some shit out. i talked to this one guy that worked there for like and hour. we talked about fear, and la bands n shit, it was fuckin crazy. yea... then we had pizza at this lil pizza joint down the street, where we always eat. and then i went home and got bored and talked to nydia

thursday afternoon, went to band practice. didn't go to well for me, amp doesn't fuckin work. gah. after that we chilled in the living room with rcx, good times. then we bought a domain. but the mother fuckers ripped us off! then i went home and yea..

today... uuhh nothin happend so far, thinkin about driving up to joey's or somthin, i still can't wait till i get all my shit. :-) haha, well im gonna go do some shit or somthin, idk
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04:14pm 05/11/2003
mood: amused
music: Conflict- The Ungovernable Farce
im gonna order some shit off the internet, im not tellin you where, cuz i don't want some retard having the same shit im gettin. but yea, heres a list of wut im gettin

Skeptix back patch

Dirt patch and a Dirt shirt

Doom patch, another Doom patch and a Doom shirt

Amebix patch

Capitalist Casualties shirt

Disrupt patch


Wolf Pack patch

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07:51pm 02/01/1970
mood: busy
music: Cock Sparrer- Where are they now?

Skinhead- You believe in the working class man.
Perhaps you are one yourself. Your boots are
shined and ready to stomp some rich boys. If
you could only get those damn Nazi Punks to
stop calling themselves skinheads.

What kind of punk are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

hahaha, soo lame. Anywho...I'm gonna get things in order for my journal tonight probably, so keep comming back!
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new blurty   
07:04pm 01/01/1970
mood: busy
music: The Vibrators- Wips and Furs
Hey, jes made a new blurty, ugh. Haha. Im at skool listing to my cds, i got a lot of work to do, so ill ttyl, bye!
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