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Pah.... [29 Oct 2004|01:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | ~Passions~ ]

I'm so bored. I haven't posted in here in a while; I was tempted to start posting on lj again b/c there are more people there but I'm still thinking about it. Charlie and I got a new car(a 95' Dodge Neon) b/c the Mustang's transmission is almost dead...which I guess it's about time b/c it has well over 300,000 miles on it.
It looks like I won't be able to start college until the Summer; which is fine, and actually I'm not really even frustrated about it. I think it'll be alot better for me. For one thing my GED graduation ceremony is at the end of March and I would have been in school at that time; now I won't have anything else to worry about and I can focus on that. Plus I'm not a very skilled driver and that'll give me time to practice. Also I was starting to get really nervous and worried--and I know I'll still be nervous--but if I'm secure in my driving and if I've already driven myself up to the school and possibly watched some of the classes and gotten the feel of things I won't be so worried about it all.
Dax is doing alot better w/his housetraining...he's still not perfect but he's getting alot better. Charlie still gets really mad at him for all that but for the most part now I think he's just having accidents b/c he's only peed inside 3 times this whole month which is really good(I think) b/c he's only 4 months old and I just recently found a really good way to train him.
I'm getting really excited about Christmas...Charlie and I already have 5 presents bought and wrapped and we have all the ornaments and lights ready for a christmas tree. This year we're going to get our tree the day after Thanksgiving most likely. Well, I guess that's all for now.

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Still nothing.... [06 Sep 2004|05:05pm]
[ mood | silly ]
[ music | CSI: Crappy Sunuva Inchworm ]

Well, nothing's happening here(as usual). Dax has a vet appointment tomorrow...then we'll probably work on the truck...b/c it's "fixed" but it "broke" again. And I vacuumed out my side of the car(Charlie was working on the other side and wouldn't let me. Sometime(prolly once we sell the truck) we're going to look at getting me a car...which would be REALLY freaking nice, I'd like to get out everyonce and a while. Plus I want to get a job; I'm trying to get my school stuff taken care of first. I've been studying for the SAT and I called and asked about everything: The SAT (through the college--I'll prolly call a highschool and ask how they do things) can only be taken once and is $30...the COMPASS can only be taken once as well but is free. Well, that's it...

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Bla.... [02 Sep 2004|02:07pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | *Passions* on TV ]

Nothing's been happening here lately...Charlie hasn't mowed the grass in FOREVER!!!! And we still don't have the tile put in(I really can't wait until we put the carpet in... Eventually we're going to move the desk into the kitchen and put the bakers rack in the hallway--it'll look good once we get it all moved b/c the tile will be throughout the kitchen, hall and bathroom. I'm having to download a new copy of adobe photoshop b/c we can't find ours *dammit* so hopefully the one that I'm downloading will work right.

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ridiculousness.... [24 Aug 2004|04:06pm]
[ mood | infuriated ]
[ music | Clint doing his homework... ]

Well, while Charlie and I were home visiting my family and picking up Charlie's aunt Pam's dog Charlie's grannie died. We finished everything we were doing down there and drove back up to Dalton on Monday night...the whole ride back sucked pretty bad b/c Pam's dog would not shut the hell up...we didn't get home until around 4am Tuesday. Then we didn't get any sleep b/c Pam's dog would NOT SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Anyways...the viewing and funeral for Grannie was today so early this morning Charlie took his mom and brother up to the funeral home and dropped them off.

When he got home he called his aunt Pam and told her he was going to go ahead and bring her dog over(that way we could get rid of the noisy ass thing) and Pam was like "oh no, we won't be home any today so you'll have to bring her by later". Even though we wouldn't be home either, Charlie said ok so we ended up having to deal w/it until we left for the funeral. When we got there everything went pretty well, but alot of people there were being ridiculous about Charlie's mom. Like you could see them very obviously talking about her and stuff. Throught most of the funeral though it was fine...after the funeral Charlie went home to get Pam's dog so they could take it home. As soon as Charlie left Pam tried to start crap w/Charlie's mom and was acting like a complete child. It was ridiculous. Anways, Charlie brought Dax and Pam's dog and everyone seemed to be getting along fine and then Pam started shit up AGAIN and even though everyone was telling her not to act like that since it was her grandmother's FUNERAL they were attending she kept acting like that. Finally Charlie was like "fine if you want to act like a child then we're just going to go ahead and leave". So Pam flipped Charlie off...?!?!?!

Another thing, while we were there we found out that Charlie's aunt Pam has been telling people that Charlie was kicked out of the army b/c he was a child molester....yet again...?!?!?!?! What the hell is up with that? Charlie's little cousin Dusty was talking to Clint and said "I heard Charlie was kicked out of the army b/c he was having sex with kids" and Clint had to tell him it wasn't true and shit...Some of Charlie's family is so retarded...I swear they are...anyways, I just had to vent b/c it pissed me off........

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The new carpet! [14 Aug 2004|10:14am]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | Clint reading his school book... ]

So the new carpet's going to be put in on Monday, WOO HOO! Maybe it's not very exciting to anyone else, but it'll be so nice to get rid of the berber crap that's in here. I'm still not sure when we're getting the tile, but it shouldn't be too long. Sunday the landlady's dropping the new carpet by here and early Monday morning she's going to help us rip it all up. So today we're going to start moving everything into the shed and stuff. Since it's just Clint and me I guess we'll just be moving the small furniture and other stuff that we'd already brought in like DVD's and crap. First I need to shower though....

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Doesn't anyone get on here anymore? [07 Aug 2004|03:55pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | "Almost Over" ~Limp Bizkit~ ]

We've been busy painting here, hopefully next week we'll get our carpet put in. If we get the carpet put in next week maybe **maybe** we could have the tile put in the week after, which would be really nice. I want my dad to come visit sometime soon(after the tile is put down and stuff so that the place will look nice b/c he's picky and I don't wanna hear his shit) It'd just be nice to show him how well Charlie and I are doing. His wife Debbi is being exceptionally nice to me...she must be furious w/Annie...I've been waiting on Annie to get my shot records and send them up here to me and she hasn't and so Debbi offerd to help get them for me. I don't really care who gets them for me, I just need them so I can apply for college.

Not too much has been going on here...I'm trying to housetrain Dax and he's doing really well, but we still have accidents pretty frequently and that's never good. He's only 2 months old though, and when I got "Fred" in ak "Fred" was around 4 months old and Dax is doing MUCH better than Fred was. Dax already understands(as long as you have a treat ready for him) "sit", "speak", and "outside" and he's pretty good about coming when you call him.

I think tonight Charlie and I are going to paint the last bedroom and then we'll be done w/all the painting (Thank goodness!)...we'll have to go around and "touch up" somethings...like the trim and stuff, but we should be able to finish everything by tonight. Tomorrow we're all going to Jack's river to go swimming...my sunburn from last week is still peeling, dangit...and we're taking Dax to see how he'll like it...

My mom had surgery on her knee last week; there was a growth on the end of her bone that her knee cap ended up grinding off and the surgery was to get the "growth" out and replace some cartilage(sp?). She's doing pretty good, she's on crutches(isn't everybody these days?) and she's had to get Annie and William help her get around and stuff...plus lots of physical therapy. Hopefully I'll be able to go to the health department here soon(I'm running low on bcp's)and I know it's about time to get another tetnus shot(dangit). I hope I can get everything free here...in Barnwell I got everything free and we really can't afford to pay for anything right now. Oh well, I guess we'll see. Anyways, I guess I'll get on here later.

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Too much crap... [22 Jul 2004|08:57am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | the A/C and the clock ticking.... ]

Okay Charlie and I moved and are now renting a really cute house. We got our puppy, Daxter, already and he's doing well. He's only had 1 or 2 accidents inside which is really good b/c he's only about 6 weeks old. So everything with the house and dog is going well...I still haven't gotten my GED stuff back...but everything's ok.

Last monday morning Charlie got in a wreck. He's fine, he messed up his knees a little, but nothing major. The honda, however, is totaled. We've been waiting for the other woman's insurance company to give us a quote(Charlie was NOT at fault) and finally they called and we found out that the car had been totaled twice before we got it and was only worth $800. We called our insurance company to confirm everything and it was all correct. Charlie talked to the insurance company and explained that there was NO way he'd be able to get a car for $800 and he finally talked them up to $2800. So that's what we're getting for the Honda. Which is not yet paid off and now the people we are buying it from claim that we owe them more than we really do and that it would be best for Charlie to "just have the insurance company put the check in their name and keep paying on whatever was left over on the car". He told them to fuck off and is talking to a lawyer since now they're trying to be difficult about it.

There are some bright sides...like I said, the house and dog and all are doing great. Plus Chalrie's mom gave him her 87' Mustang. We're sending in stuff now to get a new title for it. We also found a 94' Mazda MX6 that we might be getting for me to drive. It's really pretty :) We're going to test drive it sometime next week. The guy said that if we gave him cash for the Mazda he'd take $1600 for it. I really hope things work out w/that b/c if we paid $1600 for it and had that money left over we could fix up the mustang a little bit and put the rest into savings. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Anyways, I have to get a shower now b4 Dax wakes up.

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AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!! [11 Jul 2004|05:01pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | "I still haven't found what I'm lookin for" ~U2~ ]

Charlie and I have been looking for a new place to live for quite a while now since we wanted to have pets. We found a trailer in the Ga trader and everything seemed good on it so we decided to go look at. Oh the way to see the trailer we got turned around and Charlie asked a man for directions and he wasn't sure where the trailer was, but he pointed out a house that he knew was for rent. The house was soooo cute, but we didn't think it'd be worth trying b/c we assumed it would be too expensive. We took the number anyways and kept looking for the trailer, which we found, and really wasn't bad. We called the lady who owned the houses and set up an appointment to see the house today at 1pm.

Later that night my sister called and said that her mother-in-law had 3 Boston Terrier puppies left that she needed out of the house (she had another dog about to have puppies and she didn't think she could deal w/that many dogs in the house at one time). So she told Annie that if we could get a puppy out of the house by today we could have it for free...even though she had been selling them for about $200 a puppy. So Charlie and I woke up early this morning got dressed and went to check out the house. The woman who owned the had some problems and arrived about 30 minutes late. We looked at the house and it was really really pretty. It needed to be painted a little bit and it could use a new carpet or a steam cleaner, but it was a really beautiful house. We talked to her about rent, having a pet, and the deposit. She told us that if we painted the inside for her(she would supply the paint) we didn't have to pay a deposit. Rent would be $400 a month which would include water, lawn, and garbage. She provided a stove, fridge, and dishwasher. For us to get a pet she said for the first year we could pay $25 extra a month and it would be fine.....we even got to start moving our stuff in today.

So Annie picked up OUR puppy today, a little boy, we named Daxter. Mom and Annie are coming to visit July 30th and they're bringing Dax with them. So I'll get a puppy and we can celebrate Annie and Charlie's birthday. This is so exciting. We're moving the big furniture tomorrow...and the rest of the small stuff...we might even sleep there tomorrow night. So I don't know when the next time I'll be online is....so


^If I'm right it's tomorrow... :) Happy 19th!

I guess I'll be on here later then, hopefully it won't take too long to get everything switched over....

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Woo-Hoo! [01 Jul 2004|01:20pm]
[ mood | busy ]
[ music | ~Charlie playing 'Jak & Daxter'~ ]

I got my GED scores back! These are just what the teacher's graded, so I didn't get my writing scores back yet--those are graded in Atlanta and won't get here for another 3 weeks or so. But here's how everything went:

Test, Standard Score(?/800), US Percentile

Writing, N/A, N/A
Social Studies, 660, 95
Science, 690, 97
Reading, 800, 99
Math, 770, 99

That's what I've gotten back so far, so COURTNEY don't worry so much! Lol, good luck on it all anyways, but you have my FULL vote of confidence!

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We'll see then.... [27 Jun 2004|08:25pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | Frog's on the phone ]

Annie sent me a package in the mail, like, forever ago. It got here Friday, but since Charlie works I can't go pick it up until tomorrow. Also, I haven't gotten my GED scores back. I won't get the *official* results back for another month, but the teacher that tested me grades them and said I would get her grade back by the 23rd. And I STILL haven't gotten them. I talked to Jo(my gay teacher) and he said he heard I did really well. But I don't think he's gotten my scores back either. I think he would have called and told me b/c he's been very supportive and excited for me.

Charlie's truck is messed up....again.... Once I get my GED certificate I'm *really* hoping I can get a job at the hospital in Dalton. Charlie and I could really use the extra money I'd bring in. If I did get a job there I was thinking about looking at used car lots for a good car/truck. That way Charlie and I would have 2 vehicles that weren't so tempermental. B/c right now Charlie drives the car to work and the truck is very undecisive about when it wants to work properly.....

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Testing 1 [18 Jun 2004|05:43pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | "Barely Breathing" ~Duncan Sheik~ ]

Tomorrow I take the GED...I'm kinda nervous about it...and kinda excited at the same time...I liked taking the preGED...and I don't think I'll have a problem passing it but I really really want to get honors. And I'm also going to have to drive tomorrow and I'm really nervous about that...I'm going to have to drive in Dalton by myself and I haven't done that before. I drove up to Wal-Mart and that's it. It's really not that long a distance I have to drive at all...and the traffic shouldn't be bad, so I don't really know why I'm nervous about that.

I'll need to go to bed early tonight since I'm going to have to drive Charlie to work(the truck's being special right now) we'll have to leave here around 5 am...so I'm going to end up getting up probably at 3:30 that way I KNOW I'll have plenty of time and I won't feel so rushed. I washed the clothes I plan on wearing tomorrow and I painted my nails(I know that's gay, but I'm going to be staring in their general direction pretty much all day tomorrow so it'll make me feel better if they look nice)

Oh! I got the new foam condition that Dove put out and I really really like it! I think my hair would look alot better w/it if I didn't have so many split ends(I really need a trim) but I love the conditioner. Also Charlie got a new deodorant and it smells really good. :) Well, I'm going to find something to do over here...

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and the results are! [14 Jun 2004|04:41pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | "3am" ~Matchbox 20~ ]

I finished my preGED today, it wasn't as bad as I thought...except that the science and social studies were pretty hard for me....but then those are my weakest points too :) Here's how I did:

Science: 620
Social Studies: 570
Reading: 800
Math: 610
Writing: 710

Total GED standard score: 331

I'm not sure how these are graded...b/c I got everything right in reading and writing and my writing score was 710...but writing involved an essay and alothough he gave me "perfect" I dunno if they aren't allowed to give anyone a perfect score of not...but then then Charlie says they're all out of 800....but they all(except reading) had 25 ?'s and I got 620 for science and 610 for Math...and Math I think I only got 1 or 2 wrong.

I'm not sure what the highest score you can get on the GED is, but to get your GED with honors you need at least a 260 total score, mine was 331 so Courtney, YOU WILL DO FINE lol, seriously...when I was taking it I felt like I was fuckering everything up and I did good. I might be taking the *real* GED this Saturday, if I do I'll tell you about it, but as of now I'm not completely sure when I'll be able to take it.

And don't cheat b/c there was one problem I got stuck on and my time ran out(the timer started buzzing) and I went and turned the timer off but since there was no one in the room I changed my answer(b/c I thought it was wrong) and I ended up changing it from the right answer to a wrong one...dangit......that's what I get......

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Jobs & college [13 Jun 2004|10:30pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | fans & AC ]

I applied at shop-rite the other day...I was excited at first, but now that I think about it...I don't want to work the hours I'd be getting, I'd only get the most minimum of minimum wage they could legally pay me, I'd have no benifits, they are NOT willing to work around my school schedules, and I'd rarely get to see Charlie. I don't think I'm going to take that job.... Among other things, I've started my application for DSC, the only thing I need is the $20 application fee and my shot record; which I'm getting my mom to send. I'm probably going to look into other colleges in this area too, though.

Tomorrow I'm taking my preGED so we'll see how that goes. Charlie's waking me up when he gets home in the morning. I'd planned on registering for the GED Tuesday and taking the test this coming Sat. but it doesn't look like Charlie and I will have the money. That's fine, there's plenty of other times I can take it. Anyways, it looks like I'll be starting college this spring, my mom said I should try to start this fall, but I have to be registerd by some time around July 24. And before then I have to have taken my GED, SAT, ACT, and COMPASS. I also have to have applied and been accepted and I'll have to have my financial aid all worked out. Spring registration is in early Nov. so I think that would be alot better for me. Especially since I don't really trust my driving skills yet and that's a long drive for me when I'm still jittery and nervous. Well, I think I'm going to go to sleep now. We'll see how I do on the PreGED tomorrow :)

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alot lest testes than I imagined... [09 Jun 2004|09:19pm]
[ mood | satisfied ]
[ music | "Cold Hearted Snake" ~Paula Abdul~ ]

I finished up my "evaluation" test....which turned out to be the tabe test. When my gay teacher was grading it he goes "Oh my ggowwaaddd...you are tho thmart"(aka: "oh my god you are so smart") :) It was so funny, I did good though, I got 12.9 on everything. He suggested that I just go ahead and take the GED... I'm still going to take the preGED...it'll just make me feel better if I take that and do well on it. I know I'd pass the GED...there are 255 ?'s and you only need to get 41 right to pass....the average is 45....

Not much else is going on here....Charlie's mom got a job at Beaulieu...and we think she's about to get fired b/c she hasn't gone to work in like a week...b/c she claims she was injured on the job and that she's not supposed to be at work....if that was true then why did they call Charlie and tell him that she wasn't answering her phone??? She and Robert are also back together as far as I can tell...I don't have a clue what's going on there...She's been at his house an aweful lot though and says that he's invited her to live there...We'll see.

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For Example.... [26 May 2004|10:47am]
[ mood | drained ]
[ music | *clothes tumbling in the dryer* ]

We're really hoping that Charlie gets that new job....last night we watched "The Return of the King" so we didn't get in bed until about 12. At 2am Charlie's boss called and asked him if he could come in to work(at 2am)--They finally fired that other guy b/c the boss caught him drinking on the job(there were 10 beer cans in the trash and one was half full and still cold). Charlie did have to work today, so he worked it out where he could come in at 4 instead of the usual time which is 6 and instead of 2 like his boss wanted, so he got about an hour more of sleep. This week he works: Today, Thurs., Fri., and Sat. Then he works Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night. So he'll get Wed. and Thurs. off before he starts working again. We'll get more money which is good b/c we have plenty to pay for....but we're still hoping he gets the new job that way he won't have to worry about his schedule changing all the time. I think I'll go clean now....there's onions in the trash can so you can imagine what it smells like in here. :)

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Happy Anniversary!!! [25 May 2004|08:27pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]
[ music | ~The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King~ ]

Happy Anniversary to me and Charlie, today is exactly one year after our first kiss. To celebrate the occasion we went out and I got my license!!! Not just my permit, but my class C license. Isn't that cool!!! We went to the Adult Ed center too so I can start my classes whenever. They didn't call us about Charlie's new job...I think it was b/c the manager's still sick....Charlie couldn't do the interview when he went in Monday b/c the manager was sick so I'm guessing the manager is still sick. I hope he gets that job, that would be really good. We also bought "The Return of the King" today, we're watching that now so I'll be back on here later....:D

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Poop [22 May 2004|02:33pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | *Spongebob Squarepants!* ]

*People order our Patties* hehehe Not much is going on, mine and Charlie's anniversary is this coming Tuesday. We're going to get my permit then too. :D Monday we're going to apply for Charlie's new job, I really hope he gets it, I think he'd be in a better mood...he'd get paid more, have steady hours, he wouldn't have to get up as early and he'd get home sooner. I think I'm going to watch some TV and clean a bit now....

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^o^ [20 May 2004|01:30pm]
[ mood | mellow ]
[ music | Like crap through the pooperpipes,so r the days of our lives ]

I asked my dad about my tooth problems, and he said if I switched to a softer bristled toothbrush and didn't brush as hard it should get better in a couple of weeks. I hope so. Charlie and I are going to go get groceries tonight, I don't think we need much though. I'm going to go wash clothes so that I won't have to go shopping naked. :D

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mouth ache [19 May 2004|08:58pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | Charlie playing PS2 ]

I dunno what to do about my freaking tooth. One of the middle front bottom teeth has almost no gum on the front of it anymore. What little gum is left is so thin you can see the tooth through it. I tried using a different toothbrush a while back but it doesnt' seem to be helping at all. I don't have any insurance and I know Charlie and I don't have the money to even get it checked out. I don't know what they'd do anyway, most of my teeth have a receeding gumline, but none are as bad as that one. It's started hurting really bad lately. I really need to go to a dentist...I know I haven't been in the last 5 years. If Chris hadn't been such a dick I might not be having this problem. I asked to get a dentist appointment several times since it would have cost us little or nothing and he always claimed there wasn't enough time or made some other stupid excuse. But he went to the doctor all the time b/c of his knee, or b/c his stomach hurt or b/c his head hurt or b/c he couldn't think of any better way to get out of pt. Well, I'm going to go lay down or something....

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~.~ [18 May 2004|07:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | "Echo" ~Trapt~ ]

Nothing is going on here!!! I need to brush my teeth, today was a lazy day. Charlie and I didn't wake up until like 11 and I didn't get my shower until like 1...which is really pathetic. I haven't brushed my teeth yet...I'm about to though b/c I feel nasty. I blowdried my hair at 4 something and I didn't bother with makeup. We did jog/blade at 12 though. I feel so....well I feel like a complete slacker....I hate waking up late....I always feel better when I wake up early and get my shower and everything taken care of....the house cleaned...all that stuff. Lori called today, but nothing's going on there either. She wanted to know what I thought about her and Ed. I told her I think they'd be cute together, but he won't be back from Iraq until next year...but he is getting out of the army then too. It's rainy here...piece of craps...oh yea, and tomorrow is "don't buy gas so that the government will be forced to drop gas prices" day so I've heard....Charlie and I aren't going to buy gas then, we're going to wait until Thursday, he'll get paid Thursday and I think the only thing we have to pay is rent, R.A.C., and insurance, so we might have some extra money to save then. That'd be great, we have alot to save up for....plus I need to get my permit sometime...

I'm going to brush my teeth now....ick....

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