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Saturday, August 23rd, 2003
10:25 am - Bored..
I havent updated in a while. Oh well. I wanna talk to Jordan. I dunno why but it feels like I'll never speak to him again. =( little cousin is obsessed with my online crush/friend/dude Mike. he bought him a present from NC. Oh lordie...TJ called Regina ugly...though she isnt. So hmph to him. Screw you TJ. Rawr. I feel hyper. I wanna bite someone. Jeff sent me an apology card. It was sweet!!! Blah. Rawr to Jeff...if you didnt wanna "lose" me. You shouldnt have been a dick. I am like so bored. I miss talkin to Jordan...even though I prolly bored him. I misses him, yo...hehe. I misses you, Jordan. =( I feeeel kiiiiiinnndddddddaaaaaaaa HYPPPEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Sophie, Sarah, and Alisha spent the night. JC spent the night at Ash's. It was all girls..Im getting highlights soon. Sophie was gunna do mine last night cept we didnt have the dye. STUUUPID US!!!!!! Sophie 'n Sarah are still sleeping. Bubba's here. I said "hey cutie" to him and now he calls me cutie. lol. Aiight well i'm gunna go. Hugzzzzz and Kissezzzzzz;;;RiLEY fO fiLEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I lovess you....Jordan. XDD tori bo bori...u knows whats ims talkings abouts.

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Monday, August 18th, 2003
1:29 pm - SoOoO HAPPY!!!!
YAY! I'm really happy today. I love Mike. He is the greatest big brother. ;D This morning, i was downstairs drinking some water and Mike comes downstairs [its 9:00 and hes awake] and i was like "where are you going" and hes like "out to breakfast" and i was like "oh with casey?" he was like "no..with you" i was like "whaa with me???" and hes like "im not gonna leave this house without spending some time with my baby sister" and i was like "oh" and he told me to go get ready so i did..and when i went into my room there was this build-a-bear box on my bed and it had a big red bow on it..and i was all "uh what the hell is this" so i opened it and there was a card and it was like "to my baby sister, riley" and it had this sweet poem inside...and it was from Mikey!! He built me a bear!! Aww, how nice!! So at that point i was like :))) BIIIG smile. lol. And i went downstairs and I gave him a huge hug and then we left..and we took my bear named "Mr. Fudge" out to breakfast with us and it was all cOoL! and theennnnn we went to Tysons Corner mall..and I built mike a was actually a dog but whatever!! I named it "Mowee [pronounces]" I named it after Mike's first dog..who died a little while before i was born. :( I payed for Mike's bear and stuff...and then we just walked around and stuff and then we went to Sorrentos [or howeva u spell it] for lunch...and after that we went to dairy queen and stuff and i got home a liddle while ago! but i am like so happy cuz he's leavin for college again tomorrow..and i wont see him for a while..and he actually took time out of his busybusy full of friends life to spend time WITH ME! His annoying liddle sister!! AUHH!! I love him to death. he's so awesomely awesome, man/dude! LOL. Yepp...well i'm going to Leesburg Outlet Mall soon...with my cousins cuz most of em are leavin tonight...Jenn wants to buy me vans shoes..cuz she has em! =/ lol im sooo happy. well imma bounce! byezbyez! <3rileyboO

I Love Mike. <33 You're da bestest brudder. =))))

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Sunday, August 17th, 2003
4:05 pm - Umm, I dunno =/
Today Mikey flipped out cuz he thought I was kidnapped. Weirdo. He was like "I love you, Riley" I was like yeah..i love you too. and blah-de-blah. This morning I was talking to Jenn about Jordan...and she's like..."it seems as if you have to act different around him to get him to stay bein friends with you" [shrug] i dunno if thats it? hmm.. well yea a liddle true..cuz i dont want him to think im some dweeb or something..cuz sometimes its like hes too good to be friends with me or whatever. I dunno..i'm talking nonsense. Blah blah blah. LOL this morning me and Jenn took my dad's escalade to costco to get it filled up with gas..on the way back..when we were on 7..this guy with like ZERO teeth pulls up to us and he's like "hey nice escalade, babes" and he kept smiling and winking at us. and I was like "ok..where's rachel when we need her" LOL she called the guy at the candy store a pimp cracker cuz he was flirting with one of my cousins. lmao. okie well i'm gonna go now. byeee

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12:34 pm - Cotton Candy
Ok..Cotton Candy is the dude I have a crush on. Ssh, very secretive. I'm in an awesome mood today, We all went to bed at around 1:30 or 2. And my eyes opened at 6 am because Nick threw his leg on my stomach...and ouch. But I was planning on waking up around that time anyways, school starts next Monday. I talked to my cousins about a lot of was cool. I'm very happy today..kinda crazy really. Yeah. Oh look..riley has a short entry. OH WOW! Hehe. Ok well I'm gonna go now...I have more shit to say but I'll say it tonight. Byeee

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Saturday, August 16th, 2003
10:02 pm - GAHHH!!!!!
Oh my gosh! Andy, David, and Ricky are such MEAN cousins. Dude..Ok I have a stuffed animal bunny named Bunnie. I've had her since I was 4. ANDREW, DAVID, AND RICHARD FRIGGEN CUT OFF HER HEAD!!!!!! That is so mean. I screamed oh so very loud. But my mom was like I'll sew it back on. NOW MY POOR LIDDLE BUNNIE'S GUNNA HAVE STITCH MARKS! Those liddle bastards..imma kill em. RAWR! lOl.'s like lightning..and thundering really loud. It's raining hard too. And my mom and my aunts are on the deck drinking they dont care that they're getting soaked. I mean its fun getting wet in the rain..but only if you're like dancing and running around in it, yanno? lol. But yeah...these are the girls that are sleeping in my room tonight. Kaci, Tiffany, Tara, Ashlie, Sydni, Nicole, Jenn, and Rachel...those are my only girl cousins here. But its really fun..we're doin stuff feels like I have sisters..I've always wanted a sister..but i guess my cousins are the next best thing. I'm glad my family's really close and shit...cuz may be really really close to your friends..and they could be real trustworthy, and the best person...but your family's gonna do shit for you that your friends won't ever do. Yeah that sounded really corny. My eye is watering again..its really annoying. Well i'm gonna bounce...Jenn wants to see all my stuffed thats a lot! And I have to chase dear old Andrew. TTYL...gEEz so many long entries today.

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7:05 pm - Umm
All right, I'm making this...because my gay cousin Brandon wants to send the whole world my deadjournal entries. So i'm gunna have a blurty untill I get my livejournal code. Ok..soooo..I dunno what to say..I went out on the trampoline but it started sprinkling. So everyone...[all my cousins who havent started school are here] came inside and everyones doing something. I'm pissed at Brandon cuz he keeps showing Jordan my DJ entries. I mean he probably doesn't give a shit. God, Brandon..Just leave me alone ok? My grandad's out fertilizing our he's obsessed with fixing peoples lawns. Our neighbors grass is all burnt up. Hmm maybe they should call 1-800-Grandad. Hah. I feel like dancing. I'm bored. I hate Jeff. He keeps calling. My life is horrible..I swear. I hate the fact that I like more than one guy...but if one of em likes someone else...I get all weird. Yeah..maybe I'm acting a liddle awkward cuz i'm pmsing. lmao. But its my second time..and I don't really get moody. I'm Haylie's daughter. Hah. Oh my gosh, I hate Christine...She made Jordan hate me. I hope I spelled her name right...or she'll probably like bite me or something. And I'm talkin about cousin. See Christine bitched at Jordan...Jordi is going into 9th..Christine's going into like 8th...and she called her a whore and a slut...and Christine realizes Jordan's mad at her she goes "you're cousin riley called you that stuff so i just said it to you for her" WTF!?!?? Geez..Jordan was like "I believe you, Ri...but do you really think that about me" Oh my way Jordi...i lovess you, babeah!! <33 I was just thinking about Melanie. She's probably the cutest angel up there. I love you, Melanie. I miss you soo much. Tiffany and Ashlie miss you soo much too. I mean you were like an awesome sister to them. Everyone misses your sweet smile...and everyone misses your gentle voice. It sucks we cant sing our song at christmas. Grammy said we were liddle angel singers. Remember..the tinkerbell dance? Aww we looked so!! And our voices lit up the whole room, says grammy. I wish you were here right now. You always listened to my problems. Oh geez I'm crying now. lol. I wish we could talk again.. I guess I'll see you in heaven. I love you, Mel!! Yeah..I had to say that..or else i would've been acting all weird at dinner.. ooh dinner i made like 500 pieces of chicken..i hope everyone enjoys it. Everyone was like "riley always helps out her mom she is so nice" i was like ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm im not nice. im a bitch. so many people hate surprised the guys that i like dont hate me. or maybe they do. i'll probably never know. I'm making myself depressed. Christine..if you get access to this...bite me, mmk? You're so evil. And don't flirt with Ricky..he doesn't like you. Evil Bitch.. mmm yeah. It stopped raining YEYY!! I'm gonna go see whats going on with dinner. Bye. Mwah!

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