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Monday, March 24, 2003

4:41PM - Bleh!

Havent written in here in ages, couldnt be arsed really! Anyway shit has definately changed, Tam now really doesn't like me which is pretty much killing me, everyones telling me she treats me really badly but not much I can really do, I get hurt anyway! Need a fag....

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Sunday, January 19, 2003


Saw Rachel Stamp last night at the Forum and had alota fun! I met some girl called Robyn who was quite fit but a rather shit pull. I wanna express how good Stamp were, I fell in love with them after the second song! Supposed to be doing my Physics cousework but I just can't be arsed.

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Friday, January 10, 2003


Oh, I don't think I mentioned it but Will finaly got round to asking Gwen out! This is great for me to since it means me, him, Gwen and Lexie can use his house after school ;-).

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Yay, end of the week! Ahh finaly its time for my weekly visit to Tunny Wells tomorow! Well me and Lexie are going for a single thing, ya know, we still do stuff with each other but were not actually going out, better than nothing. Only problem is I don't get to see her till sometime next week :-(. Moved down in maths coause it was obvious I wasn't going to get an A, all the stuff you need to do for that grade is completely beyond me. So now I'm aiming for a good B. And thats about all I think.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2003


Ok Lexie has now dumped me because she thinks we'd be better as freinds......I hate it when that happens. To tired to go to school today so I scived off, gave me a chance to finish my geography. I've also discovered the miricle that is hair wax! Really don't want to go back to school tomorow, its sooo boring. Can't wait for the weekend to come. Tam and Bill are giving it another shot and although on the outside I'm happy for them, it depresses me so much that I'm gonna have to wait longer before Tam is avalible, its gonna be a long time before I can be happy.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2003


Hell yea I'm goin oud with Lexie! Fred and Claire are also going back out and Will should be asking Gwen out about now, I'll find out tomorow. So ervythings going pretty well for everybody at the mo! Just about to start finishing my geography coursework, a task that will take me many and hour.....bugger. I soooooo can't be arsed. Fell asleep in french today, shows how damn tired I am. I must remember to sleep...

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Monday, January 6, 2003


Dumped Sioban today, had to do it some time. Now I start my quest to go out with Lexie! Gotta hand in my geography project on wednesday, needs alota work so I'm pretty fucked! Not sure whats happening between Fred and Claire now coz she was all over Roy earlier. Will and Gwen look to be going pretty strong though which is pretty damn good. I'm trying to teach Gwen's baby brother to say 124 yeah, so far with little suceess. Bugger.

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Sunday, January 5, 2003


Oh fukin brilliant. Tams just found out about Bills cheating and I dunno if shes gonna dump him or not. If she does then i'll prolly ask her out in a matter of seconds but then its gonna be incredibly cruel to Lexie. I was all over her at the party but the next minute I was going out wid someone else. Then I forget I am actually going out wid Sioban who I'm gonna dump probably no matter what happens. Ahh lifes too complicated.

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Oh bugger I have to go back to school tomorow, how gay. Ahh well had a lot of fun last night at Gwens party, met Lexie who I really like despite her sort of innocent nerves. Looks like Fred and Claire are back together which were all very happy about, and Jess has finaly said yes to Matt Black to hes pretty damn cheerful to. Another good thing is I know I'm completely over Jessie (finaly). Bills managed to find another one of my exs, first Tam and now Jessie (which now presents the problem of do I tell Tam Bill was cheating on her coz I don't like to do that, I believe its between them but Tam is one of my best freinds and I'm really not sure what to do...

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Friday, January 3, 2003

6:47PM - Here we are, the end of the holidays

Hey everyone, dunno whose readin this (prolly no one) but this is my first entry. First of all I'm a bit pissed off coz I hafta be back at school in a couple of days, but I'm off to a party tomorow night so I shud be able to end the holiday with a bang. I'm considering right now if I'm as over Jessie as I think I am, I'm really not sure about my exact feelings for her and vica versa, I guess I'll find out tomorow at the party. Then theres the issue of Tam who I love in a huge way but is completely unattainable at the moment, all I can do is watch her with Bill and suffer in silence. I guess all I can do for now is wait.

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