much better ^_^   
06:01pm 30/06/2003
mood: bouncy
music: Godsmack-alive
okie so taday Im doin muuuuch better see I talked ta Jason yesterday before he went ta work and he feels the same way that we dont talk enuff now where hes so busy and shit and so instead of always going out and getting drunk when hes off hes gonna talk ta me lol :D and like after work and stuff if he isnt to tired we're gonna talk man he got really pissed at first he was like are u tryin ta piss me off? I was like wtf no why the hell do u always think that im tryin ta piss u off he goes becuz u know shit like that does piss me off and u say it neways I was like how else am i supposed ta talk ta u about it then!? and he finally started understanding that I just miss him whew thank god cuz I seriously did not wanna argue with him oh yeah he also goes remember one of the reasons we broke up last was becuz u were always questioning me I was like me asking u why u cant talk ta me more is that bad of a thing? and he was like no just dont ask me other stupid shit *yeah he was grumpy yesterday damn was he ever pissy :s bleh!* neways I was pose ta talk ta him last nite and didnt cuz I had ta get up at 9 this morning and my net messed up yesteday :s thats why I have commented ne yet btw im gonna do that as soon as I get done with this entry :) *nods* yeah

so neways Im so sleepy lol I couldnt fall asleep last nite til like 4 and had ta get up at 9 blah >< so I might go four-wheeling soon I did last nite and there was nobody out I was like okay...this is skary lol so after like 20 minutes I came back home I was kinda afraid of like wrecking or sumthin cuz this fuckin dog started chasing me >< agh neways ^_^ Im going shopping this weekend :D *woo hoo* for *gags* school ewwwww >< it starts back in like august early august I think damn neways Im gonna go comment now :D oh yeah.....samwiches Im so sorry :( I was in the middle of doing ur layout and my fuckin net went out and wouldnt work again til taday Im sssssooooo sorry if u still want me to I can try ta help thou just leave me a comment saying u do neways much love everyone

<3 Ash
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:( I hate my life!   
12:15am 29/06/2003
mood: confused
u know i hate my fuckin life so much right now! not only am I confused I'm angry and sad I hate having so many emotions at one time! Jason NEVER talks ta me nemore!!! I've talked ta him one fuckin time this week and maybe its stupid of me ta bitch but I feel so neglected instead of talking ta me when he knows he has a day off the day before after hes finished working he goes and gets drunk with his friends so he sleeps the entire day that he is off :( and we dont talk until like 2 am and thats the only day we talk! :( *sigh* I dunno what ta do I dunno how ta tell him we dont talk enuff cuz then he'll think Im breaking up with him and maybe that is the best thing ta do since he doesnt seem ta wanna really be with me neway I dunno we prbly wont talk again tanite *sigh* well i guess i'll go comment so the entry was so bitchy :s I just feel really confused right now

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hum lets try this again shall we!   
04:40pm 28/06/2003
mood: amused
alright well i tried ta post an entry in here like 5 minutes ago and it didnt work and if it does end up working im gonna feel really stupid :s neways I posted in here yesterday and 2 dudes added me like I was saying I only have 2 guys on my friends list and I'd really like ta have more ^_^ so heres why u should add me

- Im nice
- I comment ALOT
- and....I really want u ta add me

alright heres sum of my favorite bands

- coal chamber
- disturbed
- linkin park
- simple plan
- Reveille

alright so theres why u should add me :) and btw even if u arent a dude u can still add me I love having new friends and like I said I comment alot so I need lots of ppl ta comment! :D yeah btw I dont care how old u are age doesnt matter u can still add me and I dont care if u do tYpe LyKe DiS AiGhT lol so yeah just add me if u want thanks ^_^
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04:30pm 28/06/2003
mood: ditzy
ugh okay ignore that last entry lol i meant ta put it in the addme community sry
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add me n i'll add u ^_^   
04:27pm 28/06/2003
mood: cheerful
hum okay I put an entry in here yesterday but only 2 dudes added me *sadness* neways like I said I only have well 2 guys on my friends list lol so heres why u should add me

- Im nice
- I comment alot honestly i do
- and I um.....I want you too?

neways heres sum of my fav bands

- coal chamber
- simple plan
- disturbed
- korn
- linkin park


even if ur a gurl u can add me if ya want I just need more friends cuz I love commenting :) neways add me if ya want by the way age doesnt matter if ur only 13 or wutever u can still add me ^_^
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