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my first entry.. [11 Jul 2003|10:36pm]
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i have alot of poems and im going to but all of them in here but for starters im going to only put in a few...

staring at each other across the crowded room. our eyes never leave each others faces. i hear talking, and i don't even care if it's for me. i am locked on your beautiful face. confused of your existence, never seen you before god, will you ever come and talk to me? now i'm getting frustrated, so i look away from you with a feeling of something i've never felt before. i walk out on the balcony and look at the stars, wondering when it will be my turn. i feel a tap on my shoulder. startled, i look behind me and your beautiful face looks down at me. my wish has finally been granted.

shiny sharp glass all over the floor. no shoes on, but i must cross it. my dying love lyes on the other side. once must expierience pain when dealing with love.

roses are red and so is fire. the kind of fire that represents our love. our passion is strong, and it will never end for i love you, and you love me. but what if water approaches our burning flame? will we be able to save it? if we are faithful enough, no drop of water will ever come near.

faces all staring at me. sweat pouring down my face. why do you all look at me as if i'm an axe murderer? i;ve done nothing wrong, the rumors all false. funny how people believe what they wnt to. all you damned pretty girls, and you rich jocks with your convertible mustangs. if only you knew what you did to me. but don't worry, i'll get my revenge

i look into your beautiful face wanting to cry. you are my everything, and without you i would not be able to carry on with myself. the blood flows from my body, and i know why its there. you, my love, are the reason for my suffering. yes i love you, but sometimes the things you do should not be forgiven.

ok thats all for now...i'll write more later

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