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mmm.... surveys suck... [26 Jan 2004|04:40pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | Op Ivy, Unity ]

[x] Name- Jessica Johnson
[x] Nicknames- Jess, Jessie, JessE, Jess-Y, Jessin, Blacky McBlack Black, Whorey McWhore..ect.
[x] D.O.B.- 9-22
[x] Location- Blackwood (i like stalkers!)
[x] Righty Lefty?- Im Of The Majority on this one.. Righty
[x] Baseball Soccer?- Nither... Feild Hockey?!
[x] Zodic Sign- Virgo
[x] Hair Color- Idk?
[x] Hair Lenght- umm.. Long Front Short Back.. Spikey?
[x] Eye Color- Blue?
[x] Current Mood- Bored, Confused, Aggravated
[x] Current Time- 4 46pm

>> Favorites
[x] Food- Bahh? Oranges..?
[x] Drink- Arizona Ice Tea<3 & Orange Juice
[x] Resturant- bahh?
[x] Band- Anti-Flag, Rancid, The Unseen, The Devotchkas..[insert all the bands i like here] ect..
[x] Music Genere- all kinds of Punk
[x] Book- 12 days on the road The Sex Pistols and America, Smack, Go Ask Alice [insert other books here]
[x] T.V Show- i dont really like the tv.. but umm..Judy Judy (idk!?)
[x] Color- HOT Pink.. and Black?
[x] Sign of Effection- Groping.. No umm.. Kissing?
[x] Clothes- Anything i Fancy.. bahaha
[x] Class- Art and Music.. the only classes i look forward too
[x] Place- NYC, Cali, France, London.. of course iv never been to ne of these places but i could only imagion.. so basicly anywere away from home!
[x] Band- I Wish I Had One.. One Day.. One Day..
[x] Movie- SLC Punk, Sid and Nancy, American History X, The Goonies [insert other movies i <3 here]
[x] Quote- Idk TONS!!
[x] Holiday- My B-day...? Or Halloween..?!
[x] Animal- Lepords.. and pigs..(i <3 Almost ALL Animals)

>> Love
[x] Dating?- Eh..Kinda?! IDK?!
[x] Crush?- Unfortanetly Yes..
[x] Boyfriend Girlfriend?- No!: ( > Have You Ever?
[x] Had Sex- nope
[x] Huged Random people- yesum
[x] Made a survey- Yes
[x] Kissed someone you didnt know- uh, yeah..
[x] Danced Naked?- ALL THE TIME!! bahahhahahhahahahha
[x] Pissed Somewhere beside the bathroom?- lotts of times...
[x] Got In A Fist Fight- si?
[x] Regreted Something?- not really... every thing you do should be a learning experience not something to regret...

>> Five Things that Your wearing right now?
[x] Pants
[x] Hello Kittie Panties
[x] a Hoodie
[x] A Bandana (PINK!)
[x] and Britts Sponge Bob Slipper Socks<33

>> Five Bands
[x]The Devotchkas
[x]The Sex Pistols
[x]The Unseen

>> Five Things You See/Hear
[x] I hear My Brother On Guitar
[x] I See The Computer
[x] I hear The Shower
[x] I See What i am Typeing
[x] I See & Hear Mutliple I/M's

>> Five Main Goals In Life
[x] To Get Good At My Guitar
[x] Become Famous
[x] Start, and Be Sucsessful in a Band
[x] Get a Hot Sex B/f Some time in The near Future??
[x] umm...Have A 3 some or 2 or 3 or 4 or.. yeah i'll stop...

>> Five huge dislikes
[x] Being Single.. It's Starting to Get With Me... All Cause Of This Damn Survey Is Making mE Think About it!!
[x] George Bush
[x] Meat
[x] You
[x] Judgemental People

>> Five Best Friends
[x] Idk If I Can Even Call Any one My Friends...lol
[x]Billy Magee<33
[x]Nicole M. <333
[x]Britt Cohen<3
[x] yeah i can't think of ne good friends...

>> Friends: Whos doing what?
[x] Been Stabed?- bahhahah what?? no no i may be black but my friends aren't from da tru ghetto!
[x] Stabed someone- read above! ^
[x] funniest?- Chris
[x] sweetiest- Nicole M.
[x] trendiest- Laura?
[x] hottest- Nicole M. [rachael is beutiful..]
[x] smartest- Definatly not Billy.. Bwhahaha No j/p.. there all smart in there own way!
[x] most considerate- Rachael
[x] dumbest- Billy can be Pretty Dumb.. so can Pat and Chris...
[x] druggie?- Me Cole and Britt
[x] soon to be famous- Billy, Chris, Cole, Me?
[x] most likely to suceed- Billy, Chris, Cole, Me?

>> If You Could
[x] move somewhere- London (any were away from here)
[x] fall in love with- Someone who loved me back, a sexy punk boy, if all elsa fails.. Quinn From The Used
[x] meet someone- People Say You Really Shouldn't Meet Your Idols, But Since When Do I Listen To The Ppl.. So All My Favorite Bands!
[x] get something- a True Friend

>> Stuck on an island
[x] 4 friends
[x] Billy & Nicky, There Like a 2, 4, 1 deal
[x] Britt C.
[x] Pat F.
[x] And One I Met Along The Way
[x] 3 food items
[x] Oranges
[x] roman noodles
[x] chips?
[x] 2 extra items
[x] an assortment of booze
[x] and some condoms, we don't need no little nicky's and billy's running around..!
[x] 1 outfit
[x] NONE AT ALL!! WOOH!!... (a band tee and dickies..?!)
>> Aim WHORE!
[x] over used word?- bah
[x] who do you talk to the most?- no one..
[x] person on aim the most- chel
[x] dumbest computer skills- billy..<3

>>Five things that don't impress you...
[x] Liers
[x] People Who Show off
[x] lotts of things but currently im pissed so i cant think of ne!!!!
>>Five things you cant live without...
[x] orange juice
[x] billy
[x] nicole m.
[x] my dearest friends
[x] music

>>Five things you'll do when you complete this...
[x] Fuckin Punch Chris In The Face
[x] Talk To Billy
[x] Talk To Nicky
[x] Try And Figure Out A Way To Make Chris Sell His A-F Ticket
[x] Scream

>>Five things you feel right now...
[x] Pissed
[x] Bored
[x] Like Dancing
[x] Like I Could Complete A Song
[x] Like Punching Chris

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long time no update [24 Jan 2004|03:06pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Dropkick Murphys, Barroom Hero ]

this is an old old old old journal.. i'v had 3 after this, one LJ and 2 Dee Jay's But Nicole and Britt both have a Blurty.. why idk cause blurty SUCKS... so i figured i'd update,

I Need A Nice PUNK Boy!

i went to see butterfly effect last night

it was awsome

i ALMOST Cried

i love nicole

she slept over last night

and im sleeping there tonight

i hate boys

Named Chris B.

Im Over & Out

.xox.<3 .xox.

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[19 Nov 2003|10:02pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | kill all the white men, NOFx ]

I got a new journal.. i needed a fresh new start... i <3 this journal.. like i love all things i make.. hehe.. even if they are dumb.. so im either makeing this "friends only" [highly doubt cause no one has a blurty ne more] or just a "private" journal so i can type down "private" sutff makes scence huh..? shut up no one asked yah.. okie ne hoo.. i don't kno how to link so here's my new journal..


i dunno how to link so just effin copy and paste if you wanna read it.. okie well ima go talk to my bestest friend ever.. billy <3..

buh bye


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Come on and Dance with me [14 Nov 2003|11:07pm]
10 Things said by all golfers:

1. Look at the size of his putter.

2. Oh, dang, my shaft's all bent.

3. You really wacked the hell out of that sucker.

4. After 18 holes I can barely walk.

5. My hands are so sweaty I can't get a good grip.

6. Lift your head and spread your legs.

7. You have a nice stroke, but your follow through leaves a lot to be desired.

8. Just turn your back and drop it.

9. Hold up. I've got to wash my balls.

10. Damn, I missed the hole again.
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I'll Stop The World And Melt With You... [11 Nov 2003|07:16pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]
[ music | I want to Conqure The World, Bad Religion ]

First Off Why the Hell Do Guys Think It Turns You On When They Go Right Into Talking Bout How They Need To Get Up Earlier For Work and School To Find Clean Clothes And Socks Cause There Socks Reek... Or Their Boxers Are A Week Old And Smell Bad... Urrgh!..

Any who...

I Had My Tonsilectamy(sp?) today... Went well other than i learned I can't Pee On Comand... So I See I will Never have a fuiture in being a dog.. cause i kno w/ my dog im always like "PISS!!" "PISS!!!" and about after the second fierce piss he obeys.. not me.. i was in the fuckin bathroom for an hour cause i couldn't piss... all b/c they wanna see if im pregnant b4 they do it.. yah no well im not.. AT LEAST I HOPE!..
I Had Problems with the Gay Anistetia(sp?!?!)...I Like Vomited During The Surgery Or Some Shit Like That Cause He Said To Keep An Eye On My Stomach Or Some Shit... And I Was Fuckin Getting All Kinds Of Shit Injected in my I.V. it was awsome id tell 'em i was feeling the pain she'd up the morphein and pain killers and i'd be trippin... And As Soon As I Started Coming Down Cause that shit wears off fast id tell her from a 1(the best) - a 10(the worst) How i was.. and i was about a 5 so she keeps injecting more shit in the I.V..... But im home and my throat is swollen and i cant swollen my own spit again!! argh.... I was Spose to keep and still spose to keep my head at least a 45 degree angel... and i didnt when i dosed off so my throat swelled up so im sitting in my basement which im sure isnt good for a swollen throat w/ some popure thing blasting which im sure also isnt good.. and it smells like ciggs from Paul which isnt good at all cause being around ciggs decreases my healing time and increases infection rate... Not good...

well i just did a good 15 minute rambling bout my effin surgery..lol..

RANDOM THINGY: Rancid- 2day : ( : ( : ( : ( Go Back To School-7 to 10days

RANDOM LYRICS: I Saw Him Dancing there By The Record Machine... I Knew He Must Have Been About 17

...A girl can do what she wants to do. And that's What I'm gonna do..Cause I Don't Give A Damn 'Bout My Bad Reputation..Ooh No!.. Not Me!

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[09 Nov 2003|04:50pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

It's Been A While Since I Updated.. Kno One Has Journals Anymore... well i havent talked to ANYONE in the longest time.. i just got off punishment... but i still feel like im on it just w. more freedoms...my parents have been at it like CRAZY and me and my step dad have been at it like CRAZY..it blows.. i wanna party!... i have nuffin to update w/.. eveythings so dull... sugery in 2days....uuughhh...Rancid in 4 day.. i really hope i feel better for it... ugh.. i doubt it...... uuughhhh... im gonna go...

RANDOM THINGY: as of August 62% of teens ages 13-17 think George Bush Is Doing A Good Job..


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.I've Come To My Scences, That I've Become Scenceless. [28 Oct 2003|09:23pm]
[ mood | listless ]

I have So Much Missing In My Life... Sadly I Just Realized That... Or Is It that I Sadly Just Brought myself To Realize it... I Am Further Expanding My Vocabulary And I Love It, But There Not Common Words... or The People I Call My Friends Are Just To Dumb To Understand Them.. And They Get Confused..

What Jess Johnson Is Missing In Her "Life"

[1] Motivation

[2] A Boy

I Don't Need A Guy To B/c Im Dependent...{im Not}... Or To "Fafill" Me... I Just Need a Guy To Fafill My Sexuale Tention.. lol

[3] Some Interesting TRUE Friends

But In This World You Really Can't Find Someone to Call A True Friend... B/c All People These Days Look For Is Some One To Ridicule and Talk Shit On Behinde Their Back

[4] To Get Completly And Totaly Wasted w/ a Group Of People and let whatever happens happen

[5] Some Benjamins... Just Cause...

Well Im Sure There's A Hell-a Lot More that i need... but im tired... and i can't think... I Missed another day of school.. witch isn't good for math cause im failing and out last grades are next week and im gonna be out cause of surgery!! : (

Got My Hair Cut Agin.. in a new style cause im never content... well im gonna go.. sleep sleep..

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..Those Days Seem So Far Away... [24 Oct 2003|04:13pm]
[ mood | Have To Urinate ]

Me And Nicky<3 Where Just Reminissin' (sp?) On The Good times...


Good Times...

Good Times....

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[18 Oct 2003|06:44pm]
[ mood | Upset ]

No Anti Flag Tomorrow


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[18 Oct 2003|06:02pm]
[ mood | excited ]



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...White lipstick smeared upon my bathroom mirror... [13 Oct 2003|09:46pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Me And My Cracka Nichole(wilskinz) In Out Spice Girls Sing Alongs!!! : )

xPiNK RiOT: la la la la la la la la
tcefrepmi x me7: moo
xPiNK RiOT: when your feeling sad and low
xPiNK RiOT: we will take you were you gotta go
tcefrepmi x me7: wow
tcefrepmi x me7: thank you
tcefrepmi x me7: lol
tcefrepmi x me7: im bored
tcefrepmi x me7: boo!
xPiNK RiOT: lol
xPiNK RiOT: im singing the Spice Grls!
tcefrepmi x me7: sing more so i can remember what song your singing hmm
xPiNK RiOT: ppl of the world spice up your life
xPiNK RiOT: theres a line b4 that but ican only rember thje tune..
xPiNK RiOT: ahhhhhhhhhhhh
xPiNK RiOT: slap it to the left if your haveing a good time
xPiNK RiOT: shake it to the right if yah no that yah feel fine
tcefrepmi x me7: isnt it shake?
tcefrepmi x me7: ah ah
xPiNK RiOT: gooooo 'rooooouuuunns
xPiNK RiOT: d
tcefrepmi x me7: go roundddddd
xPiNK RiOT: yeah
tcefrepmi x me7: lol
xPiNK RiOT: lol
xPiNK RiOT: hahaha

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...someone came along w/ a guitar and we just started to play... [09 Oct 2003|05:12pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]
[ music | Bouncing Souls- Monday Morning Ant Brigade ]

Okie.. well i've been wanting to update for some time now..but haven't been on...so here goes.. lol..

+. Saturday- spent from 10a.m.-5p.m. with my Mom, Little Sister, and Aunt T. we drove around all over voorhees, cherry hill.. and shit like that.. we were gonna go to some corn maze place..but it was raining...

+. Saturday Night- I went to the Scandals show w/ Sally, Chel, Billy, Alex, Nicky<3, Britt, and then Alex, and some other grl (insert grls name here).lol.. it was fun : ) we got kicked out of the K-Mart for going to the bathroom!!!

+. Sunday- I Went to The Pumpkin fest at Nicky's<3 in Blackwood..i had some fun.. hehe

+. Monday- i had a game...against Nicky<3 and Britt.. we beat them : )

+. Tuesday- went to the fire prevention... i had funn!!! i got w/ this really hot kid Tom.. <33 WOOH!!!..lol...i was also getting malested(sp?!).. lol.. but i wanted to mack it to the kid Tom.. but Nikole's(toress) a lil hoe who had to be all like "Jess Your Such A Slut You Get w/ Everyone" while i was making out w/ him and it's also a LIE!! i don't... then she's like "How come you always get to get w/ the hot ones" well.. BLAH.. i wanted to punch her sooooo bad..and hard..!!!!.. argh.. but mmmmmm.. lol

+. Wednesday- BRUTAL Game.. man... i was in FIERCE PAIN!!..still am..

+. Thursday- Year Book Pix... And Practice.. but i got excused from pract. and got to leave cause i wasn't feeling good : ) .. AND i got my new Digital Camera..!!! WOOH!!!.. i shall have new pix up!!... very soon!!!...

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My Left Back Speakers Gone... [03 Oct 2003|11:02pm]
[ mood | Tempted ]
[ music | Hot Hot Heat, More For Show ]

okie to clear things off.. i AM single again.. haha yeah it lasted like what 5days or so.. so w/e.. i noticed im not ment to be g/f to just anyone.. like i can make out with anyone that i think is cute or w/e but it's gotta be like the "perfect" kid for me to go out w/... lol.. i lik being single..but yet i hate it any who...

i went to the mall w/ kory and i bought that heart belt buckle that iv been eyeing up for the bast 5 months now. and never had the money for.. well i finally did.. so i bought it.. and the grl was like i wanna kill my boss.. i told her i wanted that and she stuck it back and i was like oh well (i didn't say it out loud) and i bout it for like $21.40 and i went to the sears bathroom and put it on and didn't like it at all.. it was too big.. and it was fuckin like 50lbs. i was holy shit.. so i took it back.. and she was like.. "I Hate Returns But You Are My Favorite Customer" lol and iwas like w/e.. and she just voided it instead of writting it as a return.. and i think she stuck it under the counter for her-self... so i still have about a $100 i think im $5 short cause me and kory bought Frapa Latte's.. mmmm where they good +yuumm+.. but there soo big so you cant finish them all... well it was boring tonight... her brother drives like a fuckin maniac.. and it's AWSOME lol... i saw my brother and tried my hardest to embaress him in a loving sister way!! lol... well not much more to write.. i have new pix of my new hair cut.. and when stupid strike9 isnt being a cunt i shall post them : O... heheheh....



RANDOM LYRICS:"...Je Vous Veux J'Ai Besoin De Vous Au Souffle Pour Se Sentir Pour Savoir Que Je Suis Vivant..."

P.S. i listen to a Hell-a lot of Hot Hot Heat.. There Addicting.. Can't wait For There Show : )!!! and the Anti-FLag : ) !!!!!!

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...Never Have Been One To Write It Down... [01 Oct 2003|04:52pm]
[ mood | loved ]
[ music | Role Model, H2o ]

Well... I have somthing to write in here? Maybe, or not.. who cares?!... Well Me And Tim<3 are going out... Toni's pissed about that.. she was pissed when we made out friday night.. and she told Randy that he had to make out w/ her and Randy said no.. haha.. and then she was like when Tim walks by you have to throw your self on me and start kissing me... man when i found that out i couldnt stop laffing.. and i also found out she called Tim and asked him out saturday... and he told her he was already "involved" with someone.... not naming anyone.. but i guess it was obvess?..lol so saturday she i/med Kory and asked her if we were going out and kory was like idk. which Kory seriously didnt kno cause i hadn't talked to her or anyone for that matter... even tho i did make my decision on Saturday.. any who.. so Toni signed off her s/n and on Mike Cordonicks (she was at mikes).. and was like is Jess and Tim Going Out (well it's fuckin obvess that they live near each other, she signs off he signs on, and then they ask the same exact question) and Kory Was Like "I'm Not Able To Disclose? Any Information On Jessica's "Love Life".." and then they signed off.. hahah i love my Kory... so she kept avoiding me in Skool then today she said hy so i decided to confront her and she was like i just asked kory cause i was curiouse... it's not like i like him or anything.. haha man.. any who.. stupid rambling bull shit.. i just wanted to type that....

So Tim Has Been Absent This week Cause of Strep throat..+tear+... so i Chel to call up toni and get his # for me cause when Chris called me Sunday or Monday he told me something 'bout how he doesnt have my number (tim) so yeah any who.. but then I Finally got ahold of him last night... : ) and we talked for like an Hour and A Half.. we Got Off The fone at 10 30.. cause i was tired and he's sick and i didnt wanna get bitched at... so yeah.. im gonna call him soon.. lol... well...

this weekend...
+. Friday- Im going to Lindsay's Soccor Practice cause her Trainer is a sexy British Guy <333 (ooh man.. maybe i am really not g/f material?!)...But I kno thats not gonna take the whole friday.. and i wanna do something something
+. Saturday- ? but at 7 im going to Full Circle To see Duck Island and the Scandals (FREE SHOW!)
+. Sunday- ???

someone wanna do something?!?!... somone wanna go to the show w/ me?!

okie well i had something to say but i forgot and i still forget thats why i filled you w/ that boring useless bull shit above.. my life my journal right?!.. right!!!

well ima go...


Oh I Have Been OOh So Happy Lately!!!

RANDOM THINGY:Oh yeah I'm Getting my Tonsils Out!!!!!
RANDOM LYRICS:"The broken watch you gave me turns into a compass. The two hands still point to the same time 12:03. Our last goodbye."

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Oh, God Damnit... [28 Sep 2003|01:44pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

I Guess You Could "disregard" the last entry i needed to get that out.. any who

well friday night i went out it was fun.. i walked around w/ nichole wilson saying "Please Support the Lesbian Foundation... What Would The World Be w/o Lesbian's Like Us?!" and we made like $2-3 in quarters it was soo funny and i made a Dollar Bill..lol cause We Walked Up To Tim And Chris and we said that and Tim Was like what do i get if i give you a quarter and i was like "a hug?".. and he's like How 'bout a Dollar.. and i was like well what do you want and he was like make out w/ me right here and now.. so i did..lol...and Toni got all pissed cause they had just broke up..haha but i don't care for her...stoped careing for her long time ago... any who.. so..

uuh.. i came home and talked to Tim on the computer for along time..then my computer froze +tear+ at like 1am.. so i didnt sign back on..+tear+...and i went to my g-mom's yesterday so i didnt get to talk to Tim... +tear+.. but he asked me out and i told him i'll think about it.. so i did and i decided to say yes.. so now i just gotta wait for him to sign on so i can tell him.. lol..

i went to Barnes and Nobels today and my lover (he just doenst no it yet!) <3333 Ian <3333 was working.. and man i wanted to orgasim i couldnt stop looking at him and like i was just smilieing..like i'd look away and id get all giggly.. man he talks to gay.. he is gay.. and i love him!... well wen i came in he looked at me with this look and he SMILED!!! and i smiled back ooh man he's soo sexy.. were gonna get married and have a bajillion kids.. and i dont care he can see john all he wants too ooh man im in love.. WOOH!!!!... okie im done.. im gonna go talk to my Nikole..!!!

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...These Tears Fill My Eye's as i Search For The Right Keys... [26 Sep 2003|11:44pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Im tired of putting on this "happy" face of pretending that my life isn't shit.. but underneath that stupid wishfulness of a perfect house and a perfect family is shit.. i try and cover it up by writting about my weekend birthday trips w/ my mom and dad and kory... or w/ the "hang out" time between my mom and me.. which i kno will never acully happen...sometimes...All the time i wish i had someone to leave to.. a friend a b/f any one.. someone i can call up at any time and be like i need to get away i need to see you and be in the comfort of you and have them say i'm on my way...it sounds so stupid and i sound like another kid who try's and act's depressed but if i could i would put the shit in here.. but i just dont feel right... christ.. i wish i had the "volvo driving soccor mom" type... but i don't and i never will.. and ppl are prolly sitting here reading this and being like well what the christ shut up and stop bitching i bet your family isnt bad.. but if only you knew what it was like to be me.. im not saying my problems are worse then other ppls but to me my problems are bad.. i mean i look at kory's life and i think to myself all the time... damn she has it made.. she's so pretty, her family is close.. her mom quit her job just to be w/ her and erin... and im like god i wish that could be me... it's so stupid sounding but it's the truth i look around me and see other ppl's lives and i just wish for one minute i could be them... most of these kids who complain have shit to complain about and im like only if you knew... i mean i kinda think about whats going on and im like well maybe it's me that made this bigger.. but i dunno to me it's big.. i had a pretty good friday night 'till once again i got home. im gonna go.. i dunno if i'll update. cause i dunno what's gonna happen.. hopefully this'll all pass over...

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...Yo Cracka You Is White.... [22 Sep 2003|08:27pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | Devotchkas-One Side Society ]

WOOH!!...Today Is My Birthday..and I Got A Little Song From Alisa...

rude girl alisa: happy birthday
xPinkRiot: lol thanx
rude girl alisa: go shawty
rude girl alisa: its yer birthday
xPinkRiot: fuck yeah..
xPinkRiot: no no it's my BIRFDAY..
rude girl alisa: lol true
xPinkRiot: lol
rude girl alisa: i cant even be black right

man..she's such a cracka but cool in my book..cause she sang!!!!

any who..im another year older....best lock up your Daughters I Mean Sons ...haha..

i had a fun day...other than i got detention..OH WELL...I Got $105...man..im happy but ill spend it all on SHIT..but i wana def buy a belt buckle...and im going to get my hair cut..and im dyeing it..welp that looks like theres my money..but my aunt bought me a belt from fuckin BRITIAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...im gonna cherish it...lol wooh..VIVA LA BRITAN!!!....uuh...i went to the shore w/ my Kory Smory..and we """"stalked""""" a super sexy surfer...that we called Mohawk kids..for obvess reasons...lol..i got to see him take his SHirt OFF WOOH!!!..he was all saltine like..LIKE ME!!!....man it's sexy....ooh i need a penis..that can be a late b-day present... a penis..but i mean like a penis like on a guy..so what i really want is a guy..perferably..IAN<333 but he had a B/f John<33 who is sexy also...man..wooh!...okie any who not to much elsa to update w. CAN'T WAIT FOR ANTI FLAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ooh yeah im also buying that ticket w/ the money..and ooh yeah..billys buying me the new Rancid CD..so i dont have to worry...lol....okie im out..

RANDOM THINGY: Yo Yo Yo Cracka It's My Birthday and Im Gonna Strip Like It's Your Birfday...Gonna Guzzel Vodka Like It's My Birfday...you kno i Like to fuck..It's My Birthday

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...Do You Know What It Feels Like Being Alone?... [16 Sep 2003|07:44pm]
[ mood | cranky ]
[ music | One Last Caress,AFI (misfits cover) ]

Okie..well i thought that once school started i'd have shit to write in here... WRONG... nuffin important enuff happened infact NUFFIN At all has happened and im loosing my "passion" To write in my journal really... i mean my life is so DULL anymore..

Just When i thought i was getting rid of my enemy's i was makeing more... what the christ i mean i try! But I think I Can't Hate Mark Anymore than i already do...

the one person that i haven't been pissed at is Kory<3 and the one and only person i look forward to see every day and i wanna hang out w/ is Kory<3 anymore... i don't think she feels the same... but were diffrent yet EXTREMLY the same and we just have good times... like it's the greatest... i love Nikole and Billy and the rest but i dunno i just get annoyed and pissed at them... i kno you'd read this and i loooveee you Extremly... but i dunno you don't really do anything and it pisses me off to were im like UUUUUUUGGGHHH!!...and Billy..man i dont see you anymore.. and when i do see you like friday night..you would always run away and be all hyper..and i dunno like that pisses me off...like it's real hypocritical of me to say that cause i get pissed when you or someone elsa is all hyper and shit but yet i do it and dont care... but w/e i dunno whats up any more one minute i wanna be with everyone and the next i wanna murder you all and be by myself.. but the fucked up thing is Kory Is The Only one i dont feel that way about her...and im extremely happy tho cause of all the fucked up shit that went on between us last year cause of fuckin Toni...any who..

My B-day Is Monday : ) i guess..i mean i dunno if i can really be happy bout it it's like Wooh hoo..im only another year older.. Me Kory Nikole My Mum and dad Are Spose to be Going to A.C. And Chill....i hope it's just as fun if not funner than last year MINUS THE WHOLE GROUNDING AND YELLING AND SHIT... but we had the best time i ever had..me kory val and me and kory..i mean i ALWAYS Have fun w. kory and i always have fun w/ Val..but me and Val Dont Chill any more witch makes me really sad..and im gonna admit..i seriously also miss Sharon like i miss sooo much of having every weekend something to do or somewhere to go..cause if i wasnt at her house she was here and we had some fun times..we did some Crazy fun shit and we did some MAJORLY STUPID Shit... IDK i wish things were the way they were b4..but better...i wish i didnt hate ppl so much... and i kno the 1st thing nikole is gonna say is something bout mark well why dont i try and be friends w/ him and i have MANY MANY MANY times he's just a fuckin ass... he says stuff bout kory to and it pisses me off..i dunno like he doesnt have to go and be an ass like that...whatever ppl arnt worth my time..i sooooooo hope i get into that School for Writting ill miss some ppl not many just some like Nikole And Billy and all..but w/e..i just want to get away from the pricks that go to this school...i wanna move soooooo bad.... and the only reason i keep bringing up mark is b/c Nikole and him and lindz are now Offically "bff's" so like shes always all over him and w. him cause not only are they friends but she likes him to..ugh..he makes me wanna vomit..but w/e...there's an up side i guess you could say..me and Kory Smory<33 Plan to go friday to visit <3333 IAN <3333 at work ooh man is he soooo sexy i mean he can turn a straight guy gay!!!!!...I Just Hope He's Not TOTALY Gay...cause then that would be the icing on the fuckin cake...speaking of cake mines still here..someone wanna take my cake???? hahhaha.... I Need A Kid Thats At Least Good Looking..Acording To Kory..I have A Lot Of Sexuale tention thats why i studder so much and shit..well i need to get it out..cause as the days go on my studdering gets worse and worse... well this is an extremly long one...im gonna go... tell yah how the weekend went...Happy b-day to me...??

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...VIOLET PURPLE ALL THE WAY!!!!... [09 Sep 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | Devotchkas- One Side Society ]

In 7-9th prd.(it's really only 2prd.s Split into 3?..dunno schools gay) any who..the teacher made us do interveiws (this Was Friday b.t.w. ima little behinde)...But They Had To be Interesting And w/ Someone you don't kno and i really didnt wanna do it cause yah no it's my buisness and if i wanted these supposed "Unknown" Ppl To Know Bout Me...OBVESSLY(if anyone hasnt noticed i dunno how to spell it)...I Would make Some Effort for them to kno me..but w/e...dont wanna get off on the wrong foot..so i decided to pick some chick Krystal...iv seen her around and use to talkw/ her last year when i sat w/ Kory...so uuh...yeah it ended up being 3days..cause we had to also read them out loud in class...so uuhhh...

I Was Listening to them being read and shit...and the majority of the kids ask "whats your favorite type of music"
and i'd say at least half or a little less than half Said "Punk"(A LOT Where Grls.)...Then They Went On To Say Well Whats Your Favorite Band..And They Said...Good Charlotte...and i wanted to Flip Shit... If You Like Good Charlotte Then you Like GC or Sum41 or w/e...but as soon as you corperate the Word "Punk" Into GC or bands Such as Them You Loose all Meaning Of The Word "Punk"..And Or The Scene of Punk...Im Not Saying "hey I hate you, you like Good Charlotte"...I Could Careless in fact im more saying "well you like gc w/e just as long as your A)being you and B) Not corperateing the word "punk" and or "punk rock" in to the music".. These Days You Kids Just Think Punk Rock Is Manufactured And it's Not..Cause the punk rock you See on T.V. Or Hear On The Radio...in fact isnt "punk"....What Makes Me Think Is The Fact That Every one is So Manufactured And so Corperate Makes me wanna vomit...and what makes it worse is the manufactured "punk rockness"..and shit...i belive in hottopic they once sold a "Punk Rock Kit" Well If You Honestly Belive That That Is True Punk Real Punk...and or even Have The Money To Buy That..Than You Are Not Punk...i mean i sound wrong by judging...but in a way im not..im venting from what iv been reading in ppls journals..bought how they "rebel" By burping in a movie theater cause thats "TRUE PUNK ROCK"...or how they listen to punk like g/c... christ... go ahead and do what you want but dont incorperate something you have NO IDEA 'bout like the scene...ahh im sure i have a lot more to say...but i dont feel like it...ttfn


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...He Doesn't But She Does... [07 Sep 2003|04:29pm]
[ mood | lonely ]

F.y.I..I Just Found Out The Super Sexy Kid From Barns And Nobels Is Gay...and he Has A B/f..FIGURES!!!!!

and I Think My Parents Are Getting A Divorce...

Could Things Suck Even More?

I Need To Be Loved...I Need A Staright Boy Who Kno's How To Use His Penis!

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